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#1. We are as answerable for what we give as for what we receive; nay, the misplacing of a benefit is worse than the not receiving of it; for the one is another person's fault, but the other is mine. - Author: Seneca The Younger
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Seneca The Younger
#2. The measure of true giving is to share with someone who has no platform from which to speak and may never benefit us in any way. After all, isn't that what true love is all about? - Author: Larry Burkett
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Larry Burkett
#3. If you want to know who is responsible for anything, as who benefits from it. - Author: Oliver Potzsch
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Oliver Potzsch
#4. It doesn't benefit me to lie to people. They're eventually going to find out the truth, and then where am I? That's the problem with liberalism and socialism, by the way: it has to be propped up by lies. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#5. Oh, I cannot understand these points - absolutely I cannot. And the strangest, most unintelligible fact of all is that authors actually can select such occurrences for their subject! I confess this too to pass my comprehension, to -But no; I will say just that I do not understand it. In the first place, a course of the sort never benefits the country. And in the second place - in the second place, a course of the sort never benefits anything at all. I cannot divine the use of it. - Author: Nikolai Gogol
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#6. If we want to be used for the benefit of mankind-helping the Lord with his mission-we must ourselves be in a position to be used by him. - Author: Elaine A. Cannon
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Elaine A. Cannon
#7. The death of Christ made it possible for God to accept sinful man, and that he has, in fact, done so. Consequently, whatever separation there is between man and the benefits of God's grace is subjective in nature and exists only in man's mind and unregenerate spirit. The message man needs to hear then, is not that he simply has a suggested opportunity for salvation, but that through Christ he has, in fact, already been redeemed to God and that he may enjoy the blessing that are already his through Christ - Author: Carlton Pearson
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Carlton Pearson
#8. Gradual and moderate warming brings benefits as well as incurring costs. These benefits and costs will not, of course, be felt uniformly throughout the world; the colder regions of the world will be more affected by the benefits, and the hotter regions by the costs. - Author: Nigel Lawson
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Nigel Lawson
#9. I believe that there is a moral and constitutional equivalence between laws designed to subjugate a race and those that distribute benefits on the basis of race in order to foster some current notion of equality ... In my mind, government-sponsored racial discrimination based on benign prejudice is just as noxious as discrimination inspired by malicious prejudice. - Author: Clarence Thomas
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Clarence Thomas
#10. Look, this debate is basic: it's small government vs. big government. So how cowardly do folks like Blood and Frank Rich have to be that they can't man up and defend their love for collectivism? The only reason they scream race, is because that debate scares them. They know a racial accusation prevents dialogue, because such a harmful charge far outweighs any benefits of winning an argument. - Author: Greg Gutfeld
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#11. We resonate with one another's sorrows because we are interconnected. Being whole and simultaneously part of a larger whole, we can change the world simply by changing ourselves. If I become a center of love and kindness in this moment, then in a perhaps small but hardly insignificant way, the world now has a nucleus of love and kindness it lacked the moment before. This benefits me and it benefits others. - Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#12. How does Sting know she doesn't have to turn on the red light? I bet under different circumstances she'd love not to put on the red light, but she's got bills to pay. If he's telling her she doesn't have to turn on the red light, he needs to offer an alternative. I'd appreciate Sting's suggestion more if he followed, "You don't have to sell your body to the night," with "because I found you a stable nine-to-five that comes with benefits, a dental plan, and a matching 401K. - Author: Steven Barker
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Steven  Barker
#13. In the world of the extended phenotype, ask not how an animal's behaviour benefits its genes; ask instead whose genes it is benefiting. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Richard Dawkins
#14. When the poor at the BOP are treated as consumers, they can reap the benefits of respect, choice, and self-esteem and have an opportunity to climb out of the poverty trap. - Author: C. K. Prahalad
Kalonji Benefits quotes by C. K. Prahalad
#15. But he alone having reached our deep corruption, he alone having taken upon himself our labors, he alone having suffered the punishments due for our impieties, having recovered us who were not half dead merely, but were already in tombs and sepulchers, and altogether foul and offensive, saves us, both anciently and now, by his beneficent zeal, beyond the expectation of any one, even of ourselves, and imparts liberally of the Father's benefits - he who is the giver of life and light, our great Physician and King and Lord, the Christ of God. - Author: Eusebius
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Eusebius
#16. Chamomile- Potent Medicine Pretty Flowers! This flower has many uses including digestive aid, ulcer healing/prevention, boosts immune system, tranquilizer, soothes menstrual cramps and to promote the onset of menstruation. Use an infusion for its many healing benefits. Take 2 to 3 teaspoons of flowers per cup of boiling water. Steep 10 to 20 minutes and drink up to 3 cups a day. Ask your doctor before using medicinal amounts of chamomile. - Author: Stephanie Stuart
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Stephanie Stuart
#17. Every time a significant discovery is being made one sets in motion a tremendous activity in laboratories and industrial enterprises throughout the world. It is like the ant who suddenly finds food and walks back to the anthill while sending out material called food attracting substance. The other ants follow the path immediately in order to benefit from the finding and continue to do so as long as the supply is rich. - Author: Bengt I. Samuelsson
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Bengt I. Samuelsson
#18. From Privacy to Belonging Some people want to be anonymous, but others are willing to give up some personal information in exchange for the recognition and benefits that come from belonging. There is an ongoing and probably endless debate over the complex concept of privacy. How much private data do you want to share? And with whom? How much should you have to share in exchange for the privileges of membership? One challenge many people face is the desire to access an organization's benefits while wanting to stay independent. Some want to be protected from Big Brother, while others want to avoid superfluous social interactions. Still others are unabashed joiners and simply want to connect. - Author: Robbie Kellman Baxter
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Robbie Kellman Baxter
#19. A woman's moral influence is nowhere more powerfully felt or more beneficially employed than in the home. There is no better setting for rearing the rising generation than the traditional family, where a father and a mother work in harmony to provide for, teach, and nurture their children. Where this ideal does not exist, people strive to duplicate its benefits as best they can in their particular circumstances. - Author: D. Todd Christofferson
Kalonji Benefits quotes by D. Todd Christofferson
#20. Give yourself five minutes to consider how you can turn a miserable situation to your benefit and that light bulb is going to click on. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Haruki Murakami
#21. One, just one, but definitely one of the great benefits of private prayer is that you can't hide from your motives. In corporate prayer, we can sound like "all that". We can blow Jesus smoke like nobody's bizness in a crowd but, get alone with Him, and He won't let you get away with the fake stuff. Try blowing Jesus smoke in your prayer closet and you'll cough on it every time. Truth? That penetrating gaze of His hurts, but afterwards, it never fails to heal. - Author: Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
#22. Conservatives are also against unions and want to legislate them out of existence via what are called "right to work" laws. Such laws see employment through a Strict Father lens: as simply a matter of individual responsibility by the employee. Conservative enmity against unions follows from the moral hierarchy: Rich Over Poor; Employer Over Employee. Unions are actually agents of freedom - freedom from corporate servitude and wage slavery. Without unions, employees have to individually take what is offered, usually far less than they would get with a union: not just pay but worker safety, health care benefits, pensions, reasonable working conditions and hours, reasonable vacation time. What is "reasonable"? What the union members can negotiate. Unions create freedom. Austerity - Author: George Lakoff
Kalonji Benefits quotes by George Lakoff
#23. Anger is one of the most common and destructive delusions, and it afflicts our mind almost every day. To solve the problem of anger, we first need to recognize the anger within our mind, acknowledge how it harms both ourself and others, and appreciate the benefits of being patient in the face of difficulties. - Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
#24. Xenophobia doesn't benefit anybody unless you're playing high-stakes Scrabble. - Author: Dennis Miller
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Dennis Miller
#25. Also, even if technocrats provide reasonable estimates of a risk, which itself is an iffy enterprise, they cannot dictate what level of risk people ought to accept. People might object to a nuclear power plant that has a minuscule risk of a meltdown not because they overestimate the risk, but because they feel that the cost of a catastrophe, no matter how remote, are too dreadful. And of course any of these trade-offs may be unacceptable if people perceive that the benefits would go to the wealthy and powerful while they themselves absorb the risks. Nonetheless, understanding the difference between our best science and our ancient ways of thinking can only make our individual and collective decisions better informed. It can help scientists and journalists explain a new technology in the face of the most common misunderstandings. And it can help all of us understand the technology so that we can accept or reject it on grounds that we can justify to ourselves and to others. - Author: Steven Pinker
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Steven Pinker
#26. Have you heard of the Children of Mae?"
"The cult?" She knew of a religious group whose members went door to door, preaching the benefits of self-discipline - abstinence, celibacy or monogamy, vegetarianism - pretty much anything fun was prohibited. They had never come to Vesper's house because her father was a butcher and probably pretty low on their list of possible converts. - Author: Colleen Chen
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Colleen Chen
#27. I remember classes in college where the professor was espousing certain theories about how blacks were inherently less intelligent. But I learned a long time ago to give people the benefit of the doubt, not to assume that somebody was reacting to you because of race. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#28. Increased funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program is a priority for the Bush Administration, and I am pleased that many families in North Carolina will benefit from this increase. - Author: Richard Burr
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Richard Burr
#29. I sometimes lament the fact that I do not have the benefit of a complete and ailment free body structure. - Author: Amitabh Bachchan
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Amitabh Bachchan
#30. In the performance of a good action, we not only benefit ourselves, but we confer a blessing upon others. - Author: Philip Sidney
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Philip Sidney
#31. I used to teach writing in a federal prison, and for my students' benefit, I would liken the narrative use of this highly personal point of view to a boxer's getting in close to his opponent. - Author: Norman Lock
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Norman Lock
#32. While the rich reap most of the benefits of technological development, the poor bear an unequal burden of dealing with the consequences of the resulting increased pollution. The poor continue to live in greatest proximity to the sources of pollution, the infrastructure and machinery of industry. They work in the most polluted and physically dangerous workplaces. And these same individuals, living and working closest to the sources of environmental catastrophe, are also the ones most lacking decent health care. - Author: James H. Cone
Kalonji Benefits quotes by James H. Cone
#33. On the whole, money does artists much more good than harm. The idea that one benefits from cold water, crusts and debt collectors is now almost extinct, like belief in the reformatory power of flogging, - Author: Robert Hughes
Kalonji Benefits quotes by Robert Hughes

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