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#1. He looked at the Mexican man and saw him scraping the hamburger grill. He thought, "When Heidegger first read Aristotle, he had no idea what any of it meant, he just kept reading the words even though he had no idea. You're not Heidegger. Neither was Heidegger. Heidegger read and read and then he became 'Heidegger. - Author: Timothy Willis Sanders
Kunzler Grill quotes by Timothy Willis Sanders
#2. Often we eat squid fried, so it's fun to grill it for a change. To grill squid, slice the cleaned bodies open into two flat pieces and thread them, along with the tentacles, onto skewers, then grill quickly over a direct fire with the coals as close as possible to the grate, turning the squid several times. - Author: Tom Douglas
Kunzler Grill quotes by Tom Douglas
#3. Marlboro Man cooked a tenderloin on the grill. The most unimaginably scrumptious cut of beef there is, tenderloin, when prepared properly, can be easily cut with a fork. Marlboro Man had made it for me a couple of times during the previous few months, and there were moments, usually after the first bite or two, when I would nearly shed a tear over its beauty. - Author: Ree Drummond
Kunzler Grill quotes by Ree Drummond
#4. Part geographical, part political, part cultural, Latin America overspills its bounds: is Belize Latin America? Quebec? Miami? Lavapies, Madrid? The Gaucho Grill, Manchester? - Author: Jon Beasley-Murray
Kunzler Grill quotes by Jon Beasley-Murray
#5. The grill-room clock struck eleven with the respectful unobtrusiveness of one whose mission in life is to be ignored. - Author: Saki
Kunzler Grill quotes by Saki
#6. You slammed my face down on the barbecue grill, now my scars are all healing, but my heart never will. - Author: Al Yankovic
Kunzler Grill quotes by Al Yankovic
#7. That would be great," John said."I try and make the night as romantic for you as possible," the chef said as he cracked an egg on the grill and then started humming "Let's get it on" by Marvin Gaye. - Author: Magan Vernon
Kunzler Grill quotes by Magan Vernon
#8. When I returned from the restroom and Jase saw how much I was bleeding, he began to grill the doctor with every question imaginable. She remained completely stoic, no matter what he said. Every time he asked her a question, she provided the same measured response: "I will not know until I begin to operate."
She began trying to offer various common medical possibilities for this incident, such as a ruptured cyst and other diagnoses. Jase shot down every explanation with the power and speed he would use to blast a duck out of the sky with a shotgun. He was never disrespectful toward her, but he was intense.
Due to the pain I was experiencing, I did not realize exactly what was going on, but I did know I was lying on the bed while the doctor and my husband were in a Western movie standoff on either side of me. These two strong personalities were about to collide, and I was in the direct line of fire! At one point, the telephone in my pre-op room rang. Without saying a word, the doctor picked up the phone, stretched it across my bed, and handed it to Jase, never taking her eyes off his. To say that one could cut the tension in the room with a knife is a complete understatement.
I was not happy about Jase's confrontational manner, but at the same time, I was grateful that he was asking the questions I never thought to ask and telling the doctor exactly how he wanted her to treat me. "Like your own daughter," he said.
Jase clearly communicated that he wanted t - Author: Missy Robertson
Kunzler Grill quotes by Missy Robertson
#9. I still love making hamburgers on the grill. I guess whenever I eat them childhood memories come up for me. - Author: Bobby Flay
Kunzler Grill quotes by Bobby Flay
#10. Lou had brought the grill from ice-cold to scorching-hot faster than a firestorm; the brats were preboiled in beer and onions and burst with the perfect combination of juicy and smoky, complete with a crunchy outside topped with just a smear of Dijon. Paired with ice-cold Spotted Cows, his new favorite Wisconsin beer, Al got it. He got why people came hours early. It wasn't about good seats or convenient parking. It was a friendly little party with forty thousand of your closest friends. - Author: Amy E. Reichert
Kunzler Grill quotes by Amy E. Reichert
#11. We are burning like a chicken wing left on the grill of an outdoor barbecue
we are unwanted and burning we are burning and unwanted
we are
an unwanted
as we sizzle and fry
to the bone
the coals of Dante's 'Inferno' spit and sputter beneath
above the sky is an open hand
the words of wise men are useless
it's not a nice world, a nice world it's
not ... - Author: Charles Bukowski
Kunzler Grill quotes by Charles Bukowski
#12. Would like to chop you up into small, manageable pieces and grill you on a hibachi, then feed you to my shar-pei. But all that comes out is Welcome to moviefone! - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Kunzler Grill quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#13. Buffy caught an unexpected movement from the corner of her eye. She turned to see Xander/Sarah holding an object while he/she rushed toward the Master with murderous intentions. "No!" Buffy exclaimed. "Use a stake! Not a steak!"
Sarah stopped in fron of the grill and struck the Master several times on the chest and shoulders with the piece of meat. - Author: Arthur Byron Cover
Kunzler Grill quotes by Arthur Byron Cover
#14. Not only is New York City the nation's melting pot, it is also the casserole, the chafing dish and the charcoal grill. - Author: John Lindsay
Kunzler Grill quotes by John Lindsay
#15. Fire isn't flavor, but the Big Green Egg, that ingenious ceramic capsule of goodness, that Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of cookout equipment, both grill and smoker - God bless! - was - Author: T. Geronimo Johnson
Kunzler Grill quotes by T. Geronimo Johnson
#16. Death Valley is the perfect flesh-grilling device, the Foreman Grill in Mother Nature's cupboard.

It's a big, shimmering sea of salt ringed by mountains that bottle up the heat and force it right back down on your skull. The average air temperature hovers around 125 degrees, but once the sun rises and begins broiling the desert floor, the ground beneath Scott's feet would hit a nice, toasty 200 degrees - exactly the temperature you need to slow roast a prime rib. Plus, the air is so dry that by the time you feel thirsty, you could be as good as dead; sweat is sucked so quickly from your body,you can be dangerously dehydrated before it even registers in your throat. Try to conserve water,and you could be a dead man walking.

But every July, ninety runners from around the world spend up to sixty straight hours running down the sizzling black ribbon of Highway 190, making sure to stay on the white lines so the soles of their running shoes don't melt. - Author: Christopher McDougall
Kunzler Grill quotes by Christopher McDougall
#17. My favorite way to cook trout is whole, bone-in, on the grill. The fish are stuffed with sliced lemons and herb sprigs, brushed with oil, and cooked over fairly hot coals until the skin is crisp and the flesh is moist and flaky. Go ahead and gild the lily by adding a sauce. - Author: Tom Douglas
Kunzler Grill quotes by Tom Douglas
#18. My hubby makes a mean salmon steak at the grill, but he leaves all the sides up to me. I love to grill and roast vegetables. I also experiment with baking instead of frying some things, like onion rings. I even make biscuits with coconut oil these days. - Author: Kimberly Schlapman
Kunzler Grill quotes by Kimberly Schlapman
#19. The simplest fix for better grilling is to line the inside of your barbecue with tin foil. It dramatically affects how evenly the heat is distributed. That crusty black hibachi or Weber grill is doing your food no favors. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
Kunzler Grill quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
#20. I bought all these ingredients and headed to Marlboro Man's house, choosing to ignore the fact that Marinated Flank Steak actually needs to marinate. Plus, I didn't know how to operate a grill--Los Angeles County apartment buildings had ordinances against them--so I decided to cook it under the broiler. Having not been a meat eater for years and years, I'd forgotten about the vital importance of not overcooking steak; I just assumed steak was like chicken and simply needed all the pink cooked out of it. I broiled the beautiful, flavorful flank steak to a fine leather.
With all my focus on destroying the main course, I wound up overcooking the angel hair noodles by a good five minutes, so when I stirred in all the cheeses I'd so carefully grated by hand, my Tagliarini Quattro Formaggi resembled a soupy pan of watery cheese grits. How bad could it possibly be? I asked myself as I poured it into garlic-rubbed bowls just like they did at Intermezzo. I figured Marlboro Man wouldn't notice. I watched as he dutifully ate my dinner, unaware that, as I later learned, throughout the meal he seriously considered calling one of the cowboys and asking them to start a prairie fire so he'd have an excuse to leave. - Author: Ree Drummond
Kunzler Grill quotes by Ree Drummond
#21. We're going down to the Margarita Grill to smell the lobster, then we're going to watch the sunrise, and in between we'll probably have hot, unsafe animal sex. - Author: Darynda Jones
Kunzler Grill quotes by Darynda Jones
#22. I cook a great fish, a great salmon. I grill it, get the skin nice and crispy. - Author: Bill Rancic
Kunzler Grill quotes by Bill Rancic
#23. The Hollywood process is like trying to grill a steak by having a succession of people coming into the room and breathing on it. - Author: Douglas Adams
Kunzler Grill quotes by Douglas Adams
#24. I do all the cooking in our family. I'm a utilitarian cook, rather than an adventurous one - I only have about 15 recipes in my repertoire that I rotate - but I love being able to go down to the river and catch a 30 lb. salmon, then grill it on the barbecue. - Author: Patrick Duffy
Kunzler Grill quotes by Patrick Duffy
#25. I'm such an L.A. boy, I love hanging out by the beach and throwing some steaks on the grill. - Author: Eric Balfour
Kunzler Grill quotes by Eric Balfour
#26. Revenge of the Giant Grill Man. - Author: Joan Bauer
Kunzler Grill quotes by Joan Bauer
#27. I'm good with a grill. I like to make cheeseburgers - I once read in a David Goodis crime novel that you're only supposed to flip a burger once. - Author: Noah Baumbach
Kunzler Grill quotes by Noah Baumbach
#28. But dying is no easy trick. And suicide can't be put on a list of Things To Do in between cleaning the grill pan and leveling the sofa leg with a brick. It is the decision not to do, to un-do; a kiss blown at oblivion. No matter what anyone says, suicide takes guts. It is for heroes and martyrs, truly vainglorious men. - Author: Zadie Smith
Kunzler Grill quotes by Zadie Smith
#29. The sun is beautiful, long and low on the horizon like it's stretching itself, like it's shaking off a nap, and I know underneath this weak winter light is the promise of days that last until eight P.M. and pool parties and the smell of chlorine and burgers on the grill; and underneath that is the promise of trees lit up in red and orange like flames and spiced cider, and frost that melts away by noon – layers upon layers of life, always something more, new, deeper. - Author: Lauren Oliver
Kunzler Grill quotes by Lauren Oliver
#30. When I want to kick it up, I like to add hardwood chips or chunks to the grill; it adds bold smoky flavors. The most common woods are hickory and mesquite, but you can find alder, apple, cherry and, my personal favorite, pecan. - Author: Emeril Lagasse
Kunzler Grill quotes by Emeril Lagasse
#31. She gave Cooper a quick nod, indicating she was going out the back, and didn't wait around to see if he understood her meaning. She pushed through the swinging doors to the small kitchen in the back, snagged the keys to her truck from the hook, and replaced them with her apron. She gave a quick glance to the grill, making sure Sandy hadn't left anything to burn on it when he'd been pulled out front, but everything looked in order. Stop stalling.
She sighed, shook her head, but the rueful smile that accompanied the movement was fleeting. For what might be the first time in her life, she had absolutely no idea how she was going to handle what came next.
"Only one way to find out," she murmured. Tightening her grip on her keys, if not her emotions, she let herself out the back door of the pub and found herself staring straight up into the crystalline blue eyes of Cooper Jax. - Author: Donna Kauffman
Kunzler Grill quotes by Donna Kauffman
#32. When I'd come in one day in the late winter and asked him why he was working the grill with a kid's birthday hat on, he'd said Because today I'm fifty-seven, buddy. Which makes me an official Heinz. - Author: Stephen King
Kunzler Grill quotes by Stephen King
#33. I left Mermaid's Bar and Grill about 2:00 am, and fishtailed out of the parking lot. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Kunzler Grill quotes by Jarod Kintz
#34. You could help me by shutting up, Eddie said, and the grill spoke no more. He found himself wondering if he had offended it, then wondered if perhaps he should kill himself and spare the world a problem. - Author: Stephen King
Kunzler Grill quotes by Stephen King
#35. Helloooo." Miss Ohio rolled her eyes. "I'm from the Buckeye State. We are serious about our tailgating parties. I can turn anything into a grill. - Author: Libba Bray
Kunzler Grill quotes by Libba Bray
#36. My grill is intended to be discreet. It's there because I enjoy jewelry. - Author: Jill Scott
Kunzler Grill quotes by Jill Scott
#37. I know most Americans don't have this luxury, but we are in Los Angeles and are lucky enough to be able to grill outside almost all year long. It's my favorite way of preparation because it's so clean and it gives it such a great flavor. You need very little oil and the protein can be really cleanly prepared and perfectly cooked. - Author: Alison Sweeney
Kunzler Grill quotes by Alison Sweeney
#38. The Lamb's Club is going to be a luxury bar and grill; we're not doing an overly fancy restaurant. We wanted to make a space that people will come to every day, almost like a very high-end bistro. - Author: Geoffrey Zakarian
Kunzler Grill quotes by Geoffrey Zakarian

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