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If you want to judge me, I can handle it. ~ Richard Sherman
Judge Me quotes by Richard Sherman
I love music. It's always been a big part of my life, and I don't think people should, you know, judge me by my last name instead of listening to the album. I think the music definitely speaks for itself, and it's a great album. ~ Paris Hilton
Judge Me quotes by Paris Hilton
Having Down syndrome means nothing to me, I'm special like everyone else. I do not let people judge me for having Down syndrome. The important thing is how I feel about myself. On the inside, I feel beautiful. ~ Edward Barbanell
Judge Me quotes by Edward Barbanell
Did he judge on appearance alone? would he judge me? "Goth" doesn't cut it when it comes to a word that describes me. I'm complex. Complicated. No one gets me, and I like it that way. ~ Kelly McClymer
Judge Me quotes by Kelly McClymer
All pain is the same. Only the details are different. ~ Kevin Powers
Judge Me quotes by Kevin Powers
Aideen groaned. "Don't judge me, term started back on Monday and the kids are drivin' me insane already."

I raised my eyebrows. "You teach second class kids, they're all cuties."

Aideen growled, "Those eight year olds can be animals, do you hear me? Animals! I caught two boys forcin' another boy to eat fuckin' glue while givin' him a wedgie yesterday. They're evil, I'm tellin' you. ~ L.A. Casey
Judge Me quotes by L.A. Casey
That goes against what I believe morally. That's adultery, and if I'm accused of that, no, that's not right. I have two kids who see that and remember that and judge me. It didn't happen, and it's not to be reported that way. ~ Nicole Kidman
Judge Me quotes by Nicole Kidman
If you want a significant man, with absolutes, morality, and meaning, then you must have what the Bible insists upon - that God will judge men justly, and they will not be able to raise their voices because of the base upon which He judges them. ~ Francis Schaeffer
Judge Me quotes by Francis Schaeffer
A lot of people judge me because I like to, you know, look good, but I grew up in fashion. ~ Marie-Chantal Claire
Judge Me quotes by Marie-Chantal Claire
When all is said and done, I hope people will judge me by who I am, not by what I've written. ~ Jack Tate
Judge Me quotes by Jack Tate
Before you judge me, look in the mirror. ~ Whoopi Goldberg
Judge Me quotes by Whoopi Goldberg
Don't judge me. Ethics and morality no longer exist in our world. It's a luxury of the past, afforded only to those who had a future. ~ T.M. Williams
Judge Me quotes by T.M. Williams
I try to live my life like my father lives his. He always takes care of everyone else first. He won't even start eating until he's sure everyone else in the family has started eating. Another thing: My dad never judges me by whether I win or lose. ~ Ben Roethlisberger
Judge Me quotes by Ben Roethlisberger
Be successful! I judge men only by the results of their actions. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
Judge Me quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
Have you ever heard the expression: Walk a mile in my shoes, and then judge me? And write your own books. ~ Ann Rule
Judge Me quotes by Ann Rule
Judge me by my future works. ~ Thomas Hardy
Judge Me quotes by Thomas Hardy
You have the right to kill me, but you do not have the right to judge me. Boom. That's the whole movie. That's life. ~ Charlie Sheen
Judge Me quotes by Charlie Sheen
Public speaking is scary, I think. I've gotten way better at it. If I have to do a speech and be like, 'I'm a YouTuber,' then that's easy, but if I have to get up there and pretend I know something in front of adults, it's never fine. In front of adults, it's like, 'Ahhhh they're going to judge me.' ~ Connor Franta
Judge Me quotes by Connor Franta
The bishop was aghast. "You would threaten me?"
Christian didn't hesitate with his answer."For her life, aye."
"You would jeopardize your soul for her? She is a heretic and a witch."
"She is a woman. My woman."
His words only succeeded in angering the bishop more. "I will have you excommunicated for this."
Christian pulled the black monk's robe from over his head and balled it up. "Then excommunicate me. If I am in the wrong for protecting an innocent woman, then God can judge me as He will. ~ Kinley MacGregor
Judge Me quotes by Kinley MacGregor
Can I tell you one thing?" Melonhead says.
I swallow. "Sure."
"One day isn't your whole life, Murph." He waits until I look at him. "A day is just a day."
I scoff and slouch in the chair. "So what are you saying? That people shouldn't judge me on one mistake? Tell that to Judge Ororos."
He leans in against the table. "No, kid. I'm saying you shouldn't judge yourself for it. ~ Brigid Kemmerer
Judge Me quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
I'm not thinking about forcing my kids to watch my movies. It's always awkward when someone says: "Hey, I wrote a song, can I play it for you?" That would be the dynamic, if I was like: "Hey, you're my son, watch my work!" I don't want to put them in that awkward position. Just because when they get older, that's when I'm worried, that they'll judge me and say: "Yeah, my father's [hand over mouth] Jack Black. He was in that cheesy movie." So, I'm going to keep it all high quality. It'll be a quality controller. ~ Jack Black
Judge Me quotes by Jack Black
Don't judge me unfriendly, I'm not arrogant, I'm not shy i just like quietness, cause i can nurture my own world and it's make me back as my original as introverted ~ Abhiyanda B.
Judge Me quotes by Abhiyanda B.
They often say an idea is not as important as its execution, and that the judgment comes according to perspectives. I confess this be the truth of life. Well then, I should also calculate, that if I have an utterly cruel idea but execute it properly, people will judge me as a saviour, while if a heroic person like you fulfills his idea with the utmost sincerity, he shall be accused of villainy since he goes on extremes just to bring his idealistic vision to life. Aye, amigo – sincerity is rarely rewarded. Foxiness and hypocrisy win the hearts of the multitude, especially if one craftily hides their true intentions and desires with an innocent, hearty smile. ~ Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Judge Me quotes by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Don't judge me because I'm quiet.
No one plans a murder out loud. ~ Darynda Jones
Judge Me quotes by Darynda Jones
A counsellor at the treatment centre where I got clean, herself a woman in recovery, surprised me when she said, 'How clever of you to find drugs. Well done, you found a way to keep yourself alive.' This made me feel quite tearful. I suppose because this woman, Jackie, didn't judge me or tell me I was stupid or tubthumpingly declare that 'drugs kill'. No, she told me that I had done well by finding something that made being me bearable… To be acknowledged as a person who was in pain and fighting to survive in my own muddled-up and misguided way made me feel optimistic and understood. It is an example of the compassion addicts need from one another in order to change. ~ Russell Brand
Judge Me quotes by Russell Brand
Don't expect too much from me, cos i might not meet up to your expectations, don't underestimate me, cos i just might do the unexpected, don't expect the truth from me always cos am human, and don't even try to judge me, cos you have not gone trough half of what av been trough ~ Odeyale Opeyemi
Judge Me quotes by Odeyale Opeyemi
He is a squat, balding, flabby man, but still a man. He does not judge me. ~ Margaret Atwood
Judge Me quotes by Margaret Atwood
Besides, I don't take issue with the term as much as the fact that you feel you can judge me. I despise judgmental people."
"As do most creatures who deserve to be judged."
"You got me. I'm a ho fo sho."
-What did that mean?- "You speak like a human."
She nodded, as if that hadn't been an insult as well. "I watch a lot of TV. ~ Kresley Cole
Judge Me quotes by Kresley Cole
You ask your readers if they can account for every minute of their lives, every thought in their heads, and be proud of it. You ask them if they've never jaywalked.... never gone thirty-one miles per hour in a thirty-mile zone... if they've never sped up when they saw that yellow light. And when you find that single, sorry person who hasn't taken a misstep, that one person with the right to judge me, you tell him he's just as human as I am. That tomorrow, his world could turn upside down and he might find himself capable of actions he'd never believed possible... you tell him, he could have been me. ~ Jodi Picoult
Judge Me quotes by Jodi Picoult
It was a rustling sound that woke me up. Because I'd had my eyes closed, the whiteness of the room seemed even brighter than before. There wasn't a shadow anywhere in front of me, and every object, every angle and curve stood out so sharply it made my eyes hurt. That's when Maman's friends came in. There were about ten in all, and they floated into the blinding light without a sound. They sat down without a single chair creaking. I saw them more clearly than I had ever seen anyone, and not one detail of their faces or their clothes escaped me. But I couldn't hear them, and it was hard for me to believe that they really existed. Almost all the women were wearing aprons, and the strings, which were tied tight around their waists, made their bulging stomachs stick out even more. I'd never noticed what huge stomachs old women can have. Almost all the men were skinny and carried canes. What struck me most about their faces was that I couldn't see their eyes, just a faint glimmer in a nest of wrinkles. When they'd sat down, most of them looked at me and nodded awkwardly, their lips sucked in by their toothless mouths, so that I couldn't tell if they were greeting me or if it was just a nervous tic. I think they were greeting me. It was then that I realized they were all sitting across from me, nodding their heads, grouped around the caretaker. For a second I had the ridiculous feeling that they were there to judge me. ~ Albert Camus
Judge Me quotes by Albert Camus
At forty-two, I had never done anything that took my own breath away, and I suppose now that was part of the problem
my chronic inability to astonish myself. I promise you, no one judges me more harshly than I do myself; I caused a brilliant wreckage. Some say I fell from grace; they're being kind. I didn't fall. I dove. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Judge Me quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
I want you to judge me without thinking about it.
I want you to give me advice without considering my opinion.
I want you to expecting anything without the need to trust me.
I want you to decide for me with all the care in the world.
I want you to help me without smothering me.
I want you to decide without seeing my point of view.
I want you to hug me without holding me...
I want you to feel protected in my presence without me having to lie.
I want you to be close without suffocating me.
I want you to know everything without knowing anything...
I want you to know that both love and friendship should always be Unconditional. ~ Stefan Dimov
Judge Me quotes by Stefan Dimov
If you judge me negatively, as you would a book by it's cover, you'd be surprised by what you see written on the pages inside ~ Rick Ferreira
Judge Me quotes by Rick Ferreira
Before you judge me, ask me about my childhood. And I will ask you about yours. ~ Michael Jackson
Judge Me quotes by Michael Jackson
When you judge me without knowing me, you do not judge me; you judge yourself... ~ Yasir Sulaiman
Judge Me quotes by Yasir Sulaiman
In my head, Carlisle's kind eyes did not judge me. I knew that he would forgive me for this horrible act that I would do. Because he loved me. Because he thought I was better than I was. And he would still love me, even as I now proved him wrong. ~ Stephenie Meyer
Judge Me quotes by Stephenie Meyer
Debra pointed her purses lips in Max's direction. "Overnight guests are forbidden. No exceptions."
"Did you just have the audacity to judge me?" Gina blocked the nurse's route to the door. "Without knowing the least little thing about me?"
Debra lifted an eyebrow. "Well, I have seen your underwear, dear."
"Exactly," Gina said. "You've seen my underwear - not my personality profile, or my resume, or my college transcript, or - "
"If you think for one second," the nurse countered, "that anything about this situation is even remotely unique - "
"That's enough," Max said.
Gina, of course, ignored him. "I don't just think it, I know it," she said. "It's unique because I'm unique, because Max is unique, because - "
Debra finally laughed. "Oh, honey, you are so . . . young. Here's a tip I don't usually bother to tell girls like you: If I find one pair of panties on the floor, it's only a matter of time before I find another. And I hate to break it to you, hon, but the girl who comes out of the bathroom next time, well . . . She isn't going to be you."
"First of all," Gina said grimly, "I'm a woman, not a girl. And second, Grandma . . . You want to bet it's not going to be me?"
"I said, that's enough," Max repeated, and they both turned to look at him. About time. He was used to clearing his throat and having an entire room jump to full attention. "Ms. Forsythe, you took my blood pressure - you have the information you needed, good day to ~ Suzanne Brockmann
Judge Me quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
She asked me when I had started feeling a need to grant people's wishes, and whether I felt a desperate need to please. She asked about my mother, and I told her that she could not judge me as she would judge mortals, for I was a djinn, powerful and wise, magical and mysterious. ~ Neil Gaiman
Judge Me quotes by Neil Gaiman
In the end they'll judge me anyway, so whatever. ~ Kid Cudi
Judge Me quotes by Kid Cudi
Only God can judge me. ~ Tupac Shakur
Judge Me quotes by Tupac Shakur
Don't judge me, Captain Judgeypants. I go there for the sandwiches.) ~ Chuck Wendig
Judge Me quotes by Chuck Wendig
Because they're wrong. People who judge me are wrong. There's nothing wrong with me. There's nothing wrong with being gay, or how I dress, or how I choose to express myself. I'm not hurting anyone, but they're hurting me. If I change to fit in with their misguided opinions then I'm just reinforcing them. On top of that, their lives wouldn't alter. They don't know me. They have an issue with gay people in general, not me personally. So, if I changed who I was to fit in with what they deem an acceptable society, it wouldn't affect them, but it would affect me. I'd be living a lie. I'd be miserable, and they wouldn't even know about it. They'd find another gay person to disapprove of. So why do that? Why change for people who don't even know who I am?" This ~ Nicola Haken
Judge Me quotes by Nicola Haken
When it's all said & done only God can judge me. I'm going to go out there on 5/5 to give my fans what they want to see. ~ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Judge Me quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
I couldn't comprehend the magnetic pull
that could be felt. I never understood the way love
overpowers common sense and passion overtakes
logic, or how unnerving it is that no one else really knows how you feel - no one can judge me for being weak or stupid, no one can put me down for
the way I feel. ~ Anna Todd
Judge Me quotes by Anna Todd
Don't judge me, I'm not a book. ~ Melanie Marquez
Judge Me quotes by Melanie Marquez
Don't judge me. You know my name, but not my story. ~ Demi Lovato
Judge Me quotes by Demi Lovato
So you can judge me for being with Aiden , you can all judge me. But I found something to take the pain away and until you have felt my pain, you shouldn't judge me. Women shouldn't judge one another's lives, if we haven't been through one another's fires. ~ Lisa Taddeo
Judge Me quotes by Lisa Taddeo
There's two of him?"
Chelsea grins. "If that's your way of asking if Rory has a twin, then the answer is yes."
"I see you've met my brother," the boy says, apparently used to this reaction. "Don't judge me just because we share the same DNA. You've heard the term 'evil genius'?"
"Rory's the evil. I'm the genius. ~ Emma Chase
Judge Me quotes by Emma Chase
I park my bike in her driveway and ring her doorbell. I clear my throat so I don't choke on my words. Mierda, what am I gonna say to her? And why am I feeling all insecure, like I need to impress her because she'll judge me?
Nobody answers. I ring again.
Where's a servant or butler to answer the door when you need one? Just as I'm about to give up and slap myself with a big dose of what-the-fuck-do-I-think-I'm-doing, the door opens. Standing before me is an older version of Brittany. Obviously her mom. When she takes one look at me, her disappointing sneer is obvious.
"Can I help you?" she asks with an attitude. I sense either she expects me to be part of the gardening crew or someone going door-to-door harassing people. "We have a 'no soliciting policy' in this neighborhood."
"I'm, uh, not here to solicit anythin'. My name's Alex. I just wanted to know if Brittany was, uh, at home?" Oh, great. Now I'm mumbling uh's every two seconds. ~ Simone Elkeles
Judge Me quotes by Simone Elkeles
It's been great to come to the U.S. and not have people judge me because of what they saw or heard when I was 16 and on a TV show. They're actually judging me on the fact that I can sing and how my personality is now. Which I think is great. ~ Cher Lloyd
Judge Me quotes by Cher Lloyd
The gods say that a man is made the way he is for a purpose, and to seek to alter that is -"

"Then let the gods live a day in my skin before they judge me. ~ Devin Madson
Judge Me quotes by Devin Madson
Don't judge me if you don't really know me. ~ Seth Langston
Judge Me quotes by Seth Langston
I never got home so early in my entire Manhattan career. This includes the time I had fifteen minutes to get home, change and go to the movie theater to stand on line for six hours for the midnight showing of "Twilight".
Don't judge me. My mother does that enough for twenty people. ~ Robert Halliwell
Judge Me quotes by Robert Halliwell
But it is only since I have ceased to live that I think of these things and the other things. It is in the tranquillity of decomposition that I remember the long confused emotion which was my life, and that I judge it, as it is said that God will judge me, and with no less impertinence. To decompose is to live too, I know, I know, don't torment me, but one sometimes forgets. ~ Samuel Beckett
Judge Me quotes by Samuel Beckett
And meanwhile, even in spite of all my desire, I could never imagine to myself that there is no future life and no providence. Most likely there is all that, but we don't understand anything about the future life and its laws. But if it is so difficult and even completely impossible to understand it, can it be that I will have to answer for being unable to comprehend the unknowable? True, they say, and the prince, of course, along with them, that it is here that obedience is necessary, that one must obey without reasoning, out of sheer good behavior, and that I am bound to be rewarded for my meekness in the other world. We abase providence too much by ascribing our own notions to it, being vexed that we can't understand it. But, again, if it's impossible to understand it, then, I repeat, it is hard to have to answer for something it is not given to man to understand. And if so, how are they going to judge me for being unable to understand the true will and laws of providence? No, we'd better leave religion alone. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Judge Me quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
I assumed he would judge me, but in reality, no one could ever judge me the way I judged myself. ~ Penelope Ward
Judge Me quotes by Penelope Ward
And it is the Lord, it is Jesus, Who is my judge. Therefore I will try always to think leniently of others, that He may judge me leniently, or rather not at all, since He says: Judge not, and ye shall not be judged. ~ Therese De Lisieux
Judge Me quotes by Therese De Lisieux
Every Man to them Owner philosophic.
So I say; Say me" do me" but you can never get me.
God light is stronger than your hate and grudge.

I am not afraid of love.
I am not afraid of hate.
I am not afraid of Judgment.
I am not afraid of struggle.

Rate me, hate me judge me, but you can't stop me.
I will never rearrange my life to please none, but Jah.
I am not afraid of your expectations,.
I know i was not born to live up to your expectation;
Neither, are you here to live up to mine . ~ Amadou Jarou Baj
Judge Me quotes by Amadou Jarou Baj
They judge me like a picture book,
For the colours like they forgot to read ~ Lana Del Rey
Judge Me quotes by Lana Del Rey
you judge me for what you see and if you know me I truly dont know you. ~ Savage
Judge Me quotes by Savage
To be fair, you can tell me what you think of me," Max offered. "I didn't mean to offend you. I was just making a few observations."
"How could I possibly know enough about you to make a proper judgment?" His tone was harsher than he'd anticipated. "You've taken a stranger into your home without so much as a second thought and offered everything but your bed. Crazy comes to mind. Suicidal maybe."
Max leaned forward in her chair, readying her defenses. "Excuse me?"
"I don't mean to sound ungrateful here but please remember that you don't know me. I appreciate all that you've done but that doesn't entitle you to judge me."
"I wasn't judging you," she bit back. "But maybe you're right. I don't think I thought this through at all. ~ Shawn Kirsten Maravel
Judge Me quotes by Shawn Kirsten Maravel
A lot has been written about my age and my injuries. A lot of people think I'm going to be 94. I'm actually 34 and I feel quite good. I'm sure the fans will judge me on what I do on the pitch, not what I say. ~ Roy Keane
Judge Me quotes by Roy Keane
If you don't know me......
Then don't judge me!
Nobody said you had to "LOVE ME"! ~ Jessica Fairweather
Judge Me quotes by Jessica Fairweather
I just try not to judge. Don't judge me, and I won't judge you. ~ Reba McEntire
Judge Me quotes by Reba McEntire
Hope you don't judge me. Cause me and you are not all that different. You made me this way, you made me famous. You all assisted. ~ Drake
Judge Me quotes by Drake
While you judge me by my outward appearance I am silently doing the same to you, even though there's a ninety-percent chance that in both cases our assumptions are wrong. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Judge Me quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
At the end of the day, if there was indeed some Body or presence standing there to judge me, I hoped I would be judged on whether I had lived a true life, not on whether I believed in a certain book, or whether I'd been baptized. If there was indeed a God at the end of my days, I hoped he didn't say, But you were never a Christian, so you're going the other way from heaven. If so, I was going to reply, You know what? You're right. Fine. ~ Lance Armstrong
Judge Me quotes by Lance Armstrong
Tallow turned the corner into Bat and Scarly's office to be greeted by a large plastic robot on the bench waving its arms and shouting, "Say hello to my l'il frien'" in an electronically processed voiced as a small plastic penis repeatedly jabbed out from its groin on a short metal piston.
Bat emerged from behind the thing. "Don't judge me," he said. "I got bored. ~ Warren Ellis
Judge Me quotes by Warren Ellis
Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I feel down and got back up again. ~ Nelson Mandela
Judge Me quotes by Nelson Mandela
1 Judge me, O LORD; for I have walked in mine integrity: I have trusted also in the LORD; therefore I shall not slide. ~ Anonymous
Judge Me quotes by Anonymous
I do not know how history will judge me, but let me say that I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to transform the Tatas from a patriarchal concern to an institutional enterprise. It would, therefore, be a mark of failure on my part if it were perceived that Ratan Tata epitomises the Group's success. What I have done is establish growth mechanisms, play down individuals and play up the team that has made the companies what they are. I, for one, am not the kind who loves dwelling on the 'I'. If history remembers me at all, I hope it will be for this transformation. ~ Ratan Tata
Judge Me quotes by Ratan Tata
It's so funny you judge me arrogant after I succeeded.
You didn't help me at all when I was so poor and needy. ~ Toba Beta
Judge Me quotes by Toba Beta
I was among the people in the Superdome. I knew what was going on every minute. I did not have air conditioning nor shower facilities. I made decisions based upon facts and not what I thought was going to happen. So history will judge me based upon those actions. ~ Ray Nagin
Judge Me quotes by Ray Nagin
Love me, do not judge me.
Let me, do not stop me. ~ Debasish Mridha
Judge Me quotes by Debasish Mridha
The open road. Seemingly my only friend for years upon end since leaving war. The road embraced me, let me breathe, and more importantly, did not judge me. ~ M.B. Dallocchio
Judge Me quotes by M.B. Dallocchio
Don't judge me. You do not know my story. ~ Michelle Frost
Judge Me quotes by Michelle Frost
Only God Can Judge Me
That which does not kill me can only make me stronger. I don't see why everybody feel as though that they gotta tell me how to live my
life ~ Tupac Shakur
Judge Me quotes by Tupac Shakur
Don't judge me until you understand me. You can't understand me if you've already judged me. ~ Orson Scott Card
Judge Me quotes by Orson Scott Card
Don't judge me by a little thing like this. In little things, I am a little thing myself - I always was. But in great things, I hope not; I don't mean to boast, but I hope not! ~ Charles Dickens
Judge Me quotes by Charles Dickens
I stopped going to therapy
because I knew my therapist was right
and I wanted to keep being wrong.
I wanted to keep my bad habits
like charms on a bracelet.
I did not want to be brave.
I think I like my brain best
in a bar fight with my heart.
I think I like myself a little broken.
I'm ok if that makes me less loved.
I like poetry better than therapy anyway.
The poems never judge me
for healing wrong. ~ Clementine Von Radics
Judge Me quotes by Clementine Von Radics
God can judge me, I don't need a jury. Nothing standing in my way, like nothing's my security. ~ Lil' Wayne
Judge Me quotes by Lil' Wayne
I used to listen to all the voices in my head that told me I wasn't good enough, or that I would fail if I tried, or that everyone would judge me harshly for my truth. I used to let one fear or the other dictate how I chose to live my life. Not surprisingly, my life didn't change much. I spent a lot of time with regret, and thinking about what could have been. I found myself wishing I'd at least tried to do some of the things I'd been so afraid to do. So I began to. I made the choice to hear all the fearful critics in my head without actually listening to them. I gave them a voice, but no longer a say. I had given all the power to my fear, after all, so it was within me to take it away. And my entire life changed, as every life does once we insist that our fears take a backseat to our courage and desire. Fear may not be a choice, but the commitment to take brave action, despite our fears, is always there for the choosing. I spent enough time obeying my fears. Too much time. Now I listen to different voices, the ones reminding me that no matter what happens, no matter what people think, the great potential of my life, and joy, lives within my commitment to live my life beyond my fear. ~ Scott Stabile
Judge Me quotes by Scott Stabile
What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger ~ Kid Ink
Judge Me quotes by Kid Ink
No one will be around to judge me tomorrow. No one will send messages to friends about the lame kid who had no rhythm. And in this moment, how stupid it was to care hits me like a punch to the face. I wasted time and missed fun because I cared about the wrong things. ~ Adam Silvera
Judge Me quotes by Adam Silvera
Don't judge me, you could be me in another life. ~ Sting
Judge Me quotes by Sting

Hopefully by the time you're reading this (because I know you won't read it right away) I'll be madly in love with a hot Italian boyfriend and not thinking about you at all.

But I know that isn't the case, because I'll be thinking about you all the time.

I'll be thinking about all the nights we stayed up with our ice cream and our movies and our boys. But mostly, I'll be thinking about you, and all the reasons why I love you.

Just to name a few: I love how you suck at goodbyes and feelings and emotions, because I do, too. I love how you always scoop from the strawberry and vanilla side of the ice cream because you know how much I love the chocolate, even though you love it, too. I love how you aren't weird and awkward, despite the fact that you've been severely cut off from socialization to the point where you make the Amish look trendy.

But most of all, I love that you don't judge me. I love that in the past four years, you've never once questioned me about my choices (as poor as they may be) or the guys I've been with or the fact that I don't believe in commitment. I would say that it's simple for you not to judge me, because you're a dirty slut, too. But we both know you're not. So thank you for being a non-judgmental friend. Thank you for never being condescending or treating me like you're better than me (even though we both know you are.) As much as I can laugh about the things people say about us behind our ba ~ Colleen Hoover
Judge Me quotes by Colleen Hoover
Why they don't wanna walk in my shoes, I ask them to come out of their shoes and walk the world in mine and then judge me. ~ Shreya Gupta
Judge Me quotes by Shreya Gupta
I opened up to you and you judge me ~ Matthew Quick
Judge Me quotes by Matthew Quick
You, my righteous little sister? You left me to suffer our father alone. Do you know what it was like for me, to lie bleeding on the floor, while he showered you with dresses in the next bedchamber? Do you know what it was like for our father to threaten to kill me, and then for me to murder him in return? No, you don't. You stand on the sidelines and wait for me to do your dirty work. You hide in the shadows so that I can bleed for you. You give me your pitiful look when I kill, but you do not stop me. And now you judge me for that? ~ Marie Lu
Judge Me quotes by Marie Lu
Do not judge me because i am different to you, I do not judge you for being different to me. ~ Tina J. Richardson
Judge Me quotes by Tina J. Richardson
I hope that posterity will judge me kindly, not only as to the things which I have explained, but also to those which I have intentionally omitted so as to leave to others the pleasure of discovery. ~ Rene Descartes
Judge Me quotes by Rene Descartes
I think my instinctive rejection of judgment comes from meeting too many people who say on the one hand that their chosen deity shall judge us all but then they judge me anyway, rather than leaving it up to the deity they profess to believe in and trust. That's using religion to cudgel people into conformity, and it grinds my gears. ~ Kevin Hearne
Judge Me quotes by Kevin Hearne
I've gotta stop thinking I know what other people think, cause most of 'what other people think' is something I'm making up. So I should just let them have their experience, I'll have my experience and not pretend to know, and just get past that. [I think that] is a major obstacle: manifesting that insecurity, that fear. Believing the audience in your head as opposed to what's really going on in the world - not responding to the one I'm making up, which is always going to judge me harder than the real one. ~ Marc Maron
Judge Me quotes by Marc Maron
Judge me by my deeds, though they are few, rather than my words, though they are many. ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Judge Me quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
Let not those who have never been placed in like circumstances judge me harshly ~ Solomon Northup
Judge Me quotes by Solomon Northup
Are you afraid someone will hurt them?" I asked.

She lifted her fork, paused for a moment, seemed to be considering. "No," she said. "Well … I don't know. I guess it's other people. I worry that if I let them out of my sight, other people will see us and think I'm doing something wrong. I feel like it doesn't matter what I think; that if other people think I'm doing something dangerous, then it's dangerous. I suppose I can't quite tell where my own anxieties end and other people's begin. I don't know if I'm afraid for my kids, or if I'm afraid other people will be afraid and will judge me for my lack of fear. ~ Kim Brooks
Judge Me quotes by Kim Brooks
Only God can judge me so I'm gone, either love me or leave me alone. ~ Jay-Z
Judge Me quotes by Jay-Z
Remember that I'm Human. Before you judge me or decide how you'll deal with me, walk awhile in my shoes. If you do, I think you'll find with more understanding we can meet in the middle and walk the rest of the way together. ~ Eric Harvey
Judge Me quotes by Eric Harvey
Don't ever try to judge me dude. You don't know what the fuck I've been through ~ Eminem
Judge Me quotes by Eminem
Only God can judge me now ~ Tupac Shakur
Judge Me quotes by Tupac Shakur
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