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#1. They're a redefinition of boredom ... the most important thing you need to know about an awards show is where is the nearest smoking opportunity. - Author: Stephen Daldry
Kalberer Award quotes by Stephen Daldry
#2. His direction may not be a booming thunder or a voice in your ear. It may be a high-risk loan application going through, a referral seemingly out of nowhere or a scholarship award for something you were not qualified for. If these sorts of things are happening, God is creating a path for you. He is providing confirmation that tells you, "This is right!" Isaiah, 30:21 proves this to be true, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,"This is the way; walk in it. - Author: V.L. Thompson
Kalberer Award quotes by V.L. Thompson
#3. The Country Music Awards were held Wednesday night at Universal City. The best country songs are always about drinking and guns and love gone wrong. Next year they're giving Robert Blake the Lifetime Achievement Award. - Author: Argus Hamilton
Kalberer Award quotes by Argus Hamilton
#4. It's really wonderful that it's the whole franchise being recognized and it's a collective award. Each film has anywhere between 2,000 and 6,000 people working on it and so really the award is for each and every one of us. We are like a family. - Author: David Heyman
Kalberer Award quotes by David Heyman
#5. I actually got a part in 'The Love Guru', that Mike Myers film. I heard it's awful. I got a Razzie award for it, which I'm quite proud of, but I still haven't seen it. I have no plans to branch out. - Author: Daniel Tosh
Kalberer Award quotes by Daniel Tosh
#6. I dreamed Kim Kardashian was sobbing but her makeup was still flawless. She stood on stage in a tight little cleavage squishing dress holding her award in her arms. Her out of focus, uninspired photograph of sunflowers and bluebonnets won Photograph of the Year in her church's photography contest. I was kind of bitter about it but I didn't attend her church and I didn't enter the contest. - Author: Misti Rainwater-Lites
Kalberer Award quotes by Misti Rainwater-Lites
#7. I have never seen any place on Earth as beautiful, improbable, and beautifully ridiculous as Australia. Whatever god or devil first conceived of the place deserves some sort of award, and possibly a smack in the head. - Author: Seanan McGuire
Kalberer Award quotes by Seanan McGuire
#8. I've received many honors and I'm grateful for them; but I've already received the highest award I'll ever receive, and that has been the privilege and honor of serving very proudly in the United States Navy. - Author: Grace Hopper
Kalberer Award quotes by Grace Hopper
#9. I had no idea 'L.A. Law' would be so mega. I knew it was a big show, but I was just one actress in a group of many good, award-winning actresses. - Author: Amanda Donohoe
Kalberer Award quotes by Amanda Donohoe
#10. I was the Chair of the WIFF Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of Women In Film. The foundation runs the several programs including one that provide our film finishing fund. So we help women complete their films with a grant from Netflix. It's great to be associated with award winning films like 'Freeheld' and 'Circumstance'. - Author: Sharon Lawrence
Kalberer Award quotes by Sharon Lawrence
#11. I'm glad I won it because when I grew up the Pulitzer was the award that every composer wanted and I was like that too. - Author: John Corigliano
Kalberer Award quotes by John Corigliano
#12. Fifty years ago my Mother stood on this stage accepting this award; She was fortunate enough to have my Dad with her. Fifty years later, I'm fortunate enough to have my Dad with me. I love you, Dad. - Author: Mariska Hargitay
Kalberer Award quotes by Mariska Hargitay
#13. [People] ask themselves, what is suitable for my position? What is usually done by persons of my station and percuniary circumstances? Or (worse still) what is usually done by persons of a station and circumstances superior to mine? I do not mean that they choose what is customary in preference to what suits their own inclinations. It does not occur to them to have any inclination, except for what is customary. Thus the mind itself is bowed to the yoke: even in what people do for pleasure, conformity is the first thing thought of; they like in crowds; they exercise choice only among things that are commonly done: peculiarity of taste, eccentricity of conduct, are shunned equally with crimes: until by dint of not following their own nature they have no nature to follow: their human capacities are withered and starved: they become incapable of any strong wishes or native pleasures, and are generally without either opinions or feelings of home growth, or properly their own. - Author: John Stuart Mill
Kalberer Award quotes by John Stuart Mill
#14. I can't understand why Scholes has never won the player of the year award. He should have won it long ago. Maybe it's because he doesn't seek the limelight like some of the other 'stars'. - Author: Thierry Henry
Kalberer Award quotes by Thierry Henry
#15. My goal in life was to host the MTV Awards, because it's the awards show that Prince sang on, and that was the awards show that Eddie Murphy hosted and Arsenio hosted. - Author: Chris Rock
Kalberer Award quotes by Chris Rock
#16. I have a Tony Award now. It hasn't changed too much in the theater world, but it gives me entree for film stuff and TV stuff, where people will see me more easily now because they know me. - Author: Casey Nicholaw
Kalberer Award quotes by Casey Nicholaw
#17. If you watch the award shows, you'll see variations of the hammer pants. It's always cool to see that and then every now and then, you'll see an artist who's pushing the envelope and it may not be all the way there but you can see where it's coming from. I'm always appreciative of seeing my influence. - Author: MC Hammer
Kalberer Award quotes by MC Hammer
#18. I love to cook. I make an award-winning turkey chili. - Author: Joely Fisher
Kalberer Award quotes by Joely Fisher
#19. Perfidy and brutal force thwarted opportunities for calling President Wilson's Arbitral Award to life. Nevertheless, its significance is not to be underestimated: through that decision the aspiration of the Armenian people for the lost Motherland had obtained vital and legal force. - Author: Serzh Sargsyan
Kalberer Award quotes by Serzh Sargsyan
#20. The barrier to entry, to being a model, is not hard work. You don't need a degree. You don't need to win an award. It's just about how you look. - Author: Cameron Russell
Kalberer Award quotes by Cameron Russell
#21. The nicest part of the prize, perhaps, is the effect on my friends and family. Each of them feels proud and happy to have the relationship with me that they do. In a way, it's as though they received an award too, and I like that very much. - Author: Bruce Beutler
Kalberer Award quotes by Bruce Beutler
#22. Now, over the years I've been forced to conclude that most celebrations don't work. The more carefully planned a signal occasion, the more likely it will trickle by on a pale tide of dilute well-meaningness. Christmases, birthdays, award ceremonies, and weddings are swallowed by planning and preparation on the one side and cleaning up on the other, and almost never seem to have actually happened. - Author: Lionel Shriver
Kalberer Award quotes by Lionel Shriver
#23. I really, really like 'Eastbound & Down.' It's one of the few things that makes me laugh. It's almost too funny to get an award. - Author: Denis Leary
Kalberer Award quotes by Denis Leary
#24. The publication of Doctor Zhivago in the West in 1957 and the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Boris Pasternak the following year triggered one of the greatest cultural storms of the Cold War. Because of the enduring appeal of the novel, and the 1965 David Lean film based on it, Doctor Zhivago remains a landmark piece of fiction. Yet few readers know the trials of its birth and how the novel galvanized a world largely divided between the competing ideologies of two superpowers. - Author: Peter Finn
Kalberer Award quotes by Peter Finn
#25. I never knew I'd be in a musical, let alone win an award for one. - Author: Nicole Kidman
Kalberer Award quotes by Nicole Kidman
#26. I remember when I first won the Academy Award and how much I loved it. I just wish there was an award around that you could really believe in again. - Author: Joanne Woodward
Kalberer Award quotes by Joanne Woodward
#27. Building on our successful partnership, we can now bring together the best of Microsoft's software engineering with the best of Nokia's product engineering, award-winning design, and global sales, marketing and manufacturing, - Author: Stephen Elop
Kalberer Award quotes by Stephen Elop
#28. I started playing the piano, pretty much on my own, when I was 5, and I started writing music when I was 7. In fact, I won a composition award. It was a crummy little piece, but I won with it. - Author: Maury Yeston
Kalberer Award quotes by Maury Yeston
#29. Award trophies, as opposed to letting the players define and claim their own. Ultimately, pay them to play so that their activity not only resembles work but is work. - Author: John Thorn
Kalberer Award quotes by John Thorn
#30. John Williams is best known for his novels, Nothing But the Night, Stoner, Butcher's Crossing, and Augustus, for which he won the National Book Award in 1973. - Author: John Edward Williams
Kalberer Award quotes by John Edward Williams
#31. After I won the Tony Award, the film floodgates opened, so I was like a kid in a candy store. - Author: Dan Fogler
Kalberer Award quotes by Dan Fogler
#32. My earlier award was also based on a close collaborative effort. - Author: John Bardeen
Kalberer Award quotes by John Bardeen
#33. If you start thinking about who's going to read it [you're writing], or what grade will you get, or is it going to win that award, or are you going to get into this graduate program, you're blocking the light, and the light is that guidance and love we get when we open up our hearts and are guided by our higher selves, or God, or the Buddha Lupe [Buddha and the Virgin of Guadalupe fused together, as they are in the tattoo on Sandra's right arm], or whatever you believe in, or love. - Author: Sandra Cisneros
Kalberer Award quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#34. Most people I know don't even realize I'm an award-winning author, but I have gotten many opportunities to travel to places I'd never have visited otherwise. - Author: Virginia Euwer Wolff
Kalberer Award quotes by Virginia Euwer Wolff
#35. Stars are rare creatures, and not everyone can be one. But there isn't anyone on earth - not you, not me, not the girl next door - who wouldn't like to be a movie star holding up that gold statuette on Academy Award night. - Author: Sue Mengers
Kalberer Award quotes by Sue Mengers
#36. The first time I received an award, I was very surprised. I did not know whether to accept it or not. But I came to the conclusion that I should accept awards in the name of the poorest poor, as a form of homage to them. I think that basically, when awards are given to me, the existence of the poor in the world is being recognized. - Author: Mother Teresa
Kalberer Award quotes by Mother Teresa
#37. In 1990, I was in 'The Three Sisters' at the Royal Court and won the Clarence Derwent award for my supporting role as Natasha - the prize was £100. I could have paid the gas bill, but I ended up buying a porcelain and silver Bavarian coffee set in an antiques shop in Penzance. - Author: Lesley Manville
Kalberer Award quotes by Lesley Manville
#38. By adopting, I was not a full-fledged mother in their eyes. I hadn't paid the price of pregnancy, hadn't earned the badge of labor or the award for delivery, and would forever be an outside --an associate member at best. I looked like the other women, but I felt like less of one. - Author: Jana Wolff
Kalberer Award quotes by Jana Wolff
#39. Given the issues with certain SF/F trophies (like the World Fantasy Award, which is 1) butt-ugly and 2) based on one disgustingly racist dude), all trophies from this point forward should be made out of LEGO. That way if you don't like it, you can just make it into something else. - Author: Jim C. Hines
Kalberer Award quotes by Jim C. Hines
#40. When it comes to judging individuals, I do not like remarks such as 'too good to be true.' They speak as though one is rewarding the nature of evil. Yet, ironically, we still wonder where all the good people have gone. - Author: Criss Jami
Kalberer Award quotes by Criss Jami
#41. There's a lot of great movies that have won the Academy Award, and a lot of great movies that haven't. You just do the best you can. - Author: Clint Eastwood
Kalberer Award quotes by Clint Eastwood
#42. To receive this award from an organization I admire so much makes me totally happy and grateful. - Author: James Welch
Kalberer Award quotes by James Welch
#43. He watched the newly arrived commuters as they stepped into the carriage, pushed their way down the tube, the odours from their damp clothes mingling, giving off varying degrees of mustiness: London grime, or smoke from airless offices. A woman wearing a blue swing coat glanced along the carriage, casting around for an empty seat. Her pale skin, the searching green eyes, reminded him of Emma. Briefly, he felt his breath catch; he stood, clambered back over his neighbour and indicated for her to take his seat. And so his mind stayed with Emma when he knew he should be working out a strategy for telling Dorothy of his news. But Emma was never far away; like the glitter balls in dance halls, she would slowly rotate in his memory, different facets reappearing, as the hues changed in her auburn hair. - Author: Amanda Sington-Williams
Kalberer Award quotes by Amanda Sington-Williams
#44. Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.
- Winston S. Churchill - Author: Ellen Brazer
Kalberer Award quotes by Ellen Brazer
#45. Laura Waters Hinson, an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Washington, D.C., described it to me: If you think about the fact that 95 percent of all movies you see are created through a male lens - that's a staggering thought. The vast majority of the media that we consume, that is shaping our souls in a lot of ways, is created by men. And I love men! But no wonder so much of it is violent or sexualized. This - Author: Katelyn Beaty
Kalberer Award quotes by Katelyn Beaty
#46. It's time for me to give out an award to newly elected Majority Leader John Boehner. Mr. Boehner was elected just a few days ago to reform House Republicans, who are feeling the heat from lobbyist scandals. Well, CNN found out that he rents his two-bedroom apartment from a lobbyist who had clients who had interests in legislation that Boehner sponsored. And for that, Mr. Boehner, you've just won a pair of Stephen Colbert's big brass balls. - Author: Stephen Colbert
Kalberer Award quotes by Stephen Colbert

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