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I throw it all in there, Kung Fu, blaxploitation, horror. ~ Keenen Ivory Wayans
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Keenen Ivory Wayans
One Monday, just for sport, Charlie grabbed an eggplant that a spectacularly wizened granny was going for, but instead of twisting it out of his hand with some mystic kung fu move as he expected, she looked him in the eye and shook her head - just a jog, barely perceptible really - it might have been a tic, but it was the most eloquent of gestures. Charlie read it as saying: O White Devil, you do not want to purloin that purple fruit, for I have four thousand years of ancestors and civilization on you; my grandparents built the railroads and dug the silver mines, and my parents survived the earthquake, the fire, and a society that outlawed even being Chinese; I am mother to a dozen, grandmother to a hundred, and great-grandmother to a legion; I have birthed babies and washed the dead; I am history and suffering and wisdom; I am a Buddha and a dragon; so get your fucking hand off my eggplant before you lose it. ~ Christopher Moore
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Christopher Moore
According to tradition, the originator of Taoism, Lao-tzu, was an older contemporary of Kung Fu-tzu, or Confucius, who died in 479 B.C.1 Lao-tzu is said to have been the author of the Tao Te Ching, a short book of aphorisms, setting forth the principles of the Tao and its power or virtue (Te e). But traditional Chinese philosophy ascribes both Taoism and Confucianism to a still earlier source, to a work which lies at the very foundation of Chinese thought and culture, dating anywhere from 3000 to 1200 B.C. This is the I Ching, or Book of Changes. ~ Alan W. Watts
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Alan W. Watts
I remember when I was 11, I did some Kung-fu demonstrations in Hong Kong in 1974. ~ Jet Li
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Jet Li
Next time you pull a knife on me," Inga growled, "this is vhat I do to you."

She hammered a scruffy bush with the violent and athletic kick of a Chinaman in a kung fu movie.

"Extreme Unction!" the bush howled. "Call de priest! Me need Extreme Unction!"

"Inga!" Aloysius cried. "De bush no trouble you! Him is a Catholic bush! ~ Anthony C. Winkler
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Anthony C. Winkler
Oddly enough, I've always - I've never actually seen "The Alamo" itself, actually. So I don't really have the association of "Green Leaves of Summer" as being "The Alamo" theme. Oddly enough, I grew up watching kung fu movies. They would use the theme "Green Leaves of Summer" in a lot of needle drops in kung fu movies a lot. So I was actually more familiar with it in a Bruce Li movie than I was actually from the John Wayne film. ~ Quentin Tarantino
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Quentin Tarantino
I did learn Chinese kung-fu in a school for a short time, but I couldn't afford to pay for long-term learning. ~ Stephen Chow
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Stephen Chow
Your puny worm god weapons are useless against my superior Christmas Kung Fu. ~ Christopher Moore
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Christopher Moore
Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend. ~ Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Kung Fu Panda
But to remain historically accurate, I would have had to leave out an important question that I felt needed to be addressed, which is, 'What if Jesus had known kung fu? ~ Christopher Moore
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Christopher Moore
My whole life I've harbored a resentment toward those who could ride no-handed. To this day, I can't even sit on an exercise bike without clinging to the handlebars with a serious G.I.-Joe- kung-fu grip. Every time I see someone on the road, all smug and well-balanced, using their cell phone and gesturing while they talk and ride, I secretly want to bash them with my car door. It's ~ Jen Lancaster
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Jen Lancaster
Kung Fu, like any art, is a practical affair, not just a question of gathering knowledge. In other words, one becomes proficient through hard, regular practice, not by reading about it. ~ Wong Kiew Kit
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Wong Kiew Kit
Anything is possible when you have inner peace. ~ Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Kung Fu Panda
Prior to 'Tokyo Drift,' the iconic perception of Asians in Hollywood films has been either the Kung Fu guy, the Yakuza guy or some technical genius. It used to be such a joke, to be laughed at rather than with. ~ Sung Kang
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Sung Kang
I can show you the path but I can not walk it for you. ~ Master Iain Armstrong
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Master Iain Armstrong
The hidden village was something we found when we went to research in China we climbed a mountain in the Sichuan province where the panda sanctuary is based, and we climbed to this beautiful, mist-covered, almost primordial place and when we turned these corners these moss covered old buildings would come into view, revealing themselves and it was so beautiful and so unlike anything we'd seen that we literally took those moments and put them into the film [Kung Fu Panda 3]. ~ Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
My first job. Ah, the memories. I'm hired for minimum wage as the cleaner at an ice cream parlor and quickly realize that the big boss's methods duplicate effort. I do it my way, finish in one hour instead of eight, and spend the rest of the time reading kung-fu magazines and practicing karate kicks outside. I am fired in a record three days, left with the parting comment, "Maybe someday you'll understand the value of hard work." It seems I still don't. ~ Timothy Ferriss
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Timothy Ferriss
Well we've got to do a lot of kung fu choreography, which was really cool. Like I have, you know, like the big hammer that I use, kind of like a staff in a sense. So I get to use that like a really cool weapon. Kung fu style. And it's just really fun to get to learn that and execute it in a way that looks cool on screen. It just feels really rewarding. ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Po's [Kung Fu Panda] unending enthusiasm is something we wish we could have. We can't help but root for him because of his geek energy. ~ Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
I did kung fu from when I was nine to 13. You have to be really careful but you want to be able to make it look eventually as though it's just a part of you. So, you train over and over and over again. ~ Channing Tatum
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Channing Tatum
In matters of affection, the rules of engagement at Empire High were detailed yet unambiguous, an extension of procedures established in junior high, a set of guidelines that couldn't have been clearer if they'd been posted on the schoolhouse door. If you were a girl and your heart inclined toward a particular boy, you had one of your girlfriends make inquiries from one of that boy's friends. Such contact represented the commencement of a series of complex negotiations, the opening rounds of which were handled by friends. Boy's friend A might report to Girl's friend B that the boy in question considered her a fox, or, if he felt particularly strongly, a major fox. Those experienced in these matters knew that it was wise to proceed cautiously, since too much ardor could delay things for weeks. The girl in question might be in negotiations with other parties, and no boy wanted to be on record as considering a girl a major fox only to discover that she considered him merely cool. Friends had to be instructed carefully about how much emotional currency they could spend, since rogue emotions led to inflation, lessening the value of everyone's feelings. Once a level of affection within the comfort zone of both parties was agreed upon, the principals could then meet for the exchange of mementos - rings, jackets, photos, key chains - to seal the deal, always assuming that seconds had properly represented the lovers to begin with. ~ Richard Russo
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Richard Russo
I am from the Kilburn branch of the Keepers of the Eternal and Victorious Islamic Nation," said Hifan proudly.
Irie inhaled.
Keepers of the Eternal and Victorious Islamic Nation," repeated Millat, impressed. "That's a wicked name. It's got a wicked kung-fu arse sound to it."
Irie frowned. "KEVIN?"
We are aware," said Hifan solemnly, pointing to the spot underneath the cupped flame where the initials were minutely embroidered, "that we have an acronym problem. ~ Zadie Smith
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Zadie Smith
First, you have stereotypes, and that will be the black drug dealer, the east Asian kung fu master, the Middle Eastern terrorist in 'True Lies.' Then you have stuff that takes place on culturally specific terrain, that engages with it, but actually subverts assumptions. 'Smashes' stereotypes. That's where I've come into the game. ~ Riz Ahmed
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Riz Ahmed
There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.
[Kung Fu Monkey
Ephemera, blog post, March 19, 2009] ~ John Rogers
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by John Rogers
You have hundreds of artists you're dealing with across the world and the scale of this movie [Kung Fu Panda] was insane - we had a parallel pipeline going on where you had two versions recording Mandarin voice actors, getting it to be funny for Mandarin audiences going beyond a straight translation, and then animating it and lighting it, it's a lot of work. ~ Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Yeah, that's right, Lash. Because I'm Chinese I have a deep-seated need to nosh house pets. Now why don't you let him in before my inner Chinaman forces me to kung-fu your bitch ass. ~ Christopher Moore
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Christopher Moore
What you need is some time and effort to work on your remedies and the problems will be overcome as a matter of course. Our chi kung training gives us the mental clarity and a lot of energy to perform the remedies well.

The same principles apply to countless people who remain miserable because of their problems.

They remain miserable because of the following three reasons:

1. They do not have solutions to their problems.
2. They do not believe the solutions will solve their problems.
3. They do not have the abilities to carry out the solutions.

If they can overcome the above three factors, they will find their problems are actually opportunities for improvement ~ Wong Kiew Kit
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Wong Kiew Kit
If you trust yourself, any choice you make will be correct. If you do not trust yourself, anything you do will be wrong.
- Kung Fu, The Legend Continues - ~ David Carradine
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by David Carradine
We do not wash our pits in the pool of sacred tears ~ Shifu
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Shifu
I want to make a good, solid kung fu movie. ~ Keanu Reeves
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Keanu Reeves
I train my muscles, and I do a lot of stretching, and try to kick higher. But for me, practicing kung-fu is a way to relax myself. ~ Stephen Chow
Kung Fu Series Wise quotes by Stephen Chow
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