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#1. Merton. Gethsemani required a vow of silence, and at dinner if you wanted salt, you had to stare hard at the shaker until another brother noticed. One day, cutting down a tree, Jack couldn't contain himself. He held his head back and roared, "Timber." After that, his days at the monastery were numbered. Within a couple of years, he had married, and he and his young wife, Fran, who herself had just spent a year in a nunnery, opened a Catholic Worker farm in eastern Missouri for recovering alcoholics. - Author: Alex Kotlowitz
Krugers Farm quotes by Alex Kotlowitz
#2. These are things I'd never seen before, they were very disturbing and they were very compelling to try and do something to change the situation for the animals. Farm animals are providing us with the food to stay alive, so I think we really owe them a decent life while they are alive. - Author: Jan Cameron
Krugers Farm quotes by Jan Cameron
#3. But, while Starkfield is modeled on a fairly specific place (New England), we can also think of it as any place that a person gets stuck in, any place where it seems impossible to stay, and impossible to leave. This can be a geographical location, a state of mind, a building or a city, or tiny kitchen on a broken down farm.

When we notice that there is also a "Springfield" in the story, we realize that Starkfield (stark meaning, hard, bare, difficult) really is supposed to be the place of eternal hardship. Springfield is the place Zeena goes to visit doctors and get medicine. This is perhaps to emphasize that Starkfield has the absolute worst kind of winters you can imagine. This also emphasizes that spring (and health) is always a false promise for the characters - Author: Unknown
Krugers Farm quotes by Unknown
#4. The road to social justice for the farm worker is the road of unionization. Our cause, our strike against table grapes and our international boycott are all founded upon our deep conviction that the form of collective self-help, which is unionization, holds far more hope for the farm worker than any other single approach, whether public or private. This conviction is what brings spirit, high hope and optimism to everything we do. - Author: Cesar Chavez
Krugers Farm quotes by Cesar Chavez
#5. He thought of the years before, the distant years with his parents on the farm, and of the deadness from which he had been miraculously revived. - Author: John Edward Williams
Krugers Farm quotes by John Edward Williams
#6. What is the bottom line for the animal/human hierarchy? I think it is at the animate/inanimate line, and Carol Adams and others are close to it: we eat them. This is what humans want from animals and largely why and how they are most harmed. We make them dead so we can live. We make our bodies out of their bodies. Their inanimate becomes our animate. We justify it as necessary, but it is not. We do it because we want to, we enjoy it, and we can. We say they eat each other, too, which they do. But this does not exonerate us; it only makes us animal rather than human, the distinguishing methodology abandoned when its conclusions are inconvenient or unpleasant. The place to look for this bottom line is the farm, the stockyard, the slaughterhouse. I have yet to see one run by a nonhuman animal. - Author: Catherine Mackinnon
Krugers Farm quotes by Catherine Mackinnon
#7. I view anything on this farm as model. I actually painted Union Rags as a yearling. - Author: Jamie Wyeth
Krugers Farm quotes by Jamie Wyeth
#8. The farm god rolled his eyes. He pointed at the corn plant, and BAM! Nico di Angelo appeared in an exposion of corn silk. Nico looked around in panic. I-I had the weirdest nightmare about popcorn. - Author: Rick Riordan
Krugers Farm quotes by Rick Riordan
#9. Well, Pa, a woman can change better than a man. A man lives, sort of, well, in jerks. A baby's born or somebody dies and that's a jerk. He gets a farm or loses it and that's a jerk. With a woman, it's all in one flow, like a stream. Little eddies and waterfalls, but the river, it goes right on. A woman looks at it that way. - Author: Nunnally Johnson
Krugers Farm quotes by Nunnally Johnson
#10. The greatest destroyer of the small economies of small farms has been the doctrine of sanitation. I have no argument against cleanliness and healthfulness; I am for them as much as anyone. I do, however, question the validity and honesty of the sanitation laws that have come to rule over farm production in the last thirty or forty years. Why have new sanitation laws always required more, and more expensive, equipment? Why have they always worked against the survival of the small producer? Is it impossible to be inexpensively healthful and clean? - Author: Wendell Berry
Krugers Farm quotes by Wendell Berry
#11. A farm is a good thing, when it begins and ends with itself, and does not need a salary, or a shop, to eke it out. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Krugers Farm quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#12. It was an actual Christmas tree farm. We had, like, 15 acres. It was really fun as a kid. I also spent my summers at the Jersey Shore, on the bay in Stone Harbor. I walked everywhere barefoot. It was just the most amazing, magical way to grow up. - Author: Taylor Swift
Krugers Farm quotes by Taylor Swift
#13. Well, when I am fifty-three or so I would like to write a novel as good as Persuasion but with a modern setting, of course. For the next thirty years or so I shall be collecting material for it. If anyone asks me what I work at, I shall say, 'Collecting material'. No one can object to that. - Author: Stella Gibbons
Krugers Farm quotes by Stella Gibbons
#14. FOR MOST OF human history, education was job training. Hunters, farmers, and warriors taught the young to hunt, farm, and fight. Children of the ruling class received instruction in the arts of war and governance, but this too was intended first and foremost as preparation for the roles they would assume later in society, not for any broader purpose. All that began to change twenty-five hundred years ago in ancient Greece. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
Krugers Farm quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#15. I got an ant farm; them fellas didn't grow sh*t. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
Krugers Farm quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#16. We lived on a farm outside a town of about 900 people. My father was the principal of the elementary school. It was a typical Southern town - there are a lot of churches, and it's dry. - Author: Robert Boswell
Krugers Farm quotes by Robert Boswell
#17. Fear is a serviceable tool, I suppose. Like the stalls in a battery farm. If you want to keep people from their collective strength, make them too afraid of each other to ever meet or talk. - Author: Mike Carey
Krugers Farm quotes by Mike Carey
#18. My midwife partners and I at the The Farm learned by observation and experience that the presence of even one person who is not exquisitely attuned to the mother's feelings can stop some women's labors. All women are sensitive. Some women are extraordinarily so. We learned this truth by observing many labors stop or slow down when someone entered the birth room who was not intimate with the laboring mother's feelings. If that person then left the room, labor usually returned to its former pace or intensity. - Author: Ina May Gaskin
Krugers Farm quotes by Ina May Gaskin
#19. Then, with all my being I felt I was wildly, desperately in love. Not only with Maya and her dark locks flying in the wind as she ran. But also with the plants that swayed as she passed, and with that grey, sad sky and the air that smelled of rain. I was even in love with that old piece of farm machinery with flat tyres, sensing that it was quite essential to the harmony that had just been created before my eyes ... - Author: Andrei Makine
Krugers Farm quotes by Andrei Makine
#20. Once people spend time with farm animals in a loving way ... a pig or cow or a little chicken or a turkey, they might find they relate with them the same way they relate with dogs and cats. People don't really think of them that way because they're on the plate. Why should they be food when other animals are pets? I would never eat my doggies. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
Krugers Farm quotes by Alicia Silverstone
#21. In the city, we work until quitting time. On the farm, we work until the job is finished. - Author: John Bytheway
Krugers Farm quotes by John Bytheway
#22. And all of this from what source? A wayside farm in the Polesine. It illustrates the adage that the deeper the dung, the richer the rose. Who remembers the dung when the rose has blossomed? - Author: Samuel Shellabarger
Krugers Farm quotes by Samuel Shellabarger
#23. Every year, Kansas watches the world die. Civilizations of wheat grow tall and green; they grow old and golden, and then men shaped from the same earth as the crop cut those lives down. And when the grain is threshed, and the dances and festivals have come and gone, then the fields are given over to fire, and the wheat stubble ascends into the Kansas sky, and the moon swells to bursting above a blackened earth.

The fields around Henry, Kansas, had given up their gold and were charred. Some had already been tilled under, waiting for the promised life of new seed. Waiting for winter, and for spring, and another black death.

The harvest had been good. Men, women, boys and girls had found work, and Henry Days had been all hot dogs and laughter, even without Frank Willis's old brown truck in the parade.

The truck was over on the edge of town, by a lonely barn decorated with new No Trespassing signs and a hole in the ground where the Willis house had been in the spring and the early summer. Late summer had now faded into fall, and the pale blue farm house was gone. Kansas would never forget it. - Author: N.D. Wilson
Krugers Farm quotes by N.D. Wilson
#24. Venus knows country matters: country knows Venus:
For Love, Dione's boy, was born on the farm. - Author: Allen Tate
Krugers Farm quotes by Allen Tate
#25. The nefarious frost that slithers around my spine brings forth concern that Donovan is regressing and needs to be put back on the funny farm, yet my heart longs to surrender in harmony with his madness. Without him, I will never be complete. - Author: Diane Rinella
Krugers Farm quotes by Diane Rinella
#26. She's pretty in an unsophisticated way, like a Midwestern farm girl, and you can see the wide-open prairies behind her, the blue-skied meadows in her eyes. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
Krugers Farm quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#27. I grew up on a farm, so there were rifles around. Every March around springtime, there's a big hunt that goes on, and you go out and hunt down all the pheasants. I actually never shot the pheasants; I'm not a big fan of killing animals myself. - Author: Joseph Mawle
Krugers Farm quotes by Joseph Mawle
#28. Our family holidays always include our animals. On Thanksgiving, we love to walk around our farm and visit with our rescued pigs, goats, horses, emus and many other rescued animals. We give them all special vegetables that day, and the whole family enjoys a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. We know that the animals are giving thanks that day, and we are also giving thanks for the joy they bring to our lives. - Author: Noah Wyle
Krugers Farm quotes by Noah Wyle
#29. His biggest gripe with religion was the concept of heaven, of paradise, that we could only get there after we died. He said any philosophy that cared more about life after death than life before death wasn't anything he could believe in. That's why he called this farm Paradise. He said Paradise was ours if we wanted it. It was ours to make in the here and now, not something out there in the future that we had to wait for. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
Krugers Farm quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#30. For the 4 percent of our population that is left on the farm does not, by any stretch of imagination, feed the rest. That 4 percent is only a small part, and the worst-paid part, of a food production network that includes purchasers, wholesalers, retailers, processors, packagers, transporters, and the manufacturers and salesmen of machines, building materials, feeds, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medicines, and fuel. All these producers are at once in competition with each other and dependent on each other, and all are dependent on the petroleum industry. As - Author: Wendell Berry
Krugers Farm quotes by Wendell Berry
#31. A brick could be planted on a farm, in the hopes that a house will spring up come harvest. But that idea is ridiculous, because we're in a drought, and there simply hasn't been enough rain to yield a crop of that magnitude. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Krugers Farm quotes by Jarod Kintz
#32. The one thing I never want to see again is a military parade. When I resigned from the army and went to a farm I was happy. When the rebellion came, I returned to the service because it was a duty. I had no thought of rank; all I did was try and make. - Author: Ulysses S. Grant
Krugers Farm quotes by Ulysses S. Grant
#33. All families had their special Christmas food. Ours was called Dutch Bread, made from a dough halfway between bread and cake, stuffed with citron and every sort of nut from the farm - hazel, black walnut, hickory, butternut. - Author: Paul Engle
Krugers Farm quotes by Paul Engle

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