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Nothing in the nature around us is evil. This needs to be repeated since one of the human ways of talking oneself into inhuman acts is to cite the supposed cruelty of nature. ~ John Berger
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by John Berger
So legitimacy may follow power as was powerfully argued over three centuries ago by Hobbes. But in ways that are more perverse and for reasons that may have more to do with ways of seeing the world than previously recognized. This may sound bleak. But identifying the role that mental models play in social exclusion can help development practitioners tackle the problem. ~ Anonymous
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Anonymous
I just don't believe that there's any way that you're ever gonna get one peace, because everybody has different ways of seeing life. ~ Ice-T
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Ice-T
And we're seeing a higher level of consciousness and many more opportunities for people to challenge their present ways of thinking and move into a grander and larger experience of who they really are. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
You can learn a lot from children because they see things new every day. That's the beauty of what you want to achieve as an artist - seeing things in a different way. Kids are constantly saying things that are funny and surprising and their observations are just ... you know, they're like little artists themselves. ~ Tim Burton
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Tim Burton
In external ways Pierre had hardly changed at all. In appearance he was just what he used to be. As before he was absent-minded and seemed occupied not with what was before his eyes but with something special of his own. The difference between his former and present self was that formerly when he did not grasp what lay before him or was said to him, he had puckered his forehead painfully as if vainly seeking to distinguish something at a distance. At present he still forgot what was said to him and still did not see what was before his eyes, but he now looked with a scarcely perceptible and seemingly ironic smile at what was before him and listened to what was said, though evidently seeing and hearing something quite different. Formerly he had appeared to be a kindhearted but unhappy man, and so people had been inclined to avoid him. Now a smile at the joy of life always played round his lips, and sympathy for others shone in his eyes with a questioning look as to whether they were as contented as he was, and people felt pleased by his presence. ~ Leo Tolstoy
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Leo Tolstoy
The sexual tension between Jake and I is off the charts. I'm actually scared I might combust any second . No joke. If doesn't help that we're around each other almost 24/7 or that we're always finding ways to 'innocently' touch each other. It's almost at that stage where we're pushing each other a little further and further seeing how much we can take until one of us cracks. I'm about two fucking seconds from cracking and if I don't get a release soon I will cut a bitch. ~ Jay McLean
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Jay McLean
I love the medium of photography, for with its unique realism it gives me the power to go beyond conventional ways of seeing and understanding and say, This is real, too. ~ Wynn Bullock
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Wynn Bullock
Assuming can trip us up in other ways too. It can stop us seeing people for who they really are and make us lose sight of the people we know. ~ C.J. Tudor
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by C.J. Tudor
We need a repeated discipline, a genuine training, in order to let go of our old habits of mind and to find and sustain a new way of seeing. ~ Jack Kornfield
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Jack Kornfield
Dr. Lerner explains that we all have patterned ways of managing anxiety. Some of us respond to anxiety by overfunctioning and others by underfunctioning. Overfunctioners tend to move quickly to advise, rescue, take over, micromanage, and get in other people's business rather than look inward. Underfunctioners tend to get less competent under stress. They invite others to take over and often become the focus of family gossip, worry or concern. They can get labeled as the "irresponsible one" or "problem child." Dr. Lerner explains that seeing these behaviors as patterned responses to anxiety, rather than truths about who we are, can help us understand that we can change. ~ Brene Brown
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Brene Brown
What you see is real - but only on the particular level to which you've developed your sense of seeing. You can expand your reality by developing new ways of perceiving. ~ Wynn Bullock
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Wynn Bullock
If you accept life dully, you can go through it moving not among things but among words. ~ William Golding
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by William Golding
There are different ways of seeing things. That's art. There is no one interpretation. ~ Sharon Leach
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Sharon Leach
We humans have a wide range of abilities that help us perceive and analyze mathematical content. We perceive abstract notions not just through seeing but also by hearing, by feeling, by our sense of body motion and position. Our geometric and spatial skills are highly trainable, just as in other high-performance activities. In mathematics we can use the modules of our minds in flexible ways - even metaphorically. A whole-mind approach to mathematical thinking is vastly more effective than the common approach that manipulates only symbols. ~ William Thurston
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by William Thurston
You really do love him, don't you?" she said quietly.
Vadim blinked, then looked to the side, without seeing colours and patterns, but it helped him find words. Speaking about love without cliché, without borrowing somebody else's well-worn words that were too comfortable. "Dan changed me in ways that stripped away the man I wanted to be, and the man I was made to be, and the man I was expected to be. He skinned me alive, and left only…..somebody who…." He breathed but barely. "…can live and die now, like a human being, not an automation, not somebody else's creation. Dan took my fear of death. I can't die now. I know I'm immortal."

"Immortal?" she said quietly, sitting still. "Your soul? Your being?"

"I don't believe there's anything like a soul. But I believe most people are asleep. They aren't even aware what they are, or that they are alive. And we are all scared to die, so when it happens we scream for our mothers and clutch our guts because we're scared. I'm not. I'm not afraid of death. The only thing I'm afraid of is losing Dan." But if that happens, he thought, Dan might just keep the promise and kill him on the way out. ~ Aleksandr Voinov
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
I hope it's the good kind of dilemma," Reginald broke Patricia's reverie. "Whatever one you're on the horns of."
"I was just thinking," she said. "There are so many scary problems in the world. Like, I was just reading that we could be seeing the last of the bees in North America soon. And if that happened, food webs would just collapse, and tons more people would starve. But suppose you had the power to change things? You still might not be able to fix anything, because every time you solve a problem you'd create another problem. And maybe all these plagues and droughts are nature's way of striking a balance. We humans don't have any natural predators left, so nature has to find another way to handle us."
"I am, as you know, a fan of nature," said Reginald. "And yet, nature doesn't 'find ways' to do anything. Nature has no opinion, no agenda. Nature provides a playing field, a not particularly level one, on which we compete with all creatures great and small. It's more that nature's playing field is full of traps. ~ Charlie Jane Anders
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Charlie Jane Anders
Observing any human being from infancy, seeing someone come into existence, like a new flower in bud, each petal first tightly furled around another, and then the natural loosening and unfurling, the opening into a bloom, the life of that bloom, must be something wonderful to behold; to see experience collect in the eyes, around the corners of the mouth, the weighing down of the brow, the heaviness in heart and soul, the thick gathering around the waist, the breasts, the slowing down of footsteps not from old age but only with the caution of life-all this is something so wonderful to observe, so wonderful to behold; the pleasure for the observer, the beholder, is an invisible current between the two, observed and observer, beheld and beholder, and I believe that no life is complete, no life is really whole, without this invisible current, which is in many ways a definition of love. ~ Jamaica Kincaid
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
If you don't read - 42 percent of US college graduates never read another book in their life after they graduate - entertainment and online media are where your thought are being formed. Those media products don't provide you with a mirror of your life, do they? Do you see yourself on that screen? Probably not, so why are these men in charge of the mirror in your mind? When people finally understand where 99 percent of their media is coming from, I hope the'll switch off or at least be aware of what they are seeing, choose wisely, and start harassing these studios until they fix their ways. ~ Rose McGowan
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Rose McGowan
I think humans might be like butterflies; people die every day without many other people knowing about them, seeing their colors, hearing their stories ... and when humans are broken, they're like broken butterfly wings; suddenly there are so many beauties that are seen in different ways, so many thoughts and visions and possibilities that form, which couldn't form when the person wasn't broken! So it is not a very sad thing to be broken, after all! It's during the times of being broken, that you have all the opportunities to become things unforgettable! Just like the broken butterfly wing that I found, which has given me so many thoughts, in so many ways, has shown me so many words, and imaginations! But butterflies need to know, that it doesn't matter at all if the whole world saw their colors or not! But what matters is that they flew, they glided, they hovered, they saw, they felt, and they knew! And they loved the ones whom they flew with! And that is an existence worthwhile! ~ C. JoyBell C.
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by C. JoyBell C.
We can never know in the beginning, in giving ourselves to a person, to a work, to a marriage or to a cause, exactly what kind of love we are involved with. When we demand a certain specific kind of reciprocation before the revelation has flowered completely we find our selves disappointed and bereaved and in that grief may miss the particular form of love that is actually possible but that did not meet our initial and too specific expectations. Feeling bereft we take our identity as one who is disappointed in love, our almost proud disappointment preventing us from seeing the lack of reciprocation from the person or the situation as simply a difficult invitation into a deeper and as yet unrecognizable form of affection.

The act of loving itself, always becomes a path of humble apprenticeship, not only in following its difficult way and discovering its different forms of humility and beautiful abasement but strangely, through its fierce introduction to all its many astonishing and different forms, where we are asked continually and against our will, to give in so many different ways, without knowing exactly, or in what way, when or how, the mysterious gift will be returned. ~ David Whyte
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by David Whyte
We urgently need a debate about the best ways of supporting families in modern America, without blinders that prevent us from seeing the full extent of dependence and interdependence in American life. As long as we pretend that only poor or abnormal families need outside assistance, we will shortchange poor families, overcompensate rich ones, and fail to come up with effective policies for helping families in the middle. ~ Stephanie Coontz
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Stephanie Coontz
The lure of seeing new places, different ways of life, has been almost irresistible. ~ Walter Dean Myers
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Walter Dean Myers
And so, if you wish to glimpse inside a human soul and get to know a man, don't bother analyzing his ways of being silent, of talking, of weeping, or seeing how much he is moved by noble ideas; you'll get better results if you just watch him laugh. If he laughs well, he's a good man. You must, however, note all the shades of his laugh. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
In Zen we classify ten thousand different states of mind, different ways of seeing life. There is something beyond the ten thousand states of mind that we call nirvana. ~ Frederick Lenz
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Frederick Lenz
Timeless awareness occurs to very few in this world, to step beyond the circle of fear. The body has created a magnificent arena of fear. We have developed ways of seeing life that exclude us from seeing life. ~ Frederick Lenz
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Frederick Lenz
Thank you," I managed to say.

Replying with a nod, he approached my horse. "Here, let me help you - "

I slipped down myself before he could lend a hand, keeping the fur hide in my possession. "I'm not suddenly incapable because I wear a dress, Thaddeus."

"I wasn't suggesting…." Wisely, he let the issue drop.

Lifting an arm, he offered it to me. That's when I noticed my sword in sheath belted to his waist.

"That's mine!" I declared, reaching for the hilt.

Thaddeus managed a quick side-step. He hardened his jaw at my look of incredulity. I would only wait momentarily for an explanation.

"I know the sword is yours, Catherine, everyone knows that. But you're too beautiful tonight to ruin that radiant look with an ugly, leather belt strapped about you."

I was starting to think the man was using compliments as a weapon to defend himself against me. It did work to temper my anger somewhat.

"I brought the sword as a cautionary act, just in case those nasty werewolves show up. Seeing how I'll be standing beside you all evening, the blade will be at your disposal if needed."

I accepted his reasoning and stood down.

"Besides," Thaddeus added, apparently feeling safe, "what's yours is mine now anyway."

I glared at the fool. "That works both ways, you know."

He rolled his eyes and shrugged. "If it must."

Again, he offered me his arm wh ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
It was easy to blame other people for treating me in ways I didn't like, but now I was seeing that I was the one at fault. The only way you can be mistreated is by allowing yourself to be mistreated, and that was something I did over and over again. Somehow, I needed to find that glimmer of self-respect, buried deep inside, that would allow me to say: I am never going to let that happen to me again. I needed to learn how to stand up for myself in a different way, but I didn't know how. ~ Jennifer Lopez
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Jennifer Lopez
I want to have a frank conversation about an inner sickness that I see few, if any, addressing: how and why Hollywood creates a f'd-up mirror for you to look in. How you are seeing yourself through your own eyes, but perhaps not your own mind. Hollywood affects your life in ways you may not even be aware of. ~ Rose McGowan
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Rose McGowan
Science can now help us to understand ourselves in this way by giving factual information about brain structure and function, and how the mind works. Then there is an art of self knowledge, which each person has to develop for himself. This art must lead one to be sensitive to how his basically false approach to life is always tending to generate conflict and confusion. The role of art here is therefore not to provide a symbolism, but rather to teach the artistic spirit of sensitive perception of the individual and particular phenomena of one's own psyche. This spirit is needed if one is to understand the relevance of general scientific knowledge to his own special problems, as well as to give effect to the scientific spirit of seeing the fact about one's self as it is, whether on elikes it or not, and thus helping to end conflict.
Such an approach is not possible, however, unless one has the spirit that meets life wholly and totally. We still need the religious spirit, but today we no longer need the religious mythology, which is now introducing an irrelevant and confusing element into the whole question.
Itwould seem, then, that in some ways the modern person must manage to create a total approach to life which accomplishes what was done in earlier days by science, art and religion, but in a new way that is appropriate to the modern conditions of life. An important part of such an action is to see what the relationshipbetween science and art now actually is, and t ~ David Bohm
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by David Bohm
It's not entirely absurd to think that somewhere in the past of mankind someone, for the first time, did in his mind the equivalent of putting an adjective to a noun, and saw, not only a relationship, but this special relationship between two things of different kinds ... In sum, all the seemingly complicated kinds of modification in English are just ways of thinking and seeing how things go with each other or reflect each other. Modifiers in our language are not aids to understanding relationships; they are the ways to understand relationships. A mistake in this matter either comes from or causes a clouded mind. Usually it's both. ~ Richard Mitchell
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Richard Mitchell
Then Allen said, I've discovered a way to have a lot more time. In the past, I used to look at my time as if it were divided into several parts. One part I reserved for Joey, another part was for Sue, another part to help with Ana, another part for household work. The time left over I considered my own. I could read, write, do research, go for walks. But now I try not to divide time into parts anymore. I consider my time with Joey and Sue as my own time. When I help Joey with his homework, I try to find ways of seeing his time as my own time. I go through his lesson with him, sharing his presence and finding ways to be interested in what we do during that time. The time for him becomes my own time. The same with Sue. The remarkable thing is that now I have unlimited time for myself! ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
You are fighting against nothingness all the time by creating a series of shields that you call personality, life history, feelings, ideas, and ways of seeing. ~ Frederick Lenz
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Frederick Lenz
Peaceful with six children Darya Alexandrova could not be...Rare indeed were the brief periods of peace...hard though it was for the mother to bear the dread of illness, the illnesses themselves, and the grief of seeing signs of evil propensities in her children--the children themselves were even now repaying her in small joys for her sufferings. Those joys were so small that they passed unnoticed, like gold in sand, and at bad moments she could see nothing but the pain, nothing but sand; but there were good moments too when she saw nothing but the joy, nothing but gold.

Now in the solitude of the country, she began to be more and more frequently aware of those joys. Often, looking at them, she would make every possible effort to persuade herself that she was mistaken, that she as a mother was partial to her children. All the same, she could not help saying to herself that she had charming children, all six of them in different ways, but a set of children such as is not often to be met with, and she was happy in them, and proud of them. ~ Leo Tolstoy
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Leo Tolstoy
Universities are of course hostile to geniuses, which, seeing and using ways of their own, discredit the routine: as churches and monasteries persecute youthful saints. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
I wanted him to be a poet. I wanted him to adventure out into the world and learn its ways, not losing himself in the jumble of life but seeing it in the poet's eye, and withdrawing after in the library room where he could write his poems of revelation. He would tell what he had seen. He never wrote a word in his life. But he did see. ~ Josephine Humphreys
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Josephine Humphreys
This is what metaphor is. It is not saying that an ant is an elephant. Perhaps; both are alive. No. Metaphor is saying the ant is an elephant. Now, logically speaking, I know there is a difference. If you put elephants and ants before me, I believe that every time I will correctly identify the elephant and the ant. So metaphor must come from a very different place than that of the logical, intelligent mind. It comes from a place that is very courageous, willing to step out of our preconceived ways of seeing things and open so large that it can see the oneness in an ant and in an elephant. ~ Natalie Goldberg
John Berger Ways Of Seeing quotes by Natalie Goldberg
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