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I am Devlin, brother and advisor to the High Queen, assassin, and keeper of order. ~ Melissa Marr
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Melissa Marr
YOUNG: Self-appointed advisors have taken this line about Negro responsibility almost solely, and these are the very people who in the past have been largely indifferent to the plight of the Negro citizen, they've been people who fought against civil rights. I'm thinking of columnists like David Lawrence and Fulton Lewis. Now these are the people who speak of Negroes' assuming certain responsibilities before these rights are to be given. ~ Robert Penn Warren
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Robert Penn Warren
I remember going to my school careers advisor and asked about jobs that required scuba divers. It was a phase. ~ Paul Putner
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Paul Putner
In fact, I think that Governor Clinton, when he was running, and President Clinton, when he was serving, actually governed with a wide range of advisors and a perspective that blended the best of ideas from the center and the left. ~ John Podesta
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by John Podesta
What the sick need is teachers not treaters, health schools not hospitals, instruction not treatment, education in right living not training the sick habit. Both they and their advisors must get rid of the curing idea and the practices built up thereon. ~ Herbert M. Shelton
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
A wise parent humors the desire for independent action, so as to become the friend and advisor when his absolute rule shall cease. ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
Investors, of course, can, by their own behavior make stock ownership highly risky. And many do. Active trading, attempts to "time" market movements, inadequate diversification, the payment of high and unnecessary fees to managers and advisors, and the use of borrowed money can destroy the decent returns that a life-long owner of equities would otherwise enjoy. Indeed, borrowed money has no place in the investor's tool kit. ~ Warren Buffett
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Warren Buffett
Empathically accurate perceivers are those who are consistently good at 'reading' other people's thoughts and feelings. All else being equal, they are likely to be the most tactful advisors, the most diplomatic officials, the most effective negotiators, the most electable politicians, the most productive salespersons, the most successful teachers, and the most insightful therapists. ~ William Ickes
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by William Ickes
An editor who is a mentor, advisor, and psychiatrist. Don't kid yourself-a good editor will make your book better. ~ Guy Kawasaki
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Guy Kawasaki
True financial freedom doesn't depend on how much money you have. Financial freedom is when you have power over your fears and anxieties instead of the other way around. ~ Suze Orman
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Suze Orman
HR can and should serve as advisors to organizational leadership to develop strategic workforce plans that link to the organization's strategic plan to ensure that the right people are on board so that the firm can meet its objectives and fulfill its mission. HR partners with line management to provide development opportunities to maximize the potential of each and every employee. HR advises management on total rewards programs (compensation and benefits) and rewards and recognition programs designed to minimize costly employee turnover and to maximize employee engagement and retention. ~ Barbara Mitchell
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Barbara Mitchell
If you need counsel, start with the One who is both Counselor and King - the One who is the source of both wisdom and power. ~ David Jeremiah
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by David Jeremiah
I never dreamed I would want to be or become a financial advisor. ~ Willie Aames
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Willie Aames
It is difficult to picture the rich, hard-nosed advisors of James I being overly concerned about the rights of vagabonds and felons. But this was a period that was especially suspicious of arbitrary acts by the Crown against individuals. There was no law enabling the crown to exile anyone, including the baser convict, into forced labour. According to legal scholars, the Magna Carta itself protected even them. The Privy Councillors therefore dressed up what was to befall the convicts and presented the decree authorising their transportation as an act of royal mercy. The convicts were to be reprieved from death in exchange for accepting transportation. (71-71) ~ Don Jordan
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Don Jordan
Not much of what he said was original. What made him unique was the fact
that he had no sense of detachment at all. He was like the fanatical football fan who
runs onto the field and tackles a player. He saw life as the Big Game, and the whole
of mankind was divided into two teams
Sala's Boys, and The Others. The stakes
were fantastic and every play was vital
and although he watched with a nearly
obsessive interest, he was very much the fan, shouting unheard advice in a crowd of
unheard advisors and knowing all the while that nobody was paying any attention to
him because he was not running the team and never would be. And like all fans he
was frustrated by the knowledge that the best he could do, even in a pinch, would be
to run onto the field and cause some kind of illegal trouble, then be hauled off by
guards while the crowd laughed. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
All of the development I do is with the help of business advisors who are more like my best friends than just business people. They helped me as I created Ipsy back in 2011, which is a beauty community that ships out sampling bags to subscribers. ~ Michelle Phan
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Michelle Phan
Advisors are generally brilliant theoreticians but wretched practitioners. ~ Francoise Giroud
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Francoise Giroud
One gets the impression that Elvis Presley does what his business advisors think will be most profitable. My advice to them: Put Elvis Presley in the studio with a bunch of good, contemporary rockers, lock the studio up, and tell him he can't come out until he's done made an album that rocks from beginning to end. ~ Jon Landau
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Jon Landau
I did six internships, even though I was only allowed to do one. I had a paper with my advisor's signature on it that I would just forward for every new internship. I didn't get school credit, but I got away with giving free labor to everyone. ~ Grace Helbig
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Grace Helbig
We're your legal advisors.'
Which they weren't, obviously. Reacher knew that. Army lawyers don't travel in pairs and breathe through their mouths. ~ Lee Child
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Lee Child
Women look at their bodies, and they're never thin enough. The financial advisors that I've talked to say they ask their clients, "How much money do you need in order to feel secure?" "X amount." Then, as soon as the client got the amount, it would double automatically. ~ Geneen Roth
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Geneen Roth
Well, I've been in several films including documentaries, but the big blockbuster, I was hired as advisor to the actors, I was trying to make Jesuits out of them. ~ Daniel Berrigan
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Daniel Berrigan
They listen to the music of idiots and amuse themselves with the sordid miseries of their businesses. They are not the things of angels or of any higher outpost that humanity might aspire to. Your loathsome vomitous businessman king is of the lowest order, his advisors crumbling mockeries of education driven by avarice. My love, dress them in the suits of mockery, and in their advanced state of stupidity and senility, burn and destroy them, so their ashes might join the compost which they so much deserve. ~ Lou Reed
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Lou Reed
In 2008, America elected a man with no "hands-on" experience" of anything who promptly cocooned himself within a circle of advisors with less experience of business, of the private sector, of "doing" than any previous administration in American history. You want "change", so you vote for a bunch of guys who've never done nuthin' but sit around talking? ~ Mark Steyn
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Mark Steyn
If you don't like the idea that most of the money spent on lottery tickets supports government programs, you should know that most of the earnings from mutual funds support investment advisors' and mutual fund managers' retirement. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
Novels and stories are renderings of life; they cannot only keep us company, but admonish us, point us in new directions, or give us the courage to stay a given course. They can offer us kinsmen, kinswomen, comrades, advisors - offer us other eyes through which we might see ... Every ... student ... will all too quickly be beyond schooling, will be out there making a living and, too, just plain living - that is, trying to find and offer to others the affection and love that give purpose to our time spent here ... [Characters] can be cautionary figures ... who give us pause and help us in the private moments when we try to find our own bearings ~ Robert Coles
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Robert Coles
Choose and create a circle of proper advisors around you. Do not discuss your project with your relatives, neighbor, grandmother, friends' friends, pastor, or babysitter! Thank God pets can't talk or you'd probably ask their opinions too! ~ Dmytro Zaporozhtsev
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Dmytro Zaporozhtsev
I have a spiritual advisor I call up, when I just feel lost. Lately, I've been talking to God. I developed this dialogue in rehab, this dialogue with God, and every day I talk to God. ~ Andy Dick
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Andy Dick
There is no question that an important service is provided to investors by investment companies, investment advisors, trust departments, etc. This service revolves around the attainment of adequate diversification, the preservation of a long-term outlook, the ease of handling investment decisions and mechanics, and most importantly, the avoidance of the patently inferior investment techniques which seem to entice some individuals. ~ Warren Buffett
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Warren Buffett
So, influenced by these advisors and this hope, I have at length allowed my friends to publish the work, as they had long besought me to do. ~ Nicolaus Copernicus
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Nicolaus Copernicus
On one project I was hanging out with Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carrel, and Christian Bale, and trying to explain economics to them for a movie I'm an advisor on. ~ David Plotz
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by David Plotz
Many cults start off with high ideals that get corrupted by leaders or their board of advisors who become power-hungry and dominate and control members' lives. No group with high ideals starts off as a 'cult'; they become one when their errant ways are exposed. ~ Philip Zimbardo
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Philip Zimbardo
Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you're about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you're wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, 'I haven't touched you yet. ~ Carlos Castaneda
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Carlos Castaneda
As a 22-year Army Veteran who served in Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, and as a Civilian Advisor to the Afghan Army in Operation Enduring Freedom, I understand both the gravity of giving the order, and the challenge of carrying it out. ~ Allen West
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Allen West
Enough, my very noble husband. You had another of your vacillating consultations with your councilors. Fine advisors." With infinite scorn, "A herd of palsied purblind idiots hugging their sterile profits close to their sunken chests in the face of my father's displeasure. ~ Isaac Asimov
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Isaac Asimov
I felt that let's understand that all these people are just human, even the advisors in the White House, they're just real people trying to make real decisions and they make mistakes like anybody else does under pressure. If you can get that with these great performances then you claim it on that level as well. ~ Gerard Butler
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Gerard Butler
We [ with Russel Crowe] had an Arabic coach there [ in the Body of Lies] that was really helpful, because it was more so than any accent. You have to be so exact, and there's different dialects of Arabic from country to country so it was really, really difficult to tell you the truth. And one of the hardest things I've ever had to do language-wise, because it comes from the throat. It's different. And also learning about the customs and the culture and all that, so we had advisors for that sort of thing. ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
When everyone feels free to tell you the truth, respect for you dwindles ... A wise prince should take another course: choose wise men for your advisors, and allow only them the liberty of speaking the truth to the prince, and only on matters about which you ask, and nothing else. But you should question them about everything, listen patiently to their opinions, then form your own conclusions later. ~ Niccolo Machiavelli
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
It was actually a lot more helpful to have Calvin Hart, a cop, as my template. He was also my technical advisor on Shaft. This time, I kinda got to go to Jersey City with him, and hang around, and watch him interact with other cops, people in the projects, and see what it means to be him. People call him 'Big Daddy' and he's this larger-than-life hero to a lot of people. ~ Samuel L. Jackson
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Samuel L. Jackson
[Tolstoy] denounced [many historians'] lamentable tendency to simplify. The experts stumble onto a battlefield, into a parliament or public square, and demand, "Where is he? Where is he?" "Where is who?" "The hero, of course! The leader, the creator, the great man!" And having found him, they promptly ignore all his peers and troops and advisors. They close their eyes and abstract their Napoleon from the mud and the smoke and the masses on either side, and marvel at how such a figure could possibly have prevailed in so many battles and commanded the destiny of an entire continent. "There was an eye to see in this man," wrote Thomas Carlyle about Napoleon in 1840, "a soul to dare and do. He rose naturally to be the King. All men saw that he was such."
But Tolstoy saw differently. "Kings are the slaves of history," he declared. "The unconscious swarmlike life of mankind uses every moment of a king's life as an instrument for its purposes." Kings and commanders and presidents did not interest Tolstoy. History, his history, looks elsewhere: it is the study of infinitely incremental, imperceptible change from one state of being (peace) to another (war).
The experts claimed that the decisions of exceptional men could explain all of history's great events. For the novelist, this belief was evidence of their failure to grasp the reality of an incremental change brought about by the multitude's infinitely small actions. ~ Daniel Tammet
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Daniel Tammet
Of one thing be certain: if a CEO is enthused about a particularly foolish acquisition, both his internal staff and his outside advisors will come up with whatever projections are needed to justify his stance. Only in fairy tales are emperors told that they are naked. ~ Warren Buffett
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Warren Buffett
People who hold on to grudges, insist on being right, and try to change other's minds have a difficult time maintaining healthy, happy relationships. Surrendered people easily forgive. They are open to new ideas, and aren't attached to being "right." As a result, people love working and collaborating with them. Others seek them out as mediators and advisors. They are more laid back and relaxed than their rigid counterparts, which makes them highly valued by others. They are passionate and emotional. ~ Judith Orloff
Klatzkin Advisors quotes by Judith Orloff
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