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#1. Online discussion boards and Facebook groups, where covert communities of queers, feminists, and Christians of color gather and find solace - to Matt these replicate the early church in the New Testament, where gatherings were organic and happened in homes or in secret, for fear of persecution. - Author: Lyz Lenz
Jassen Online quotes by Lyz Lenz
#2. So many people are are using the Internet now to watch movies and TV shows online. - Author: Luke Pasqualino
Jassen Online quotes by Luke Pasqualino
#3. As psychologist Bruce Hood writes in his book The Self Illusion, you have an origin story and a sense that you've traveled from youth to now along a linear path, with ups and downs that ultimately made you who you are today. Babies don't have that. That sense is built around events that you can recall and place in time. Babies and small children have what Hood calls "unconscious knowledge," which is to say they simply recognize patterns and make associations with stimuli. Without episodic memories, there is no narrative; and without any narrative, there is no self. Somewhere between ages two and three, according to Hood, that sense of self begins to come online, and that awakening corresponds with the ability to tell a story about yourself based on memories. He points to a study by Alison Gopnik and Janet Astington in 1988 in which researchers presented to three-year-olds a box of candy, but the children were then surprised to find pencils inside instead of sweets. When they asked each child what the next kid would think was in the box when he or she went through the same experiment, the answer was usually pencils. The children didn't yet know that other people have minds, so they assumed everyone knew what they knew. Once you gain the ability to assume others have their own thoughts, the concept of other minds is so powerful that you project it into everything: plants, glitchy computers, boats with names, anything that makes more sense to you when you can assume, even joking - Author: David McRaney
Jassen Online quotes by David McRaney
#4. What we say to each other-even when it's anonymous, even when we think no one is paying attention, even when it's online-matters. Words have meaning. - Author: Justine Ezarik
Jassen Online quotes by Justine Ezarik
#5. Perhaps because of the special nature of the TIA, or perhaps because of the limitless human capacity for technical fascination, programmers have continued to hack at and develop original VCS games. There is a thriving hobbyist community that has picked up the Atari VCS, using and refining emulators, writing disassemblers and development tools, and even manufacturing cartridges and selling them, complete with boxes and manuals. This "homebrew" scene could be seen, strictly speaking, as continuing the commercial life of the Atari VCS, but the community is not very corporate. It operates on the scale of zines and unsigned bands, with most recent ROMs offered for free online - even if they are also sold in limited releases of a few hundred copies in cartridge form. - Author: Nick Montfort
Jassen Online quotes by Nick Montfort
#6. Angry Birds is one of the fastest-growing online products I've seen, growing even faster than Skype, and the company has done a brilliant job of extending it across different platforms and merchandise. - Author: Niklas Zennstrom
Jassen Online quotes by Niklas Zennstrom
#7. Inspiration is really all around us. I pay attention to a lot of different fields. I stay up on current events. I go to community meetings to see what concerns the people in my neighborhood. Paying attention to social interactions offline really inform interactions online. The real world is a bottomless source of inspiration for what you can build. - Author: Caterina Fake
Jassen Online quotes by Caterina Fake
#8. On NBC, MSNBC and Hulu, you can size and cut clips to whatever length you want. Do online clips affect the TV market? I'm guessing not really. - Author: Rachel Sklar
Jassen Online quotes by Rachel Sklar
#9. I begin my day online and end my day online. I like to prepare myself for the next day and have a sense of closure before I go to bed. - Author: Geoffrey Zakarian
Jassen Online quotes by Geoffrey Zakarian
#10. The best thing about the world today is that everyone is connected and you can go online and quickly find people all over the world doing incredible things. - Author: Benjamin Stone
Jassen Online quotes by Benjamin Stone
#11. There are myths about kids spending time online - that it is dangerous or making them lazy. But we found that spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age. - Author: Mizuko Ito
Jassen Online quotes by Mizuko Ito
#12. I posted chapters online and let people give feedback, and I was surprised at how much of that feedback I actually used for the book.I posted chapters online and let people give feedback, and I was surprised at how much of that feedback I actually used for the book. It was a different process for me, but I liked it. - Author: Donald Miller
Jassen Online quotes by Donald Miller
#13. Now I read the updates on her online profile and she read mine, and that's what we were to each other. - Author: David Levithan
Jassen Online quotes by David Levithan
#14. Society has changed so dramatically that it's empowered the individual, and technology has a lot to do with that. Years ago, if you had a bad experience at a restaurant, you could complain to the manager. Maybe you could picket. Now, you go online and write a review that may go viral. - Author: Brad Katsuyama
Jassen Online quotes by Brad Katsuyama
#15. The future of narrative? Built in, part of the human template. Not going away. The future of the codex book, with pages and so forth? A platform for transmitting narratives. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Jassen Online quotes by Margaret Atwood
#16. When Goldberg's 'Liberal Fascism' came out in January 2008, his employer 'National Review Online' announced that Tribune Media Services, which carries Goldberg's opinion columns, had 'nominated' Goldberg for a Pulitzer in commentary. - Author: Bill Dedman
Jassen Online quotes by Bill Dedman
#17. They had found out.

Before I could panic, I made myself stretch my fingers wide and take a calming breath. You already knew this was bound to happen. At least that's what I told myself.

The more I thought about it, the more I should have been appreciative that the people at the chapel in Las Vegas hadn't recognized him. Or that people on the street had been oblivious and hadn't seen us going in and out of there. Or that the receptionist at the acupuncturist hadn't snapped a picture on her phone and posted it online.

Because I might not understand all people, much less most of them, but I understood nosey folks. And nosey folks would do something like that without a second thought. Yet, I reminded myself that there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

It would be fine. So, one gossip site posted about us getting married. Whoop-de-do. There was probably a thousand sites just like it.

I briefly thought about Diana hearing about it, but I'd deal with that later. There was no use in getting scared now. She was the only one whose reaction I cared about. My mom and sisters' opinions and feelings weren't exactly registering at the top of my list now… or ever. I made myself shove them to the back of my thoughts. I was tired of being mad and upset; it affected my work. Plus, they'd made me sad and mad enough times in my life. I wasn't going to let them ruin another day.

Picking my phone up again, I quickly texted Aiden b - Author: Mariana Zapata
Jassen Online quotes by Mariana Zapata
#18. The future success of online social networking sites as an advertising medium depends on its acceptance as an advertising vehicle that can deliver a message to a micro-target in a manner that will be well received and that increases the likelihood of interaction. - Author: Mary Louise Kelly
Jassen Online quotes by Mary Louise Kelly
#19. You need to begin to network with angels and VCs while you are still ideating. It is easier to ask someone you know for funding than a stranger. Build your financial network by attending as many industry functions and reaching out for advice from experts online. - Author: Jay Samit
Jassen Online quotes by Jay Samit
#20. The best remote companies I've seen do almost everything online, via email and telephone. But they also get together face to face on a regular basis. - Author: Margaret Heffernan
Jassen Online quotes by Margaret Heffernan
#21. More than a fifth of internet users will abandon an online video if it takes longer than five seconds to load. - Author: Anonymous
Jassen Online quotes by Anonymous
#22. The issue for the major companies is how, is how when and where to make their content online. So you look at these major cable companies, whether it's Disney or Time Warner, News Corp., ESPN, USA, they're being very very careful, about making their content available over the internet, and they're trying to figure it out. - Author: Harry E. Sloan
Jassen Online quotes by Harry E. Sloan
#23. Life ... we understand it differently at different stages. It's what is interesting about getting older, you realize your relationship with the past is always negotiable. There is a lot of freedom in that, because you realize you can go back to what you did such a long time ago. You can talk with the dead, talk with your lost self, your disappeared self, and you can visit those places again, and understand it differently. That makes a huge difference. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Jassen Online quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#24. I trust online banking. You know why? Because if somebody hacks into my account and defrauds my credit card company, or my online bank account, guess who takes the loss? The bank, not me. - Author: Kevin Mitnick
Jassen Online quotes by Kevin Mitnick
#25. The Internet is a beautiful thing and you sent a tweet an hour after we met that day: I smell cheeseburgers. #CornerBistroIsMakingMeFat

And let me tell you, for a moment there, I was concerned. Maybe I wasn't special. You didn't even mention me, our conversation. Also: I talk to strangers is a line in your Twitter bio. I talk to strangers. What the fuck is that, Beck? Children are not supposed to talk to strangers but you are an adult. Or is our conversation nothing to you? Am I just another stranger? Is your Twitter bio your subtle way of announcing that you're an attention whore who has no standards and will give audience to any poor schmuck who says hello? Was I nothing to you? You don't even mention the guy in the bookstore? Fuck, I thought, maybe I was wrong. Maybe we had nothing. But then I started to explore you and you don't write about what really matters. You wouldn't share me with your followers. Your online life is a variety show, so if anything, the fact that you didn't put me in your stand-up act means that you covet me. Maybe even more than I realize... - Author: Caroline Kepnes
Jassen Online quotes by Caroline Kepnes
#26. No-one gets a job at 16 and stays in it until 60 any more; we're connected to more people simultaneously than ever before, whether online or on our phones. We wear so many different hats within one day, one week, a lifetime. - Author: Riz Ahmed
Jassen Online quotes by Riz Ahmed
#27. Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event. - Author: Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Jassen Online quotes by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
#28. There's definitely a role for online booksellers, but they can't host events, bring people together, and form a personal relationship in the way a bricks-and-mortar store and its staff can. - Author: Graeme Simsion
Jassen Online quotes by Graeme Simsion
#29. I've always been online and available to my fans. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Jassen Online quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#30. I think it is effective when activists work from the margins, and I think that's the best way to go about it. And I do think that it's increasingly being more effective with the work that's being done online, that it is a bit more democratized, that whatever kind of activism is being done, it's not necessarily coming from one centralized place. - Author: Jessica Valenti
Jassen Online quotes by Jessica Valenti
#31. The idea that the Internet favors the oppressed rather than the oppressor is marred by what I call cyber-utopianism: a naive belief in the emancipatory nature of online communication that rests on a stubborn refusal to admit its downside. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
Jassen Online quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#32. As she stood down below him on the street,it seemed impossible that she'd connected with him as she had,but then,the phone was virtual relating,one step up from being online.Both people were in their own environments,invisible to each other,only their voices mixing.It was false intimacy. - Author: J.R. Ward
Jassen Online quotes by J.R. Ward
#33. If you are related to online business so you can easily understand that what conversion rate is? This service is provided by professionals and we have a number of professionals in our Conversion rate team. If you want any kind of services to feel free to contact us. - Author: Mark Batty
Jassen Online quotes by Mark Batty
#34. Excellent content is available online to everyone. I like it because it's a flattening of the playing field. - Author: Mariam Naficy
Jassen Online quotes by Mariam Naficy
#35. Google Analytics is the best friend of all SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer around the globe. - Author: Dr. Chris Dayagdag
Jassen Online quotes by Dr. Chris Dayagdag
#36. I admire writers who have the tenacity to write a blog, and I'm told by everyone that it's an important element in remaining visible in the online world. That said, I'm personally turned off by writers' blogs that do nothing but sing their own accomplishments. - Author: David Starkey
Jassen Online quotes by David Starkey
#37. Those who applaud social production and networked amateurism, the colorful cacophony that is the Internet, and the creative capacities of everyday people to produce entertaining and enlightening things online, are right to marvel. There is amazing inventiveness, boundless talent and ability, and overwhelming generosity on display. Where they go wrong is thinking that the Internet is an egalitarian, let alone revolutionary, platform for our self-expression and development, that being able to shout into the digital torrent is adequate for democracy. - Author: Astra Taylor
Jassen Online quotes by Astra Taylor
#38. It's so easy to think that what we post online is like raising your voice in a living room when it's actually more like shouting from the rooftops. Our fantasy worlds always have consequences for other people's realities. - Author: Fredrik Backman
Jassen Online quotes by Fredrik Backman
#39. Take Obama's challenge, in January 2010, to the assembled CEOs at the Forum on Modernizing Government: "If you can book dinner on OpenTable, or a flight on Southwest or United online, then why shouldn't you be able to make an appointment at your local Social Security office the same way? - Author: Aneesh Chopra
Jassen Online quotes by Aneesh Chopra
#40. With the growing popularity in e-learning, it occurred to me that the e should mean more than electronic. If we are going to call it e-learning, shouldn't it be effective, efficient, and engaging? - Author: M David Merrill
Jassen Online quotes by M David Merrill
#41. We live in an age where we feel guilt whenever we have to cut someone off but the reality is that some relationships do need to die, some people do need to be unfollowed and defriended. We aren't meant to be this tethered to the people in our past. The Internet mandates that we don't burn bridges and keep everyone around like relics but those expectations are unrealistic and unhealthy. Simply put, we don't need to know what everyone else is up to. We're allowed to be choosy about who we surround ourselves with online and in real life, even if it might hurt people's feelings. - Author: Ryan O’Connell
Jassen Online quotes by Ryan O’Connell
#42. I haven't done any major filming with a major production company yet, but I've definitely done a lot of filming with a lot of professionals, filmers, and film little edits and put them up online. But I would definitely say that slope style skiers are entertainers as much as they are athletes. - Author: Nick Goepper
Jassen Online quotes by Nick Goepper

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