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Once I had finished conducting business with Herr Kassl, I went in search of my sister. Käthe was easy to find, even in this sea of faces in the square. Her smiles were the broadest, her blue eyes the brightest, her pink cheeks the rosiest. Even her hair beneath that ridiculous hat shone like a bird of golden plumage. All I had to do was follow the path traced by the eyes of the onlookers in the village, those admiring, appreciative glances that led me straight to my sister at the center.
For a moment, I watched her bargain and haggle with the sellers. Käthe was like an actress on the stage, all heightened emotion and intense passion, her gestures affected, her smiles calculated. She fluttered and flirted outrageously, carefully oblivious to the stares she drew like moths to the flame. Both men and women traced the lines of her body, the curve of her cheek, the pout of her lip.
Looking at Käthe, it was difficult to forget just how sinful our bodies were, just how prone we were to wickedness. Born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward, or so saith Job. Clothed in clinging fabrics, with every line of her body exposed, every gasp of pleasure unconcealed, everything about Käthe suggested voluptuousness. ~ S. Jae-Jones
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by S. Jae-Jones
The painting showed a hairless, oppressed creature with a head like an inverted pear, its hands clapped in horror to its ears, its mouth open in a vast, soundless scream. Twisted ripples of the creature's torment, echoes of its cry, flooded out into the air surrounding it; the man or woman, whichever it was, had become contained by its own howl. It had covered its ears against its own sound. The creature stood on a bridge and no one else was present; the creature screamed in isolation. Cut off by - or despite - its outcry. ~ Philip K. Dick
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Philip K. Dick
You are an idealist," Bonteri said. "That's not a bad thing."
"I know," Padmé said. "I have worked very hard at it. ~ E.K. Johnston
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by E.K. Johnston
Shevek, meeting her eyes, knew that he had committed an unforgivable fault in forgetting her and, ... ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
Ai taught me a Terran game played on squares with little stones, called go, an excellent difficult game. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
It was in the attempt to ascertain the interrelationships between species that experiments n genetics were first made. The words "evolution" and "origin of species" are now so intimately associated with the name of Darwin that we are apt to forger that the idea of common descent had been prominent in the mnds of naturalists before he wrote, and that, for more than half a century, zealous investigators had been devoting themselves to the experimental study of that possibility. Prominent among this group of experimenters may be mentioned Koelreauter, John Hunter, Herbert Knight, Gartner, Jordan. Naudin, Godron, Lecoq, Wichura
men whose names are familiar to every reader of Animals and Plants unders Domestication. ~ William Bateson
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by William Bateson
What happens to a man who just won't cooperate?"
"Well, he moves on. The others get tired of him, you know. They make fun of him, or they get rough with him, beat him up ... ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
Solitude was his fate; he was trapped in his heredity. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
Meine mutige Kämpferin. Fight death with all you have. ~ Mya Robarts
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Mya Robarts
She suddenly asks: 'What are you most afraid of?'

'I don't know,' I say. 'Illness, perhaps.'

'Because what drives me nuts lately is people who are prepared to do anything for money. I find them really frightening. ~ Mariusz Szczygiel
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Mariusz Szczygiel
Ophüls's images are perfect crystals. Their facets are oblique mirrors…And the mirrors are not content with reflecting the actual image, but constitute the prism, the lens where the split image constantly runs after itself to connect up with itself…On the track or in the crystal, the imprisoned characters bustle, acting and acted on…Crystalline perfection lets no outside subsist: there is no outside of the mirror or the film set, but only an obverse where the characters who disappear or die go, abandoned by life which thrusts itself back into the film set. ~ Gilles Deleuze
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Gilles Deleuze
[U.Eco habla de la época greco-latina]: No es que no hayan existido mujeres que filosofaran. Es que los filósofos han preferido olvidarlas, tal vez después de haberse apropiado de sus ideas
/[U. Eco is talking about the Greco-Latin era]; It is not that there had not been women philosophers. It is that male philosophers have preferred to forget them, perhaps after having appropriated their ideas. ~ Umberto Eco
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Umberto Eco
You always have everything better than the rest, even pain. ~ Victor Hugo
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Victor Hugo
This young woman," said Diana, "was responsible for the destruction of the Triumvirate's fleet."
"Well, I had a lot of help," Lavinia said.
"I don't understand," I said, turning to Lavinia. "You made all those mortars malfunction?"
Lavinia looked offended. "Well, yeah. Somebody had to stop the fleet. I did pay attention during siege-weapon class and ship-boarding class. It wasn't that hard. All it took was a little fancy footwork."
Hazel finally managed to pick her jaw off the pavement. "Wasn't that hard?"
"We were motivated! The fauns and dryads did great." She paused, her expression momentarily clouding, as if she remembered something unpleasant. "Um…besides, the Nereids helped a lot. There was only a skeleton crew aboard each yacht. Not, like, actual skeletons, but - you know what I mean. Also, look!"
She pointed proudly at her feet, which were now adorned with the shoes of Terpsichore from Caligula's private collection.
"You mounted an amphibious assault on an enemy fleet," I said, "for a pair of shoes."
Lavinia huffed. "Not just for the shoes, obviously." She tap-danced a routine that would've made Savion Glover proud. "Also to save the camp, and the nature spirits, and Michael Kahale's commandos."
Hazel held up her hands to stop the overflow of information. "Wait. Not to be a killjoy - I mean, you did an amazing thing! - but you still deserted your post, Lavinia. I certainly didn't give you permission - "
"I was acting ~ Rick Riordan
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Rick Riordan
If two or more organs of the body are not squirting fluids, the story's no good! ~ Christopher Vogler
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Christopher Vogler
She was beautiful, without comparison, but she exuded and icy and emotionless aura. She was as hard and as cold as ice and it was difficult to tell whether she was pleased or angry. ~ Jin Yong
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Jin Yong
To understand the nature of the people one must be a prince, and to understand the nature of the prince, one must be of the people ~ Niccolo Machiavelli
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
The TRUTH shall always be your unbeatable weapon.
~ Angelica Hopes, an excerpt from P. B. Y. M. Book 1 of Karmic Harvest Trilogy ~ Angelica Hopes
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Angelica Hopes
Love is a fault; be it so. Fantine was innocence floating upon the surface of this fault. ~ Victor Hugo
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Victor Hugo
I have no admiration for culture. I have no reserve knowledge, no provisional knowledge. And everything that I learn, I learn for a particular task, and once it's done, I immediately forget it, so that if ten years later, I have to get involved with something close to or directly within the same subject, I would have to start again from zero, with some few exceptions. ~ Gilles Deleuze
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Gilles Deleuze
I am very careful about who I choose to build memories with. Some of them might last a lifetime. ~ Angélica Calheiros
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Angélica Calheiros
Lavina led me to an abandoned warehouse. I think that at some point someone decreed that all clandestine meetings must be held in one. Woe to the criminal overlord who lives in a city thriving with commerce, with no empty warehouses to be found. He probably needs to build one, just to have a place to arrange late-night meetings. (Bewitched) ~ Kelley Armstrong
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Kelley Armstrong
Twas easier to disarm the god of strength
Than this Hippolytus, for Hercules
Yielded so often to the eyes of beauty,
As to make triumph cheap.
― Jean Racine, Phèdre ~ Jean Racine
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Jean Racine
In the years afterward, I fled whenever somebody began to understand me. That has subsided. But one thing remained: I don't want anybody to understand me completely. I want to go through life unknown. The blindness of others is my safety and my freedom. ~ Pascal Mercier
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Pascal Mercier
If we are given a chance to go back to our youth, we won't go back, because we cannot give up our accumulated wisdom and we cannot give up the things that belong to our time! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Her grandfather's books [ ... ] opened before Ada, a world whose colours were so dazzling that reality paled in comparison and faded away. Boris Godunov, Satan, Athalia, King Lear: they all spoke words charged with meaning; every syllable was inexpressively precious ~ Irene Nemirovsky
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Irene Nemirovsky
Great revolutions can be done only by those who know very well the great revolutionaries of the past! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
IBM is a Monozukuri. ~ Mehmet Kececi
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Mehmet Kececi
Take that absurd fool Elipas Levi who was supposed to be the Grand High Whatnot in Victorian times. Did you ever read his book, The Doctrine and Ritual of Magic? In his introduction he professes that he is going to tell you all about the game and that he's written a really practical book, by the aid of which anybody who likes can raise the devil, and perform all sorts of monkey tricks. He drools on for hundreds of pages about fiery swords and tetragrams and the terrible aqua poffana, but does he tell you anything? Not a blessed thing. Once it comes to a showdown he hedges like the crook he was and tells you that such mysteries are far too terrible and dangerous to be entrusted to the profane. Mysterious balderdash my friend. I'm going to have a good strong nightcap and go to bed. ~ Dennis Wheatley
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Dennis Wheatley
The first effect of the mind growing cultivated is that processes once multiple get to be performed in a single act. Lazarus has called this the progressive 'condensation' of thought. ... Steps really sink from sight. An advanced thinker sees the relations of his topics is such masses and so instantaneously that when he comes to explain to younger minds it is often hard ... Bowditch, who translated and annotated Laplace's Méchanique Céleste, said that whenever his author prefaced a proposition by the words 'it is evident,' he knew that many hours of hard study lay before him. ~ William James
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by William  James
I am..."
Who was I? Daughter, sister, wife, queen, composer; these were the titles I had been given and claimed, but they were not the whole of me. They were not me, entire. I closed my eyes.
"I am," I said slowly, "a girl with music in her soul. I am a sister, daughter, a friend, who fiercely protects those dear to her. I am a girl who loves strawberries, chocolate torte, songs in a minor key, moments stolen from chores, and childish games. I am short-tempered yet disciplined. I am self-indulgent, selfish, yet selfless. I am compassion and hatred and contradiction. I am... me. ~ S. Jae-Jones
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by S. Jae-Jones
Living grows 'round us like a skin
to shut away the desolation
for if we clearly mark the furthest deep
we should be dead long years before the grave

But turning around within
the homely shell of worry, discontent
and narrow joy
we grow and flourish
and rarely see the outside dark
that would confound our eyes

Some break the shell
I think that there are those
who push their fingers through the brittle walls
and make a hole
and through that cruel slit
stare out across the cinders of the world
with naked eyes
They look both in and out
knowing themselves
and too much else beside ~ Molly Drake
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Molly Drake
To be able to see a magic, you need to have a mind that can detect that magic! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
K C3 A4the Vogler quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
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