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#1. You were spying on me?" I repeated, this time my tone was stern.
"Nonsense! I was making sure you were safe." He answered, fluttering his wings and landing in front of me. "That's what friends do. - Author: Grace Fiorre
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Grace Fiorre
#2. Viktor was swinging a leather duffle and wearing a black Adidas tracksuit and his favorite brown UGG slippers with a hole in the toe.
"Worn and old, just like Viv," he'd say when Frankie made fun of them, and then his wife would swat him on the arm. But Frankie knew he was just joking, because Viveka was the type of woman you wished was in a magazine just so you could stare at her violet-colored eyes and shiny black hair without being called a stalker or a freak. - Author: Lisi Harrison
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Lisi Harrison
#3. Me having a stalker is like Donald Trump having a sense of humility. It's not a match.
~From LIBERTY & MEANS - Author: Kristin Dow
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Kristin Dow
#4. Tonight, when the walls started closing in on me, I figured a drive in the country might be nice because I couldn't think of anything else to do. Then I got here, you opened the door, and I thought: Oh crap, he's going to think I'm a total stalker."

"Not at all." Seth raised their clasped hands and grinned. "I merely assumed you wanted to see my big hands again."

Laughing, she gave his shoulder a shove. "You're such a tease!"

His heart lightened. "Admitted without shame."

"Well, I'll forgive you," she quipped, "because you're letting me hold your hand." Drawing their clasped hands closer to her face, she cupped her free hand over them and smoothed circles over his as she assumed a comical expression of amazement. "Oooooooh. So big," she breathed.

Seth laughed. - Author: Dianne Duvall
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Dianne Duvall
#5. Uh, no! This is your dreamy stalker moment, not mine. You do it. - Author: Chanda Hahn
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Chanda Hahn
#6. You're such a stalker, Seth. How long were you standing there?"
"I am not a stalker, and I was standing there long enough to realize you have no self-control and you're unstable. I kind of like that about you - mainly because I find it entertaining. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#7. The doo-wop stalker love song on a Cincinnati oldies station
you broke up with me because I was an obnoxious jerk and now you're dating him, so I drive by your house and stare in your window every night, thereby proving that I'm an even bigger creep than you thought - Author: Sarah Vowell
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Sarah Vowell
#8. Death. It is a strange stalker, one that we spend our whole lives running from, some more successful than others. - Author: Alessandra Torre
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Alessandra Torre
#9. His lashes, fluttered like butterfly wings. "I could've made you happy, dove." "You did," I whispered - Author: Ann Aguirre
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Ann Aguirre
#10. Organizational theorists, at least since Burns and Stalker, 1961 and Joan Woodward, 1965 in what came to be called the contingency school, have recognized that centralization is appropriate for organizations with routine tasks, and decentralization for those with nonroutine tasks. - Author: Charles Perrow
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Charles Perrow
#11. How poor a guide enthusiasm is when it is not informed with the mind and spirit of God. - Author: James Stalker
Kruglov Stalker quotes by James Stalker
#12. She'd heard my theory on funnel cake and celery stalker men before. Most men were either like funnel cake: delicious and interesting, but who at the end of the day just aren't good for the heart or complexion. Or they were celery: a sensible, healthy choice that didn't really bring much to the table but an occasional crunch. If you OD on celery, you end up bingeing on cake behind closed doors.

Funnel cake, while warm and delicious, is difficult to make. But you go there because you long for it like the double-twist stomach-dropping roller coaster as soon as you arrive at the amusement park. Wet ribbons of batter crackle and pop until golden and crisp, yielding in the center. The steamy swirls of tender yellow dough absorb confectioners' sugar like pores. When the luxurious fat melts on your tongue, you exhale. You've got sticky batter, dribbling down spouts, leaving rings on your clean countertops, splattering oil growing darker and beginning to smoke. Layers of paper towels and oil-draining weapons clutter your space. With funnel cake, you've got steps to follow. Procedures. Rules.

No one makes rules about celery. It's always around for the snacking. You choose it when you're dieting or trying not to consume too many wings over football. Come to think of it, you don't even bother eating it when you diet. Instead it's a conduit for blue cheese. You use it to make stocks and stuffing. It becomes filler, pantry almost. - Author: Stephanie Klein
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Stephanie Klein
#13. Lisa

In 1977, when I was in sixth grade at Pinecrest Elementary School in my hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana, I saw the cutest boy I had ever laid eyes on. He was new to our school, and I quickly found out his name was Alan Robertson. I was popular in school and people seemed to like me, but no matter how I tried, that cute boy did not seem to know I was alive. Maybe that's because he was in eighth grade and did not have time for younger girls like me. That did not stop me from following him around school, though--during every recess, fire drill, and class change. Sometimes when I speak publicly about this now, I say I could have been on fire and he would not have noticed. At least that's what I thought; he says he was vaguely aware that he had a sixth-grade stalker with braces. - Author: Korie Robertson
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Korie Robertson
#14. The Collector [John Fowles book] does such a good job of capturing the mindset of a capturer, and also that's become a banal trope of every second crime novel: the weirdo, fetishistic watcher/stalker/kidnapper/kidnapper of women or children. - Author: Emma Donoghue
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Emma Donoghue
#15. Someone has to warn you."
"That's novel. A stalker warning his victim. - Author: Anna Durand
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Anna Durand
#16. Counter to the public's thinking, the celebrities who attract the largest number of stalkers - and typically it's not "if" a celebrity has a stalker, it's "how many" - are neither the most glamorous nor obnoxious, but rather the ones who seem the sweetest and most wholesome. They appear approachable. - Author: Park Dietz
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Park Dietz
#17. You're going to fuck everything up if you act like some crazed guy with an infatuation. This is not the guy she fell in love with. She fell in love with dark mysterious Dank Walker. She fell in love with Death. Be that guy. Stop being this broken, pitiful, obsessed stalker dude. - Author: Abbi Glines
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Abbi Glines
#18. Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#19. If you were mine Oh my what would I do to be his? He's the only man who has ever set the blood racing through my body. Yet he's so antagonizing too; he's difficult, complicated, and confusing. One minute he rebuffs me, the next he sends me fourteen thousand dollar books, then tracks me like a stalker. And for all that, I have spent the night in his hotel suite, and I feel safe. Protected. He cares enough to come and rescue me from some mistakenly perceived danger. He's not a dark knight at all but a white knight in shining, dazzling armor ... a classic romantic hero. - Author: E.L. James
Kruglov Stalker quotes by E.L. James
#20. These were the things we would never notice were missing. - Author: Kate Chisman
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Kate Chisman
#21. The film [Stalker] needs to be slower and duller at the start so that the viewers who walked into the wrong theatre have time to leave before the main action starts. - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#22. I haven't mentioned her to Flynn, and I'm glad because I'm now behaving like a stalker. Perhaps I should let him know. - Author: E.L. James
Kruglov Stalker quotes by E.L. James
#23. I don't look at women as groupies. To me, a groupie is a stalker. If you're a fan, then you're a fan. But I can look at a woman and become a fan of hers instantly. I'll tell a woman, "Look, I don't want your phone number. Just give me your autograph. Can I take a picture with you?" - Author: Tyrese Gibson
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Tyrese Gibson
#24. She was an idiot. An idiot holding a pie in his garbage can. He probably thought she was a stalker. Or crazy. - Author: Jamie Farrell
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Jamie Farrell
#25. Rose was patently a degenerate. Nature, in scheduling his characteristics, had pruned all superlatives. The rude armour of the flesh, under which the spiritual, like a hide-bound chrysalis, should develop secret and self-contained, was perished in his case, as it were, to a semi-opaque suit, through which his soul gazed dimly and fearfully on its monstrous arbitrary surroundings. Not the mantle of the poet, philosopher, or artist fallen upon such, can still its shiverings, or give the comfort that Nature denies.

Yet he was a little bit of each - poet, philosopher, and artist; a nerveless and self-deprecatory stalker of ideals, in the pursuit of which he would wear patent leather shoes and all the apologetic graces. The grandson of a 'three-bottle' J.P., who had upheld the dignity of the State constitution while abusing his own in the best spirit of squirearchy; the son of a petulant dyspeptic, who alternated seizures of long moroseness with fits of abject moral helplessnes, Amos found his inheritance in the reversion of a dissipated constitution, and an imagination as sensitive as an exposed nerve. Before he was thirty he was a neurasthenic so practised, as to have learned a sense of luxury in the very consciousness of his own suffering. It was a negative evolution from the instinct of self-protection - self-protection, as designed in this case, against the attacks of the unspeakable.

("The Accursed Cordonnier") - Author: Bernard Capes
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Bernard Capes
#26. Huh. Fancy meeting you here," I teased. "I recall telling you that I had a meeting with Holly this morning. Coincidence?" "Sheridan, that's rubbish. Are you insinuating that I only came here in the hopes of running into you? I happen to have had an appointment as well," he taunted. "That's crap, you stalker," I deadpanned, moving in closer to him. He raised an eyebrow, watching me. - Author: Alice Clayton
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Alice Clayton
#27. I don't even have a stalker. I'm just not the guy that people stalk. - Author: Seth Rogen
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Seth Rogen
#28. Fundamentalists offer us a "loving" God who is some kind of divine stalker. - Author: Robert M. Price
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Robert M. Price
#29. Don't play his game. Play yours. - Author: Rachel Caine
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Rachel Caine
#30. How fast can you run?

When you really have to?

In heels and a work skirt, with your bag banging against your side: how fast?

When you're late for your train and you have to get home, and you race down the platform with seconds to spare: how fast can you run?

What if it isn't a train you're running for, but your life?

If you're late home from work, and there's no one in sight. If you haven't charged your phone and no one knows where you are. If the footsteps behind you are getting closer, and you know, because you do it every day, that you're on your own; that between the platform and the exit you won't see another soul.

If there's breath on your neck, and the panic is rising, and it's dark, and cold, and wet.

If it's just the two of you.

Just you, and whoever's behind you.

Whoever is chasing you.

How fast could you run then?

It doesn't matter how fast.

Because there's always someone who can run faster. - Author: Clare Mackintosh
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Clare Mackintosh
#31. Hi." I caught a flash of his smile as he bent to kiss me. His lips were warm and his kiss was sweet. Gentle. He only deepened the kiss a little while his hand slid into my hair and his other hand curved into the small of my back.

I smiled as he pulled away. "Hi."

"That's better." He cupped my cheek in his hand, his thumb tracing the curve of my cheekbone. "I've missed you since yesterday. Is that weird? Does that make me one of those stalker guys?"

"Only if you follow me home. Cut off a lock of my hair while I sleep. Something like that."

"I thought I'd save that for next weekend." He bent to kiss me again but swerved at the last second to brush his lips against my cheek instead. "I have a theory about you, Emily Parker."

"You do?"

"I do." Another kiss on my cheek, and then his teeth grazed my earlobe, and I shivered. "I don't think you've ever been wooed. Have you?" The words were a low whisper in my ear, and the shiver intensified.

"Wooed?" The word felt strange in my mouth.

"Wooed," he repeated, punctuating the word with a kiss on my other cheek. "Courted. Swept off your feet. Had someone show you how you make him feel."

"I . . . I can't say that I have." That was an understatement.

"Then brace yourself." He straightened up and backed away from me a step or two. "I'm going to woo your ass off. - Author: Jen DeLuca
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Jen DeLuca
#32. Jae Smith is Nightwatch and I have her! Ha! I know where she lives, where she hangs out, and her blood type! Man, I am a dinkum stalker!"
Jeremy sat up, intrigued.
"What stalker site did you go on?" He asked wonderingly asJacob shoved clothes into a bag and grabbed a few protein bars from his dusty, sticky nightstand.
"Facebook. I have to get to San Francisco. - Author: Amanda Lee Knauss
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Amanda Lee Knauss
#33. The police think I'm a rubbernecker. They think I'm a stalker, a nut-case, mentally unstable. - Author: Paula Hawkins
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Paula Hawkins
#34. The police can't stop an intruder, mugger, or stalker from hurting you. They can pursue him only after he has hurt or killed you. Protecting yourself from harm is your responsibility, and you are far less likely to be hurt in a neighborhood of gun-owners than in one of disarmed citizens - even if you don't own a gun yourself. - Author: Harry Browne
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Harry Browne
#35. For stalker food, Martha Stewart is the woman to go to. - Author: Julie Powell
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Julie Powell
#36. Maybe she appears terrified now because I practically chase her down and I'm giving her absolutely no explanation. I'm just standing here like a creepy stalker and I have no idea how to even ask her if she's the girl I lost all those years ago. - Dean Holder - Author: Colleen Hoover
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Colleen Hoover
#37. Demons? No problem. Just find your local stalker psycho and ask the whistling dear head hanging above his fireplace how many licks on a toostie pop does it take to make a demon go away. - Author: Mav Skye
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Mav Skye
#38. In the dark behind the glare of the television, like a mannequin behind it, I could see a silhouette and it wasn't moving. It was maybe six foot high with its shoulders hunched and I blinked to make sure it was real. The TV fuzzed grey and white and black and I had a lump in my throat that I couldn't swallow away. "Rory" I whispered. Clawing out gently beneath the duvet cover, reaching for his hand. But I couldn't find it. And he didn't answer. - Author: Kate Chisman
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Kate Chisman
#39. Roxanne Archer designed her strategy like a four-star general - or a stalker. - Author: Candace Schuler
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Candace Schuler
#40. Where in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble does one find a guide on dealing with a supernatural stalker? - Author: Cosmo Knox
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Cosmo Knox
#41. I didn't realize I had a royal stalker. I'm flattered, Your Majesty." "Even better - you had an entire government team assigned to digging up information on you. They reported twice daily for over a week. You did run off with the most-wanted criminal in the world, after all." "And your girlfriend." Kai - Author: Marissa Meyer
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Marissa Meyer
#42. ... sitting on the sidewalk outside of his workplace like some creepy stalker ex-girlfriend, waiting for him to come out so I can ambush him with love. - Author: Cynthia Hand
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Cynthia Hand
#43. Stalker

The light so thick nothing's visible, cognoscenti

I knew them, stupid apes. Real apes know more

Before we said apes. I know how to be you bet-

ter  -  a stupid voice. You must find a mind

to respect  -  why? There was someone with ear

buds, speaking gibberish who wouldn't

stop walking beside me; freckle-spattered. I

had to ask the métro attendant for help;

she extricated him from me ... I respect his chaotic

speech, mild adhesive force because it makes no sense.

I am back on the alley, discovering adults are un-

trustworthy: someone's lying ... about a

fight between a teenage girl and boy  -  he pushed

her hard  -  first she badly scratched him, she's worse, his

mother says. I'm back at pre-beginning, I don't

want to go through that again. There is no

sexuality in chaos, there's no style, nor

hope. I want style  -  apes have style, people

have machines. Show me something to respect

This bleuet growing out of a wall on rue d'Hauteville.

I picked it and pressed it in a diary. Every once

in a while I respect a moment. I am back at

pre-beginning: I don't want to care beyond

this ... sudden hue in the sand, yellow or spotted with an

hallucinated iridescence. The one who is

stalking me - Author: Alice Notley
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Alice Notley
#44. I started my career by becoming a stalker, watching women in the street, the way they greet each other. I thought if I could capture some of that expression, that depth of emotion, it will make me interesting to watch as an actor. - Author: Bob Hoskins
Kruglov Stalker quotes by Bob Hoskins

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