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#1. I am definitely going to take a course on time management ... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule. - Author: Louis E. Boone
Kahima Schedule quotes by Louis E. Boone
#2. Everyone's got someplace to be. Finding God is not on the schedule.
- The sun is also a star - Author: Nicola Yoon
Kahima Schedule quotes by Nicola Yoon
#3. You know, I haven't written as much as most other writers. Certainly maybe those who keep a more regular schedule accomplish more. - Author: Wallace Shawn
Kahima Schedule quotes by Wallace Shawn
#4. My parents found tradition and ritual very important, because they were both brought up that way and found comfort in it. They thought it was important for children to be kept on a schedule. You went home for the holidays, you went to mass on Sunday - no ifs, ands, or buts. That was ingrained in me from a very young age, and I think that's informed who I am in so many aspects of my life. I crave stability and a schedule and the security that comes along with it. - Author: Chloe Sevigny
Kahima Schedule quotes by Chloe Sevigny
#5. I had about the biggest, longest wish list anyone could have, and 99 percent of what I wanted to get on the screen we got on the screen within our schedule and within our budget and within our resources. - Author: Brad Bird
Kahima Schedule quotes by Brad Bird
#6. 'Monday Night Football' has the good and the bad points. The bad point is you have to wait around all day, and it disrupts your schedule for the next week. Now you have one less day to prepare for the following week. - Author: Bud Grant
Kahima Schedule quotes by Bud Grant
#7. God's schedule is accurate and unshakable. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Kahima Schedule quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#8. If you think you're going to be up for an Oscar, you schedule your moviemaking. - Author: Michael Caine
Kahima Schedule quotes by Michael Caine
#9. My schedule is always tight. But I like to have the pressure of having to finish doing something; it gives me an added edge. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
Kahima Schedule quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#10. The schedule is really crazy and the fans are sometimes kind of crazy, but other than that it's been - it's been cool. - Author: Ruben Studdard
Kahima Schedule quotes by Ruben Studdard
#11. A world without dialogue is a universe of darkness. If people don't get together and share views and exchange ideas, they remain unaware, ignorant, and unconscious. As they live in a space that they don't understand, everything becomes meaningless, incoherent, and forcefully scary. If fear rules our lives, we lose the core of our being, since 'fear' is disrupting the schedule of our existence, and blocks the waves of the good vibrations. ("Beware of the neighbor") - Author: Erik Pevernagie
Kahima Schedule quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#12. My whole lifestyle is different. I have a really busy schedule, and I pretty much have an airplane ride every day. But I like it. It's cool. I like being busy. I think that it's good that I'm young and I'm going through this, and I'm not, like, 40. I think it's just easier now at a younger age to be going through what I'm going through because it's definitely really tiring and hard on the body. - Author: Avril Lavigne
Kahima Schedule quotes by Avril Lavigne
#13. Are you sure you don't remember? Your mind seems to be working just fine to me."
"You know what? Just forget it. Whatever it was, I forgive you. Give me my backpack so I can go back to the office. We're about to get busted anyway, just standing here."
"If you really do forgive me, then you wouldn't still be going to the office." He tightens his hold on the strap of my backpack.
"Ohmysweetgoodness, Galen, why are we even having this conversation? You don't even know me. What do you care if I change my schedule?" I know I'm being rude. The guy offered to carry my things and walk me to class. And depending on which version of the story I believe, he either asked me out on Monday already, or he did it indirectly a few seconds ago. None of it makes any sense. Why me? Without any effort, I can think of at least ten girls who beat me out in looks, personality, and darker foundation. And Galen could pull any of them.
"What, you don't have a question for my question?" I ask after a few seconds.
"It just seems silly for you to change your schedule over a disagreement about when the Titanic-"
I throw my hands up at him. "Don't you see how weird this is for me?"
"I'm trying to, Emma. I really am. But I think you've had a tough couple of weeks, and it's taking a toll on you. You said every time you're around me something bad happens. But you can't really know for sure that's true, unless you spend more time with me. You should at least acknowledge that." - Author: Anna Banks
Kahima Schedule quotes by Anna Banks
#14. In all honesty, men changed a few rules when they became what was referred to as househusbands. Bill didn't make beds, cook, dust, do laundry, windows or floors, or give birth. What he did do was pay bills, call people to fix the plumbing, handle the investments and taxes, volunteer big time, take papers to the garage, change license plates, get the cars serviced, and pick up the cleaning. If women had had that kind of schedule, who knows, we'd probably still be in the home. - Author: Erma Bombeck
Kahima Schedule quotes by Erma Bombeck
#15. The commitments, schedule and sponsor appearances don't change. It gets more busy, because you get more popular, and the more popular you are, it actually gets more busy. They're like, 'Yeah, let's use her, she's hot right now. Let's do a shoot!' - Author: Danica Patrick
Kahima Schedule quotes by Danica Patrick
#16. When you're doing hard work, getting rejected, failing, working it out - this is a dumb time to make a situational decision about whether it's time for a nap or a day off or a coffee break. Zig Ziglar taught me this twenty years ago. Make your schedule before you start. Don't allow setbacks or blocks or anxiety to push you to say, "hey, maybe I should check my e-mail for a while, or you know, I could use a nap." If you do that, the lizard brain will soon be trained to use that escape hatch again and again. - Author: Seth Godin
Kahima Schedule quotes by Seth Godin
#17. I have no trouble with my sleep, but the amount I have varies from four to eight hours, depending on my schedule. - Author: Anton Du Beke
Kahima Schedule quotes by Anton Du Beke
#18. Britain has a Terrorism Act, which has within it a portion called Schedule 7, which is quite unique. What it is is it gives officials the ability to detain people at the border as they go in or out or even transit through the country. - Author: Sarah Harrison
Kahima Schedule quotes by Sarah Harrison
#19. I've called science fiction 'reality ahead of schedule' - Author: Syd Mead
Kahima Schedule quotes by Syd Mead
#20. You do need to edit yourself as you shoot because you have fewer options in a smaller movie. In other words, when I'm shooting a big movie, and I got an 85 day shooting schedule or more, then I'm saying I have enough time to shoot option A and B and C and D for every scene. - Author: David Twohy
Kahima Schedule quotes by David Twohy
#21. I'm not sure," I answer. "I'll look at our game schedule and his game schedule and see if it works out. But I know Wes would be happy to come if his schedule allows it." All of their faces light up. - Author: Sarina Bowen
Kahima Schedule quotes by Sarina Bowen
#22. I still like getting dressed up and having the opportunity to borrow beautiful dresses, but as a mother - and as somebody who's schedule isn't always my own - I don't shop a lot, or think about clothes a lot. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
Kahima Schedule quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
#23. Jenna reached over and held one of my hands, Kara held the other, and I felt like the universe was holding us all.
For that night, maybe just for that magic moment, it all seemed to make so much sense, like the thousand puzzle pieces of my life were all in place and I knew the How and Why of all things. It was one of those moments that I was sure would stay impressed on me forever because it was real and true. It was as tangible as the blanket beneath me. I felt lik I had touched something, something as big as the universe, and it had touched me back.
I didn't know that even a big moment like that could be snuffed out in a matter of days by packing to go home, by the wrong teacher on the wrong school schedule, or by my uncle getting his brains blown out at a traffic stop.
But all that just made Kara and Jenna brighter stars in my sky. I had no way of knowing that, in a matter of weeks, even those stars would be snuffed out. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
Kahima Schedule quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#24. Here is your schedule," she said, sliding a piece of paper to me.

I picked it up and read it aloud. "Wildcrafting 100, Alchemy of Baking 100, Teamancy 100, Magical Weapons Training 200, Creatures of Wonderland, and History of Wonderland. What, no Quidditch?"

"What's Quidditch? - Author: Melanie Karsak
Kahima Schedule quotes by Melanie Karsak
#25. Rabindranath Tagore writes that the song he wanted to sing has never happened because he spent his days "stringing and unstringing" his instrument. Whenever I read these lines a certain sadness enters my soul. I get so preoccupied with the details and pressure of my schedule, with the hurry and worry of life, that I miss the song of goodness which is waiting to be sung through me. - Author: Joyce Rupp
Kahima Schedule quotes by Joyce Rupp
#26. Get your appointment book out and schedule do-nothing-but-relax periods during the week, and then keep those appointments. - Author: Sonia Choquette
Kahima Schedule quotes by Sonia Choquette
#27. We have a pretty tough schedule coming up. We have to stay strong mentally and must focus on getting better. - Author: Tony Parker
Kahima Schedule quotes by Tony Parker
#28. I paid you five thousand instead and promised the balance only if you made the match. As it turns out, this is your lucky day because I've decided to write you the full check, whether the match comes from you or from Portia. As long as I have a wife and you've been part of the process, you'll get your money." He toasted her with his beer mug. "Congratulations."

She put down her fork. "Why would you do that?"

"Because it's efficient."

"Not as efficient as having Powers handle her own introductions. You're paying her a fortune to do exactly that."

"I'd rather have you."

Her pulse kicked. "Why?"

He gave her the melty smile he must have been practicing since the cradle, one that made her feel as though she was the only woman in the world. "Because you're easier to bully. Do we have a deal or not?"

"You don't want a matchmaker. You want a lackey."

"Semantics. My hours are erratic, and my schedule changes without warning. It'll be your job to cope with all that. You'll soothe ruffled feathers when I need to cancel at the last minute. You'll keep my dates company when I'm going to be late, entertain them if I have to take a call. If things are going well, you'll disappear. If not, you'll make the woman disappear. I told you before. I work hard at my job. I don't want to have to work hard at this, too."

"Basically, you expect me to find your bride, court her, and hand her over at the al - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Kahima Schedule quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#29. I block in days / nights for writing where I don't touch emails or social media. - Author: Julia Woodman
Kahima Schedule quotes by Julia Woodman
#30. The top 1% often succeed despite how they train, not because of it. Superior genetics, or a luxurious full-time schedule, make up for a lot. - Author: Timothy Ferriss
Kahima Schedule quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#31. My heart lurches as all the implications sink in. I've seen this movie before. The plot is simple: First, you take an urgent date-driven project, where the shipment date cannot be delayed because of external commitments made to Wall Street or customers. Then you add a bunch of developers who use up all the time in the schedule, leaving no time for testing or operations deployment. And because no one is willing to slip the deployment date, everyone after Development has to take outrageous and unacceptable shortcuts to hit the date. - Author: Gene Kim
Kahima Schedule quotes by Gene Kim
#32. I think straight couples have a schedule: You're together for two years and then there's the 'where is this going?' question, which wouldn't necessarily be good for everyone, but I think it's pretty healthy for relationships, for there to be a presumption that there is a decision to be made. - Author: Nick Denton
Kahima Schedule quotes by Nick Denton
#33. They were relaxing at the top of a waterfall, in a small, still pool where the mountain waters hit an upward slope of folded granite. It was sort of a rounded bathtub, carved out of the rock throughout the centuries by the rushing river, a river so hidden that it was without a name. Just below were the falls, about a 30-foot drop into another, much larger pool of clearest water that was gathered for a respite, a compromise in the river's relentless schedule downward, between split-level decks of flat rock. Further on, the river reanimated and released into a sharp ravine, pulling westward, down through the rugged mountains and faceless forest
the Black Hills National Forest
gaining force until it joined with the rush of the Castle River, near the old Custer Trail, and was swallowed into the Deerfield Reservoir to collect and prepare for the touch of man. - Author: Ron Parsons
Kahima Schedule quotes by Ron Parsons
#34. Shut the door behind you. Or don't. I don't give a fuck. But if I don't leave now, I'm going to have to explain to Elise why I killed you, and I'd rather talk about her class schedule." - - Author: J.R. Ward
Kahima Schedule quotes by J.R. Ward
#35. Kylie flopped back against the seat again, enjoying the look of disbelief on the vampire's face a little
too much. "Would you like a name of a good doctor who will schedule your little snip-snip operation?"
she bit out. - Author: C.C. Hunter
Kahima Schedule quotes by C.C. Hunter
#36. In a sense, being a full-time writer is less fun because there's no office to go to anymore, there's no set routine, there's no schedule. It can be quite isolating. - Author: Aravind Adiga
Kahima Schedule quotes by Aravind Adiga
#37. Like He did with Joshua, the Lord will meet your needs and cover your inadequacies with His power. There is no obstacle so big God can't help you overcome it. Not your finances. Not your schedule. Not your messy house. Not your unruly kids. Not your singleness. - Author: Jennifer Maggio
Kahima Schedule quotes by Jennifer Maggio

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