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Since the tragedy of Marina's death, her parents have heard from strangers around the globe surprised to find themselves writing to share the impact of "meeting" Marina through her words: Jewish teenagers visiting a series of concentration camps while on "The March of the Living" and finding specific comfort and renewed purpose in her writings; college peers living more mindfully; musicians writing songs inspired by her; older readers making midlife recalibrations and career changes, whether they are returning to school or shifting to a nonprofit or finishing that manuscript; people simply rediscovering a sense of hope. These new life paths all build from Marina's own sense that it's never too late to change, that we must take action, that we are indeed "in this together. ~ Marina Keegan
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Marina Keegan
when Nietzsche's fame had begun to spread rapidly, she climbed on the bandwagon. She acquired the sole rights to all his writings, including even the letters that he had sent to others. She sued those who published material to which she could claim a right. ~ Walter Kaufmann
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Walter Kaufmann
A whore is a whore is a whore.
Except when he's something else completely.
From the writings of King Helios Dayspring, High Priest of the Temple of the Sun ~ Belinda McBride
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Belinda McBride
To reach the pinnacle of your writings potential; productivity becomes obsolete. ~ Marston James
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Marston James
Kierkegaard, in 'Either/Or,' makes fun of the 'busy man' for whom busyness is a way of avoiding an honest self-reckoning. You might wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you're lonely in your marriage, or that you need to think about what your level of consumption is doing to the planet, but the next day you have a million little things to do, and the day after that you have another million things. As long as there's no end of little things, you never have to stop and confront the bigger questions. Writing or reading an essay isn't the only way to stop and ask yourself who you really are and what your life might mean, but it is one good way. And if you consider how laughably unbusy Kierkegaard's Copenhagen was, compared with our own age, those subjective tweets and hasty blog posts don't seem so essayistic. They seem more like means of avoiding what a real essay might force on us. We spend our days reading, on screens, stuff we'd never bother reading in a printed book, and bitch about how busy we are. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Jonathan Franzen
Self-Obsession & Self-Presentation on Social-Media"

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Some people always post their travel related photos because they love traveling so much. Some
people alway ~ Zakia FR
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Zakia FR
It would be worthy of the age to print together the collected Scriptures or Sacred Writings of the several nations, the Chinese, the Hindoos, the Persians, the Hebrews, and others, as the Scripture of mankind. The New Testament is still, perhaps, too much on the lips and in the hearts of men to be called a Scripture in this sense. Such a juxtaposition and comparison might help to liberalize the faith of men ... This would be the Bible, or Book of Books, which let the missionaries carry to the uttermost parts of the earth. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Henry David Thoreau
I would dearly love to read the reactions, the observations of each and every person who walks through the gates of Le Cirque des Reves, to know what they see and hear and feel. To see how their experience overlaps with my own and how it differs. I have been fortunate letters with such information, to have reveurs share with me writings from journals or thoughts scribbled on scraps of paper.
We add our own stories, each visitor, each visit each night spent at the circus. I suppose there will never be a lack of things to say, of stories to be told and shared. -Friedrick Thiessen, 1895 ~ Erin Morgenstern
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Erin Morgenstern
Why do you want a letter from me? Why don't you take the trouble to find out for yourselves what Christianity is? You take time to learn technical terms about electricity. Why don't you do as much for theology? Why do you never read the great writings on the subject, but take your information from the secular 'experts' who have picked it up as inaccurately as you? Why don't you learn the facts in this field as honestly as your own field? Why do you accept mildewed old heresies as the language of the church, when any handbook on church history will tell you where they came from?
Why do you balk at the doctrine of the Trinity - God the three in One - yet meekly acquiesce when Einstein tells you E=mc2? What makes you suppose that the expression "God ordains" is narrow and bigoted, while your own expression, "Science demands" is taken as an objective statement of fact?
You would be ashamed to know as little about internal combustion as you know about Christian beliefs.
I admit, you can practice Christianity without knowing much theology, just as you can drive a car without knowing much about internal combustion. But when something breaks down in the car, you go humbly to the man who understands the works; whereas if something goes wrong with religion, you merely throw the works away and tell the theologian he is a liar.
Why do you want a letter from me telling you about God? You will never bother to check on it or find out whether I'm giving you personal opini ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
With our writings, we can right the world. ~ Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
He who is capable of really reading a writer will have his every question answered by the works themselves. For example, Kafka depicts the dreams & visions of his lonely, difficult life and it is these dreams & visions alone that should preoccupy us & not the interpretations that sharp-witted critics can give these writings. Their interpreting is an intellectual sport, one that is good for clever people who can read & write books on African sculpture or 12-tone music but who never get to the heart of works of art because they stand at the gate fumbling with their 100 keys, blind to the fact that the gate is not really locked. ~ Hermann Hesse
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Hermann Hesse
I try to make the writing as regular and regimented as possible. I usually get up at around 5 a.m. and read what I wrote the day before. Some of the time, after I read, I think the writing's very good and some of the time I feel embarrassed by what I've written. You have to learn not to pay too much attention to these feelings. ~ Christopher Paul Curtis
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Christopher Paul Curtis
I got more true knowledge from reading the Book of God in one month, than I could ever have acquired from all the writings of men. ~ George Whitefield
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by George Whitefield
He tells his reader that writings should be expounded in four senses. The first ~ Dante Alighieri
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Dante Alighieri
In all my writings I have always tried - how far successfully I know not - to advance the cause of Truth and Right and to induce my readers to put their trust in the love of God our Saviour, for this life as well as the life to come. ~ R.M. Ballantyne
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by R.M. Ballantyne
The best writings, like the best men, tell the truth. ~ Sophie Perinot
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Sophie Perinot
It has come to be practically a sort of rule in literature that a man, having once shown himself capable of original writing, is entitled thenceforth to steal from the writings of others at discretion. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Self-education begins with the passion to read the Scriptures. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
I have written it before and am not ashamed to write it again. Without Wodehouse I am not sure that I would be a tenth of what I am today
whatever that may be. In my teenage years, his writings awoke me to the possibilities of language. His rhythms, tropes, tricks and mannerisms are deep within me.
But more than that, he taught me something about good nature. It is enough to be benign, to be gentle, to be funny, to be kind. ~ Stephen Fry
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Stephen Fry
The Grim Reaper isn't grim at all; he's a life-saver. He isn't grim because he isn't anything ... he is nothing. And nothing is a hell of a lot better than anything. So long, boys. ~ Jack Kerouac Atop An Underwood Early Stories And Other Writings
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Jack Kerouac Atop An Underwood Early Stories And Other Writings
It is as though the practices organizing a bustling city were characterized by [city practitioners', everyday citizens'] blindness. The neworks of these moving, intersecting writings compose a manifold story that has neither author nor spectator, shaped out of fragments of trajectories and alterations of spaces: in relation to representations, it remains daily and indefinitely other. ~ Michel De Certeau
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Michel De Certeau
Of all writings I love only that which is written with blood. Write with blood: and you will discover that blood is spirit. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
When one read's Kierkegaard's profound analyses of anxiety and despair or Nietzsche's amazingly acute insights into the dynamics of resentment and the guilt and hostility which accompany repressed emotional powers, one might pinch oneself to realize that one is reading works written in the last century and not some new contemporary psychological analysis. ~ Rollo May
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Rollo May
Art and theory of art, at one and the same time ; beauty and the secret of beauty ; cinema, and apologia for cinema. '
- Godard on Godard: Critical Writings ~ Jean-Luc Godard
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Jean-Luc Godard
In passing, we should here recognize the difficulties presented by the idea of 'fit' and 'unfit.' Who is to decide this question? The grosser, the more obvious, the undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind. But among the writings of the representative Eugenists [sic], one cannot ignore the distinct middle-class bias that prevails. ~ Margaret Sanger
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Margaret Sanger
In this book, much is metaphorical, not as it seems. It's written for writing's sake, as if I were to say, "Let me tell you I'm dying." Well of course I am. So are you. ~ Chila Woychik
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Chila Woychik
Study Chairman Mao's writings, follow his teachings and act according to his instructions. ~ Lin Biao
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Lin Biao
I have generally been denominated a Deist, the reality of which I never disputed, being conscious I am no Christian, except mere infant baptism make me one; and as to being a Deist, I know not, strictly speaking, whether I am one or not, for I have never read their writings; mine will therefore determine the matter; for I have not in the least disguised my sentiments, but have written freely without any conscious knowledge of prejudice for, or against any man, sectary or party whatever; but wish that good sense, truth and virtue may be promoted and flourish in the world, to the detection of delusion, superstition, and false religion; and therefore my errors in the succeeding treatise, which may be rationally pointed out, will be readily rescinded. ~ Ethan Allen
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Ethan Allen
My writings are the mirror of my soul and the dance of my mind. ~ Debasish Mridha
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Debasish Mridha
In Buddhist writings, mention is often made of "the abyss of birth." An abyss indeed, a gulf into which we do not fall but from which, instead, we emerge, to our universal chagrin. ~ Emil Cioran
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Emil Cioran
The more I read, the less I admire modern theology. the more I study the productions of the new schools of theological teachers, the more I marvel that men and women can be satisfied with such writings. There is a vagueness, a mistiness, a shallowness, an indistinctness, a superficiality, an aimlessness, a hollowness about the literature of the 'broader and kinder systems', as they are called, which to my mind stamps their origin on their face. They are of the earth, earthy. ~ J.C. Ryle
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by J.C. Ryle
Thomas seems to be implying a threefold, originally Neoplatonic, model that he would have known through the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius, comprising (1) God in God-self; (2) the exitus, or procession of creatures from God; and finally (3) the reditus, or the return of creatures to God. ~ Bernard McGinn
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Bernard McGinn
Science is experimental, moving forward step-by-step, making trial and learning through success and failure. Is not this also the way of religion, and especially of the Christian religion? The writings of those who preach the religion have from the very beginning insisted that it is to be proved by experience. If a man is drawn towards honour and courage and endurance, justice, mercy, and charity, let him follow the way of Christ and find out for himself. No findings in science hinder him in that way. ~ William Henry Bragg
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by William Henry Bragg
His (Islamic astronomer al-Farghani) legacy also endures through the Italian writer and poet Dante (1265-1321), who derived most of the astronomical knowledge he included in his DIVINE COMEDY from the writings of al-Farghani (whom he referred to by his Latin name, Alfraganus). ~ Jim Al-Khalili
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Jim Al-Khalili
I have observed that vulgar readers almost always lose their veneration for the writings of the genius with whom they have had personal intercourse. ~ Egerton Brydges
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Egerton Brydges
Writing's much more romantic when its pen and ink and paper. It's... More timeless. and worthwhile. Think about it. There are so many words gushing out into the universe these days. All digitally. All in Comic Sans or Times New Roman. Silly Websites. Stupid news stories digitally uploaded to a 24-hour channel. Where's all this writing going? Who's keeping a note of it all? Who's in charge of deciding what's worthwhile and what isn't? But back then... Back then, if someone wanted to write something they had to buy paper. Buy it! And ink. And a pen. And they couldn't waste too many sheets cos it was expensive. So when people wrote, they wrote because it was worthwhile... not just because they had some half-baked idea and they wanted to pointlessly prove their existence by sharing it on some bloody social networking site. ~ Holly Bourne
Kierkegaards Writings quotes by Holly Bourne
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