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So for some reason everybody makes this huge deal about pandas. I don't know why. They never actually do anything except eat and poop. But they're really famous." "Yeah," said Suzana. "They're like the Kardashians of zoo animals. ~ Dave Barry
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Dave Barry
I used to be like everyone else and think the Kardashians are just famous for being famous. But I've been really impressed with how supportive Kim Kardashian has been of Caitlyn Jenner. ~ Anne Hathaway
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Anne Hathaway
Spotting the same car three times could have been a coincidence. Kim Kardashian's boobs could be real, too, and that's about as likely. ~ Jonathan Maberry
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jonathan Maberry
People say we need royalty. We have royalty in the United States - the Kardashians. ~ David Letterman
Kloe Kardashians quotes by David Letterman
There are multiple shows of record about a late-transitioning patriarch and how the kids are affected, and there are multiple narratives. That narrative on "Keeping up with the Kardashians," the answer is, they're pretty much fine. It's the same sort of story we were telling which is, you know what? Everybody's okay. ~ Jill Soloway
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jill Soloway
I like the Kardashians. I watch 'em. When Kim got the botox in her face, and it made her face go weepy, that was funny. I also watch 'America's Next Top Model.' I've always been a big fan. ~ Sam Worthington
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Sam Worthington
I just think the Kardashians are just so cheap! ~ Brigid Berlin
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Brigid Berlin
Never before have the tools of value creation been so great and the potential artisans so busy watching the Kardashians. ~ Ryan Lilly
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Ryan Lilly
Sometimes I feel so separated, you know? The Kardashians over here, the Jenners over here, little me in the middle. We've got to keep the family going. ~ Caitlyn Jenner
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries famously lasted 72 days, and was reported in the tabloids as being all about the big bucks paid by magazines for the bridal photos: it is a spectacle of a bride-to-be as entrepreneur, not as romantic heroine; the groom, in this scenario, is nothing but a prop. ~ Naomi Wolf
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Naomi Wolf
You look like you're thinking some pretty deep thoughts there," he said. "Just pondering the little mysteries," I said. "Why are we here; where do we go when we die; am I really the only one who believes the Kardashians are a clear sign of the end times? ~ Jen Blood
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jen Blood
My dogs, the only creatures on the planet marked by my singular nurturing imprint, have all turned out to be rude and self-absorbed. In all likelihood, if they were children instead of dogs, I would have foisted more Charlie Sheens or Kardashians onto our crumbling culture. ~ Merrill Markoe
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Merrill Markoe
Of course I haven't seen it! I wouldn't look at anything of Kim Kardashian's. I have never seen that show. I just think the Kardashians are just so cheap! No class. ~ Brigid Berlin
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Brigid Berlin
So why was Kim Kardashian famous? Because she was very good at marketing herself, that was all - and today, that was enough. Corporations are now people and people are now products, known as "brands". At a time when the 1 percent was getting richer, the 99 percent was suddenly trying to Keep up with the Kardashians. ~ Nancy Jo Sales
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Nancy Jo Sales
1. a.Never throw shit at an armed man.
b.Never stand next to someone who
is throwing shit at an armed man.

2.Never fire a laser at a mirror.
3.Mother Nature doesn't care if you're having fun.
4.F x S = k. The product of Freedom and Security is a constant. To gain more freedom of thought and/or action, you must give up some security, and vice versa.
5.Psi and/or magical powers, if real, are nearly useless.
6.It is easier to destroy than create.
7.Any damn fool can predict the past.
8.History never repeats itself.
9.Ethics change with technology.
10.There Ain't No Justice. (often abbreviated to TANJ)
11.Anarchy is the least stable of social structures. It falls apart at a touch.
12.There is a time and place for tact. And there are times when tact is entirely misplaced.
13.The ways of being human are bounded but infinite.
14.The world's dullest subjects, in order:
a.Somebody else's diet.
b.How to make money for a worthy cause.
c.The Kardashians.

15.The only universal message in science fiction: There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently.
Niven's corollary: The gene-tampered turkey you're talking to isn't necessarily one of them.
16.Fuzzy Pink Niven's Law: Never waste calories.
17.There is no cause so right that one cannot find a fool following it.
in variant form in Fallen Angels as "Niven's Law: No cause is so noble that it won ~ Larry Niven
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Larry Niven
The reason why there are so many police officers surrounding this house is because they want to make sure that we do not remove anything before a search warrant is issued. They have made it crystal clear that they want no Kardashians on this one." Kardashian. As in O.J. The man had changed law lexicon forever. ~ Harlan Coben
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Harlan Coben
I give the world thoughtful observations and considered theses, and it gives me back a dozen Kardashians. You know what's going to happen to my library when I sell it? Nothing. Flat nothing. It will probably go to some interior designer who will tell her client how authentic it is. But I'll be damned if a single one of the books are cracked open by their video-game-playing fucktard children! ~ Jade Chang
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jade Chang
For our anniversary, my wife and I went to see Godzilla, and then we ate at Barnyard Venice, and it was like, 'We are crazy! The Kardashians have to keep up with us!' ~ Bill Hader
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Bill Hader
Look, no one wants to hear that maybe she's the reason her mother flew the coop. But my advice to you is to put this behind you. File it away in the drawer that's saved for all the other crap that isn't fair, like how the Kardashians are famous and how good-looking people get served faster at restaurants and how a kid who can't skate to save his life winds up on the varsity hockey team because his dad is the coach. ~ Jodi Picoult
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jodi Picoult
I have a strong aversion to Twitter, and yet there is a social obligation that forces me to pop in and spy on celebrities now and then. I don't get Twitter. It's impossible to follow conversation threads, and it's too easy to spend hours and hours clicking on random names, and the next thing you know, you've become infatuated with Tweet photos from the Kardashians. ~ Jessica Park
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jessica Park
There's a saying we have in reality," Jess, the producer, told me, while we were sitting in Midtown. "Everyone signs. Most people want to be famous. Everyone thinks they could be a better Kardashian than the Kardashians. You see it now, with these apps, everyone likes to have an audience. Everyone thinks they deserve one. ~ Jia Tolentino
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jia Tolentino
I do think people are definitely sick of the Kardashians. ~ Natasha Leggero
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Natasha Leggero
I'd only watch the Kardashians and the Real Housewives if they were in a Hunger Games-style death match. Sitting ~ Brenda Rothert
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Brenda Rothert
I found out about Jonathan Winters' death a day after it happened. That seems wrong. A talent like his should be more revered. The world knew about Kim Kardashian's divorce before she did. ~ Gilbert Gottfried
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Gilbert Gottfried
I want to convey that I'm crazy about the Kardashians - but I'm not sure which is which. ~ Aaron Sorkin
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Aaron Sorkin
My only vice is 'Keeping up With The Kardashians.' I can't really explain what it is that fascinates me so much, but it just sucks me in. ~ Gia Coppola
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Gia Coppola
I had my issues with the Kardashians, absolutely. I think there's so much wrong with how they are the most revered family in the country, but they are, nevertheless. ~ Lisa Ling
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Lisa Ling
The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like 'Mad Men' is disgusting. It's a super disgusting part of our culture, but I still find it funny to make a joke about it. ~ Jonah Hill
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jonah Hill
I don't like the celebrity gossip culture, and I certainly don't want to contribute to it. I don't care about the Kardashians, or any of them. ~ Merrill Markoe
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Merrill Markoe
They convinced our mothers that if a food item came in a bottle
or a can or a box or a cellophane bag
then it was somehow better for you than when it came to you free of charge via Mother Nature ... An entire generation of us were introduced in our very first week to the concept that phony was better than real, that something manufactured was better than something that was right there in the room. (Later in life, this explained the popularity of the fast food breakfast burrito, neocons, Kardashians, and why we think reading this book on a tiny screen with only three minutes of battery life left is enjoyable. ~ Michael Moore
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Michael Moore
Scientists say that ... gender bending may keep fish from reproducing because, with so many in sexual limbo, there's just no real push to procreate.
Oh, if only deer, squirrels, and Kardashians would acquire this particular affliction. I'm just kidding. I don't really have anything against deer. Or squirrels. ~ Celia Rivenbark
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Celia Rivenbark
We've become a superficial nation obsessed with fluff. Americans may be hard-pressed to name their two senators or find Afghanistan on a map, but they know everything about the loopy Kardashians and Brad and what's-her-name. I worry about our country's future when critical issues take a backseat to the inane utterings of illiterate athletes and celebrity twits. ~ Congressman X
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Congressman X
I actually do enjoy the Kardashians' show, and I know that other people do enjoy it, but at the same time, they want to make fun of it. Like, I know that girls are watching that show - I'm just the only one courageous enough to say it. Other people are courageous in acts of war, but I'm courageous in my love for the Kardashians. ~ Casey Wilson
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Casey Wilson
I at least got Carson calmed down a little. Interested, he asked,
"Really? There are demons who do that? Fuck all the time?"
"Yeah. I call them Kardashians. ~ Stephen Osborne
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Stephen Osborne
After a six-year battle, the Senate will vote next week to begin construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, which is an oil pipeline that runs from Canada to the Gulf Coast. They're hoping the pipeline will provide enough oil to cover Kim Kardashian's next photo shoot. ~ Jimmy Fallon
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Jimmy Fallon
Some of the more sought-after signers are, in no particular order, presidents, military heroes, sports icons, actors, singers, artists, religious and social leaders, scientists, astronauts, authors, and Kardashians. ~ Carrie Fisher
Kloe Kardashians quotes by Carrie Fisher
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