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#1. Build high-speed, electrified trains over the most-traveled corridors. It'sreally hard to power carbon-free airplanes, but electrified trains are much easier. We'll be a half century behind the Japanese, but better late than never. - Author: Denis Hayes
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Denis Hayes
#2. Be swift as the wind,
silent as the forest,
fierce as fire,
steady as a mountain. - Author: David Kudler
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by David Kudler
#3. It's pretentious to say, but my art is like a little Zen story, a story with a question mark at the end. People can take from it what they need. If somebody says, "Your art is very funny," I say, "You are totally right." If somebody says, "Your art is very sad," I say, "You are totally right." In Japan they say, "Your art is very Japanese, you even look Japanese.Your great-grandfather was most surely a Japanese man." And I say, "You are totally right." - Author: Christian Boltanski
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Christian Boltanski
#4. It was still hard for a Korean to become a Japanese citizen, and there were many who considered such a thing shameful - for a Korean to try to become a citizen of its former oppressor. When she told her friends in New York about this curious historical anomaly and the pervasive ethnic bias, they were incredulous at the thought that the friendly, well-mannered Japanese they knew could ever think she was somehow criminal, lazy, filthy, or aggressive - the negative stereotypical traits of Koreans in Japan. - Author: Min Jin Lee
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Min Jin Lee
#5. As the brilliant sunset cools to gray, I vow my anger over blatant discrimination will not cool. As these rocks stay steady through season changes and time, so I will remain steady. I will not be silent. I will not let this go. - Author: Stephanie Morrill
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Stephanie Morrill
#6. He was so fascinated by the long single strand of black hair that he did not overflow his mind with fantasies about it, turning it into a hundred varieties of his imagination.
He just sat there staring at it.
Japanese hair. - Author: Richard Brautigan
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Richard Brautigan
#7. One thing that really interests me is-and it comes out of Chinese and Japanese painting-where you have a number of different kinds of space in the same painting. You have a kind of deep space, and then you have something like right up on the surface. - Author: Mary Heilmann
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Mary Heilmann
#8. There aren't many American directors here trying to direct a Japanese yakuza film. When you combine that with the fact that I don't speak much Japanese and this was an independent film I was financing myself - people were curious about what I was doing. - Author: John Foster
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by John Foster
#9. Here
you warriors
why this moaning and complaining? Have you no more sense than toads and vipers? Our time hasn't come. Have you no patience? Are we not the 'trodden weed' still? The time is not yet here for us to raise our heads. Must you still complain? - Author: Eiji Yoshikawa
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Eiji Yoshikawa
#10. I was a dishwasher at one of those Japanese places that cook on your table. Not too fun. - Author: Aziz Ansari
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Aziz Ansari
#11. In literature, plays, and cinema, substitutionary sacrifice is always the most riveting and moving plot point. In the movie The Last of the Mohicans, British major Duncan Heyward asks his Indian captors if he might die in the flames so that Cora, whom he loves, and Nathaniel can go free. When, as he is being dragged away, Duncan cries, "My compliments, sir! Take her and get out!" we are electrified by his unflinching willingness to die to save others, one of whom has been his rival. He dies with his arms bound and stretched out, as if he were on a cross. In Ernest Gordon's memoir of being a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II, he recounts how at the end of a day of forced labor the guards counted the shovels, and one was apparently missing. A furious guard threatened the British POWs that unless the guilty person confessed, he would kill them all. He cocked his gun to start shooting them one by one. At that moment, one prisoner stepped forward calmly and said, "I did it." He stood quietly at attention, and "he did not open his mouth" (Isaiah 53: 7) as he was beaten to death. When they all got back to the camp and counted the shovels again, it turned out that they were all there. The man had sacrificed himself to save them all. In the first Harry Potter novel, the evil Lord Voldemort can't touch Harry without being burned. Later Dumbledore explains it to him. "Your mother died to save you. . . . Love as powerful [as that] . . . leaves its own mark. . . . [T] o have be - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#12. Japan is not a Western democracy. The Japanese have kept their traditions, culture and heritage, but they have joined the community of free nations. - Author: Natan Sharansky
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Natan Sharansky
#13. I can't bring myself to trust you. But even if you were to betray me, and even if you were to become my enemy ... would it be okay for me to love? Could you ... let me love you? - Author: Ryohgo Narita
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Ryohgo Narita
#14. I am an admirer of haiku, and I'm a great admirer of Japanese literature in general. - Author: Richard Flanagan
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Richard Flanagan
#15. To be able to use the Japanese tongue as a Japanese uses it, one would need to be born again, and to have one's mind completely reconstructed, from the foundation upwards. - Author: Anonymous
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Anonymous
#16. If you can call a Chevrolet a Chev, why can't you call a Japanese a Jap? - Author: Harold Ballard
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Harold Ballard
#17. A lifetime of low calories has come naturally to the longest-lived people in the world ... in the Japanese archipelago of Okinawa. - Author: S. Jay Olshansky
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by S. Jay Olshansky
#18. I could have sworn that the man's eyes were no longer watching his daughter dying in agony, that instead the gorgeous colors of flames and the sight of a woman suffering in them were giving him joy beyond measure. - Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
#19. Beneath the surface level of conditioned thinking in every one of us there is a single living spirit. The still small voice whispering to me in the depths of my consciousness is saying exactly the same thing as the voice whispering to you in your consciousness. 'I want an earth that is healthy, a world at peace, and a heart filled with love.' It doesn't matter if your skin is brown or white or black, or whether you speak English, Japanese, or Malayalam - the voice, says the Gita, is the same in every creature, and it comes from your true self. - Author: Eknath Easwaran
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Eknath Easwaran
#20. One evening, Mike Myers and Steven Spielberg were discussing 'Goldmember,' and I just happened to joke, 'If you need a Japanese character, let me know!' The next day, they called me for audition! I find it's always helpful to maintain a sense of humour. - Author: Nobu Matsuhisa
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Nobu Matsuhisa
#21. When I was in my early 20s, I was quite into Japanese animation. It's like the same thing that I end up always saying which is, imagery based stuff is the thing that really gets me. - Author: Neill Blomkamp
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Neill Blomkamp
#22. We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move ... The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot. - Author: Henry L. Stimson
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Henry L. Stimson
#23. When a population saves a lot, the funds are invested outside the country as well as inside. If the Japanese invest in the United States, it pushes their exchange rate down and makes their manufacturing more competitive. - Author: Evan Davis
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Evan Davis
#24. In fact, it is known from tales brought back by missionaries that the Japanese version of The Sinner's Guide was one of the bullwarks that sustained the faith of the Japanese Catholics during two centuries of terrible persecution, when both in Europe and Japan, Japanese Christianity was believed dead. In 1865, when missionaries were again allowed into Japan, missionary Father Bernard Petitjean was astonished to find in the hills around Nagasaki thousands of Japanese Catholics who had kept the Faith, hidden but vital, without priests, for over 200 years! Immense was the joy of these faithful ones at once again having a Catholic priest among them. The Sinner's Guide had played a providential role in sustaining the Faith in their souls during that trying time. - Author: Louis Of Granada
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Louis Of Granada
#25. For most of their history in China, Pugs were treasured dogs. By law, they could only be owned by nobility or by Buddhist monks. However, because they were held in such high regard, they were also used as pawns in international relations. In 732 C.E., China gave a Pug to Japan as a gift to cement diplomatic relations. The Japanese became infatuated with this dog, and it became the first of many given to Japanese diplomats. - Author: Liz Palika
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Liz Palika
#26. The Japanese banks are not having an easy time as they once had. - Author: David Rockefeller
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by David Rockefeller
#27. Japanese tea ceremony, - Author: Sheryl Berk
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Sheryl Berk
#28. In a way, 'Sin City's designed to be paced somewhere between an American comic book and Japanese manga. Working in black and white, I realized that the eye is less patient, and you have to make your point, and sometimes repeat it. Slowing things down is harder in black and white, because there isn't as much for the eye to enjoy. - Author: Frank Miller
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Frank Miller
#29. I'm really interested in independent publishers and memes and mini comics. But even before that, I was interested in Japanese manga and anime. - Author: Toyin Odutola
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Toyin Odutola
#30. I love Jet Li, but he looks very Chinese, and his English is Chinese-accented. He wouldn't have been the right guy to play a Japanese-American. - Author: Barry Eisler
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Barry Eisler
#31. In Japanese and Italian, the response to ["How are you?"] is "I'm fine, and you?" In German it's answered with a sigh and a slight pause, followed by "Not so good. - Author: David Sedaris
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by David Sedaris
#32. Be as vigilantly on guard against translating such a sentence into the passive voice as you would against committing murder. - Author: Jay Rubin
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Jay Rubin
#33. There is a Japanese word for things made more beautiful by use, that bear the evidence of their own making, or the individuating marks of time's passage: a kind of beauty not immune to time but embedded in it. - Author: Mark Doty
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Mark Doty
#34. A man who has been shaken by a two-ton blockbuster has a frame of reference. He can equate the impact of an H-bomb with his own experience, even though the H-bomb blast is a million times more powerful than the shock he endured. To someone who has never felt a bomb, bomb is only a word. An H-bomb's fireball is something you see on television. It is not something that incinerates you to a cinder in the thousandth part of a second. So the H-bomb is beyond the imagination of all but a few Americans, while the British, Germans, and Japanese can comprehend it, if vaguely. And only the Japanese have personal understanding of atomic heat and radiation. - Author: Pat Frank
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Pat Frank
#35. No, I don't want your money. The world moves less by money than by what you owe people and what they owe you. I don't like to owe anybody anything, so I keep to myself as much on the lending side as I can. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Kaiseki Japanese quotes by Haruki Murakami

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