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You're so used to being on the road and having a schedule that the insanity seeps in when you're sitting at home and there's nothing going on that day. I remember the first time we got off one of our first big tours, I told my guys, "Go home to your girlfriends." The next day, all my guys texted me like, "Do you wanna, like, do something? Let's all go bowling. I can't hang with people that live normal lives." ~ Lzzy Hale
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Lzzy Hale
As I stated above, when you first begin my program, the main goal is to get your body moving while establishing a routine and setting aside time in your daily and weekly schedule to make sure you exercise. So I recommend that for the first four weeks of being on the eating plan, all you do is walk. Are you a morning person? Then walk in the morning. Get up a half hour earlier, cut out your TV news viewing or newspaper reading, and walking instead. Are you a night person and think you will enjoy walking at the end of the day? Then walk at the end of the day. Or fit it in on your lunch break. All I'm asking at this point is that you walk twenty minutes three to five days per week. You can always find twenty minutes to walk. ~ Bob Harper
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Bob Harper
Good drama, challenging drama - and comedy for that matter - has a place in the daytime schedule. ~ Sanjeev Bhaskar
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Sanjeev Bhaskar
I get up late, have an espresso, and immediately start work. I try to get roughly caught up on email before I leave the house, then if I need to write anything or review a complex deal, I do that, and then I head to the office and work on my top few priorities for the day. I try to schedule my meetings in the afternoon. ~ Sam Altman
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Sam Altman
You're unhappy and you feel like a failure. PERFECT! Use that sad/angry/disappointed energy. Channel it into what you know, deep down in your heart, you love.

Spend the next six months in a state of total obsession. Get up two hours earlier than usual and write before you go to work. Come home and exercise (not optional, sorry), then write for another hour. Read or watch the kind of comedy you love before bed. Don't waste all your time socializing. Do a little socializing on weekends, but focus. Focus! Save your money. Research part-time work you could do for your company; use your slackness as a way to sell a new position where your boss would get your best from you every hour that you're there. Pitch it as a win-win. Or pitch working from home half the time to cure your blahs and jack up your productivity. Then overproduce at work, but fit all of your work into a part-time schedule, and fill your prime working hours with writing/comedy. Almost any capable human with a not-that-taxing job can pull this off if they put their mind to it. If you're a manager, investigate other roles or sell your boss on the fact that you're managing via e-mail most of the time anyway. ~ Heather Havrilesky
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Heather Havrilesky
If she came out of this, she would surely schedule a face lift. ~ Jennifer Valoppi
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Jennifer Valoppi
I remember reading a book that was on songwriting at some point that I found in my dad's store, and just ... I did not relate at all. I've always hated structure of all kinds, it just doesn't work for me. I can never fit into the schedules of other people. It's like putting a schedule on your song, and it doesn't allow you to be moved by your own music. ~ Larkin Grimm
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Larkin Grimm
It's a crazy busy schedule, but I still have two hours a day for school because it's a priority. ~ Charice Pempengco
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Charice Pempengco
I've created an internal rule that Sunday is off-limits unless I put it on the schedule myself. That's family time. ~ Tom Reed
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Tom Reed
What are you giving him?"
She grins smugly. "Only the greatest gift a woman can give the man she loves."
I take my best guess. "Anal?"
Kate covers her eyes.
Dee-Dee's smile turns into a scowl. "No
pig. I'm giving him the gift of health. My acupuncturist cleared her schedule. She's going to work on Matthew the whole day."
I laugh. Because this explains so much.
"That's your gift? Really? It's the guy's birthday and you're gonna make him get needles stuck in his face all day? What are you gonna get him for Christmas - a colonoscopy? ~ Emma Chase
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Emma Chase
I worked more intensively hour after hour when I was starting out [writing]. More laboriously. I'd say quantity is important as well as quality, and if you're not producing enough, make a schedule and stick to it. ~ Lydia Davis
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Lydia Davis
Kylie flopped back against the seat again, enjoying the look of disbelief on the vampire's face a little
too much. "Would you like a name of a good doctor who will schedule your little snip-snip operation?"
she bit out. ~ C.C. Hunter
Kjtv Schedule quotes by C.C. Hunter
God's plan will continue on God's schedule. ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Down Time's quaint stream
Without an oar
We are enforced to sail
Our Port a secret
Our Perchance a Gale
What Skipper would
Incur the Risk
What Buccaneer would ride
Without a surety from the Wind
Or schedule of the Tide ~ Emily Dickinson
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Emily Dickinson
I've always wanted to be a mom at 23, 24ish, ever since I was a little girl. I'm right on schedule. ~ Brandy Norwood
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Brandy Norwood
Producing an animation series merely to fill time slots in the broadcast schedule is like generating cultural pollution. ~ Hayao Miyazaki
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Hayao Miyazaki
I have no trouble with my sleep, but the amount I have varies from four to eight hours, depending on my schedule. ~ Anton Du Beke
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Anton Du Beke
Writers say two things that strike me as nonsense. One is that you must follow an absolute schedule everyday. If you're not writing well, why continue it? I just don't think this grinding away is useful. ~ Edmund White
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Edmund White
We have to schedule time to be unscheduled. ~ Kevin DeYoung
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Kevin DeYoung
I see a lot of actors for whom life becomes one big schedule. I guess I try to be more sensitive to my private life - to take a breath of fresh air and be in the countryside or on a golf course. ~ Gerard Butler
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Gerard Butler
Equipment will never help you write a lot; only making a schedule and sticking to it will make you a productive writer. ~ Paul J. Silvia
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Paul J. Silvia
Do you know what day it is?" she asked, peering at him.
"Don't you?"
"Here in Spindle Cove, we ladies have a schedule. Mondays are country walks. Tuesdays, sea bathing. Wednesdays, you'd find us in the garden." She touched the back of her hand to his forehead. "What is it we do on Mondays?"
"We didn't get to Thursdays."
"Thursdays are irrelevant. I'm testing your ability to recall information. Do you remember Mondays?"
He stifled a laugh. God, her touch felt good. If she kept petting and stroking him like this, he might very well go mad.
"Tell me your name," he said. "I promise to recall it. ~ Tessa Dare
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Tessa Dare
Its true. Im a simple person. Some people tend to live from trauma to trauma, and that energizes them. I have a hectic schedule, but my mind seeks simplicity - like being in nature, a long bike ride, or sitting on the back porch. ~ Amy Grant
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Amy Grant
You know, I haven't written as much as most other writers. Certainly maybe those who keep a more regular schedule accomplish more. ~ Wallace Shawn
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Wallace Shawn
In all honesty, men changed a few rules when they became what was referred to as househusbands. Bill didn't make beds, cook, dust, do laundry, windows or floors, or give birth. What he did do was pay bills, call people to fix the plumbing, handle the investments and taxes, volunteer big time, take papers to the garage, change license plates, get the cars serviced, and pick up the cleaning. If women had had that kind of schedule, who knows, we'd probably still be in the home. ~ Erma Bombeck
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Erma Bombeck
A MWF sex schedule? How efficient," he mused.
"Please be serious."
A wicked grin flashed on his face. "Fine, pencil me in. I'll be ready and erect whenever you need me. ~ Katie Ashley
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Katie Ashley
Love doesn't follow a schedule - it just shows up, usually when you least want it to. ~ Ivy Adams
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Ivy Adams
Any job I choose has to work with my schedule with my kids. I don't want to miss any of my time with them. ~ Josie Bissett
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Josie Bissett
She sat, and when he joined her, she laid a hand over his. "I feel confident and streamlined. I woke up that way because you were with me last night, because you loved me. And because you were sitting here this morning, doing what you always do instead of worrying about me."
"Does that mean you're going to stop worrying about me worrying?"
"It's moving that way. We probably just need to have a good fight over something, finish it off. A good fight can work like a good orgasm, and clear things out."
"Well now, I'm longing for a good fight. We'll have to schedule one in."
"Better, I think, when they're more … organic."
"Organic orgasm through temper." He laughed as he passed her the syrup he knew she'd pour on in a flood. "I'm filled with anticipation."
"Remember that when I piss you off next time. ~ J.D. Robb
Kjtv Schedule quotes by J.D. Robb
They still feel somehow in transit, still disconnected from their lives, bound up in an alternate schedule, an intimacy only the four of them would share. ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Kjtv Schedule quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
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