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Close your eyes and picture it. Can you see it?"

I nod, eyes closed.

"Imagine it right there before you. See its texture, shape, and color - got it?"

I smile, holding the image in my head.

"Good. Now reach out and touch it. Feel its contours with the tips of your fingers, cradle its weight in the palms of your hands, then combine all of your senses - sight, touch, smell, taste - can you taste it?"

I bite my lip and suppress a giggle.

"Perfect. Now combine that with feeling. Believe it exists right before you. Feel it, see it, touch it, taste it, accept it, manifest it!" he says.

So I do. I do all of those things. And when he groans, I open my eyes to see for myself.

"Ever." He shakes his head. "You were supposed to think of an orange. This isn't even close."

"Nope, nothing fruity about him." I laugh, smiling ateach of my Damens - the replica I manifested before me, and the flesh and blood version beside me. Both of them equally tall, dark, and so devastatingly handsome they hardly seem real. ~ Alyson Noel
Lachowski Weight quotes by Alyson Noel
It is easy to tell the toiler How best he can carry his pack But no one can rate a burden's weight Until it has been on his back ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Lachowski Weight quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
There's an old Southern saying that if you're worried about your weight, clothes, or getting old, then you don't have any real problems. ~ Amy Hill Hearth
Lachowski Weight quotes by Amy Hill Hearth
We fish rest quietly, on all sides supported, within an element which all the time accurately and unfailingly evens itself out. An element which may be said to have taken over our personal experience, in as much as, regardless of individual shape and whether we be flat fish or round fish, our weight and body and calculated according to the quantity of our surroundings which we displace ... We run no risks. For our changing of place in existence never creates, or leaves after it, what man calls a way, upon which phenomenon - in reality no phenomenon but an illusion - he will waste inexplicable passionate deliberation. Man, in the end, is alarmed by the idea of time, and unbalanced by incessant wanderings between past and future. ~ Karen Blixen
Lachowski Weight quotes by Karen Blixen
At first the beauty of the melodies and of the interwoven words in elven-tongues, even though he understood them little, held him in a spell, as soon as as he began to attend to them. Almost it seemed that the words took shape, and visions of far lands and bright things that he had never yet imagined opened out before him; and the firelit hall became like a golden mist above the seas of foam that sighed upon the margins of the world. Then the enchantment became more and more dreamlike, until he felt that an endless river of swelling gold and silver was flowing over him, too multitudinous for its pattern to be comprehended; it became part of the throbbing air about him, and it drenched and drowned him. swiftly he sank under its shining weight into a deep realm of sleep. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Lachowski Weight quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
There are a number of advantages to moving yourself, with saving money being number one. I have done professional loading and unloading for countless shippers. Most were looking at savings of approximately fifty percent when all expenses were considered. These were people who were moving mostly 8,000 pound or less of furniture (household goods)-- the weight of the contents of the average small three-bedroom home and the maximum usable (as opposed to advertised) capacity of the largest rental trucks.

Moving yourself has other advantages too. Weather and road conditions permitting, the move will go on your schedule. You won't have to worry about coordinating with your movers for delivery because you are the movers. There is also the security of knowing exactly where your stuff is with no worries about delays, mixed-up shipments or theft. ~ Jerry G. West
Lachowski Weight quotes by Jerry G. West
Everything goes away; your dark circles, your wrinkles, your spots and your acne.

The layers of your skin don't define who you are as a person, who you are to yourself, to the people around you and who you are to the world.
Take care of your health, try to maintain a proper weight and diet.

Always take care of yourself, your mind and your heart. Eat healthy, exercise, run, jump, relax but, don't chase beauty.
Don't spend hours worrying about your skin or hair color. ~ Jyoti Patel
Lachowski Weight quotes by Jyoti Patel
We are to be agents of His great upside down Kindgom, where the outcasts are listened to, the broken are given dignity, and those suffering under the weight of sexual exploitation are rescued and healed. ~ Mary E. DeMuth
Lachowski Weight quotes by Mary E. DeMuth
Weight, sir, is entirely a function of gravity, and is therefore most malleable. Moreover, I am unwilling to concede you the authority to judge my weight over, under, or just right, these being subjective criteria. Aesthetics vary from world to world, as do genotypes and hereditary predisposition. I am quite satisfied with my present mass, sir. ~ George R R Martin
Lachowski Weight quotes by George R R Martin
Childhood obesity isn't about looks. And it's not about weight. It's about how our kids feel. And those are really the implications of the problem and the words that tell a fuller picture of the challenges that we face; you know, kids struggling in ways that they didn't a generation ago. ~ Michelle Obama
Lachowski Weight quotes by Michelle Obama
Courage - you develop courage by doing small things like just as if you wouldn't want to pick up a 100-pound weight without preparing yourself. ~ Maya Angelou
Lachowski Weight quotes by Maya Angelou
I can often tell when drawings are done from photographs, because you can tell what they miss out, what the camera misses out: usually weight and volume - there's a flatness to them. ~ David Hockney
Lachowski Weight quotes by David Hockney
I never - you know also one of the things that would save me for a man my age, it was not that easy to lose that much weight and fall down and look like something draped. ~ Karl Lagerfeld
Lachowski Weight quotes by Karl Lagerfeld
At some point in the night she had a dream. Or it was possible that she was partially awake, and was only remembering a dream? She was alone among the rocks on a dark coast beside the sea. The water surged upward and fell back languidly, and in the distance she heard surf breaking slowly on a sandy shore. It was comforting to be this close to the surface of the ocean and gaze at the intimate nocturnal details of its swelling and ebbing. And as she listened to the faraway breakers rolling up onto the beach, she became aware of another sound entwined with the intermittent crash of waves: a vast horizontal whisper across the bossom of the sea, carrying an ever-repeated phrase, regular as a lighthouse flashing: Dawn will be breaking soon. She listened a long time: again and again the scarcely audible words were whispered across the moving water. A great weight was being lifted slowly from her; little by little her happiness became more complete, and she awoke. Then she lay for a few minutes marveling the dream, and once again fell asleep. ~ Paul Bowles
Lachowski Weight quotes by Paul Bowles
Hobbes: "Whatcha doin'?"
Calvin: "Getting rich!"
Hobbes: "Really?"
Calvin: "Yep. I'm writing a self-help book! There's a huge market for this stuff."
Calvin: "First you convince people there's something wrong with them. That's easy because advertising has already conditioned people to feel insecure about their weight, looks, social status, sex appeal, and so on."
Calvin: "Next, you convince them that the problem is not their fault and that they're victims of larger forces. That's easy, because it's what people believe anyway. Nobody wants to be responsible for his own situation."
Calvin: "Finally, you convince them that with your expert advice and encouragement, they can conquer their problem and be happy."
Hobbes: "Ingenious. What problem will you help people solve?"
Calvin: "Their addiction to self-help books!"
Calvin: "My book is called, "Shut up and stop whining: How to do something with your life besides think about yourself.""
Hobbes: "You should probably wait for the advance before you buy anything."
Calvin: "The trouble is... If my program works, I won't be able to write a sequel. ~ Bill Watterson
Lachowski Weight quotes by Bill Watterson
I never wanted to be you. I saw what the weight of being the heir did to you. And I'm not talking about what our mother did to you. I'm talking about the mantle of responsibility thrust upon you. Hell at fourteen you practically ran the castle. God knows our father never did. And all Mother wanted to do was throw one grand party after another." /"Well, somebody had to take responsibility. The place was falling apart."

. ~ Magda Alexander
Lachowski Weight quotes by Magda Alexander
One's own faults are always a heavy chain to drag through life and one can't help groaning under the weight now and then. ~ George Eliot
Lachowski Weight quotes by George Eliot
Pretty straightforward and simple right? Absolutely. On paper, the ingredients to a successful weight loss program are very basic. In fact, it is almost mathematical. How? ~ Lance Armsonn
Lachowski Weight quotes by Lance Armsonn
The crooked little tomato branches, pulpy and pale as if made of cheap green paper, broke under the weight of so much fruit; there was something frantic in such fertility, a crying-out like that of children frantic to please. ~ John Updike
Lachowski Weight quotes by John Updike
Grovelling then busking
All at once
And all in time
Leaving a Ferris-wheel trail
Across a deep mountainous climb
Descended with rapture and with joy
Their mindless triumphant demeanour
Gossamer wings parade-parade
These gormless little ants
Full to the brimful
Empty to the last meandering weight
Pulled across the
Rotting fruit filled with retiring goodness
Tiny prissy princelings
These masterful creatures
Filled with adventuring spirit
March on, march on
Under the forgiving human's
Watchful, waiting and wandering eye. ~ Abigail George
Lachowski Weight quotes by Abigail George
Losing weight is not the hard part. The hard part is living with a diet for years, maybe the rest of your life. That's why almost no diets work in the long run. ~ Tommy Tomlinson
Lachowski Weight quotes by Tommy Tomlinson
She had tried to imagine him as a young Gladiator in the arena. Back then he must have been as dangerous as a lean, half-starved alley cat. Now, the alley cat had long since vanished. What stood in his stead was a scarred and even more deadly lion who carried the weight of having lived for many years in his prime. ~ Thea Harrison
Lachowski Weight quotes by Thea Harrison
We are over 60 percent water by weight. We're just a big ball of ... blob of water, with enough organic thickener added so we don't dribble away on the floor. ~ David Suzuki
Lachowski Weight quotes by David Suzuki
[Books] were devices as crassly practical for storing or transmitting language, as the latest Silicon Valley miracles. But by accident, not by cunning calculation, books, because of their weight and texture, and because of their sweetly token resistance to manipulation, involve our hands and eyes, and then our mind and souls, in a spiritual adventure. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Lachowski Weight quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
An immense pressure is on me. I cannot move without dislodging the weight of centuries. ~ Virginia Woolf
Lachowski Weight quotes by Virginia Woolf
Try not to breathe," I tell Lira. "It might get stuck halfway out."
Lira flicks up her hood. "You should try not to talk then," she retorts. "Nobody wants your words being preserved for eternity."
"They're pearls of wisdom, actually."
I can barely see Lira's eyes under the mass of dark fur from her coat, but the mirthless curl of her smile is ever-present. It lingers in calculated amusement as she considers what to say next. Readies to ricochet the next blow.
Lira pulls a line of ice from her hair, artfully indifferent. "If that is what pearls are worth these days, I'll make sure to invest in diamonds."
"Or gold," I tell her smugly. "I hear it's worth its weight."
Kye shakes the snow from his sword and scoffs. "Anytime you two want to stop making me feel nauseated, go right ahead."
"Are you jealous because I'm not flirting with you?" Madrid asks him, warming her finger on the trigger mechanism of her gun.
"I don't need you to flirt with me," he says. "I already know you find me irresistible."
Madrid reholsters her gun. "It's actually quite easy to resist you when you're dressed like that."
Kye looks down at the sleek red coat fitted snugly to his lithe frame. The fur collar cuddles against his jaw and obscures the bottoms of his ears, making it seem as though he has no neck at all. He throws Madrid a smile.
"Is it because you think I look sexier wearing nothing?"
Torik lets out a withering sigh and pinche ~ Alexandra Christo
Lachowski Weight quotes by Alexandra Christo
And, uh, I did that, and there was nothing more ridiculous to me than finding the weight of the earth because I didn't care how much the earth weighed. ~ Rube Goldberg
Lachowski Weight quotes by Rube Goldberg
Ants under the skin. As Rhage transferred his weight from one shitkicker to the other, he felt like his bloodstream had come to a soft boil and the bubbles were tickling the underside of every fucking square inch of his flesh. ~ J.R. Ward
Lachowski Weight quotes by J.R. Ward
But the woman, the mother, she watches, she waits, she loves. And she bears the weight of that love. She bears the loss of her son to war. She bears the story of Manifest. When everyone else is crushed by it, by the loss, the pain. When no one else can bear to remember. She is the keeper of the story. Until someone who needs to hear it comes along. When it will be time to make it known. To manifest. That's what a diviner does. ~ Clare Vanderpool
Lachowski Weight quotes by Clare Vanderpool
Permission is the key that unlocks the door that's been holding us trapped, muzzled, and stifled in our grief. Permission is the opposite of rejection. Permission is the opposite of abandonment. Permission lifts the weight, eases the pressure, and loosens the reins. ~ Shelby Forsythia
Lachowski Weight quotes by Shelby Forsythia
There is a limit for everything. You can't just load tons and tons of peacock feathers in a cart considering it's light weight. If you do, it will damage the axle of the cart. ~ Thiruvalluvar
Lachowski Weight quotes by Thiruvalluvar
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