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I saw the destruction of Dresden. I saw the city before and then came out of an air-raid shelter and saw it afterward, and certainly one response was laughter. God knows, that's the soul seeking some relief. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Kernon Raid quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
Willowpelt agrees with young Graystripe," Bluestar declared. "A thaw is on the way." Graystripe lifted his chin and flashed a defiant look at Fireheart, but Fireheart didn't care. Bluestar was going to call off the raid! Now Graystripe wouldn't have to choose between his Clan and Silverstream, and Fireheart wouldn't have to join a raiding party against a Clan he knew was already suffering. ~ Erin Hunter
Kernon Raid quotes by Erin Hunter
We lived out a raid, eh?" he said, giving a helpless shrug. "Next! ~ Sarah Brazytis
Kernon Raid quotes by Sarah Brazytis
What we need is to make our senior citizens feel secure once more with their own Social Security and Medicare. But going forward, we need to personalize that program in a way that the government can't go in and raid it any more. ~ Sharron Angle
Kernon Raid quotes by Sharron Angle
Guess there is a war on between them and us. But we never do anything about holding up our side of the war, except to keep our parade sites and our storage centers secret and to get out of bodies every time there's an air raid or the enemy fires a rocket or something. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Kernon Raid quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
If these bugs made their way into my brain, they'd devour me from the inside out and use my soul to raise more dead. Shit. Where was a can of Raid when a werewolf needed one? The ~ Cecy Robson
Kernon Raid quotes by Cecy Robson
Often, there is a job - say, for a voiceover or an appearance - and you think: 'Blimey!' From the outside it would seem like you are being paid a lot for a short amount of your time. It would be inappropriate to share how much they pay, but in the industry we call it 'doing a bank raid'. Unfortunately, those jobs do not happen every week. ~ Anthea Turner
Kernon Raid quotes by Anthea Turner
The Praying Mantis Visits A Penthouse

The praying Mantis with its length of straw
Out of nowhere's forehead born full armed
Engaged the century at my terrace door.
Focused at inches the dinosaur insect sends
Broadsides of epic stillness at my eye,
Above the deafening projects of the age.
My love, who fears the thunder of its poise,
Has seen it and cries out. The clouds like curls
Fall in my faith as I seize a stick to stop
This Martian raid distilled to a straw with legs,
To wisps of prowess. Bristling with motionlessness
The Mantis prays to the Stick twice armed with Man.
I strike, the stick whistles, shearing off two legs
Which run off by themselves beneath some boards.
The Mantis spreads out tints of batlike wing,
The many colored pennants of its blood,
And hugs my weapon; the frantic greens come out,
the reds and yellows blurt out from the straw,
All sinews doubtless screaming insect death.
Against the railing's edge I knock the stick
Sending that gay mad body into the gulf.
Such noisy trappings in defeat wake doubts.
I search my mind for possible wounds and feel
The victim's body heavy on the victor's heart. ~ Oscar Williams
Kernon Raid quotes by Oscar Williams
Do you know how I think we should spend the first night of our honeymoon?" She asked in a soft, low voice.
For the first time since the announcement of their betrothal, G knew exactly how he wanted to spend the night. A pit of anxiety and anticipation formed in his stomach. He raised his eyebrows expectantly.
Her eyes got brighter, if that was possible. "I think we should raid our food cupboards and take some smoked meat down to the peasants who were attacked earlier!"
G worked hard to keep his face from falling. "My lady, you read my mind," he said, grateful that his lady could not read minds. ~ Cynthia Hand
Kernon Raid quotes by Cynthia Hand
Maybee there is no guile here," Deor suggested. "Perhaps it is just a group of dragons who have come together to raid the hold."
"The diffirence? if they pretend to cooperate ... they must cooperate to pretend. It would be worse than a guile. ~ James Enge
Kernon Raid quotes by James Enge
Because I became a refugee in Macau during 1941, we had this war in Hong Kong, I fought for the government as an air raid warden for 15 days. Our government surrendered, Hong Kong Government surrendered, so I took a junk and came to Macau in 16 hours and I was a refugee, so that's why I was so much indebted to Macau. ~ Stanley Ho
Kernon Raid quotes by Stanley Ho
And the last thing I heard before I floated off was his muttered,love my wild one. ~ Kristen Ashley
Kernon Raid quotes by Kristen Ashley
The sun flickers. Like a flame hit by a sudden gust of wind. Like the lights of a bomb shelter during an air raid. Even the sun flickers. That's what she kept telling herself. A gust, a bomb, a small explosion. Then the disruption passed - everything calm again. Everything returning to normalcy. Except that she felt herself trembling. Except she knew that this was the beginning. It was her body that had flickered. ~ Benjamin Alire Saenz
Kernon Raid quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
No question that 'Birdman' is a breathtaking technical achievement, not a stunt. Shot in 30 days after a long rehearsal period, with the actors' and the camera's movements calibrated to the inch and the millisecond so the action flows smoothly, the picture has the jagged energy of a long guerrilla raid choreographed by Bob Fosse. ~ Richard Corliss
Kernon Raid quotes by Richard Corliss
everything is normal we have our tv and mcdonalds people wash their cars on their driveways on a sunday afternoon and mow their lawns hang pictures of their blonde blue-eyed children neatly on magnolia walls and in the future everyone will sidestep questions speak with the vapidity of politicians in a limited language devoid of passion and truth and in the future air-raid sirens will sound every time the sun comes out and no one will ever put a bullet in the head of a politician again everything will be bland and painless and whitewashed and the government will finally have won completely ~ U.V. Ray
Kernon Raid quotes by U.V. Ray
Do you ever find yourself climbing into an open grave during a bombing raid..and wish you'd just stayed in bed? ~ Ransom Riggs
Kernon Raid quotes by Ransom Riggs
Their musings about how and why people stayed in a country under such terrible conditions were what I hated most. I knew it was ignorance, not insight that prompted these questions. they asked because they hadn't smelled the air raid smoke or the scent of singed flesh on their own balconies; they couldn't fathom that such a dangerous place could still harbor all the feelings of home. ~ Sara Novic
Kernon Raid quotes by Sara Novic
After the raid, the neighborhood was officially repossessed by the city of Portland, and a number of the houses were razed. The plan was to set up new low-income condos for some of the municipal workers, but construction stalled after the terrorist incidents, and as I cross over into the Highlands, all I see is rubble: holes in the ground, and trees felled and left with their roots exposed to the sky, dirty, churned earth, and rusting metal signs declaring it a hard-hat area.
It's so quiet that even the sound of my wheels as they turn seems overloud. A thought comes to me suddenly, unbidden - Quiet through the grave go I; or else beneath the graves I lie - the old rhyme we used to whisper as kids when we passed a graveyard.
A graveyard: That's exactly what the Highlands is like now. ~ Lauren Oliver
Kernon Raid quotes by Lauren Oliver
Baby, bein' seriously serious, you are the only thing in four years that has come close to getting me to a place where I can even begin to think I might be able to bear those flames. ~ Kristen Ashley
Kernon Raid quotes by Kristen Ashley
So here I am, in the middle way, having had twenty years
Twenty years largely wasted, the years of l'entre deux guerres
Trying to learn to use words, and every attempt
Is a wholly new start, and a different kind of failure
Because one has only learnt to get the better of words
For the thing one no longer has to say, or the way in which
One is no longer disposed to say it. And so each venture
Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate
With shabby equipment always deteriorating
In the general mess of imprecision of feeling,
Undisciplined squads of emotion. ~ T. S. Eliot
Kernon Raid quotes by T. S. Eliot
There is a monstrous garden in the sky
Nightly they sow it fresh. Nightly it springs,
Luridly splendid, towards the moon on high.
Red-poppy flares, and fire-bombs rosy-bright
Shell-bursts like hellborn sunflowers, gold and white
Lilies, long-stemmed, that search the heavens' height...
They tend it well, these gardeners on wings!

How rich these blossoms, hideously fair
Sprawling above the shuddering citadel
As though ablaze with laughter! Lord, how long
Must we behold them flower, ruthless, strong
Soaring like weeds the stricken worlds among
Triumphant, gay, these dreadful blooms of hell?

O give us back the garden that we knew
Silent and cool, where silver daisies lie,
The lovely stars! O garden purple-blue
Where Mary trailed her skirts amidst the dew
Of ageless planets, hand-in-hand with You
And Sleep and Peace walked with Eternity.....

But here I sit, and watch the night roll by.
There is a monstrous garden in the sky!

(written during an air raid, London, midnight, October 1941) ~ Margery Lawrence
Kernon Raid quotes by Margery Lawrence
In 1941, the BBC was setting up local, low-powered transmitters that were switched off if there was an air raid so they couldn't be used by German planes to navigate. As a 'youth in training,' my job was to switch the transmitter on in the mornings and off at night, and to check that it, and the feeder land lines, were working. ~ Michael Bond
Kernon Raid quotes by Michael Bond
My mother told stories - of their life in the war and how she'd played the accordion in the air-raid shelter and it had got rid of the rats. Apparently rats like violins and pianos but they can't stand the accordion ... ~ Jeanette Winterson
Kernon Raid quotes by Jeanette Winterson
The Nant'ans were crucial to the well-being of this open system, but decentralization affect more than just leadership. Because there was not capital and no central command post, Apache decisions were made all over the place. A raid on a Spanish settlement, for example, could be conceived in one place, organized in another, and carried out in yet another. You never knew where the Apaches would be coming from. In one sense, there was no place where important decisions were made, and in another sense, decisions were made by everybody everywhere. ~ Ori Brafman
Kernon Raid quotes by Ori Brafman
VERY EARLY ONE MORNING in July 1977, the FBI, having been tipped off about Operation Snow White, carried out raids on Scientology offices in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, carting off nearly fifty thousand documents. One of the files was titled "Operation Freakout." It concerned the treatment of Paulette Cooper, the journalist who had published an exposé of Scientology, The Scandal of Scientology, six years earlier. After having been indicted for perjury and making bomb threats against Scientology, Cooper had gone into a deep depression. She stopped eating. At one point, she weighed just eighty-three pounds. She considered suicide. Finally, she persuaded a doctor to give her sodium pentothal, or "truth serum," and question her under the anesthesia. The government was sufficiently impressed that the prosecutor dropped the case against her, but her reputation was ruined, she was broke, and her health was uncertain. The day after the FBI raid on the Scientology headquarters, Cooper was flying back from Africa, on assignment for a travel magazine, when she read a story in the International Herald Tribune about the raid. One of the files the federal agents discovered was titled "Operation Freakout." The goal of the operation was to get Cooper "incarcerated in a mental institution or jail. ~ Lawrence Wright
Kernon Raid quotes by Lawrence Wright
I have this crazy collection of napkins and post-it notes I keep in a box under my desk, which I raid often and replenish constantly. ~ Catherine Cruzan
Kernon Raid quotes by Catherine Cruzan
Lok'tar ogar!" The daemon holding me pulled my head back, exposing my throat.
"Victory or death," I retorted at my captor hoarsely. "For the Horde. And for the record, shouting World of Warcraft battle
cries kind of kills the whole 'imminent death' expectation."

The daemon paused. "What server are you on?" he demanded.
"Righteous. Guild?"

I couldn't imagine what the hell that mattered at this point, but it was keeping me alive so that was a bonus. I'd gladly spit out
the rest of my Warcraft stats if it bought me a few more minutes.

"Yeah," I coughed. "ElfhunterBitches."

He blinked and then grinned, tapping himself on the chest. "No shit. I'm TartBarbie. Undead DeathKnight."
I stared at him. "TB? Seriously? I'm Baconator. Blelf Warlock. You did a hell of a job tanking on that raid the other night."

"Yeah, I am pretty awesome." He glanced over his shoulder, releasing me. "Look, if I'd known it was you, I'd never have
agreed to this. Go on." He nudged me with a leather boot. "I'll tell them you got away."

I didn't have to be told twice. "Thanks," I said softly. "I'll make it up to you, somehow."
"No worries." He winked. "See you next Thursday. ~ Allison Pang
Kernon Raid quotes by Allison Pang
People are complicated. There is so much more to everybody than you realize. You see someone in school everyday, or at work, in the canteen, and you share a cigarette of a coffee with them, and you talk about the weather or last night's air raid. But you don't talk so much about what was the nastiest thing you ever said to your mother, or how you pretended to be David Balfour, the hero of Kidnapped, for the whole of the year when you were 13, or what you imagine yourself doing with the pilot who looks like Leslie Howard if you were alone in his bunk after a dance. ~ Elizabeth Wein
Kernon Raid quotes by Elizabeth Wein
Red birds are real. The reason we don't see them is because we don't want to. Because if we see them, we'll remember. When someone dies in a raid or a shooting or when someone's throat is slit, their last drop of blood transforms into a tiny red bird and flies away. And then reappears when we are trying hard to forget them, when we think we have forgotten them, when we think we have learned to live without them, when we utter those stupid words that we have 'moved on'."
Red birds ~ Muhammed Hanif
Kernon Raid quotes by Muhammed Hanif
Webley Edwards was on the radio, they remember that, and what he said that morning again and again was "This is an air raid, take cover, this is the real McCoy." That is not a remarkable thing to say, but it is a remarkable thing to have in one's memory. ~ Joan Didion
Kernon Raid quotes by Joan Didion
It's time to stop the raid on the Social Security trust fund and start allowing Americans to invest their Social Security taxes in personal savings accounts. ~ Mike Pence
Kernon Raid quotes by Mike Pence
her proficiency in the Classics would somehow stand her in better stead when opening and closing filing-cabinet drawers and conducting endless searches among a sea of buff-coloured folders. It wasn't quite the 'interesting job' she had envisaged but it kept her attention and over the next ten years she rose slowly through the ranks, in the bridled way that women did. ('One day a woman will be Prime Minister,' Pamela said. 'Maybe even in our lifetime.') Now Ursula had her own junior clericals to chase down the buff folders for her. She supposed that was progress. Since '36 she'd been working in the Air Raid Precautions Department. 'You've not heard rumours then?' Pamela said. 'I'm a lowly squaw, I hear nothing but rumours.' 'Maurice can't say what he does,' Pamela grumbled. 'Couldn't ~ Kate Atkinson
Kernon Raid quotes by Kate Atkinson
Years later Nixon aide John Ehrlichman seemed to offer up a smoking gun when he told a reporter: The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did. ~ Chris Hayes
Kernon Raid quotes by Chris Hayes
The flat top of the hill was scattered with the bodies of dead men in the uniforms of Sounis and Eddis. The outposts of both armies had met here. As I stood staring, I thought, These are my dead. All of them. The battle hadn't been unanticipated or forced on me, as the raid in the villa had been. I had chosen it. These men, Eddisian and Sounisian alike, had died for my decisions.
When the magus stepped from the bushes toward the back part of the hill, I was more than horrified. I was perilously close to distraught.
When he pulled away and looked into my face, I knew that he would tell me that I was Sounis and that I needed to pull myself together.
"Your uncle," he said, "in all the years I saw him rule, never had a moment of self-doubt. Never a regret for a single life lost. Do you understand?"
I understood that I didn't want to be my uncle. ~ Megan Whalen Turner
Kernon Raid quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
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