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#1. He had always had a passion for life and the idealism he had come across seemed to him for the most part a cowardly shrinking from it. The idealist withdrew himself because he could not suffer the jostling of the human crowd; he had not the strength to fight and so called the battle vulgar; he was vain and since his fellows would not take him at his own estimate, consoled himself with despising his fellows. For Phillip, this type was Hayward, fair, languid, too fat now and rather bald, still cherishing the remains of his good looks and still delicately proposing to do exquisite things in the uncertain future; and at the back of this were whiskey and vulgar amours of the street. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Joie quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#2. I had entered a world that no one with an evolved sense of joie de vivre would touch with a barge pole - it's called "Joining the Property Market" and it trumps war for stress! - Author: Tyne O'Connell
Joie quotes by Tyne O'Connell
#3. I think people should know more of Africa in terms of its joie de vivre, its feeling for life. In spite of the images that one knows about Africa - the economic poverty, the corruption - there's a joy to living and a happiness in community, living together, in community life, which may be missing here in America. - Author: Youssou N'Dour
Joie quotes by Youssou N'Dour
#4. Acting is something I always wanted to do and knew I could do. - Author: Joie Lee
Joie quotes by Joie Lee
#5. For all of [Fanny] Ardant's ability to depict a range of emotion, I most associate her with joy. Not necessarily the depiction of joy, but rather a joy of acting, a joy of being, a joie de vivre. Ardant, in her mature performances, conveys the sense of someone bringing to scenes her full being, her whole self and experience. There is an understanding of the value of life in such moments, in the value of the moments themselves. - Author: Mick LaSalle
Joie quotes by Mick LaSalle
#6. While she spent her time in correspondence, Laurin spent her free time with Albert.
Neither Laurin nor Albert, or anyone else inside the keep for that matter , could quite understand the appeal that Josephine and Graeme found in writing.
"Do ye plan on marryin ' the man through letters?" Laurin asked when she had returned from the evening meal. "Mayhap ye want to marry him by proxy."
Josephine simply shook her head and smiled as she went back to writing yet another letter to Graeme.
"How will ye consummate yer marriage?" Laurin asked. "Will ye do that by proxy as well?"
Josephine's face burned a brilliant shade of red as she looked away. She was at that moment responding to a question Graeme had posed on that very topic.
Laurin shook her head and threw up her hands in defeat . "I am goin' to bed."
Josephine returned to her letter. - Author: Suzan Tisdale
Joie quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#7. Thank you for asking. Of course one wishes to break down on a heart-shaped sofa and week into one's lace handkerchief, but I am somehow managing to hold it together. After all, I still have a warlock contact."
Magnus inclined his head with a slight smile.
"Tessa Gray," said Raphael. "Very dignified lady. Very well-read. I think you know her?"
Magnus made a face at him. "It's not being a sass-monkey that I object to. That I like. It's the joyless attitude. One of the chief pleasures of life is mocking others, so occasionally show some glee about doing it. Have some joie de vivre."
"I'm undead," said Raphael.
"What about joie de unvivre?"
Raphael eyed him coldly. Magnus gestured his own question aside, his rings and trails of leftover magic leaving a sweep of leftover magic leaving a sweep of sparks in the night air, and sighed.
"Tessa," Magnus said with a long exhale. "She is a harbinger of ill news and I will be annoyed with her for dumping this problem in my lap for weeks. At least."
"What problem? Are you in trouble?" asked Raphael.
"Nothing I can't handle," said Magnus.
"Pity," said Raphael. "I was planning to point and laugh. Well, time to go. I'd say good luck with your dead-body bad-news thing, but ... I don't care."
"Take care of yourself, Raphael," said Magnus.
Raphael waved a dismissive hand over his shoulder. "I always do. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Joie quotes by Cassandra Clare
#8. Good theatre draws the energies out of the place where it is and gives it back as joie de vivre. - Author: Joan Littlewood
Joie quotes by Joan Littlewood
#9. Life has been some combination of fairy-tale coincidence and joie de vivre and shocks of beauty together with some hurtful self-questioning. - Author: Sylvia Plath
Joie quotes by Sylvia Plath
#10. Young Sathian was flirtatious, titillating, quick-witted, and brilliant. He left a trail of broken hearts across the land as he teased and taunted his victims with his beauty and charm. Both women and men succumbed to his joie de vivre and panache as he was an untypical Ange'el that carried the sunshine in his smile and in his eyes. - Author: Jamie Le Fay
Joie quotes by Jamie Le Fay
#11. I think joie de vivre as optimism about one's life and the ability to enjoy what you have without worrying too much about what you don't. Finding joy in the everyday isn't necessarily easy, but it helps a lot to share your life with someone you love. - Author: Jamie Cat Callan
Joie quotes by Jamie Cat Callan
#12. Buddha taught, "Breathing in, I recognize my feeling. Breathing out, I calm my feeling." If you practice this, not only will your feeling be calmed down but the energy of mindfulness will also help you see into the nature and roots of your anger. Mindfulness helps you be concentrated and look deeply. This is true meditation. The insight will come after some time of practice. You will see the truth about yourself and the truth about the person who you thought to be the cause of your suffering. This insight will release you from your anger and transform the roots of anger in you. The transformation in you will also help transform the other person. Mindful speaking can bring real happiness, and unmindful speech can kill. When someone tells us something that makes us happy, that is a wonderful gift. But sometimes someone says something to us that is so cruel and distressing that we feel like committing suicide. We lose our joie de vivre. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Joie quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#13. Our powder and arrows are going to run out on us some time. And so are our food and water and joie de vivre and good books and everything. Why not walk out now and get made into somebody's favourite slave? - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Joie quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#14. If anyone does not have three minutes in his life to make an omelette, then life is not worth living. - Author: Raymond Blanc
Joie quotes by Raymond Blanc
#15. What was your first kiss like?"he had asked.
She answered, "I do not know as I have yet to experience such. Mayhap I should find a willing young man to help teach me how to kiss before I marry. With you being such a worldly and experienced man, mayhap you would want a wife who is just as experienced and worldly?"
His response left her laughing almost uncontrollably.
"It would bring me much relief to know you have not one grain of experience with kissing. I would hate to think you were comparing my kisses with anyone else's. Equally important is the fact that I might be drawn and quartered before our wedding day, for gutting any man who dare even think about kissing you. You would, in truth, be saving countless lives by remaining ignorant on the matter. - Author: Suzan Tisdale
Joie quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#16. Joie de vivre. Joy and life together. It's such an ironically perfect description of you. - Author: Rosamund Lupton
Joie quotes by Rosamund Lupton
#17. Even now, most people call me Joy or Joe Lee or Joey. It's all fine with me. The only time I correct them is when they refer to me as Spike Lee's sister. - Author: Joie Lee
Joie quotes by Joie Lee
#18. My mother passed away when I was 14, so there were certain things I missed in terms of upbringing. Maybe my mother would have said, 'You have to get a real job.' I don't know because I didn't have that experience. My fortes in school were Spanish, sports, reading and theater. That's what they encouraged. - Author: Joie Lee
Joie quotes by Joie Lee
#19. Joie de vivre is an attitude. It's a decision you make to live a life of joy. It's an invitation to this dance called life. All you have to do is leave the door slightly ajar and listen for the music. - Author: Jamie Cat Callan
Joie quotes by Jamie Cat Callan
#20. I have a tremendous joie de vivre ... alternating with irritability of course. - Author: Joni Mitchell
Joie quotes by Joni Mitchell
#21. I considered myself one of the boys. My brothers didn't spoil me at all, not at all. I was very tomboyish. It wasn't as if I was like a princess or anything like that. - Author: Joie Lee
Joie quotes by Joie Lee
#22. Days that lift us like a wave, when you feel you could live forever. - Author: Marty Rubin
Joie quotes by Marty Rubin
#23. Joie de vivre is about loving life, loving people, loving to be alive, feeling alive. It is about smiling, being in your heart, and being grateful for all the beautiful things in your life: being in good health, being able to hear, to see, to walk, being grateful for all the lovely and loving people... - Author: Jamie Cat Callan
Joie quotes by Jamie Cat Callan
#24. Their long overdue kiss was interrupted far too soon for either of their likings.
"Well, it be about time!"
Nothing on God's earth can douse a man's ardor like the sound of his mother's voice. - Author: Suzan Tisdale
Joie quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#25. If only there was enough space on this tiny card to evoke my unfettered joie de vivre for what you have done. The gaiety, the mirth, the heavenly bubbling of every effusive cell that sings inside me for your kind and pithy offering. - Author: Joshua Braff
Joie quotes by Joshua Braff
#26. I was least attractive at age thirteen. Puberty ensnared me in its sebaceous, cysty grip. I was too skinny, my face hadn't grown into my teeth and my hair resembled a Brillo pad. I outgrew Thirteen, but she lives on inside me like a succubus ever draining me of my joie de vivre. There is no way in fucking hell I'm a Suicide Blonde dancing for INXS on that list. - Author: Shannon Bradley-Colleary
Joie quotes by Shannon Bradley-Colleary
#27. Some of the greatest businesses operating from a deeper purpose have a real commitment to service, like Four Seasons, Joie de Vivre hotels, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue. - Author: John Mackey
Joie quotes by John Mackey
#28. Love is tears of joy, this is the baptism of fingers. (L'amour, c'est larme de joie, - C'est le baptême des doigts) - Author: Charles De Leusse
Joie quotes by Charles De Leusse
#29. Had he read that first letter, he imagined he would have come for her sooner. After reading the next, he would have been waiting outside the gates of her keep like a besotted fool and carried her off at the first hour possible. By the time he read her sixth letter, he was certain of it. - Author: Suzan Tisdale
Joie quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#30. Whenever you're done reading the chapter," he held uo his hands like take your time, "we'll start the concert." With a quick flip of my wrist I gave him the middle finger. He threw his head back and laughed.
I looked up at Hawkins, who locked eyes with mine as he sang, "Love in an elevator, lovin' it up, til I hit the ground. - Author: Leah Spiegel
Joie quotes by Leah Spiegel
#31. But I have a tremendous will to live and a tremendous 'joie de vivre,' alternating with irritability. - Author: Joni Mitchell
Joie quotes by Joni Mitchell
#32. Joie," he said with his lips hovering over mine.
"What?" I felt my heart flutter.
"Shut up," he muttered and then he kissed me. - Author: Leah Spiegel
Joie quotes by Leah Spiegel
#33. 'Playboy' made the good life a reality for me and made it the subject matter of my paintings - not affluence and luxury as such, but joie de vivre itself. - Author: LeRoy Neiman
Joie quotes by LeRoy Neiman
#34. Kate Gompert's always thought of this anhedonic state as a kind of radical abstracting of everything, a hollowing out of stuff that used to have affective content. Terms the undepressed toss around and take for granted as full and fleshy - happiness, joie de vivre, preference, love - are stripped to their skeletons and reduced to abstract ideas. They have, as it were, denotation but not connotation. The anhedonic can still speak about happiness and meaning et al., but she has become incapable of feeling anything in them, of understanding anything about them, of hoping anything about them, or of believing them to exist as anything more than concepts. Everything becomes an outline of the thing. Objects become schemata. The world becomes a map of the world. An anhedonic can navigate, but has no location. I.e. the anhedonic becomes, in the lingo of Boston AA, Unable To Identify. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Joie quotes by David Foster Wallace
#35. I was far too young when my mother passed away. I was unable to have a conversation with her on the matter of consummation. Your mother however, has been very helpful in that regard. She assures me that if you do everything correctly, then I shall quite enjoy that aspect of our marriage. She has also told me that if you have any questions on the matter, seek out her counsel, for it was she who taught your father the proper way to please a woman.

Within the hour she had Graeme's short response on the matter.

I find myself asking another boon of you. In the future, I ask that you never mention my mother or my father when we discuss the topic of consummation. I fear now that my sleep this night will be plagued with nightmares.
The hour is now late and I must bid you adieu. Sleep well, sweet Josephine.
Graeme - Author: Suzan Tisdale
Joie quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#36. Dancing takes a certain lightness, a spring in the step, an elasticity in the calves; a kind of joie de vivre, or alternatively a leavening element of self-proclaiming stupidity in one's make-up. - Author: Ronald Frame
Joie quotes by Ronald Frame
#37. Roberto Mancini's got that Italian style, the old joie de vivre. - Author: Perry Groves
Joie quotes by Perry Groves
#38. She wanted to live, and live fully, and to give life, she who loved life! What was the good of existing, if you couldn't give yourself? - Author: Emile Zola
Joie quotes by Emile Zola
#39. The first typical adolescent of modern times was Wagner's Siegfried. : the music of Siegfried expressed for the first time that combination of (provisional) purity, physical strength, naturism, spontaneity and joie de vivre which was to make the adolescent the hero of our twentieth century, the century of adolescence. - Author: Philippe Aries
Joie quotes by Philippe Aries
#40. I use the word drifted advisedly. I have read novels in which young people are described as bursting with energy - joie de vivre, the magnificent vitality of youth ... Personally, all the young people I come across have the air of animal wraiths. - Author: Agatha Christie
Joie quotes by Agatha Christie
#41. Long before the word Zionism was uttered for the first time, old religious Jews came from all over the world to die in Jerusalem. It is the finest place to die in - it has always been acknowledged. It has a joie de mourir quite its own. - Author: George Mikes
Joie quotes by George Mikes
#42. Do not lose joy in life as you grow old in years. Let not your 'joie de vivre be crushed under the weight of years. - Author: Zoroaster
Joie quotes by Zoroaster
#43. Traigh came to help her dismount, a broad smile making creases around his eyes. "I fear ye missed our summer, Joie."
Her brow drew in with confusion. "But it is summer, Traigh," she told him.
"Aye, it might well be summer elsewhere in the world, but here, it only last three days. We had our summer last week. - Author: Suzan Tisdale
Joie quotes by Suzan Tisdale

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