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Francie, Neeley, and mama had a very fine meal. Each had a thick slice of the "tongue," two pieces of sweet-smelling rye bread spread with unsalted butter, a sugar bun apiece and a mug of strong hot coffee with a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk on the side. ~ Betty Smith
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Betty Smith
My first injury ever was a broken toe, and my mother made me run laps around the mat for the rest of the night. She said she wanted me to know that even if I was hurt, I was still fine. ~ Ronda Rousey
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Ronda Rousey
You have only to say one word and I would know your voice among all other voices. I don't know what is it- I've often wondered - that makes your voice such a - haunting memory... Do you remember that first afternoon we spent together at Kew Gardens? You were so surprised because I did not know the names of any flowers. I am still just as ignorant for all your telling me. But whenever it is very fine and warm, and I see some bright colours - it's awfully strange - I hear you voice saying: "Geranium, marigold, and verbena." And I feel those three words are all I recall of some forgotten, heavenly language... You remember that afternoon? ~ Katherine Mansfield
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Katherine Mansfield
You may have a barrelful of luck tomorrow. If so- fine. But don't expect it, and most of all, don't sit around waiting for it. ~ Herman Lay
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Herman Lay
Wall Street is greedy, reckless and they operate illegally. That's fine. But what do you do? ~ Bernie Sanders
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Bernie Sanders
The focus of history and philosophy of science scholar Arthur Miller's (2010) "137: Jung and Pauli and the Pursuit of Scientific Obsession" is Jung and Pauli's
mutual effort to discover the cosmic number or fine structure constant, which is a fundamental physical constant dealing with electromagnetism, or, from a different perspective, could be considered the philosopher's stone of the mathematical universe.
This was indeed one of Pauli and Jung's collaborative passions, but it was not the only concentration of their relationship. Quantum physics could be seen as the natural progression from ancient alchemy, through chemistry, culminating in the abstract world of subatomic particles, wave functions, and mathematics. [Ancient Egypt and Modern Psychotherapy] ~ Todd Hayen
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Todd Hayen
Gator, go wake that woman of yours. I need some answers. We need her to run the computers for us."
"Tonight, Boss?" Gator complained. "I had other ideas." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
"We all did. Hop to it."
"What about Sam?" Tucker asked. "His woman is the one who got us into this."
"I'm wounded." Sam clutched his abdomen dramatically and staggered with quick, long strides so that he made it to the doorway in three quick steps.
Jonas coughed, sounding suspiciously like he'd muttered "bullshit" under his breath. Kyle threw a peanut at him and Jeff surfed across the table in his bare socks to try to catch him before he bolted.
"He's in love, boys, let him go. He'll probably just get laughed at," Tucker said. "Do you really think Azami's brothers are going to allow her to hook up with Sam? She's fine and he's . . . well . . . klutzy."
"That hurt," Sam said, turning back.
"Did you get a good look at those boys? I thought Japanese men were supposed to be on the short side, but Daiki was tall and all muscle. His brother moves like a fucking fighter," Tucker added. "They might just decide to give you a good beating for having the audacity to even think you could date their sister, let alone marry her."
"Fat help you are," Sam accused. "I could use a little confidence here."
Kyle snorted. "You don't have a chance, buddy."
"Goin' to meet your maker," Gator added solemnly.
Jeff crossed himself as he hung five toes ~ Christine Feehan
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Christine Feehan
It was now about eleven o'clock of a fine mid-September morning, with the sun warm but away from the sun a warning hint of the nippy weather to come. ~ John O'Hara
Labeyrie Fine quotes by John O'Hara
I'm fine. I'm fine, he says, and fine, fine, repeats in his head as he escapes back into the chill. Around him, a spin of bodies in dark coats, tapping thumbs on pads, pressing phones to heads, settling buds into ear canals, projecting an invisible shield of music as they move through the crowd, digital companionship warmer than the bodies around them. Every soul on the street is sunk within its body. Sometimes Bit imagines that he, alone, bears witness to the world. ~ Lauren Groff
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Lauren Groff
The Internet is a bright spot for our struggling economy and functioning just fine without what amounts to a federal pat-down of the inner workings of the Internet. ~ Mary Bono
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Mary Bono
It was time.
Our paths had diverged.
He was gone.
And I was left.
I'm not fine... I took a deep breath. But I will be fine. ~ Penny Reid
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Penny Reid
Blatant, intentional discrimination against women is far from being something merely to be read about in history books. ~ Cordelia Fine
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Cordelia Fine
The more a man knows about himself in relation to every kind of experience, the greater his chance of suddenly, one fine morning, realizing who in fact he is ... ~ Aldous Huxley
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Aldous Huxley
What a Devil is the Plot good for, but to bring in fine things? ~ Theresa Villiers
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Theresa Villiers
He took another steps backward, right into the horse of the Cokyrian soldier we had avoided earlier, bouncing off to land gracelessly upon the ground on his rear end. He stared up at the woman, making no attempt to stand.
"Your horse is very solid," he slurred. "Congratultions on having such a fine mount. ~ Cayla Kluver
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Cayla Kluver
Do you know anything about hearts, Jona? The Senta know hearts. Hearts are not one organ. Inside a mother's womb, two pulsing bags of blood seek their eternal mate."
Her hand reached out to his. She opened his palm, and traced a finger down his lifeline, then his loveline. She lifted it up to her own face. She placed it on her cheek.
"Lungs are fine apart," she said, "Hands do not need another but to clap. Brains gnarl like roots in the nothing of soul, and guts spin in knots around the nothing of hunger. But hearts are made by two complete parts merging together. Once the two pieces sense each other in the blood flow, they cross every bloody cliff inside of us. The arteries bind the halves close. The veins make love to each other in the life pulse that makes all life from love entwined. ~ J.M. McDermott
Labeyrie Fine quotes by J.M. McDermott
You are a fine judge of character, child. You must have done well as the Wisdom of your village. It was Laras who went to Sheriam and demanded to know how long you three are to be kept to the dirtiest and hardest work, without a turn at lighter. She said she would not be a party to breaking any woman's health or spirit, no matter what I said. A fine judge of character, child. ~ Robert Jordan
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Robert Jordan
Good neighbors always spy on you to make sure you are doing well. ~ Pawan Mishra
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Pawan Mishra
This book probably makes it seem like I hate myself and everything I do. But that's not totally true. I mostly just hate every person I've ever been. I'm actually fine with myself right now. ~ Jesse Andrews
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Jesse Andrews
A short poem from my new book, The Lost Journal of my Second Trip to Pergatory,
Thorny Crowns
Of course the gold one was for special occasions, weddings, etc,
silver for family reunions, office-casual type affairs.
Bronze was a everyday choice; during yard work its burnished surface shone in sunlight.
There were various colors and holiday appropriate ones.
I could never find the hatboxes they were stored in.
But the wooden one was reserved for the long suffering caused by family.
Stevie's funeral, my hospital trips and sister's rebellion rated real wood.
One tip filed extra sharp produced a fine and dramatic line of blood droplets on her brow. ~ Michelle Hartman
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Michelle Hartman
we are the sickest of the breed--as fine museums--great art--
generations of knowledge--are all forgotten
as we find profundity in being an
asshole-- ~ Charles Bukowski
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Charles Bukowski
I can walk around fine, but I don't have a desk job. ~ Venus Williams
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Venus Williams
The dining room was formidably elegant--I couldn't take it in all at once. A swift glance gave the impression of the family colors, augmented by gold, blended with artistry and grace. The table was high, probably to accommodate the elderly Prince. The chairs, one for each diner, were especially fine--no angles, everything curves and ovals and pleasing lines.
The meal, of course, was just as good. Again I left the others to work at a polite conversation. I bent my attention solely to my food, eating a portion of every single thing offered, until at last--and I never thought it would happen again, so long it had been--I was truly stuffed.
This restored to me a vestige of my customary good spirits, enough so that when the Prince asked me politely if the dinner had been sufficient, and if he could have anything else brought out, I smiled and said, "It was splendid. Something to remember all my life. But--" I realized I was babbling, and shut up.
The Prince's dark eyes narrowed with amusement, though his mouth stayed solemn--I knew I'd seen that expression before. "Please. You have only to ask."
"I don't want a thing. It was more a question, and that is: If you can eat like this every day, why aren't you fatter than five oxen?"
Bran set his goblet down, his eyes wide. "Burn it, Mel, I was just thinking the very same!"
That was the moment I realized that, though our rank was as high as theirs, or nearly, and our name as old, Branaric and I must have s ~ Sherwood Smith
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Sherwood Smith
After all this, what happened?
What happened was that, as soon as I had the slightest chance of a place to hide in, I crept into it and hid.
Well, sometimes it's a fine day isn't it? Sometimes the skies are blue. Sometimes the air is light, easy to breathe.
And there is always tomorrow ... ~ Jean Rhys
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Jean Rhys
but he was afraid of being insincere and telling lies in the presence of death. It was on a fine winter's day, shot through with sunlight. In the pale blue sky, you could sense the cold all spangled with yellow. The cemetery overlooked the town, and you could see the fine transparent sun setting in the bay quivering with light, like a moist lip. ~ Albert Camus
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Albert Camus
I knew from that moment on that all the fairy tale bullshit I was fed by Disney and everyone else was nonexistent. I stopped looking for it, got more realistic, and I've been fine. Until now," I look up into Corbin's eyes. "Until you. ~ Kandi Steiner
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Kandi Steiner
A fine single malt whisky, of course, is purely medicinal - it cures all manner of ailments one may care to imagine. ~ Alex Morritt
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Alex Morritt
He said, 'Ifemelu is a fine babe bu she is too much trouble. She can argue. She can talk. She never agrees. But Ginika is just a sweet gil.' He paused, then added, He didn't know that was exactly what I hoped to hear, I'm not interested in girls that are too nice ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
A Marine likes a good fight and respects a good fighter. You've got yourself one fine Marine for an escort and the whole Marine Corps behind you. ~ Bud Rudesill
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Bud Rudesill
I've come to realize that however blue my circumstances, if after finishing a chapter of a Dickens novel I feel a miss-my-stop-on-the-train sort of compulsion to read on, then everything is probably going to be just fine. ~ Amor Towles
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Amor Towles
Most of my novels were developped from dreams I had. A dreamer I AM! Literally , at 1 AM. A dream with 140 characters is to dream an impossible dream. Too many characters to develoo from it. But in twitter that worked just fine for me, ~ Ana Claudia Antunes
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
I cannot get to sleep tonight.
I toss and turn and flop.
I try to count some fluffy sheep
while o'er a fence they hop.
I try to think of pleasant dreams
of places really cool.
I don't know why I cannot sleep -
I slept just fine at school. ~ Kathy Kenney-Marshall
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Kathy Kenney-Marshall
It's fine, but don't ask me to strip again or I'm going to wonder what your intentions really are. ~ Stephanie Witter
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Stephanie Witter
Yes, the words of the Mother can be heard as clearly as we hear one another. But one requires a fine nerve to hear Mother's words. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Swami Vivekananda
We all need to give ourselves permission to feel our true feelings, even if those are decidedly darker or heavier than happiness. Instead of keeping that bright, positive attitude and claiming "I'm fine!" no matter what's really going on, we need to be honest, with ourselves and others, about how we're really feeling. ~ Lizzie Velasquez
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Lizzie Velasquez
I'm going too," Peter says. "Unless you want me to tell David what you're planning."
We all pause to look at him. I don't know what Peter wants with a journey into the city, but it can't be good. At the same time, we can't afford for David to find out what we're doing, not now, when there's no time.
"Fine," Tobias says. "But if you cause any trouble, I reserve the right to knock you unconscious and lock you in an abandoned building somewhere."
Peter rolls his eyes. ~ Veronica Roth
Labeyrie Fine quotes by Veronica Roth
Destroy everything. That's all well and fine, but you got to offer something in it's place. Since I always have a point and purpose to what I do, thats why people accuse me of being calculated. it's the way I am. I always know my next move. I could never conjure up a death wish, this is all I have is life. I don't know what comes next, and frankly I'm in no rush to find out. I don't believe in playing a martyr just for the sheer hell of it. And for something as chidish as Rock 'N' Roll is not on. ~ John Lydon
Labeyrie Fine quotes by John Lydon
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