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Still others commit all sorts of evil deeds, claiming karma doesn't exist. They erroneously maintain that since everything is empty, committing evil isn't wrong. Such persons fall into a hell of endless darkness with no hope of release. Those who are wise hold no such conception. ~ Bodhidharma
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Bodhidharma
Reality is perhaps not at all what I imagine. Perhaps it doesn't exist, in fact. Perhaps it only exists as a longing. ~ Ingmar Bergman
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Ingmar Bergman
My head snaps in her direction. 'Stop that,' I say, standing in place.
'Stop what?' she asks.
'With this thing, this niceness.'
'What d-you-?'
'I'm kytaen, a tool. You're Chosen. We're not friends. That kind of word doesn't exist between our two species. Treat me how you're supposed to and stop this… act.'
A moment passes, and then she says, 'I see. So there's going to be no civility between us, eh?'
'I'm glad you finally understand.'
'I didn't exactly overlook your unsubtle hostility towards me.'
'Then why bother being nice?'
'I was raised to be polite to elderly people.'
'Then you should know I'm not old. I'm immortal.'
'Quit bragging'
I blink. 'I wasn't bragging, I was stating a fact.'
'It sounded like bragging to me.'
'It wasn't.'
'It sounded like it.'
'Well it wasn't.'
'Old men do tend to brag after all.'
'I wasn't bragging!'
She gives me an impish grin. 'They also lose their temper easily.'
I grit my teeth. ~ Giselle Simlett
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Giselle Simlett
you asked me if I believed in eternal love. Love is something way too abstract and indefinable. It depends on what we perceive and what we experience. If we don't exist, it doesn't exist. And we change so much; love must change as well. ~ Julie Maroh
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Julie Maroh
I have sort of a Zen body philosophy, I'm sort of like: we're one weight one day, we're one weight another day, and some day our body just doesn't even exist at all! It's just a vessel I've been given to move through this life. I think about my body as a tool to do the stuff I need to do, but not the be all and end all of my existence. Which sounds like I spent a week at a meditation retreat, but it's genuinely how I feel. ~ Lena Dunham
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Lena Dunham
And that's the worst of it, the part no one ever tells you about."

"What part?" he said, his voice still clenched with grief.

"How it never stops. How the pain of missing people never stops. When you burn your finger in a fire, it hurts, but it only hurts one way because you know what caused the pain and why the pain is there, and you know that it will settle, in a bit. But heart pain has facets, Silas. A thousand different sides, sharp and hard; most of them you don't even know exist, even when you're looking straight at them. When someone leaves, or dies, or doesn't love you in return, well, you may think you know why your heart hurts. But wrapped in there are a hundred kinds of fear all tangled in a knot you can't untie. Nobody wants to be alone. We all fear being left alone, being left behind. I know such things exist. But you must learn to see death as something more than loss, more than absence, more than silence. You must learn to make mourning into memory. For once a person takes leave of his life, that life becomes so much more a part of ours. In death, they come to be in our keeping. The dead find their rest within us. Thus, in remembrance, we are never alone. But people forget the power of memory. So we fear death in the deepest place of our very being, because we don't know that memories make us immortal. We focus instead on being gone and the awful mystery behind absence. Love and death - and those two are very closely bound together - sca ~ Ari Berk
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Ari Berk
Person of Interest is an example of series which have a lot of reverses... what if somebody knows a lot of about you?? And you don't him??
You are not famous and he doesn't exist as a person?? WOW, isn't it awesome?? ~ Deyth Banger
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Deyth Banger
I was never yours, and you were never mine, Maven. And not because of him, either. I thought you were perfect, I thought you were strong and brave and good. I thought you were better than him."
Better than Cal. Those are words Maven thought no one would ever say. He flinches, and for a second, I can see the boy I used to know. A boy that doesn't exist anymore. ~ Victoria Aveyard
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Victoria Aveyard
Perfection doesn't exist here, AWESOME does. ~ Tanya Masse
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Tanya Masse
We have no proof that Socrates ever existed. We only know from witnesses to his life that he did. Like Jesus, he never wrote anything down. It doesn't matter to me whether he did or not exist because we have his teachings, his method of thinking, and his extreme intellectual and moral courage. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Christopher Hitchens
I can't prove that God doesn't exist, but I'd much rather live in a universe without one. ~ Lawrence M. Krauss
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Lawrence M. Krauss
But how does the existence or nonexistence of the gods affect me? Why does it matter how the universe came to be?"
"Because you're part of it. Because you exist. And unless you want to only ever be a tiny modicum of existence that doesn't understand its relation to the grander web of things, you will explore. ~ R.F. Kuang
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by R.F. Kuang
I'm not in sympathy with Communism except for populations which are in a state of peasantry, actually hungry and starving. The ideal state for me is some form of Socialism, which doesn't yet exist, as far as I know, which doesn't repress the arts, or any race. Consequently I'm not a political person ... except that I'm a revolutionary. ~ Tennessee Williams
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Tennessee Williams
Ask a physics teacher: Why do elementary particles exist? Is it impossible for them not to exist? (Be prepared for the possibility that your physics teacher doesn't want to have this conversation.) ~ William Lane Craig
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by William Lane Craig
My dream is to find a guy who'll love me despite my flaws and won't turn away from me when a perfect girl walks by. Maybe a boy like that doesn't even exist. ~ Simone Elkeles
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Simone Elkeles
Our brother Ivan is a sphinx, he maintains his silence, and guards it well. But I'm being tortured by the idea of God. That's the only thing that does torture me. Supposing He doesn't exist? What if Rakitin is right that the idea is man's invention? For, if He doesn't exist, man is master of the world, of all creation. Splendid! Only how is he going to be virtuous without God? That's the question! I keep coming back to it. Who is he going to love then - man, I mean? To whom is he going to offer his gratitude, to whom is he going to sing his hymn of praise? Rakitin is ridiculous. Rakitin says you don't need God to love mankind. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
John Hughes made a certain type of high school movie, and then it stayed static for 30 years. The only thing that changed was that maybe it was found footage or maybe it's a little snarkier, but the actual language that kids live in today, like with texting, motion graphics, the internet and that whole hashtag culture doesn't exist in movies today. It's left on the floor. ~ Joseph M. Kahn
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Joseph M. Kahn
Love requires courage, persistence, and maintenance. Love just doesn't lie there with us as we live our lives, and engulf us, providing us with an assurance that it exists." "Love is developed, and it is never perfect. We, as people, are flawed. Therefore, love is flawed. Most people live their lives trying to find the perfect person to provide them what they believe to be the perfect love. In my opinion, people should find someone that provides them with affection, someone that makes them feel, then develop and maintain the perfect love. That is the closest thing to real love that could ever possibly exist, ~ Scott Hildreth
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Scott Hildreth
It's funny. When you leave your home and wander really far, you always think, 'I want to go home.' But then you come home, and of course it's not the same. You can't live with it, you can't live away from it. And it seems like from then on there's always this yearning for some place that doesn't exist. I felt that. Still do. I'm never completely at home anywhere. ~ Danzy Senna
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Danzy Senna
Hospitals are places that you have to stay in for a long time, even if you are a visitor. Time doesn't seem to pass in the same way in hospitals as it does in other places. Time seems to almost not exist in the same way as it does in other places. ~ Pedro Almodovar
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Pedro Almodovar
You move your life across the country and make a commitment to a place, and to a genre, and then you realize that neither the place nor the genre might be what you thought they were going to be, or that the world you thought you were going to find in school doesn't actually exist. ~ John D'Agata
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by John D'Agata
Sometimes when I look at you, I feel I'm gazing at a distant star.
It's dazzling, but the light is from tens of thousands of years ago.
Maybe the star doesn't even exist any more. Yet sometimes that light seems more real to me than anything. ~ Haruki Murakami
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Haruki Murakami
Some people think Corona virus is myth or rumor to scare people. Corona virus doesn't exist. Don't be the first one to be infected with it for people to believe its real. Be safe and follow all the health guidelines that are in place.

Truth is most people will die from corona virus , not because its pandemic, but because of ignorance. Don't be that person.Your responsible not only for your life, but also for the life of others. ~ De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
The more you think about it, the more amazing the everyday world of human beings becomes: most of it doesn't actually exist at all. ~ Terry Pratchett
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Terry Pratchett
True believers are continually shown by reality that their god doesn't exist, but have developed extensive coping mechanisms to deal with this cognitive dissonance. ~ Mark Thomas
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Mark Thomas
And I have to admit that there is something undeniably fulfilling about hunting with Rosie. Somehow, it makes me feel as if the long list of differences between us doesn't exist. We're dressed the same, we fight the same enemy, we win together ... It's as though for that moment I get to be her, the one who isn't covered in thick scars, and she gets to understand what it is to be me. It's different than hunting with Silas
he and I are partners, not part of the same heart. ~ Jackson Pearce
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Jackson Pearce
But you can't go back now? To that orderly, harmonious, intimate place?'
He thought about this, though there was no need to. 'That place doesn't exist anymore,' he said quietly. ~ Haruki Murakami
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Haruki Murakami
Where envy reigns virtue can't exist, and generosity doesn't go with meanness. ~ Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Present is the reality. The past is finished, and the future doesn't exist. When the Kundalini rises She elongates those thoughts and establishes in the center where there is complete thoughtless awareness. And spiritually you grow in that thoughtless awareness which in Sanskrit we call as Nirvichaar Samadhi. ~ Nirmala Srivastava
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
Let's go deeper and deeper... How you know that's night and morning what does it makes you to think??
... Yeah, yeah the time... I know that, but let's removed it from the world... so reality it doesn't exist...!
... How??? how?? You can't remove it, didn't you said that??
Or my mistake?!
It gets sun set in the morning and in the night it gets sun out...
That's false thought unfortunately, what you see is just a shadow... Vsauce proved it!
So how do you understand the differences between
24:00 - PM which is counted as middle between the other day which is yesterday, if I can call it like this or after few minutes which will mean 59 it will become tomorrow, if it's Monday 24:00 Pm after 59 minutes it will become Tuesday... - (It's kind a interesting isn't it??)... now let's go little more far and the other is morning 02:01 which is the morning AM of the other day which is now yesterday. Strange! ~ Deyth Banger
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Deyth Banger
Glamour's my thing. The glamour is what got me into this business in the first place. I lived in a fantasy world in order to survive. Now that I'm here, I plan to work it. That means playing the part
long, tight dresses, slick! Unless you rise to the occasion, Hollywood doesn't really exist. ~ Theresa Randle
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Theresa Randle
My problem is that I still believe that love actually does exist when clearly it doesn't. Love today is just an Idea, a word that people toss around and with time has broken it's meaning. The real mean of love now a days is "APPRECIATION" a word that should be use to describe the feeling that most people have, but is not powerful enough to get someone into bed! ~ Jonathan Antonio Tom
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Jonathan Antonio Tom
There is no transparency, Marus. It can't exist. Surveillance doesn't go both ways. There are those who watch, and those who are watched; the powerful, and the powerless. ~ Celeste Chaney
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Celeste Chaney
The Buddhist explanation is that we feel this uneasiness because we're always trying to get ground under our feet and it never quite works. We're always looking for a permanent reference point, and it doesn't exist. Everything is impermanent. Everything is always changing - fluid, unfixed, and open. Nothing is pin-down-able the way we'd like it to be. This is not actually bad news, but we all seem to be programmed for denial. We have absolutely no tolerance for uncertainty. It seems that insecurity ~ Pema Chodron
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Pema Chodron
1. Everything is a consequence of Something. The element of coincidence doesn't exist. We only think it exists because we cannot keep up with all processes that happen around us. ~ Ruben Papian
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Ruben Papian
Now that so many years have passed, now that I remember with the benefit of an understanding I didn't then have, I think of that conversation and it seems implausible that its importance didn't hit me in the face. (And I tell myself at the same time that we're terrible judges of the present moment, maybe because the present doesn't actually exist: all is memory, this sentence that I just wrote is already a memory, this word is a memory that you, reader, just read). ~ Juan Gabriel Vasquez
Karma Doesnt Exist quotes by Juan Gabriel Vasquez
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