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Jan Gies won't need to. He'll let his wife ride piggyback, and then Miep ~ Anne Frank
Jan Gies quotes by Anne Frank
When something unfortunate happens, they tend to respond with: "To me? It's happening to me?" They don't believe they are deserving of bad luck. One of the lessons they're learning is that "life" happens to everyone. ~ Jan Spiller
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Spiller
the trees began to form ~ Jan Karon
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Karon
If You want to be an educated person follow nobody, but learn from everybody ~ Jan Jansen Easy Branches
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Jansen Easy Branches
R.G. Belsky's thought-provoking thriller, The Kennedy Connection, introduces us to a smart, witty, and human hero whose quest to find answers about two crimes - one famous, one all but unnoticed - is loaded with tension and full of unexpected twists and turns. I loved The Kennedy Connection, and can't wait for the next Gil Malloy novel. ~ Jan Burke
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Burke
I am inclined to believe that some music, like certain poetry, finds its appeal and way to all. ~ Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Jan Gies quotes by Ignacy Jan Paderewski
They had Jan Venegoor of ... whatever you call him. ~ Alex Ferguson
Jan Gies quotes by Alex Ferguson
I entreat students of letters and other scholars to obey their masters in things good, to imitate them, and diligently apply themselves to letters for the sake of God's honour and their own salvation and that of other men. ~ Jan Hus
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Hus
In regards to The Haunting, people compared it to the old movie, which is unfair. We didn't have the rights to the movie. I couldn't duplicate a single thing because that would have been legal infringement. ~ Jan De Bont
Jan Gies quotes by Jan De Bont
I had so much fun in early days learning about networking, security, scalability and other geeky stuff. ~ Jan Koum
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Koum
Mitford would simply like to be the pause that refreshes.' ~ Jan Karon
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Karon
All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art. JL Borges ~ Jan Karon
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Karon
If I miss one day of practice, I notice it. If I miss two days, the critics notice it. If I miss three days, the audience notices it. ~ Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Jan Gies quotes by Ignacy Jan Paderewski
We are far too used to the assumption that poetry and poets will be there when we want them, no matter how long they have been ignored, taken for granted, misused. After all, isn't poetry a form of prophecy, and aren't prophets known for their talent for flourishing in inhospitable deserts and other bleak surroundings? Maybe. But maybe not indefinitely. ~ Jan Clausen
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Clausen
Because we see only what we already know. We project our own capacities - for good as well as evil - onto the other person. ~ Jan-Philipp Sendker
Jan Gies quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
I have just started Vera Brittian's Testament of Youth - have yet to see the film.
It's a great inspiration in many ways, but the detail written without sentiment and first hand, gives the most moving account of the WW1 from every perspective. ~ Jan Hunter
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Hunter
Words from the Heart are different then words from the brain, the meaning is totally different but our ears don't hear it, but the future will tell it to us, be positive and have Patience. ~ Jan Jansen
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Jansen
I always feel like my book is a success when I see a child reading it, and they have their pointer finger out, and they kind of keep their place as they look all around the page. I've always been impressed by how children are so observant. ~ Jan Brett
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Brett
Sometimes we just need to cry out, "God, I want to hold you!" and let His love comfort us. - Jan Christiansen - ~ Gary Chapman
Jan Gies quotes by Gary Chapman
My bees cannot sting." "You mean they haven't stung anyone yet." "Is there a difference?" "What do you do with the honey?" "What honey?" "From the bees." U Ba looked at me. "I wouldn't touch it. It belongs to the bees. ~ Jan-Philipp Sendker
Jan Gies quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
We must stop listening to voices from the past
and we must stop immediately.
Father Tim ~ Jan Karon
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Karon
Someone had definitely thrown down a glove. Jan was more than ready to pick it up and slap them with it. ~ Eve Langlais
Jan Gies quotes by Eve Langlais
Some persons like to give others lightning and storm for their own profit, while there are also people that like the sun see shining for every one, without thinking.
Jan Jansen ~ Jan Jansen
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Jansen
They look strange at me because i'm different, I smile to it, because the ones do that are all the same. ~ Jan Jansen Easy Branches
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Jansen Easy Branches
Leno said the rainy weather in California "couldn't have come at a worse possible time. Today was the day NBC was supposed to burn down the studio for the insurance money." Jan. 21, 2010 ~ Jay Leno
Jan Gies quotes by Jay Leno
The more games I will play, the faster I will be back on a top spot in the world rankings. ~ Jan Timman
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Timman
Today, another Day, and a Opportunity for to be Amazing ~ Jan Jansen
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Jansen
We no have to Dream for Seeing Dreams. ~ Jan Jansen
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Jansen
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Jan 7 at 7:23 AM
Subject: Re: Really?
On the Tumblr-you mean creeksecrets? .....
But I really don't think I'm wrong.
Jacques a dit. Right?

So, Yeah, I've been careless. I guess I left a trail of clues. and I shouldn't be surprised that Blue put them together. Maybe I kind of wanted him to.

Jacques a dit is "Simon Says" in French, by the way, And it's obviously not as clever as I thought it was. ~ Becky Albertalli
Jan Gies quotes by Becky Albertalli
It's not our mission to change or direct another person's path. There is no wrong way or right way. We each have our own life journey and our mission is to just become a LIGHT that enlightens other people's pathways. ~ Jan Mckingley Hilado
Jan Gies quotes by Jan Mckingley Hilado
I've had so many influences and sources of inspiration as an illustrator that it is impossible to name just one. I loved Aubrey Beardsley when I was a student, and then Edmund Dulac and other Golden Age illustrators made a big impact, as well as Victorian painters like Richard Dadd and Edward Burne-Jones. My long-term heroes though are Albretch Durer, Brueghel, Hieronymous Bosch, Jan Van Eyck, Leonardo, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Turner and Degas. What most of them have in common is brilliant draughtsmanship and a strong linear or graphic quality. Most are also printmakers. The one I keep going back to and who fascinates me the most is JMW Turner, the greatest watercolourist. ~ Alan Lee
Jan Gies quotes by Alan Lee
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