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#1. There is a big difference between knowing and understanding. If I had a choice of being remembered as a knowledgeable or an understanding man,give me understanding... hands down. RW - Author: Rob Wood
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Rob Wood
#2. The very essence of school is elitism. Schools exist to teach, to test, to rank hierarchically to promote the idea that knowing and understanding more is better than knowing and understanding less. - Author: William A. Henry III
Knowing And Understanding quotes by William A. Henry III
#3. Once He created the Big Bang ... He could have envisioned it going in billions of directions as it evolved, including billions of life-forms and billions of kinds of intelligent beings. As a theologian, I would say that the proposed search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is also a search of knowing and understanding God through his works - especially those works that most reflect Him. Finding others than ourselves would mean knowing Him better. - Author: Theodore Hesburgh
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Theodore Hesburgh
#4. The more perfect our means of direct experience, the more easily we are caught by the dangerous illusion that perceiving is tantamount to knowing and understanding. - Author: Rudolf Arnheim
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Rudolf Arnheim
#5. More than anything else a dying person needs to have someone with them. This used to be recognised in hospitals, and when I trained, no one every died alone. However busy the wards, or however short the staff, a nurse was always assigned to sit with a dying person to hold their hand, stroke their forehead, or whisper a few words. Peace and quietness, even reverence for the dying, were expected and assured.
I disagree wholly with the notion that there is no point in staying with an unconscious patient because he or she does not know you are there. I am perfectly certain, though years of experience and observation, that unconsciousness, as we define it, is not a state of knowing. Rather, it is a state of knowing and understanding on a different level that is beyond our immediate experience. - Author: Jennifer Worth
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Jennifer Worth
#6. To continue to condemn only brings condemnation, then, for self. This does not mean that self's activity should be passive, but rather being constant in prayer
knowing and taking, knowing and understanding that he that is faithful is not given a burden beyond that he is able to bear ... - Author: Edgar Cayce
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Edgar Cayce
#7. Knowing is not understanding. There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it. - Author: Charles Kettering
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Charles Kettering
#8. Knowing someone is not enough
You need to understand them
Because knowing and understanding are different - Author: Subhasis Das
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Subhasis Das
#9. Sometimes I imagine that writing is a survey I carry out, asking everyone I encounter, in reality or in fiction: How much of your life is lived to be known by others? To be understood? How much of your life is lived to know and understand others? But like all surveys the questions are simplifications. How much does one trust others to be known, to be understood; how much does one believe in the possibilities of one person's knowing and understanding another. - Author: Yiyun Li
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Yiyun Li
#10. It's an incredible education [for the movie J. Edgar Hoover] . It was like I did a college course on J. Edgar Hoover but not knowing and understanding the history and reading the books, but understanding what motivated this man was the most fascinating part of the research. - Author: Dustin Lance Black
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Dustin Lance Black
#11. What is an intellectual? In general, someone seriously devoted to what used to be called the "life of the mind": thinking pursued not instrumentally, for the sake of practical goals, but simply for the sake of knowing and understanding. - Author: Gary Gutting
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Gary Gutting
#12. So already, you go from not having a job and thinking you're going to get fired after the pilot, to knowing that you've got a guaranteed job for 4 years. - Author: Michael Shanks
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Michael Shanks
#13. The artist creates something out of nothing! Without the thoughts and feelings of the artist, there would be no art. It's their particular creative mind in contemplation that links to intention to give birth to what we call an artistic creation. This is how the power of intention worked in creating you, someone new, entirely unique, someone out of nothing. Reproducing this in yourself means encountering the creative impulse and knowing that the power of intention is reaching for the realization of all that it feels, and that it is expressing itself as you. - Author: Wayne W. Dyer
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Wayne W. Dyer
#14. According to Felicitas Goodman, the hunter-gatherers arrived on the scene no earlier than 200,000 years ago. She explains:
In a very real way, the hunters and gatherers open the first chapter of our human history. And fittingly, this dawning was as close to paradise as humans have ever been able to achieve. The men did the hunting and scavenging, working for about three hours a week, and the women took care of daily sustenance by gathering vegetal food and small animals. It was such a harmonious existence, such a successful adaptation, that it did not materially alter for many thousands of years. This view is not romanticizing matters. Those hunter-gatherer societies that have survived into the present still pursue the same lifestyle, and we are quite familiar with it from contemporary anthropological observation. Despite the unavoidable privations of human existence, despite occasional hunger, illness and other trials, what makes their life way so enviable is the fact that knowing every nook and cranny of their home territory and all that grows and lives in it, the bands make their regular rounds and take only what they need. By modern calculations, that amounted to only about 10 percent of the yield, easily recoverable under undisturbed conditions. They live a life of total balance, because they do not aspire to control their habitat; they are a part of it. - Author: Nicholas E. Brink
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Nicholas E. Brink
#15. For me, at least, studying my subjects first and knowing them personally was essential to taking a good picture. - Author: Gisele Freund
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Gisele Freund
#16. ordinary people acting together for common goals have accomplished incredible amounts. There is nothing magical about making social change happen. What is required is a sense of hope that it is possible to make a difference and some understanding of the world that helps orient our choices about what kinds of actions to take. - Author: Garrett J. McAuliffe
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Garrett J. McAuliffe
#17. We may ... have to relinquish the notion, explicit or implicit, that changes of paradigm carry scientists and those who learn from them closer and closer to the truth ... The developmental process described in this essay has been a process of evolution from primitive beginnings-a process whose successive stages are characterized by an increasingly detailed and refined understanding of nature. But nothing that has been or will be said makes it a process of evolution toward anything. - Author: Thomas Kuhn
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Thomas Kuhn
#18. Life's pleasures were so simple, really. It was all a matter of appreciating what you had - and knowing that things could always be worse. - Author: Meg Rosoff
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Meg Rosoff
#19. But that's how it is on a sailing ship, and in this respect its journey parallels that of life: simply knowing where you want to go isn't enough, because life is a windblown voyage, consisting mainly of the detours imposed by alternating calm and storm. - Author: Carsten Jensen
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Carsten Jensen
#20. I came to accept during my freshman year that many of the gaps in my knowledge and understanding were simply limits of class and cultural background, not lack of aptitude or application as I'd feared. - Author: Sonia Sotomayor
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#21. Every single moment of a person's life, both of the understanding and of the will, is a new beginning. - Author: Emanuel Swedenborg
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Emanuel Swedenborg
#22. To deny the truth of our own experience in the scientific study of ourselves is not only unsatisfactory; it is to render the scientific study of ourselves without a subject matter. But to suppose that science cannot contribute to an understanding of our experience may be to abandon, within the modern context, the task of self-understanding. Experience and scientific understanding are like two legs without which we cannot walk.

We can phrase this very same idea in positive terms: it is only by having a sense of common ground between cognitive science and human experience that our understanding of cognition can be more complete and reach a satisfying level. We thus propose a constructive task: to enlarge the horizon of cognitive science to include the broader panorama of human, lived experience in a disciplined, transformative analysis. - Author: Evan Thompson
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Evan Thompson
#23. At the conclusion of all our studies we must try once again to experience the human soul as soul, and not just as a buzz of bioelectricity; the human will as will, and not just a surge of hormones; the human heart not as a fibrous, sticky pump, but as the metaphoric organ of understanding. We need not believe in them as metaphysical entities
they are as real as the flesh and blood they are made of. But we must believe in them as entities; not as analyzed fragments, but as wholes made real by our contemplation of them, by the words we use to talk of them, by the way we have transmuted them to speech. We must stand in awe of them as unassailable, even though they are dissected before our eyes. - Author: Melvin Konner
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Melvin Konner
#24. Happiness is part of being whole. It means having an understanding of your identity and purpose, an established feeling of acceptance and value, and a sense of destiny, joy, and peace
all of which produce overall well-being. It is impossible to be consistently happy without these characteristics. All people need to know who they are, why they are here, and to whom they belong. Having an understanding of who we are in Christ is foundational to the belief system that allows us to possess these qualities. The Bible says in Romans 14:17 that the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. You find in this passage all these characteristics that grow out of being in right relationship with God. His presence is always accompanied by peace and joy; in other words, a sense of total well-being. - Author: Michelle McKinney Hammond
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Michelle McKinney Hammond
#25. If you desire to know or learn anything to your advantage, then take delight in being unknown and unregarded.
A true understanding and humble estimate of oneself is the highest and most valuable of all lessons. To take no account of oneself, but always to think well and highly of others is the highest wisdom and perfection. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#26. To try to turn Iraq into a liberal democracy is absolutely crazy. Islam has no understanding of the separation between church and state because they don't understand Islam to be a church. - Author: Stanley Hauerwas
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Stanley Hauerwas
#27. We've lived through a time in which people have felt they could forge their own future and make a better world. We may not have achieved our dreams in the time frame that we once believed was realistic, but the magnitude of what is yet to be achieved only confirms the importance of our commitment. Knowing this, we can't stop now. - Author: Peter Yarrow
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Peter Yarrow
#28. Faith is a quiet certainty that there is both a higher purpose to life and a higher power that oversees that purpose. Faith is knowing that we do not have to go it alone during our darkest hours and, even when we feel utterly victimized and weak, there is still something brighter, purer, and more potent than anything we can imagine that cares enough to reach out and offer a shoulder for us to lean upon. The object of faith takes many forms and many names, but the universal truth is faith itself. - Author: Michelle Belanger
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Michelle Belanger
#29. For an instant he was able to cross the line and understand this strange loyalty of Jew to Jew. Those Jews who lived free in England were only there due to some quirk of fate instead of Aushwitz and every Jew knew that genocide could have happened to his own family except for that quirk of fate.
Yet, as time stood suspended, Gilray was all gentiles who never quite understood Jews. He could befriend them, work with them, but never totally understand them. He was all white men who could never quite understand black men and all black men who could never quite understand whites. He was all normal men who could tolerate or even defend homosexuals ... but never fully understand them.
There is in us all that line that prevents us from fully understanding those who are different. - Author: Leon Uris
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Leon Uris
#30. There are three kinds of minds: first those that attain insight and understanding of things by their own means, then those that recognize what is right when others explain it to them, and finally those that are capable of neither one nor the other. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#31. In the fall, you don't grieve because the leaves are falling and dying. You say, "Isn't it beautiful!" Well, we're the same way. There are seasons. We all fall sooner or later. It's all so beautiful. And our concepts, without investigation, keep us from knowing this. It's beautiful to be a leaf, to be born, to fall, to give way to the next, to become food for the roots. It's life, always changing its form and always giving itself completely. We all do our part. No mistake. - Author: Byron Katie
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Byron Katie
#32. How did my parents live before texting? Before the internet? I'm used to knowing things and all of this unknowing is driving me mad. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#33. We are, all of us, incoherent text, and just knowing that - knowing that no matter how much you say, 'I am this' and part of you is not that - means that you can say it. - Author: Joss Whedon
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Joss Whedon
#34. I am a Christian. I know I am a Christian, knowing that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. - Author: Ronnie Milsap
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Ronnie Milsap
#35. Sensory deprivation has a devastating psychological impact and can lead to the complete dissolution of the personality accompanied by hallucinations, delusional thinking and general incoherence. It is presently acknowledged as a form of torture; in fact, it is one of a group of "enhanced techniques" that are entirely psychological in nature and unique in that they do not conform to the general public understanding of what torture is. - Author: Brian Moss
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Brian Moss
#36. Living with what ifs pains the mind and soul for not knowing. For you never took the opportunity to find out for sure... - Author: Kenneth G. Ortiz
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Kenneth G. Ortiz
#37. Knowing it, you know the very heartbeat of existence. Knowing it, you have known all that is worth knowing, and you have achieved all that is worth achieving. It opens doors to all the mysteries of existence, to all the treasures of existence which belong to you. Outside you are simply a beggar. Even your greatest intellectuals are just playing with words. - Author: Osho
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Osho
#38. A confident person - knowing and believing in her identity - carries tools, not weapons. - Author: Amy Cuddy
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Amy Cuddy
#39. It's stranger than every strangeness
And the dreams of all the poets
And the thoughts of all the philosophers,
That things are really what they seem to be
And there's nothing to understand. - Author: Alberto Caeiro
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Alberto Caeiro
#40. If there is one fatal flaw in this business, it is allowing isolated information to drive trading or investing decisions-committing money without understanding all the risks. And there is only one way to understand all the risks: through systematic knowledge. - Author: Victor Sperandeo
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Victor Sperandeo
#41. The last summer of his life he sat hours together on the old chintz-covered swing-bed in front of the willow tree, chain-smoking Woodbines and watching the shadows flood the lawn until they swallowed him and only the tip of his ciggarette still showed, a faint red pulse. How she had longed to bring him in, to rescue him as he had rescued his sergeant. Her mother wasn't up to it, sitting all day in the kitchen listening to Alma Cogan and Ronnie Hilton on the wireless, biting her nails until they bled. So, it was she who had gone, crossing the lawn at dusk to stand in front of him, waiting for the right words to come into her head, for a dove that would bring her the gift of speech. But nothing came, and he had gazed at her through the smoke of his ciggarette as though from the far side of a pane of glass. He felt sorry for her perhaps, knowing why she had come out, knowing the impossibility of it. But instead of saying, sit down beside me Alice, sit down, daughter, and we will try to understand together the unbearable truth that love is not always enough, that people cannot always be brought back in, he had said, very conservatively, as though in reference to a discussion he had been having with her in his head for weeks, 'They used flame-throwers, you know'. And she had nodded, yes, Daddy, and left him, and gone to her room, and pushed her face into the pillow and bawled. Because she should have done it, should have, and she had failed. - Author: Andrew Miller
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Andrew  Miller
#42. Although my understanding of exactly how much trouble I was in grew more specific over time, as a child I surely understood enough about my condition to know it was something I'd better keep private. By intuition I was certain that the thing I knew to be true was something others would find both impossible and hilarious. My conviction, by the way, had nothing to do with a desire to be feminine, but it had everything to do with being female. Which is an odd believe for a person born male. It certainly had nothing to do with whether I was attracted to girls or boys. This last point was the one that, years later, would most frequently elude people, including the overeducated smarty-pants who constituted much of my inner circle. But being gay or lesbian is about sexual orientation. Being transgedered is about identity. - Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Jennifer Finney Boylan
#43. To be a poet is as serious, long-term and natural as the effort to be the best human you can be. To express something well is not a question of having a top-class education and understanding poetic forms: rather, it's a question of paying attention. - Author: Alice Oswald
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Alice Oswald
#44. There are no shortcuts. Not to understanding and not to knowledge. You can't put anyone into a box. Listen, even a stone isn't the same as any other stone, so I don't know where you all think you get off labeling humans with simple words and thinking you know everything you need. But most people can't live that way, even some of the time. - Author: Naomi Alderman
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Naomi Alderman
#45. Science is often characterized as a quest for truth, where truth is something absolute, which exists outside of the observer. But I view science more as a quest for understanding, where the understanding is that of the observer, the scientist. Such understanding is best gained by studying relations - relations between different ideas, relations between different phenomena; relations between ideas and phenomena. Rather than asking "How does this phenomenon work?" we ask, "How does this phenomenon resemble others with which we are familiar?" Rather than asking "Does this idea make sense?" we ask, "How does this idea resemble other ideas? - Author: Robert Aumann
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Robert Aumann
#46. To free one's self from preconceived notions, prejudices, and conditioned responses is essential to understanding truth and reality. - Author: Bruce Lee
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Bruce Lee
#47. In his experience, the initial bridge of trust and comradeship too easily splinters under the pressure of personal ambition or rots through as proximity leads to a greater understanding of the other's flaws. Before long, a promotion or a move to a different province sends the last planks sweeping down a river. - Author: Jenny White
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Jenny White
#48. Knowing how to quit is just as important as knowing how not to quit. You see, if I offer three hundred books to one person and this person does not read even one; if I give her knowledge and she refuses to apply; if I propose therapy but she refuses to accept it; Then, after dozens of forgiveness and failed promises, it is time to quit and let her go from my life. - Author: Robin Sacredfire
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#49. The tension between religion and science is an old problem. In the fourth century, Christians and scientists were deadlocked over the matter of the earth's shape. Saint Augustine, a wise man who knew the difference between the outer life and the inner life, wrote: 'What concern is it of mine whether heaven is like a sphere and the earth is enclosed by it and suspended in the middle of the universe, or whether heaven like a disk above the earth covers it over on one side? These facts would be of no avail for my salvation.' Augustine attached little importance to science and left it alone. If a reading of the Bible conflicted with a scientific view that was certain truth, he humbly admitted that he had interpreted the Bible erroneously. He could afford to be humble, for in his inmost convictions he looked upon science the way a master looks upon his pet, as a creature with intelligence but lacking in higher understanding, and something irrelevant to the search for meaning in life. - Author: Ronald W. Dworkin
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Ronald W. Dworkin
#50. As an individual passes from one situation to another, his [sic] world, his environment, expands or contracts. He does not find himself living in another world but in a different part or aspect of one and the same world. What he has learned in the way of knowledge and skill in one situation becomes an instrument of understanding and dealing effectively with the situations which follow. The process goes on as long as life and learning continue. Otherwise the course of experience is disorderly, since the individual factor that enters into making an experience is split. A divided world, a world whose parts and aspects do not hang together, is at once a sign and a cause of a divided personality. When the splitting-up reaches a certain point we call the person insane. A fully integrated personality, on the other hand, exists only when successive experiences are integrated with one another. It can be built up only as a world of related objects is constructed. - Author: John Dewey
Knowing And Understanding quotes by John Dewey
#51. Having a rough time on the trail is not the same as the irredeemable frustrations of urban life, such as being stuck in traffic or wading through a crowded store. Difficulty on the trail, like this long and rainy day, is usually reflected upon fondly. There is the soothing, rhythmic beat of rainfall, the feeling that the woods are being washed and rejuvenated, the odors of the woods awakened by moisture. There is appreciation for the most simple of things, such as a flat and dry piece of ground and something warm to eat. There is satisfaction in having endured hardship, pride in being able to do for myself in the outdoors. There is strength in knowing I can do it again tomorrow. - Author: David Miller
Knowing And Understanding quotes by David Miller
#52. I try my jokes onstage. The only way to really find out if something is going to work is to try it on stage, and I try to be careful and bookend something new with a strong bit before and a strong bit afterwards. But it's fun to run on virgin snow. I like that feeling onstage of creating new footprints and not knowing what's going to happen. - Author: Brian Regan
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Brian Regan
#53. You fall in love without knowing and break up when you knows everything. - Author: Pratik Akkawar
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Pratik Akkawar
#54. Myth expresses in terms of the world - that is, of the other world or the second world - the understanding that man has of himself in relation to the foundation and the limit of his existence. - Author: Paul Ricoeur
Knowing And Understanding quotes by Paul Ricoeur

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