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A bond price, for example, will grow with accrued interest between two coupon cuttings. That growth in its value is not income but increase of capital. Only when the coupon is detached does the bond render, or give off, a service, and so yield income. The income consists in the event of such off-giving, the yielding or separation, to use the language of the United States Supreme Court. If the coupon thus given off is reinvested in another bond, that event is outgo, and offsets the simultaneous income realized from the first bond. There is then no net income from the group but only growth of capital. If the final large payment of the principal is commonly thought of not as income (which it is if not reinvested) but as capital it is because it is usually and normally so reinvested. ~ Irving Fisher
Joggles Coupon quotes by Irving Fisher
I must have been born under an unlucky star. You know I have filled out entry blanks for every single drawing in the supermarket for the last twelve years, and the only thing I ever won was a coupon for a small little jar of tomato paste. But they were out of tomato paste, and by the time they got more in, my coupon had expired. And now I have venereal disease. ~ Louise Lasser
Joggles Coupon quotes by Louise Lasser
It is not by means of a metaphor that a banking or stock-market transaction, a claim, a coupon, a credit, is able to arouse people who are not necessarily bankers. And what about the effects of money that grows, money that produces more money? There are socioeconomic "complexes" that are also veritable complexes of the unconscious, and that communicate a voluptuous wave from the top to the bottom of their hierarchy (the military-industrial complex). And ideology, Oedipus, and the phallus have nothing to do with this, because they depend on it rather than being its impetus. For it is a matter of flows, of stocks, of breaks in and fluctuations of flows; desire is present wherever something flows and runs, carrying along with it interested subjects - but also drunken or slumbering subjects - toward lethal destinations. ~ Gilles Deleuze
Joggles Coupon quotes by Gilles Deleuze
Luc moved to the center of the floor. I don't have all day, guys. I have things to do. A nap I want to take this afternoon. There's a new movie out on Netflix I want to watch, and a goddamn coupon for a free Whopper Jr. that's calling my name. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Joggles Coupon quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same. It yanks you out of your body and your mind and throws you against the wall. I have the feeling that drinking is a form of suicide where you're allowed to return to life and begin all over the next day. It's like killing yourself, and then you're reborn. I guess I've lived about ten or fifteen thousand lives now. ~ Charles Bukowski
Joggles Coupon quotes by Charles Bukowski
Go and I had a game inspired by our mom, who had a habit of telling such outrageously mundane, endless stories that Go was positive she had to be secretly fucking with us. For about ten years now, whenever Go and I hit a conversation lull, one of us would break in with a story about appliance repair or coupon fulfillment. ~ Gillian Flynn
Joggles Coupon quotes by Gillian Flynn
The thing I've learned most about poverty is how expensive it is to be poor. It's super easy to pay rent every month if you earn enough to pay rent and have a decent job. It's super hard to pay rent if you need a coupon from the state and then need to go find an apartment that will accept that coupon and only that coupon. ~ Nick Hanauer
Joggles Coupon quotes by Nick Hanauer
If you send out one coupon with a deadline of a week and another that must be used within the next month, you end up having more redemptions with the one week deadline. It's really amazing. With the month deadline you have four times as much time, but people tend to say they'll use it in a few weeks' time and then they don't do it. ~ Sendhil Mullainathan
Joggles Coupon quotes by Sendhil Mullainathan
I tucked the Camel coupon from his cigarette pack into my pocket. A souvenir of the moment where he said maybe. I would hold on to his maybe for as long as it would take, even forever. ~ Kimberly Novosel
Joggles Coupon quotes by Kimberly Novosel
I think I'm going to wear blue to the wedding. I saw this gorgeous dress on sale at Macy's the other day. I think I have a coupon," Mom tells Liz.

"Oh hell no! I already told you I was going to wear blue, you whore. You can't wear the same color as me, that's tacky," Liz complains.

Oh my God, this is not happening right now.

"Fuck your mother. I'm wearing blue. I already found my dress," Mom argues.

"I'm the mother of the bride. The mother of the f**king bride! That means it's up to me!" Liz fires back.

"Claire, I think you would look lovely in blue," Tyler pipes in.

Mom turns to face Tyler and folds her arms on top of the table. "When I'm finished neutering you, I'm going to take your tiny little neuticles and light them on fire. ~ Tara Sivec
Joggles Coupon quotes by Tara Sivec
And like in a movie I appear in front of the D'Agostino's, sale's clerks beckoning for me to enter, and I'm using an expired coupon for a box of oat-bran cereal and the girl at the checkout counter
black, dumb,slow
doesn't get it, doesn't notice the expiration date has passed even though it's the only thing I buy, and I get a small but incendiary thrill when I walk out of the store, opening the box, stuffing handfuls of the cereal into my mouth, trying to whistle "Hips to Be Square". ~ Bret Easton Ellis
Joggles Coupon quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
If you go to Bed Bath & Beyond without a coupon, people will wonder if you're OK. ~ John Pinette
Joggles Coupon quotes by John Pinette
I started taking walks
with my children on trash day just to collect the extra proofs of
purchase. We'd roam the alleys together, stopping at each diaper
box. I learned to swiftly tear the proof of purchase off in a stealth
maneuver I'd refined with practice: pushing the stroller up close
to the box, bending down as if tying my shoe, and ripping off the
qualifier, all in less than thirty seconds. ~ Mary Potter Kenyon
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
With Yowza there are no games, you don't have to check in or become the mayor or go back home and redeem anything online - you will always press one button, show the coupon at the register and save money. It's as simple as that. ~ Greg Grunberg
Joggles Coupon quotes by Greg Grunberg
The special please," she said, waving a coupon from the week's paper. "The young rejuvenating facial. I want to look thirty."
"Mom," Jonathan said. "It's a facial, not a magic wand."
She rolled up the paper and swatted him with it. "Fine, I'll take forty." She gave Lily a hug. "And you! How lovely to see you again!" She turned to Jonathan. "So ... you can make me look forty, right?"
"How about gorgeous?" Jonathan asked his mom. "Does gorgeous work for you? ~ Jill Shalvis
Joggles Coupon quotes by Jill Shalvis
Despite their inherent messiness, consumers aren't about to
give up on a mode of savings that is so much under their control.
Afer all, the price savings from a coupon is guaranteed to go
directly to the consumer using it. A coupon can allow a consumer
to purchase brand-name products at the same, or sometimes even
a lower price, than a store brand. And only the coupon-using consumer
obtains those benefits. ~ Mary Potter Kenyon
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
I actually wanted to be a fashion designer. I did a lot with the sewing machine at home - - for Barbie or for carnival or just for fun. Then I saw this ad in the newspaper. And as young girls sometimes do some stupid things, I filled in the coupon and sent in my photos. ~ Heidi Klum
Joggles Coupon quotes by Heidi Klum
Economics played a role. Raleighs have gone from six fifty to nine dollars a carton, but there's a three-quarter cent coupon on the back. You can get all kinds of things with them, blenders, everything. I saved up enough one time and got Al Bumbry. ~ Earl Weaver
Joggles Coupon quotes by Earl Weaver
Compulsive? I lived and breathed refunding, and my children
benefited with their wide variety of toys, balls, and T-shirts
I obtained through my hobby. It was all a big game, and one that
I played well. And I was not alone. While there was no estimate
available on the number of people who were involved in refunding,
Carol Backs, publisher of Money Maker magazine in the
late 1980s and chairman of a trade association of refund magazine
publishers, claimed that refund magazines were selling eight
hundred thousand to one million subscriptions. ~ Mary Potter Kenyon
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
Brought down by a woman with black hair and dark eyes. A sexy wit and a sexier body. A bartender, coupon clipper, temp worker. A college drop out turned party girl, with loose morals, and legs that rarely closed. ~ Stylo Fantome
Joggles Coupon quotes by Stylo Fantome
The well-meaning people who talk of education as if it were a substance distributable by coupon in large or small quantities never exhibit any understanding of the truth that you cannot teach anybody anything that he does not want to learn. ~ George Sampson
Joggles Coupon quotes by George Sampson
I was not above filching empty candy bar wrappers from
trash bins at the park or picking up the back cards of batteries from
store parking lots. My children all sported Hershey shirts but ate
very few of the required candy bars themselves to get them. Trips
to the pool were the most rewarding, where candy was sold at the
concession stand and the trash receptacles were overflowing with
wrappers. On neighborhood trash day, the children and I walked
up and down the alleys, where we confiscated extra Pampers points
to send in for savings bonds and toys. Even the tennis shoes my
children wore on these jaunts were obtained free from the Huggies
diaper company. ~ Mary Potter Kenyon
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
A man in love is like a clipped coupon - it's time to cash in. ~ Mae West
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mae West
My love is like hooray! Special terms and conditions may apply. See dealer for details. Coupon not valid with any other offer. ~ Jarod Kintz
Joggles Coupon quotes by Jarod Kintz
There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you have a coupon for a free lunch ... or someone gives you a lunch ... never mind. ~ John Adams
Joggles Coupon quotes by John Adams
I was going to be one of those crazy ladies with fifty cats, a recliner, and a coupon addiction. Except my cats were going to be books. Books were way less stinky than cats. ~ Cambria Hebert
Joggles Coupon quotes by Cambria Hebert
Things My Mother Does Not Do 1. Complain. 2. Dispose of almost anything, including years-old margarine tubs possibly hoarded for the dispersal of emergency rations. 3. Ignore a coupon. 4. Put anything away. 5. Allow me to talk "long distance" for more than three minutes without yelling in the background. 6. Give up without a fight. O ~ George Hodgman
Joggles Coupon quotes by George Hodgman
There is nothing in the least special about you. I guarantee you a long life. You have not been chosen by the gods, you will never be at one with your acts, you do not have in you the green light to flash like young lightning with the speed of the gods and destroy yourself. All you have is a certain premature senility. Your life will be suited for coupon-clipping. Nothing more. ~ Yukio Mishima
Joggles Coupon quotes by Yukio Mishima
Throw in something extra. Whether it's a coupon for a future discount, additional information on how to use the product, or a genuine smile, people love to get more than they thought they were getting. And don't think that a gesture has to be large to be effective. ~ Susan Ward
Joggles Coupon quotes by Susan Ward
I paid her a little visit, and I used a coupon with the purchase. ~ Jarod Kintz
Joggles Coupon quotes by Jarod Kintz
What is said in James 2:14 ff. is like a two-coupon train or bus ticket. One coupon says, "Not good if detached" and the other says, "Not good for passage". Works are not good for passage; but faith detached from works is not saving faith. ~ Charles Caldwell Ryrie
Joggles Coupon quotes by Charles Caldwell Ryrie
Mitch's Pizzaria ... this week's coupon: unlimited free pizza. Special Note: coupon not good at any of the Mitch's Pizza locations. Free pizza oven with purchase of a small Coke. Two-for Tuesday: buy one pizza, get one franchise free. ~ Mitch Hedberg
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mitch Hedberg
In the normal course of events a person's location was recorded dozens of times a day by all sorts of devices, from the obvious (such as security cameras) to the not so obvious (such as coupon marketing). But if a person disappeared, their stockholders could request an "asset search," which meant they turned on the chip and hunted the "asset" down. ~ Dani Kollin
Joggles Coupon quotes by Dani Kollin
For thirty-two years I went shopping with my coupon box in tow
without ever seeing another consumer with either a coupon box or
binder. Not once. I spotted small coupon wallets that fit in a purse
or envelopes of coupons, but never a box or binder. By early 2011,
I was beginning to see women with coupon binders everywhere I
went. All of a sudden, couponing was hot. It was as if couponing
was a totally new concept, and yet coupons had been around for
over 125 years. ~ Mary Potter Kenyon
Joggles Coupon quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
As much as possible, connect your offer to the direct benefits customers will receive. Like the Alaska coupon books, a compelling offer pays for itself by making a clear value proposition. What people want and what they say they want are not always the same thing; your job is to figure out the difference. When developing an offer, think carefully about the objections and then respond to them in advance. Provide a nudge to customers by getting them to make a decision. The difference between a good offer and a great offer is urgency (also known as timeliness): Why should people act now? Offer reassurance and acknowledgment immediately after someone buys something or hires you. Then find a small but meaningful way to go above and beyond their expectations. ~ Anonymous
Joggles Coupon quotes by Anonymous
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