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Rejoice, that the immortal God is born, so that mortal man may live in eternity. ~ Jan Hus
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Jan Hus
For seven years I went about, day and night, with only one thing on my mind – her.
Were there a Christian so faithful to his God as I was to her we would all be Jesus
Christs today. ~ Henry Miller
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Henry Miller
Christmas Eve Punch Ingredients 2 cups water ¾ cup sugar ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 cups chilled cranberry/apple juice 1 46-ounce can chilled pineapple juice 1 liter chilled ginger ale In a large saucepan bring your water, sugar, and cinnamon to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Chill. Before you serve, add the sugar water mixture, chilled juices, and ginger ale to a large punch bowl. Serve in party glasses over ice. ~ Lee Hollis
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Lee Hollis
As the floods of God
Wash away sin city
They say it was written
In the page of the Lord
But I was looking
For that great jazz note
That destroyed
The walls of Jericho
The winds of fear
Whip away the sickness
The messages on the tablet
Was valium
As the planets form
That golden cross Lord
I'll see you on
The holy cross roads
After all this time
To believe in Jesus
After all those drugs
I thought I was Him
After all my lying
And a-crying
And my suffering
I ain't good enough
I ain't clean enough
To be Him
The tribal wars
Burning up the homeland
The fuel of evil
Is raining from the sky
The sea of lava
Flowing down the mountain
The time will sleep
Us sinners by
Holy rollers roll
Give generously now
Pass the hubcap please
Thank you Lord ~ Joe Strummer
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Joe Strummer
Moralizing is reading the Bible not to learn about Jesus but only to learn principles for how to live life as a good person by following the good examples of some people and avoiding the bad examples of others. That kind of approach to the Scriptures is not Christian, because it treats the Bible like any other book with moral lessons that are utterly disconnected from faith in and salvation from Jesus. ~ Mark Driscoll
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Mark Driscoll
It's Christmas! You just got your Hogwarts acceptance letter, a copy of Action Comics #1, and a brand new car that runs on water! ~ Leah Rae Miller
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Leah Rae Miller
This puts me in mind of a circumstance that occurred when I was laboring on a mission in London many, many years ago: We had an old gentleman there that had been in the army. He was a war veteran and he was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets. A man came up and slapped him on the face. "Now," he says, "if you are a Christian turn the other cheek." So old daddy turned the other cheek, but he said: "Hit again and down you go." He would have gone down, too, if he had struck again. True, Jesus Christ taught that non-resistance, was right and praiseworthy and a duty under certain circumstances and conditions; but just look at him when he went into the temple, when he made that scourge of thongs, when he turned out the money-changers and kicked over their tables and told them to get out of the house of the Lord! "My house is a house of prayer," he said, "but ye have made it a den of thieves." Get out of here! Hear him crying, "Woe unto you Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites, ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and then ye make him ten-fold more the child of hell than he was before." That was the other side of the spirit of Jesus. Jesus was no milksop. He was not to be trampled under foot. He was ready to submit when the time came for his martyrdom, and he was to be nailed on the cross as a sacrifice for the sins of the world, but he was ready at any time to stand up for his rights like a man. He is not only called "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the wo ~ Charles W. Penrose
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Charles W. Penrose
Christians have long realized that the whispered name "Jesus" can bring comfort and cheer to someone suffering or bereaved, and it can bring joyful hope to the fearful or depressed heart. ~ Kenneth W. Osbeck
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Kenneth W. Osbeck
Grace began in the garden of Eden, when God covered Adam and Eve with animal skins. Grace continued as God extended it to the hard-hearted Israelites throughout the Old Testament. Jesus lived and extended grace throughout His entire ministry. Even after Jesus' death, grace continued as He, through His disciples, extended grace beyond the Jews to the Gentiles. ~ Wendy Blight
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Wendy Blight
Then I knelt heedfully upright and mentally prayed as we'd been instructed to do, some scared and scientific part of me assaying myself for chemical reactions or a sudden infusion of wisdom while fancying Christ now sitting dismally in my scoundrel soul, my oh so many sins pooling like sewer water at his sandaled feet. But soon I saw that I was still me; there would be no howls of objection, no immediate correction or condemnation, no hint that I was under new management, just the calming sense that whoever I was was fine with Jesus.

It was a grace I hadn't imagined. ~ Ron Hansen
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Ron Hansen
Now, this, O priests, is the sum of my missive: Return to your first love and do the first works. Decrease so that I may increase in you, for then I will be pleased with you. Hence, regain your unction, retain your testimony, and remain in the faith, so that LIKE JOHN, YOU CAN BOLDLY EXCLAIM 'MARANATHA!'["COME! LORD JESUS."] # ~ Maurice Suwa
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Maurice Suwa
We profess to think Jesus the grandest and most glorious of men, yet hardly care to be like him. When we are offered his Spirit, that is, his very nature within us, for the asking, we will hardly take the trouble to ask for it. ~ George MacDonald
Jesus And Christmas quotes by George MacDonald
Suppose the word mountain meant metaphor, and dog, and Bible, and the United States. Clearly, if a word meant everything, it would mean nothing. If, now, the law of contradiction is an arbitrary convention, and if our linguistic theorists choose some other convention, I challenge them to write a book in conformity with their principles. As a matter of fact it will not be hard for them to do so. Nothing more is necessary than to write the word metaphor sixty thousand times: Metaphor metaphor metaphor metaphor ... . This means the dog ran up the mountain, for the word metaphor means dog, ran, and mountain. Unfortunately, the sentence "metaphor metaphor metaphor" also means, Next Christmas is Thanksgiving, for the word metaphor has these meanings as well. ~ Gordon H. Clark
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Gordon H. Clark
I have taken all my good deeds and all my bad deeds, and cast them ... in a heap before the Lord, and fled from both, and betaken myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, and in him I have sweet peace! ~ David Dickson
Jesus And Christmas quotes by David Dickson
Had there been a lunatic asylum in the suburbs of Jerusalem, Jesus Christ would infallibly have been shut up in it at the outset of his public career. That interview with Satan on the pinnacle of the Temple would alone have damned him, and everything that happened after could but have confirmed the diagnosis. ~ Havelock Ellis
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Havelock Ellis
After this conscious and deliberate choice, Professor Moscati definitively opted for hospital work: to his hospital rounds he devoted his time, experience, human abilities and supernatural gifts. The patients and their physical and spiritual sufferings, were always uppermost in his thoughts, because "they are the faces of Jesus Christ, immortal, godliike souls, and the Gospel precept urges us to love them as ourselves." (p. 32-33) ~ Antonio Tripodoro
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Antonio Tripodoro
I believe in music. I guess music is for me what numbers are for you. There's power in music. There's healing in it. God is there in it too, if you let him be. Growing up, in Grassley, everybody was so poor, Jesus was the only thing we had left . . . so I believe in him too. And God and music, once they are truly yours, are the two things people can't take away from you. ~ Amy Harmon
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Amy Harmon
What other people think of me is becoming less and less important; what they think of Jesus because of me is critical. ~ Cliff Richard
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Cliff Richard
It is a startling and solemnizing fact that even as late as the twentieth century, the Great Command of Jesus Christ to carry the Gospel to all mankind is still so largely unfulfilled. ~ John Mott
Jesus And Christmas quotes by John Mott
Jesus. 7For we havea great joyb and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother. ~ Anonymous
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Anonymous
There was nothing dark and hidden about Jesus. He was and is the Light of the world, and He welcomed the light. ~ Samuel Logan Brengle
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Samuel Logan Brengle
When the time comes, & I hope it comes soon, to bury this era of moral rot & the defiling of our communal, social, & democratic norms, the perfect epitaph for the gravestone of this age of unreason should be Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's already infamous quote:
"I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing... as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it's on booze or women or movies."
Grassley's vision of America, quite frankly, is one I do not recognize. I thought the heart of this great nation was not limited to the ranks of the plutocrats who are whisked through life in chauffeured cars & private jets, whose often inherited riches are passed along to children, many of whom no sacrifice or service is asked. I do not begrudge wealth, but it must come with a humility that money never is completely free of luck. And more importantly, wealth can never be a measure of worth.
I have seen the waitress working the overnight shift at a diner to give her children a better life, & yes maybe even take them to a movie once in awhile - and in her, I see America.
I have seen the public school teachers spending extra time with students who need help & who get no extra pay for their efforts, & in them I see America.
I have seen parents sitting around kitchen tables with stacks of pressing bills & wondering if they can afford a Christmas gift for their children, & i ~ Dan Rather
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Dan Rather
A man may betray Jesus Christ by speaking too many words, and he may betray him through keeping his mouth shut. ~ Oswald Chambers
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Oswald Chambers
Jesus says, "A tidal wave is approaching and you are lollygagging on the patio having a party." Or as Joachim Jeremias puts it, "You are feasting and dancing - on the volcano which may erupt at any moment."3 ~ Brennan Manning
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Brennan Manning
Who will do the Kingdoms business?
Who will awake in might to the call?
One soul will bring joy to heaven;
Arise, oh men and women of God!
Mind the kingdoms business and do it well!

Christ the savior is calling, Jesus is calling!
Awake, somebody! Awake somebody!
Jesus is calling; Jesus is coming again!

Who will do the Kingdoms business?
Who will awake in might to the call?
Whose heart shall not be for the world, but for the Word?
And who shall save one soul in the world?
Arise oh men and women of God!

Christ the savior is calling, Jesus is calling!
Awake, somebody! Awake somebody!
Jesus is calling; Jesus is coming again! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
The Word tells us that God meets our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Begin to talk and act as though it is true! ~ Kenneth Copeland
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Kenneth Copeland
Shane's orgasmic contribution was an innovative and masterful variation on the theme of oh:
"Oh ... Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... AH!"
Stretching the waistband of my boxers I addressed the man downstairs, "make a note Mr Brown. Buy Dick and Shane a copy of The Penguin Anthology Of Orgasmic Utterances for Christmas: surprise and delight your partner, fuck buddies and neighbours with your sparkling and witty climactic repartee, you'l have them cumming back for more. ~ Gillibran Brown
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Gillibran Brown
To trust in you, Jesus - to boast in the gift of your righteousness, to rest in the constancy of your love, to wake up each day to your endless mercies, to hear you sing to us in the gospel - is to feel the stranglehold of shame lose its grip over our hearts. Jesus, I praise you for taking the guilt of our sin and the shame of our brokenness on the cross. You became sin for us that in you we might become the righteousness of God. Because of you, judgment day holds no terror. The cross was our judgment day. We no longer fear the gaze of God because of the grace of God we have in you. ~ Scotty Smith
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Scotty Smith
To be converted to faith in Jesus Christ is to return to the worship of the true God, and to dethrone all rivals to his authority. ~ Graham Kendrick
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Graham Kendrick
Just think! The only reason the world knows anything about them [Jesus' Apostles] is because having met the Savior, they made Him their guide in life. If they hadn't, nobody now would know that such men had ever lived. They would have lived and died and been forgotten just as thousands of other men in their day lived and died and nobody knows or cares anything about them; just as thousands and thousands are living today, wasting their time and energy in useless living, choosing the wrong kind of men for their ideals, turning their footsteps into the road of Pleasure and Indulgence instead of the road of Service. Soon they will reach the end of their journey in life, and nobody can say that the world is any better for their having lived in it. At the close of each day such men leave their pathway as barren as they found it - they plant no trees to give shade to others, nor rose-bushes to make the world sweeter and brighter to those who follow - no kind deeds, no noble service - just a barren, unfruitful, desert-like pathway, strewn, perhaps, with thorns and thistles. Not so with the disciples who chose Jesus for their Guide. Their lives are like gardens of roses from which the world may pluck beautiful flowers forever. ~ David O. McKay
Jesus And Christmas quotes by David O. McKay
Grace is costly because it calls us through our person to the person of Jesus Christ. And when we follow the person of Jesus Christ, when we follow his call through our person, we're sent to act for the concrete person of our neighbor in the world. ~ Andrew Root
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Andrew Root
Where the gospel is not cherished, the Spirit will not be experienced. And, on the flip side, where the Spirit is not sought, there will be no deep, experiential knowledge of the gospel. The two always go hand in hand. Jesus said, "The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life" (John 6:63, emphasis mine). Spirit and Word, inseparably united. ~ J.D. Greear
Jesus And Christmas quotes by J.D. Greear
He went to the light switch by the door and flicked it off. When he turned, she glowed in the golden light from the space heater, and the shadow over her shoulders on the wall seemed a looming, black-cloaked figure. An ancient, mythical harbinger of doom and destruction.
He blinked. It turned into a pattern of blocked light again.
Jesus, what the hell was that about?
He was rattled, jittery, scared half to death. But he could no more say no to this girl than he could stop breathing. ~ Shannon McKenna
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Shannon McKenna
Over to the Asia Society, and now she's out doing a bit of Christmas shopping. She says you, ah, you're meeting her later tonight? ~ Donna Tartt
Jesus And Christmas quotes by Donna Tartt
The church is not simply a religious body looking for a safe place to do its own thing within a wider political or social world. The church is neither more nor less than people who bear witness, by their very existence and in particular their holiness and their unity (Colossians 3), that Jesus is the world's true lord, ridiculous or even scandalous though this may seem. ~ N. T. Wright
Jesus And Christmas quotes by N. T. Wright
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