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In the history of medicine, it is not always the great scientist or the learned doctor who goes forward to discover new fields, new avenues, new ideas. ~ Elizabeth Kenny
Kenny Plumber quotes by Elizabeth Kenny
The regular guy still relates to him and Howard is a $500 million guy now who dates a model and drives about in a limo all day. But Howard still knows how to make a plumber laugh and those guys still have him on in the morning, because he is a real talent. ~ Artie Lange
Kenny Plumber quotes by Artie Lange
It's funny… when you're young you spend your life trying to convince yourself you're not like your parents. And then, every now and then, you'll do something a certain way, some mannerism, or you'll say something. When our car broke down upstate, I remember I hit the wheel and said, 'I'm not made of money!' And I caught myself and thought, Gee, Louie, you just sounded like Pop. When you're young and it happens, it drives you crazy. And then you live long enough, and it makes you smile a little."

He wipes a tear from his eyelashes with the back of his hand.

"That's a nice part of life," he says. ~ Kenny Porpora
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Porpora
Exactly! What kind of plumber has pristine nails?"
"A smart one. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Kenny Plumber quotes by Shelly Laurenston
Should a reasonable person not demand that philosophy should not be foolishly purveyed before people incompetent to see the point of it, as pearls before swine? For Nietzsche is utterly correct: philosophy is only for the healthy and whole-minded, the sick it has always only made even sicker. By means of philosophy they dig themselves even deeper into their pathetic delusions. ~ Kenny Smith
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Smith
I can't believe that I get to stand on the stages I stand on every summer, and get to sing the songs that I sing. ~ Kenny Chesney
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Chesney
Bill Evans described his tunes as vehicles; they are vehicles for self-expression, or expression of the self. ~ Kenny Werner
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Werner
The criticism is that it's too simple, but my feeling is it's more of a challenge making someone feel an emotion in four notes than in 25 notes. ~ Kenny G
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny G
I just get excited ... like a painter with a blank canvas. ~ Kenny Florian
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Florian
In some of the early northern European paintings, Christ looks like you flushed him out from under a bridge, but in Sunday-school books and the sorts of pictures they sell at Christian supply stores, he falls somewhere between Kenny Loggins and Jared Leto, always doe-eyed and, of course, white, with brown - not black - hair, usually wavy. And he always has a fantastic body, shown at its best on the cross, which - face it - was practically designed to make a man's stomach and shoulders look good.

What would happen, I often wonder, if someone sculpted a morbidly obese Jesus with titties and acne scars, and hair on his back? On top of that, he should be short - five foot two at most. "Sacrilege!" people would shout. But why? Doing good deeds doesn't make you good-looking. ~ David Sedaris
Kenny Plumber quotes by David Sedaris
My mother used to say, 'He who angers you, conquers you!' But my mother was a saint. ~ Elizabeth Kenny
Kenny Plumber quotes by Elizabeth Kenny
Real freedom is creative, proactive, and will take me into new territories. I am not free if my freedom is predicated on reacting to my past. ~ Kenny Loggins
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Loggins
Generally, I like Indian music because the melodies are usually not too complex, which is how I like music, and that's the way I write music. ~ Kenny G
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny G
I ask for tons of notebooks for my birthday, the ones with college ruled lines, and I carry them with me, pretend they're my friends, and write anything that comes to mind. Something about my stories makes me happy, allows me to drift away a bit. ~ Kenny Porpora
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Porpora
I go to the farm generally every other week, but I'm on the phone with them every day, and I watch every race on TV. Not a day goes by when I'm not working on that. ~ Kenny Troutt
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Troutt
I learned so much about playing and touring being on the road and in the studio with Jeff, but I'd always played a lot of gigs in Seattle even prior to joining the Fusion. ~ Kenny G
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny G
I'm pretty firm in my sexuality and my love for women. ~ Kenny Chesney
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Chesney
"The people" is that massive portion of a society that lives by its pathetic subjection to sheer immediacy or self-obviousness, and that therefore uncritically seizes upon the most simplistic and abstract ways of filling its vacuous self-consciousness. Not philosophy but dogma and rhetoric, not rationality but indoctrination and conditioning, provide the cultural junkfood by which the Many perfunctorily slake their thirst and hunger. ~ Kenny Smith
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Smith
Confused, I asked, "The coven's what?"
"Plumber," Ivy said, looking pale as she leaned on Glenn. "You know. Stops leaks?"
Oh goodie. I'm a leak. ~ Kim Harrison
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kim Harrison
If I waited for inspiration every time I sat down to write a song I probably would be a plumber today. ~ Barry Mann
Kenny Plumber quotes by Barry Mann
Here's what I've learned about raising boys ... if you keep 'em busy, they're fine. You let 'em get bored, they'll dismantle your house board by board. ~ Kenny Rogers
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Rogers
At 40 years of age, I thought I knew everything. I got a reality check with this class. Kenny (Winston) has become like a big brother to me. We've learned to agree to disagree. I hope and pray that this program continues and we all keep in touch. I'm a st ~ Robert Hughes
Kenny Plumber quotes by Robert Hughes
It is good to view things as familiar or unfamiliar, rather than as difficult or easy. ~ Kenny Werner
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Werner
After I returned to New Jersey, I thought I was safe, because I did not think Kenny G could leave the bad place, which I realize is silly now - because Kenny G is extremely talented and resourceful and a powerful force to be reckoned with. ~ Matthew Quick
Kenny Plumber quotes by Matthew Quick
The eyes open to a blue telephone
In the bathroom of this five-star hotel.

I wonder whom I should call? A plumber,
Proctologist, urologist, or priest?

Who is blessed among us and most deserves
The first call? I choose my father because

He's astounded by bathroom telephones.
I dial home. My mother answers. "Hey, Ma,"

I say, "Can I talk to Poppa?" She gasps,
And then I remember that my father

Has been dead for nearly a year. "Shit, Mom,"
I say. "I forgot he's dead. I'm sorry -

How did I forget?" "It's okay," she says.
"I made him a cup of instant coffee

This morning and left it on the table -
Like I have for, what, twenty-seven years -

And I didn't realize my mistake
Until this afternoon." My mother laughs

At the angels who wait for us to pause
During the most ordinary of days

And sing our praise to forgetfulness
Before they slap our souls with their cold wings.

Those angels burden and unbalance us.
Those fucking angels ride us piggyback.

Those angels, forever falling, snare us
And haul us, prey and praying, into dust. ~ Sherman Alexie
Kenny Plumber quotes by Sherman Alexie
When England was a kingdom, we had a king. When we were an empire, we had an emperor. Now we're a country, and we have Margaret Thatcher. ~ Kenny Everett
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Everett
The plumber plodded along in silence, like a man who has learned to be polite to lunatics through dealing with civil engineers. ~ Lindsey Davis
Kenny Plumber quotes by Lindsey Davis
There is no easy or difficult; only familiar and unfamiliar. ~ Kenny Werner
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Werner
For me, Twitter is a public persona. It's UbuWeb or Kenneth Goldsmith (as opposed to Kenny Goldsmith). I don't interact. It's a lousy form for conversation and opinion (what can you really say in 140 characters?), but a wonderful propaganda and sloganeering tool. I use it as a one-way street. ~ Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenneth Goldsmith
The record of one's life must needs prove more interesting to him who writes it than to him who reads what has been written. ~ Elizabeth Kenny
Kenny Plumber quotes by Elizabeth Kenny
If Michael Jordan was a damn plumber, he couldn't get a date. Any guy got $500 million looks good. ~ Charles Barkley
Kenny Plumber quotes by Charles Barkley
His response was remarkable for its irrelevance, if for nothing else. ~ Elizabeth Kenny
Kenny Plumber quotes by Elizabeth Kenny
I started out Ice skating with 'Holiday On Ice' and just got offered the part of R2 by chance. ~ Kenny Baker
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Baker
It seems that they're playing with one leg tied together. ~ Kenny Sansom
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Sansom
Growing up too fast and I do recall, Wishin' time would stop right in it's tracks. ~ Kenny Chesney
Kenny Plumber quotes by Kenny Chesney
Flying has changed how we imagine our planet, which we have seen whole from space, so that even the farthest nations are ecological neighbors. It has changed our ideas about time. When you can gird the earth at 1,000 m.p.h., how can you endure the tardiness of a plumber? Most of all, flying has changed our sense of our body, the personal space in which we live, now elastic and swift. I could be in Bombay for afternoon tea if I wished. My body isn't limited by its own weaknesses; it can rush through space. ~ Diane Ackerman
Kenny Plumber quotes by Diane Ackerman
I started in high school with a teacher there. I also took lessons at the Conservatory of Music in Detroit. Detroit was very motivating. There were a lot of local people who inspired me like Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers, Roy Brooks, Donald Byrd, etc. ~ Yusef Lateef
Kenny Plumber quotes by Yusef Lateef
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