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#1. ...and we wandered through the casino gawking. It was kind of how I picture hell to be, with big dim rooms and hundreds of people packed in, and they're all working very hard but not getting anything done, and there's a constant racket of dingers going off, and sirens. - Author: James Whorton
Jackpots Casino quotes by James Whorton
#2. Too late I realized I shouldn't have named the casino out loud, squandering my last margin of safety. I would have to remind myself not to smile at men in bars, not to look at them, not to wear skirts or tight jeans, not to accept drinks or refuse them, not to walk alone or alongside them, not to appear rude or too inviting. - Author: Ruchika Tomar
Jackpots Casino quotes by Ruchika Tomar
#3. I abandoned the assigned problems in standard calculus textbooks and followed my curiosity. Wherever I happened to be
a Vegas casino, Disneyland, surfing in Hawaii, or sweating on the elliptical in Boesel's Green Microgym
I asked myself, Where is the calculus in this experience? - Author: Jennifer Ouellette
Jackpots Casino quotes by Jennifer Ouellette
#4. Do I consider myself a part of the casino capitalist process? No I don't. I believe in a society where all people do well. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Jackpots Casino quotes by Bernie Sanders
#5. Every player eventually loses all their money. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Jackpots Casino quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#6. With the casino and the beds, our passengers will have at least two ways to get lucky on one of our flights. - Author: Richard Branson
Jackpots Casino quotes by Richard Branson
#7. I live by the belief that if you work hard and do the best you can, at the end of the day sleep comes easily for the dollar that was earned honestly. It was a lesson instilled by my parents. It was a lesson that I have always followed and found to be quite accurate. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Jackpots Casino quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#8. A thoughtful investment process contemplates both probability and payoffs and carefully considers where the consensus - as revealed by a price - may be wrong. Even though there are also some important features that make investing different than, say, a casino or the track, the basic idea is the same: you want the positive expected value on your side - Author: Michael Mauboussin
Jackpots Casino quotes by Michael Mauboussin
#9. You're dealing with a lot of silly people in the marketplace; it's like a great big casino and everyone else is boozing. If you can stick with Pepsi, you should be O.K. - Author: Warren Buffett
Jackpots Casino quotes by Warren Buffett
#10. Come to the bit about soft silk shirts for evening wear?" I asked carelessly.
"Yes, sir," said Jeeves, in a low, cold voice, as if he had been bitten in the leg by a personal friend. "And if I may be pardoned for saying so - "
"You don't like it?"
"No, sir. I do not. Soft silk shirts with evening costume are not worn, sir."
"Jeeves," I said, looking the blighter diametrically in the centre of the eyeball, "they're dashed well going to be. I may as well tell you now that I have ordered a dozen of those shirtings from Peabody and Simms, and it's no good looking like that, because I am jolly well adamant."
"If I might - "
"No, Jeeves," I said, raising my hand, "argument is useless. Nobody has a greater respect than I have for your judgment in socks, in ties, and - I will go farther - in spats; but when it comes to evening shirts your nerve seems to fail you. You have no vision. You are prejudiced and reactionary. Hidebound is the word that suggests itself. It may interest you to learn that when I was at Le Touquet the Prince of Wales buzzed into the Casino one night with soft silk shirt complete."
"His Royal Highness, sir, may permit himself a certain licence which in your own case - "
"No, Jeeves," I said, firmly, "it's no use. When we Woosters are adamant, we are - well, adamant, if you know what I mean."
"Very good, sir."
I could see the man was wounded, and, of course, the whole episode had been extremely jarring and unpleasa - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Jackpots Casino quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#11. Jeez, how stupid was I? What kind of job can a reservation Indian boy get? I was too young to deal blackjack at the casino, there were only about fifteen green grass lawns on the reservation (and none of their owners outsourced the mowing jobs), and the only paper route was owned by a tribal elder named Wally. And he had to deliver only fifty papers, so his job was more like a hobby. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Jackpots Casino quotes by Sherman Alexie
#12. You should stay away from your potential. I mean, that is something you should leave absolutely alone! You'll mess it up! It's potential, leave it! And anyway, it's like your bank balance, you know – you always have much less than you think. Leave it as the locked door within yourself and then at least, in your mind, the interior will always be palatial. Wonderful gleaming marble floors, brocaded drapes. Mullioned windows, covered in mullions, whatever they are. Flamingos serving drinks. Pianos shooting out canapés into the mouths of elegant men and women who are exchanging witticisms… "Oh yes, this reminds me of the time I was in BudaPESHT with Binky… We were trying to steal a goose from the casino, muahahaha…" But it won't be like that. You don't want to find out that the most you could possibly achieve, if you gave it your all, if you harvested every screed of energy within you, and devoted yourself to improving yourself, that all you would get to would be maybe eating less cheesy snacks. - Author: Dylan Moran
Jackpots Casino quotes by Dylan Moran
#13. I actually do quite well in Omaha. It's one of my better games. I love pot-limit Omaha and Omaha high-low. I do quite well in them. If I play in a casino, I usually play some kind of mixed game with Omaha and hold 'em. - Author: Chris Moneymaker
Jackpots Casino quotes by Chris Moneymaker
#14. Wall Street has become a veritable casino. - Author: Maurice Allais
Jackpots Casino quotes by Maurice Allais
#15. You invite a few players in to start a game of Texas Hold'em by telling them that the deck doesn't have any jacks or queens in it and that you won't tell the other people who come to play with them. How do you get people into the casino? You pay the brokers to bring them there. - Author: Michael Lewis
Jackpots Casino quotes by Michael Lewis
#16. This script was like a dish made from things you'd found in your larder and had to use up before they went off: a Welsh mountain, a casino, a blonde with a big bust. - Author: Nick Hornby
Jackpots Casino quotes by Nick Hornby
#17. In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all ... - Author: Robert De Niro
Jackpots Casino quotes by Robert De Niro
#18. I'm also frequently asked if I've used my abilities for gambling or the lottery. Get your minds out of the gutter. What I do is for the highest good of all concerned, so I'd never do that intentionally! And let's face it, even if I did try, I'm way too scattered to recognize what I'm being told. My aunt and I went to Belmont Park Race Track for her birthday one year, and I remember hearing "six ten" when I walked in--which is my birthday, June 10. How nice, I thought. Spirit's acknowledging my birthday too. My uncle asked me what colors I liked best so he could bet on a horse wearing that color, and all the colors I said were losing. It wasn't until after we left that I realized all the horses that won were a combination of the numbers six and ten! And then there was the time I went to a spa with my sister-in-law Corrinda. We went to Mohegan Sun one night, which was the first time I'd ever been to a casino, and decided to play roulette. Wouldn't you know, every number we played on the wheel was a loser? - Author: Theresa Caputo
Jackpots Casino quotes by Theresa Caputo
#19. Gossip is an unavoidable evil at school, work, or wherever, but when the HR department gossips, it elevates into malice. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Jackpots Casino quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#20. Tied one on last night. Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off, unfortunately, it was on the casino floor. - Author: George Lopez
Jackpots Casino quotes by George Lopez
#21. If it makes you feel any better Tory, they were just as bad when Mia was born. At least you don't have Sin, Kish, and Damien running around, trying to boil water for no other reason than that's what someone had told Sin husbands are supposed to do and since Sin doesn't know how to boil water, he had to micromanage the other two incompetents who'd never done it either. I'm amazed they didn't band together to kill him during it or burn down the casino. And don't get me started on my mother trying to murder my husband in the middle of it or her fighting with grandma over whose labors were more painful. Or, (she cast a meaningful glance to Simi,) someone setting my mother's hair on fire and trying to barbecue her to celebrate the birth." – Kat
"That an old Charonte custom that go back forever 'cause we a really old race of demons who go back even before forever. When a new baby is born you kill off an old annoying family member who gets on everyone's nerves which for all of us would be the heifer-goddess 'cause the only person who like her be you, Akra-Kat. I know she you mother and all, but sometimes you just gotta say no thank you. You a mean old heifer-goddess who need to go play in tragic and get run over by something big like a steamroller or bus or something else really painful that would hurt her a lot and make the rest of us laugh. Not to mention the Simi barbecue would have been fun too if someone, Akra-Kat, hadn't stopped the Simi from it. I personally think it wou - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Jackpots Casino quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#22. After Volcker's speech, bonds became objects of speculation, a means of creating wealth rather than merely storing it. Overnight the bond market was transformed from a backwater into a casino. - Author: Michael Lewis
Jackpots Casino quotes by Michael Lewis
#23. Never been here before. It's like something on the top floor of a luxury high-rise casino in Atlantic City, where they put semi-retarded adults from South Philly after they've blundered into the mega jackpot Hiro Protagonist - Snow Crash - Author: Neal Stephenson
Jackpots Casino quotes by Neal Stephenson
#24. I was panting by the time we reached the back of the casino. I felt perspiration run down my back and my sandals pinch my feet. They were adorable, but they were not made for chasing bad guys. Nevertheless, I kept going, - Author: Gemma Halliday
Jackpots Casino quotes by Gemma Halliday
#25. There are lots of special places and special jobs, but for me being a Las Vegas dice dealer was pretty sublime. It was somehow timeless. Timeless and imbued with the corrosive and bland patina of a mundane evil, a venality, a soulless mockery of human aspirations. What could be more useless than playing with money? - Author: Jesse Kaellis
Jackpots Casino quotes by Jesse Kaellis
#26. Who would have thought that a tap-dancing penguin would outpoint James Bond at the box office? And deserve to? Not that there's anything wrong with 'Casino Royale.' But 'Happy Feet' - written and directed by George Miller - is a complete charmer, even if, in the way of most family fare, it can't resist straying into the Inspirational. - Author: Robert Gottlieb
Jackpots Casino quotes by Robert Gottlieb
#27. There is a respectable body of economic thought that holds that casino gambling is actually economically regressive to a state and a community. - Author: Mario Cuomo
Jackpots Casino quotes by Mario Cuomo
#28. The secret is this: people gamble to lose money. They come to the casinos for the moment in which they feel alive, to ride the spinning wheel and turn with the cards and lose themselves, with the coins, in the slots. They want to know they matter. They may brag about the nights they won, the money they took from the casino, but they treasure, secretly treasure, the times they lost. It's a sacrifice, of sorts. The - Author: Neil Gaiman
Jackpots Casino quotes by Neil Gaiman
#29. The Organization is a group of highly trained secret specialists. You could run into them anywhere, on the street, on the beach, in a shopping mall, or in a casino. It's likely you'd never know it or give them a second look because no one would suspect…they are are all teenagers. Chase never suspected such an organization existed either until one fateful night he made a left turn, right into the middle of an Organization operation. This chance encounter led him to face a whole new reality and the path to his destiny. - Author: Sherry A. Stevens
Jackpots Casino quotes by Sherry A. Stevens
#30. A young woman with long hair and a short white halter dress walks through the casino at the Riviera in Las Vegas at one in the morning. It was precisely this moment that made Play It As It Lays begin to tell itself to me. - Author: Joan Didion
Jackpots Casino quotes by Joan Didion
#31. Among all the occurrences possible in the universe the a priori probability of any particular one of them verges upon zero. Yet the universe exists; particular events must take place in it, the probability of which (before the event) was infinitesimal. At the present time we have no legitimate grounds for either asserting or denying that life got off to but a single start on earth, and that, as a consequence, before it appeared its chances of occurring were next to nil ... Destiny is written concurrently with the event, not prior to it ... The universe was not pregnant with life nor the biosphere with man. Our number came up in the Monte Carlo game. Is it surprising that, like the person who has just made a million at the casino, we should feel strange and a little unreal? - Author: Jacques Monod
Jackpots Casino quotes by Jacques Monod
#32. Like so much in Singapore, admission to the Marina Bay's casino is hierarchical: Free for anyone with an international passport, costly for locals, off-limits to migrant workers altogether. - Author: Alan Huffman
Jackpots Casino quotes by Alan Huffman
#33. Buying stock is exactly the same thing as going to a casino, only with no cocktail service. - Author: Ted Allen
Jackpots Casino quotes by Ted Allen
#34. Norm MacDonald is here - one of the funniest people ever. Norm's got a giant gambling problem. He's dropped more coin in a casino than Michael J. Fox at a parking meter. - Author: Greg Giraldo
Jackpots Casino quotes by Greg Giraldo
#35. Any day that starts off in a demon-filled bar in a casino designed to look like Hell isn't likely to turn out well. - Author: Karen Chance
Jackpots Casino quotes by Karen Chance
#36. At least in a casino, depending on the game, people have a slightly less than fifty percent chance of winning. In the long run, the house always wins, but a gambler can get lucky every once in a while. In the Tyranny's elections, both options play for the house. If someone outside of Party A or B tries to run for office, it becomes the house's mission to make sure everyone knows that only A and B are viable candidates. After being told this a hundred times, people believe it. After being told anything a hundred times, people will believe anything. - Author: Chris Dietzel
Jackpots Casino quotes by Chris Dietzel
#37. It's hard to walk away from a winning streak, even harder to leave the table when you're on a losing one. - Author: Cara Bertoia
Jackpots Casino quotes by Cara Bertoia
#38. This person sees not her own hand depositing the next dollar in a slot machine, but the hand of fate, or God. It's her true conviction that there are forces at work for her to win a large jackpot - or at least to win back the money lost.
After all, the only-for-show pictures of fruit had almost aligned with one another the last couple spins. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Jackpots Casino quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#39. I felt 'Quantum of Solace' completely lost its way. We were lucky on 'Casino Royale:' it was the origin story of Bond. Bond had the one and only affair that meant anything to him, and affected him throughout the rest of the series. - Author: Martin Campbell
Jackpots Casino quotes by Martin Campbell
#40. What I have seen in the past 10 years of traveling- performing at a church one day and a casino the next- is that a lot of people in the church want to be entertained, and people in casinos want to be ministered to. That's hard to understand, but I see a hunger in the world that I don't see in the church. - Author: Ricky Skaggs
Jackpots Casino quotes by Ricky Skaggs
#41. Let's say I take a picture of the Eiffel Tower in front of the casino in Las Vegas. That type of pattern might suggest I'm just a tourist. But if my next one is of another dam or electrical station, someone might say 'Well, that's kind of strange'. What do the different pieces of the puzzle mean when you put them together? And one of the advantages of geographic profiling in geography is a common denominator for so many different types of information sources. - Author: Kim Rossmo
Jackpots Casino quotes by Kim Rossmo
#42. Is this, like, a thing? Do casino owners just grab women they want and declare them as theirs or something? Because I'm starting to see a trend, - Author: Alessandra Torre
Jackpots Casino quotes by Alessandra Torre
#43. Kids are still up," David commented, noting the guest house was lit up like a Vegas casino. "I'll
have to kill them."
"Yes, I've noticed what a terrifying and brutal father you are. And how your children fear you."
He slanted her a look. "I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional tremble out of them."
"I think it's way too late for that. You've gone and raised two happy, well-adjusted kids - Author: Nora Roberts
Jackpots Casino quotes by Nora Roberts
#44. Historically, the stock market is like a gambling casino with the odds in your favor. Over the long pull, stocks are given something like nine and a half to ten percent compounded per year. The banks have probably given you something in the order of four to five. - Author: Burton Malkiel
Jackpots Casino quotes by Burton Malkiel
#45. The entrepreneurs of new firms as much as the management of the old
(whether modernizing or not) are forced to do whatever is necessary to attract
the players in the casino and then worry as much – or more – about the perfor-
mance of their stock valuations as about their actual profits. Financial capital
reigns arrogant and production capital has no alternative but to adapt to the
new rules; some agents with glee, others with horror. - Author: Carlota Pérez
Jackpots Casino quotes by Carlota Pérez
#46. The dragons live in the casino?
Tee's eyes widened and alarm coursed through her.
My God, it's like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. - Author: Susannah Scott
Jackpots Casino quotes by Susannah Scott

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