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Civilizations have been founded and maintained on theories which refused to obey facts. ~ Joe Orton
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Orton
And Bethod means to make war on this? He must be mad."
"Bethod, for all his waste and pride, understands the Union. They are jealous of one another, all those people. It may be a union in name, but they fight each other tooth and nail. The lowly squabble over trifles. The great wage secret wars for power and wealth, and they call it government. Wars of words, and tricks, and guile, but no less bloody for that. The casualties are many. Behind those walls they shout and argue and endlessly bite one another's backs. Old squabbles are never settled, but thrive, and put down roots, and the roots grow deeper with the passing years. It has always been so. They are not like you, Logen. A man here can smile, and fawn, and call you friend, give you gifts with one hand and stab you with the other. You will find this a strange place. ~ Joe Abercrombie
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
That's why I like the scenes where we're just in the kitchen having breakfast, because it's the interaction between people. The chaos. ~ Joe Mantegna
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Mantegna
If you come across illegal aliens committing crimes, other crimes, you deport them. ~ Joe Arpaio
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Arpaio
They actually bought me for Daredevil 2, but they have to exercise the option. ~ Joe Pantoliano
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Pantoliano
Why hell yes, Joe Bob! A cripple can always get himself a wooden leg, or a glass eye, or a metal hook for a hand, or any of that mess
but there ain't no known substitute for a big dick. I guess you is out of luck! ~ Larry McMurtry
Joffy Joe quotes by Larry McMurtry
I love what Joe Eszterhas written about Bill Clinton. It's hilarious, Clinton as a rock star, which is the way we should remember him. ~ Chris Matthews
Joffy Joe quotes by Chris Matthews
No!" barked Hoff again. "There will be no duel here! There is no issue to decide! Angland is a part of the Union, by ancient law!"

White-Eye Hansul chuckled softly. "Ancient law? Angland is part of the North. Two hundred years ago there were Northmen there, living free. You wanted iron, so you crossed the sea, and slaughtered them and stole their land! It must be, then, that most ancient of laws: that the strong take what they wish from the weak?" His eyes narrowed. "We have that law also! ~ Joe Abercrombie
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
Nothing we're going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting ... ~ Joe Biden
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Biden
And then came, perhaps, the biggest offseason move in franchise history … and no, we're not talking about inviting Carlos Peña to camp or hiring Joe Maddon or appointing Andrew Friedman as Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations - those moves had already transpired. No, we're talking about the really big move. After 2007 the Tampa Bay Devil Rays officially released the 'Devil' and emerged in 2008 as the Tampa Bay Rays. ~ Tucker Elliot
Joffy Joe quotes by Tucker Elliot
It's an awful fine line between being raised above folk like a leader and being raised above ´em like a hanged man on display. ~ Joe Abercrombie
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
When you can feel that you already have what you want, then you will attract what you want. In fact, you already have it. Just feel it now and feel it real. ~ Joe Vitale
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Vitale
Unfortunately, I've gotten so conditioned, it's hard to sleep past 4 a.m. ~ Joe Scarborough
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Scarborough
Son, in this life, you don't ever walk by a red dress. ~ Joe Posnanski
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Posnanski
Where you find the greatest good, there you will also find greatest Evil, for Evil likes Paradise every bit as much as Good does. What makes the best environment for Clematis armandi makes a lovely home for leaf hoppers. A place where Joe Allston hopes to enjoy his retirement turns out to be Tom Weld's ancestral acres and a place attractive to Caliban. ~ Wallace Stegner
Joffy Joe quotes by Wallace Stegner
I want to age nicely. Rather than being afraid of aging, I want to take each year coolly and age gracefully. ~ L.Joe
Joffy Joe quotes by L.Joe
Meeting people who want to start a charity, help out their families, or raise money for a good cause has been really fun. ~ Joe Jonas
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Jonas
G.I. Joe boxers!' Apollo screamed. 'OH - oh, I can't even... HAHAHAHAHA!' 'Aphrodite,' Athena giggled. 'You look simply lovely.' The gods couldn't stop laughing. Soon they were rolling on the floor, wiping tears from their eyes, taking photos with their phones to post on Tumblr. ~ Rick Riordan
Joffy Joe quotes by Rick Riordan
You can always make enemies of your friends,' said Sumael. 'Making friends of your enemies is harder labor. ~ Joe Abercrombie
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
The deepness and consistency of your repenting will have a direct impact on the liveliness of your faith and the brightness of your confidence. This is not because you repent so well, but because in repenting you know the darkness and trouble of your own sin, and the great work of grace in Jesus that overcomes it all. ~ Joe Thorn
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Thorn
He felt a strange urge, right then, just to put his head down and walk past, off into the night and never look back. Then he wouldn't have to be the Bloody-Nine again... He could've gone far away, and started new, and been whoever he wanted. But he'd tried that once already, and it had done him no good. The past was always right behind him, breathing on his neck. It was time to turn around and face it. ~ Joe Abercrombie
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
You and I are the players, God's our head coach, and we're all playing the biggest game of all. ~ Joe Gibbs
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Gibbs
The role of the Christian apologist is not to re-invent Christianity; it would cease to be Christianity if I did! ~ Joe Boot
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Boot
I chose the name "Padded Room," because, when I'm in the booth, it would be the padded room. When I'm in the booth, I can say a lot of things and speak about a lot of things that normally I wouldn't be able to speak about to a friend or to family or to a crowd. A lot of times, the things that I say, if you had to categorize it, they would probably call me nuts or crazy. So, you add that aspect of "The Padded Room," which would be almost like an insane asylum. ~ Joe Budden
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Budden
RATS ARE NOT MADE; PEOPLE ARE BORN RATS." - Mathew J. Mari, New York City Criminal Attorney for ~ Joe Bruno
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Bruno
There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first time. I owe him my best. ~ Joe DiMaggio
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe DiMaggio
Los Angeles is full of places to hide a body, but when the person inside the body doesn't love you, it's not an easy thing, turning that breathing person into a dead one. ~ Caroline Kepnes
Joffy Joe quotes by Caroline Kepnes
It's not a bad thing fighting for equality and helping the poor. It's not a bad thing to have on your professional tombstone: 'He believed in equality and he helped the poor.' ~ Joe Jamail
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Jamail
Rock 'n' roll can be fun and dangerous at the same time. ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
Joffy Joe quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
Is it just me, or did Tamou go to hug a Kiwi before realising he had just scored for Australia? ~ Joe Galuvao
Joffy Joe quotes by Joe Galuvao
There's such a big buzz around boxing at the moment. Everything's happening and there's so much building up with a lot of young talent coming through. ~ Billy Joe Saunders
Joffy Joe quotes by Billy Joe Saunders
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