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#1. 1974 meant big cuffs, bell-bottoms, platform shoes with two-tone colors, and body-conscious shirts. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#2. What is it that is competing for your allegiance to Christ? You may have both hands on the plow, but what is it you keep looking back at? - Author: Kyle Idleman
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Idleman
#3. I bet you anything that 10 times out of 10, Nicky, Vinny and Tony will beat the shit out of Todd, Kyle and Tucker. - Author: George Carlin
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by George Carlin
#4. Is it as bad out there as they say it is?" he asked. "From my six-inch window, it looks like we got hit with one hell of a storm."

"It took me nearly an hour to shovel the sidewalk this morning," Jordan said.

Kyle brushed his neck-length dark blond hair off his face. "See? That's one of the positives of being in prison. No shoveling."

Her brother had long ago set the rules regarding their visits. Jokes about being in prison were expected and encouraged, sympathy was not. Which was good for both of them, considering her family had never done particularly well with the mushy and sentimental stuff.

"You live in a penthouse condo and haven't shoveled snow for years," she pointed out.

"A deliberate choice I made because of the trauma of my youth," Kyle said. "Remember how Dad used to make me shovel the whole block every time it snowed? I was eight when he came up with that plan - barely taller than the shovel."

"And I got to stay inside making hot chocolate with Mom." Jordan waved off the retort she saw coming. "Hey, it was good for you - it built character." She paused for a moment, taking in their steel-barred surroundings. "Maybe Dad should've made you shovel the next block over, too."

"That's cute."

"I thought so. - Author: Julie James
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Julie James
#5. Life never works out the way you think it will. But you just have to deal with it. - Author: Kyle Shewfelt
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Shewfelt
#6. She had always feared she might die alone, but she was not alone. - Author: Kyle Minor
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Minor
#7. The next morning, I went over to pick them up. I'd spent the night thinking of more things I should tell them--everything about Chris I thought they needed to know.
It was all too much.
"I don't know how to tell you everything," I confessed to Bradley as he got into the car. I started to cry. "There's so many things and we have such a short amount of time."
"Just being here is all we need," he said. "I'm not an impersonator. I'm just here to feel Chris's life--I feel him here with me right now."
Bradley put me at ease and I calmed down. Back at the house, he and Clint became almost like family. Little bits of their personality came out as well--and I saw a glimmer of Clint's famous Dirty Harry character later on in the day when I had to leave to go to Bubba's basketball game.
They'd talked about coming with me--which frankly would have created an impossible circus. But I did give them the option. As they stood trying to make up their minds, I snapped into anxious mom mode.
"All right," I told them both. "You're welcome to come. But if you're coming, we're leaving now."
I guess my tone was a little too strident.
"So you want to get tough with me, huh, lady?" said Clint in his best Dirty Harry voice as he raised his eyebrow.
It's amazing how threatening a simple facial tic can be.
I left them home to study some of Chris's replica guns and gear. Our own already had its ample share of lawmen. - Author: Taya Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Taya Kyle
#8. I think most actors feel an obligation to do right by the people they're playing. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#9. Warren made a noise, the first one I'd heard out of him since we'd come into the room. I'd have been happier if he hadn't sounded scared.
"Easy, Warren," Adam told him. "You're safe here."
"If you die on us, you won't be," said Kyle with a growl that would have done credit to any of the werewolves in the room. - Author: Patricia Briggs
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Patricia Briggs
#10. If you're most interested in what other people think, then their applause or attention is your reward. - Author: Kyle Idleman
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Idleman
#11. There was a lot of stress on both of us, and one night we had a fight over some detail about the house. The cause is lost to me, but I know I got really mad-mad enough to knock my papers off the kitchen table, and then take a bowl of macaroni and cheese and fling it against the wall.
That's very mad, especially for me.
I also remember the solution. Sitting alone after Chris went to bed, I called a girlfriend and poured out my heart. I knew that I had gone too far, but I didn't know how to fix it.
"You love him, right?" she asked finally.
"Then go in there, wake him up, and give him some hot sex."
So I did. We didn't talk, but we sure did make love.
Chris seemed apprehensive when he left the next morning. I later found out that he couldn't quite figure out why his mad fiancée would come to him for hot sex and no talk. He was afraid he would come home and I would be gone.
He didn't mention it, though, because he didn't want to risk a talk when maybe I was over it. If he was wrong and I was gone, he would find me and fix it. Avoiding a "talk" was worth the risk of damage control later. He was his usual confident self, taking life as it came and handling the consequences IF they came.
On my side, I would have panicked if I thought he was going to leave me. - Author: Taya Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Taya Kyle
#12. I think Kyle Chandler is something of a national treasure. - Author: Ben Mendelsohn
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Ben Mendelsohn
#13. The whole wide world was just a big pile of strangers, thinking all the time about everything they were missing. - Author: Aryn Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Aryn Kyle
#14. Not long after Chris died, a national magazine published a story comparing his life with that of the man accused of killing him. There are some parallels; they both grew up in Texas. But the article skimped on the differences. Look at the decisions they made, look at what they did with their lives, look at the responsibilities they took on--or shirked.
Chris saw a great deal of combat. He never made excuses for his behavior. He didn't always do the right thing, but he tried to do the right thing by others. Chris got the good grace, as Abel did, not by his birthright, but by his effort.
As I sat listening to the prosecutor, I thought his parallel extended through Chris's life--not solely to the man who shot him, but to the haters, to the people who ended up in legal disputes with him or his estate, for whatever reason. They all wanted something he had.
Not money, but authenticity. Real achievements. Soul.
And of course that's the one thing you can't take from someone else, even if you steal his life.
Chris became famous without wanting to. Opportunities that others had to fight and claw for seemed to fall in his lap. But most of all, people just liked him for being who he was, with seemingly no effort on his part at all.
Of course, there was effort, and there was great struggle. He had to persevere--The Navy didn't want him at all when he first tried to enlist. But people don't see that part. They don't see the long days at BUD/S, or - Author: Taya Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Taya Kyle
#15. Every single day I'll keep you with me, no matter how far from me you are. - Author: S.C. Stephens
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by S.C. Stephens
#16. I never felt that my life was not complete without a child. I don't know if that, as a younger man, I'd have had full appreciation for it. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#17. My whole body felt weak and hollow, like in one moment it might forget how to move, how to stand, how to breathe. - Author: Aryn Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Aryn Kyle
#18. Everyone's just telling me that there's this rumor going around that I'm dying of cancer - Author: Kyle Massey
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Massey
#19. Damn fool," Mother whispered, and covered her face with her hands. "It's not enough that he spells out Leon on the roof every year in Christmas lights. Now this!"
My father was dyslexic but would not admit it. - Author: Amanda Kyle Williams
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Amanda Kyle Williams
#20. I think that that's so true for a lot of first responder families and military families. If you ask them, 'Is there anything I can do for you?', they almost always will not ask for that help. - Author: Taya Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Taya Kyle
#21. God has given us the use of his resources for a short time here on earth, and we have much to be grateful for. Go through your day sometime just recognizing that everything is God's. Get out of God's bed and walk into God's bathroom, and turn on God's shower, and then put on God's clothes. Eat God's cereal* and drink God's coffee. Get in God's car and head to work. When we start to see all of our resources as God's it helps us develop an attitude of gratitude that leads to a heart of worship. - Author: Kyle Idleman
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Idleman
#22. The tribal leaders saw that we were bad-asses, and they'd better get their act together, work together, and stop accommodating the insurgents. Force moved that battle. We killed the bad guys and brought the leaders to the peace table. That is how the world works. - Author: Chris Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Chris Kyle
#23. There's no bigger rush than working as a huge team on a set in film and television. - Author: Kyle Cassie
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Cassie
#24. I'd put him in the spot where he got hit. It was my fault he got shot. A hundred kills? Two hundred? More? What did they mean if my brother was dead? - Author: Chris Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Chris Kyle
#25. Kyle saw them as a double-pronged problem: the ship that would not heed his wishes because of a boy that would not be what his father commanded him to be. - Author: Robin Hobb
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Robin Hobb
#26. Fine, I'll touch you, briefly, but only because you sound like you need the praise that your body's hot, and I'm totally selfless like that. - Author: Kyle Adams
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Adams
#27. I don't have to psych myself up, or do something special mentally - I look through the scope, get my target in the cross hairs, and kill my enemy, before he kills one of my people. - Author: Chris Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Chris Kyle
#28. I'm not a fan of people romanticizing their loved ones in death. - Author: Taya Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Taya Kyle
#29. As an actor, you're always in situations that can be compromising. But you can wipe away that gray area by making a choice. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#30. I didn't want a fancy engagement ring or a gaudy wedding band; for me, a plain wedding ring was a perfect symbol. I like simple, especially in a wedding ring: it reminds you that love is about love, nothing else--not money, not appearances, not showing off. But it seemed almost impossible to convince anyone of that. Including Chris.
He kept asking me what I wanted, and wouldn't take "simple" for an answer. Then my mother got into the act. My grandmother had left her a diamond from a ring that she had had. Mom suggested that I use it as the centerpiece of an engagement ring.
I told her thanks, but no thanks.
"I don't care whether you wear it as an engagement ring or a belly button ring," she insisted after we went around a bit. "But I'm sending it."
She did. It was lovely. Chris and I ended up taking it to a local jewelry store. We found a wonderful setting we both loved and had the jeweler set the diamond in it. We got our wedding rings the same day, adding an engraving on the inside.
"All of me," Chris wrote on mine.
"My love, my life," I said on his. - Author: Taya Kyle
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Taya Kyle
#31. Being put in this situation, where it's myself, Kyle O'Reilly and a Jay Lethal, I think it's the best main event you can have right now in Ring of Honor. - Author: Adam Cole
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Adam Cole
#32. Do you know how many guys I've been with?" Kyle asked, meeting her eyes for just a moment. "So many. You know why? Because in that moment, just before you let them fuck you, you're the center of their universe. It lasts just seconds, but I like that feeling. I crave that feeling.
"This morning - last night? Whenever it was, standing in that church in front of him? I had that feeling. I was the center of his universe. And we had all our clothes on. That feeling lasted for hours." Kyle closed her eyes as if to transport herself back there. - Author: Debra Anastasia
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Debra Anastasia
#33. Fire shot through my body at his touch. The scent of his skin caused my brain to short circuit. I knew I was only feeling that way because I'd been missing Kyle. This was the longest we'd been apart. Nearly a week and we'd been so busy we hadn't had a chance to really talk. That's what this was-I missed Kyle. I needed to remind myself not to mistake the pull I felt toward Tristan as anything other than my yearning for Kyle. - Author: Adriane Leigh
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Adriane Leigh
#34. The grace of God doesn't simply invite us to follow ... it teaches us to follow. - Author: Kyle Idleman
Kollbaum Kyle quotes by Kyle Idleman

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