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#1. The fact that, for so many generations, ordinary, everyday Americans came out of the closet and told their family and friends about who they are has laid the foundation for public sentiment to change. They got comfortable in their own skins to be able to share themselves with family and friends. This is where social change took place. - Author: Mark Takano
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Mark Takano
#2. In Land of Milk and Money, Anthony Barcellos mines rich family history to create a full-blooded tale that readers will find insightful, rewarding, and entertaining. - Author: John Lescroart
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by John Lescroart
#3. I feel like I finally understand how family love is. Tangled, wounded, and wonderful. Imperfect. A forever love. - Author: Hannah Tunnicliffe
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Hannah Tunnicliffe
#4. There's nothing like a family crisis, especially a divorce, to force a person to re-evaluate his life. - Author: Michael Douglas
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Michael Douglas
#5. The thing about members of your family is that if you met them for the first time at a party, you might not bother to take their phone number, and yet something binds you. - Author: Celia Imrie
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Celia Imrie
#6. Those who reinforce the disintegrating elements in our society will get no thanks from future generations. The family becomes the ultimate victim of homosexuality, a result which any society can tolerate only within certain limits.

If the American Psychiatric Association endorses one of the symptoms of social distress as a normal phenomenon it demonstrates to the public its ignorance of social dynamics, of the relation of personal maladaptation to social disharmony, and thereby acquires a responsibility for aggravating the already existing chaos.
[response to December 15, 1973 verdict] - Author: Abram Kardiner
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Abram Kardiner
#7. The joke in our family is that we can cry reading the phone book. - Author: Ron Reagan
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Ron Reagan
#8. If we could believe that he [Jesus] really countenanced the follies, the falsehoods, and the charlatanism which his biographers [Gospels] father on him, and admit the misconstructions, interpolations, and theorizations of the fathers of the early, and the fanatics of the latter ages, the conclusion would be irresistible by every sound mind that he was an impostor... We find in the writings of his biographers matter of two distinct descriptions. First, a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstitions, fanaticisms and fabrications... That sect [Jews] had presented for the object of their worship, a being of terrific character, cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust... Jesus had to walk on the perilous confines of reason and religion: and a step to right or left might place him within the gripe of the priests of the superstition, a blood thirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel. They were constantly laying snares, too, to entangle him in the web of the law... That Jesus did not mean to impose himself on mankind as the son of God, physically speaking, I have been convinced by the writings of men more learned than myself in that lore.

[Letter to William Short, 4 August, 1820] - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#9. If you understand why a monkey in a family is always mocked and harassed, you understand why monks are rejected by all
both old and young. - Author: Francois Rabelais
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Francois Rabelais
#10. Not everybody even gets to live with their own family because they have to go to L.A. or New York or wherever to work and find a job and leave their family back home. But every day, I get to work with my family - if I want to. - Author: Rob Kardashian
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Rob Kardashian
#11. I don't come from an artistic family, so I didn't know what theater was. I was working on Wall Street in the '90s, and I went to see 'Appointment With a High-Wire Lady' at Ensemble Studio Theatre, and it affected me so deeply. It changed everything I thought about the arts. I quit banking and became an actor. - Author: Geneva Carr
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Geneva Carr
#12. My grandfather was a member of Parliament for 40 years. Obviously we're talking here South Africa, a whites only parliament. I grew up in a family that was very involved with the legal battles against apartheid - the great treason trials in the 1950s and early '60s, and later with the legal resources center that my mother founded. My father was involved with a number of very prominent cases that had political aspects to them, whether it was the inquest into the Sharpeville Massacre, the death of Steve Biko, or one of the trials of Nelson Mandela. - Author: William Kentridge
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by William Kentridge
#13. But the people who mattered were the people you chose instead of the people who were yours by an accident of birth. Real family was heart as much as, if not more than, blood. - Author: Martina Boone
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Martina Boone
#14. Scripture says: "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted." I call on every American family and the family of America to observe a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, honoring the memory of the thousands of victims of these brutal attacks and comforting those who lost loved ones. We will persevere through this national tragedy and personal loss. In time, we will find healing and recovery; and, in the face of all this evil, we remain strong and united, "one Nation under God." - Author: George W. Bush
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by George W. Bush
#15. Sometimes they would sit in the parlor together, both reading – in entirely separate worlds, to be sure, but joined somehow. When this happened, other people in the family couldn't bring themselves to disturb them. All that could be heard in the parlor was the sound of pages, turning. - Author: Alice Hoffman
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Alice Hoffman
#16. Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone, it's where you go when're you're alone, its were you go to rest your bones. It's not just where you lay your head, it's not just where you make your bead. As long as we're together does it matter where we go? - Author: Gabrielle Aplin
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Gabrielle Aplin
#17. Mrs. Rouncewell holds this opinion because she considers that a family of such antiquity and importance has a right to a ghost. She regards a ghost as one of the privileges of the upper classes, a genteel distinction to which the common people have no claim. - Author: Charles Dickens
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Charles Dickens
#18. Many people feel like they were born into the wrong family. Nevertheless, adults must take responsiblity for the pain of the past and create a productive life in the present. - Author: James P. Krehbiel
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by James P. Krehbiel
#19. The ill-informed masses included her own family among their ranks, a family that specialized in being both inconvenient and asinine. - Author: Gail Carriger
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Gail Carriger
#20. Don't judge us too harshly - or not, at least, till you have taken the trouble to learn our point of view. You consider the individual - we think only of the family. - Author: Edith Wharton
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Edith Wharton
#21. Catholicism actually resembles a family that survives because even as it aspires to holiness, it understands and can live with sin and imperfection. - Author: Eugene Kennedy
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Eugene Kennedy
#22. Stop asking that," she said angrily. There was no stopping the tears now. "You always ask that. Why. Like there's an answer for everything. Not everybody has your life, you know, or your family. In your life, things happen for reasons. People make sense. But that's not my life. Nobody in my life makes sense ... - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#23. If a young man gets married, and starts a family and spends the rest of his life working at a soul-destroying job, he is held up as an example of virtue and responsibility. The other type of man, living only for himself, working only for himself, doing first one thing and then another simply because he enjoys it and because he has to keep only himself, sleeping where and when he wants, and facing woman when he meets her on equal terms and not as one of a million slaves, is rejected by society. The free, unshackled man has no place in its midst. - Author: Esther Vilar
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Esther Vilar
#24. The people in your life should always be more important than the work you do. - Author: C.S. Woolley
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by C.S. Woolley
#25. I just wanted to do something that had some meaning that I can look back and be proud of, that my family can look back and be proud of. - Author: Big Sean
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Big Sean
#26. mates, to my sisters and me, are seen mainly as shadows of the people they're involved with. they move. They're visible in direct sunlight. But because they don't have access to our emotional buttons-- because they can't make us twelve again, or five, and screaming-- they don't really count as players. - Author: David Sedaris
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by David Sedaris
#27. In my family I was never known as the fighter, like I became all of a sudden. - Author: Jane Byrne
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Jane Byrne
#28. I'm the living dead. I feel no connection to any other human. I have no friends and I don't really care much about my family any longer. I feel no love for them.

I can feel no joy. I'm incapable of feeling physical pleasure. There's nothing to ever look forward to as a result. I don't miss anyone or anything. I eat because I feel hunger pangs, but no food tastes like anything I like.

I wear a mask when I'm with other people but it's been slipping lately. I can't find the energy to hide the heavy weight of survival and its effect on me. I'm exhausted all the time from the effort of just making it through the day.

This depression has made a mockery of my memory. It's in tatters. I have no good memories to sustain me. My past is gone. My present is horrid. My future looks like more of the same. In a way, I'm a man without time. Certainly, there's no meaning in my life. What meaning can there be without even a millisecond of joy? Ah, scratch that. Let's even put aside joy and shoot for lower. How about a moment of being content? Nope. Not a chance.

I see other people, normal people, who can enjoy themselves. I hear people laughing at something on TV. It makes me cock my head and wonder what that's like. I'm sure at sometime in my past, I had to have had a wonderful belly laugh. I must have laughed so hard once or twice that my face hurt. Those memories are gone though. Now, the whole concept of "funny" is dead. I stopped going to movies - Author: Ahmed Abdelazeem
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Ahmed Abdelazeem
#29. That's why I like to get out there, and get people to see the other side of Mitt, and know us in a different reflection when you see the family and how funny he is with the boys and with the grandkids. And you know, just what a super guy he is. That's part of what I am doing, is letting people see the other side of Mitt. - Author: Ann Romney
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Ann Romney
#30. I'm a really nostalgic person. I love taking photos and video and having memories. I remember all my childhood videos that my dad used to take. I think that's really what life is about - especially when you start a family of your own. - Author: Kim Kardashian
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Kim Kardashian
#31. A war always comes to someone else. In Salinas we were aware that the United States was the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. Every American was a rifleman by birth, and one American was worth ten or twenty foreigners in a fight. Pershing's expedition into Mexico after Villa had exploded one of our myths for a little while. We had truly believed that Mexicans can't shoot straight and besides were lazy and stupid. When our own Troop C came wearily back from the border they said that none of this was true […] Somehow we didn't connect Germans with Mexicans. We went right back to our own myths. One American was as good as twenty Germans. This being true, we had only to act in a stern manner to bring the Kaiser to heel. He wouldn't dare interfere with our trade--but he did. He wouldn't stick out his neck and and sink our ships--and he did. It was stupid, but he did, and so there was nothing for it but to fight him. The war, at first anyway, was for other people. We, I, my family and friends, had kind of bleacher seats, and it was pretty exciting. And just as war is always for somebody else, so it is also that somebody else always gets killed. And Mother of God! that wasn't true either. The dreadful telegrams began to sneak sorrowfully in, and it was everybody's brother. Here we were, over six thousand miles from the anger and the noise, and that didn't save us […] The draftees wouldn't look at their mothers. They didn't dare. We'd never thought the war could happen - Author: John Steinbeck
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by John Steinbeck
#32. I love to see my family together. That's what life is about. It's about family. - Author: Ja Rule
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Ja Rule
#33. Traveling alone, you get to be whoever you want. I don't mean lie. I mean you get to be a blank slate. You can't leave behind your skin color, or your height, or the handsomeness or homeliness of your face. But you can leave your story behind. If you've broken hearts, the new place doesn't know. If you've lost trust in people and yourself, the new place doesn't know. If everyone thinks you love Jesus, but you never really have figured out what you believe, the new place doesn't care. It may assume you have it all tied nicely in a bow. All your thoughts and histories. Just feeling like your past isn't a vice to hold you in place can be very freeing. Feeling like your family and the expectations and the traditions and the judgments are absent... it can fill your veins with possibility and fire. - Author: Jedidiah Jenkins
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Jedidiah Jenkins
#34. I haven't lived in Sweden since I was a teenager. We lived in southern Sweden, about two hours north of Copenhagen, where my family's home base has been since 1970. Our parents bought a schoolhouse in preparation for self-sufficient living. They wanted to create a place to do all the things they believed in. - Author: Neneh Cherry
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Neneh Cherry
#35. As children we recognized that we belonged to an unusual, even exceptional, family, but the effect was different on each of us. - Author: David Rockefeller
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by David Rockefeller
#36. I love grocery shopping when I'm home. That's what makes me feel totally normal. I love both the idea of home as in being with my family and friends, and also the idea of exploration. I think those two are probably my great interests. - Author: Yo-Yo Ma
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Yo-Yo Ma
#37. You know what I think the trick to dealing with family is? I've been thinking about this a lot lately."

"What?" I said, spreading strawberry jam on my toast.

"Marrying your best friend." He wiped his mouth with a napkin. "You marry your best friend, and at family gatherings you deal with your shitty relatives together. You laugh about it and have each other's backs. Share looks and text each other from across the room when everyone else is being an asshole. And nobody else really matters because you have your own universe."

He held my eyes for a moment. "That's what I want. I want someone to be my universe."

He'd have no problem finding that. No problem at all. Josh could have any woman he wanted. After all, he was the sun. Warm and vital. He would be the center of a big family one day, just like he wanted, and they'd all adore him.

And I was just some passing comet. Momentarily distracting. Useless and unimportant. I was nice to look at, fun to observe, but I'd never give life or be the center of anything.

I'd streak through and be gone, and Josh would forget me before we knew it. - Author: Abby Jimenez
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Abby Jimenez
#38. I am hoping that in this year of the family we will go into our families and reconcile differences. - Author: Louis Farrakhan
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Louis Farrakhan
#39. I was born in a family with a strong military background, so I chose to be a soldier. - Author: Wang Jianlin
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Wang Jianlin
#40. I believe we are on the edge of a quantum leap into a whole new way of organizing and living as a human family. - Author: Mairead Corrigan
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Mairead Corrigan
#41. The men my family threw me at were strong and powerful. I could kill this boy with a teaspoon, and for some reason that made me feel comfortable. - Author: Kay Harding
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Kay Harding
#42. Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction. - Author: Anne Sullivan
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Anne Sullivan
#43. 'My Family Recipe Rocks' is on the Live Well Network, and we go to people's homes and watch them cook. - Author: Joey Fatone
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Joey Fatone
#44. I get it, hon. I know you need to be strong enough to handle your own shit. I'm not saying you're not. I'm not trying to boss you around. I'm not trying to take your strength away from you. I'm trying to add mine to it. That's what love is, right? That's what family is. - Author: Susan Fanetti
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Susan Fanetti
#45. But playing your music as loud as you want and coming home drunk aren't real life. Real life, it turns out, is diapers and lawnmowers, decks that need painting, a wife that needs to be listened to, kids that need to be taught right from wrong, a checkbook, an oil change, a sunset behind a mountain, laughter at a kitchen table, too much wine, a chipped tooth, and a screaming child. - Author: Donald Miller
Jakubiec Family Skid quotes by Donald Miller

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