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#1. One hundred copies? Of these poems you do not even like?" asked the Roman. "They're nasty bits about famous people; everyone will want them. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#2. Well, it seems to me a scientist has need for both vision and confidence. - Author: Harry Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Harry Essex
#3. Why, in all the vastness of the world, did a sparkly idiot from Essex make me feel alive? - Author: Alexis Hall
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Alexis Hall
#4. I was, by the way - I'm an Essex lad, born and raised in Essex in the U.K. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Maajid Nawaz
#5. I think Essex Man will vote for a Conservative Government. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#6. I knew that his confession would be a tremendous relief to him but a burden to me. Such information, once shared, can never be retracted. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#7. Like she knows what's inside of me, what makes me.... me. - Author: Bridget Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Bridget Essex
#8. My friends adore 'TOWIE' - the TV documentary series, 'The Only Way is Essex.' They like it, I'm afraid, for the most unworthy of reasons: class mockery. They tune in to wonder in a 'can you believe those people?' way at the natives of Brentwood and Buckhurst Hill. - Author: Peter York
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Peter York
#9. The Black homosexual is hard pressed to gain audience among his heterosexual brothers; even if he is more talented, he is inhibited by his silence or his admissions. This is what the race has depended on in being able to erase homosexuality from our recorded history. The "chosen" history. But the sacred constructions of silence are futile exercises in denial. We will not go away with our issues of sexuality. We are coming home. It is not enough to tell us that one was a brilliant poet, scientist, educator, or rebel. Whom did he love? It makes a difference. I can't become a whole man simply on what is fed to me: watered-down versions of Black life in America. I need the ass-splitting truth to be told, so I will have something pure to emulate, a reason to remain loyal. - Author: Essex Hemphill
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Essex Hemphill
#10. The very worst poetry of all perished along with its creator, Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, England, in the destruction of the planet Earth. - Author: Douglas Adams
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Douglas Adams
#11. [...] The idea of honor in battle has been passed down for generations. It went from Greece to Rome, to the medieval world and the Crusades. It was beloved of Sir Philip Sidney, Essex and Southampton [...]. In many ways, the British Empire was founded on it [...] The idea came to a halt in the First World War [...] The poets, led by Wilfred Owen, told the truth about it "[...] The old lie : 'Dulce el decorum est pro patria mori'.
[...]Henry IV Part I is a play with much "honor". Honor is its central theme. So let's examine Henry IV Part I for a moment, to understand the ingredients of "honor". [...] You will notice there are not many women in these plays [about honor]-and when they appear, they are usually whores or faifthful wives. Honor is not a woman's story[...] 'What is honour? A word', (...) a mere scutcheon" [says] Falstaff's iconoclasm and truthful vision about honor.
{...]There are several things we can see in all this. The first is that war is a man´s game, it is intolerable, and the only way you can get people to do it is to make the alternative seem a hundred times worse [...] Therefore, valor must be glorified, if not deified. [...] - Author: Tina Packer
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Tina Packer
#12. Guinevere loved Arthur until she met Lancelot. Do you not agree that it is possible to love one person but encounter another whose very soul speaks to you? - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#13. Mother Astarte who creates and destroys. Kybele, goddess of all that is, was, and ever shall be, he invoked. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#14. My husband hailed from Dagenham; he's an Essex boy. Me myself, I come from Derry City in the northwest of Ireland, so we love to get back. - Author: Roma Downey
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Roma Downey
#15. American Wedding

In america,
I place my ring
on your cock
where it belongs.
No horsemen
bearing terror,
no soldiers of doom
will swoop in
and sweep us apart.
They're too busy
looting the land
to watch us.
They don't know
we need each other
They expect us to call in sick,
watch television all night,
die by our own hands.
They don't know
we are becoming powerful.
Every time we kiss
we confirm the new world coming.

What the rose whispers
before blooming
I vow to you.
I give you my heart,
a safe house.
I give you promises other than
milk, honey, liberty.
I assume you will always
be a free man with a dream.
In america,
place your ring
on my cock
where it belongs.
Long may we live
to free this dream. - Author: Essex Hemphill
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Essex Hemphill
#16. The whole acting game can sometimes be a bit false, and you meet a lot of people in it for the fame - so there's nothing I love more than going back to Essex. - Author: Michelle Dockery
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Michelle Dockery
#17. It's rarely pointed out, even though it's so obvious, that the artistic triumph of the small screen has paradoxically come at the expense of advertising. - Author: Andrew Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Andrew Essex
#18. About two years ago," Cymbra went on, "Wolf conceived the idea of an alliance between Norse and Saxon to stand against the Danes.He thought such an alliance would be best confirmed by a marriage between himself and me.This did he propose in a letter to my brother. With the help of a traitorous house priest, Father Elbert, Daria intercepted that letter and stole Hawk's seal as well. She sent back to Wolf a refusal in Hawk's name and mine that not merely rejected the alliance but also insulted him deeply. His repsonse was all too predictable, although it is certain Daria herself never thought of it."
"What did he do?" Rycca asked,trying very hard not to sound breathless.
Cymbra smiled in fond memory. "Wolf came to Essex and took me by stealth. We were married as I told you and only then did he send word to Hawk as to where I could be found. Naturally, my brother was very angry and concerned. He came to Sciringesheal, where I did my utmost to convince him that I was happily wed,which certainly was true but unfortunately he did not believe. So are men ever stubborn. One thing led to another and Hawk spirited me back to Essex. Winter set in and it was months before Wolf could follow.During that time, Hawk realized his mistake. Once Wolf arrived, all was settled amicably, which was a good thing because this little one"-she smiled at her drowsy son-"had just been norn and I was in no mood to put up with any more foolishness on the part of bull-headed men. It was while we w - Author: Josie Litton
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Josie Litton
#19. If you can swing it, getting arrested is the high point of the Fourth of July. Also, the reading of the Declaration of Independence is exciting. (Yes, the Declaration was written two years after Essex is officially set. No, this doesn't stop us.) [ ... ] Essex stayed open late that night, for the holiday. Our patriotism cannot be constrained by an eight-hour workday. - Author: Leila Sales
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Leila Sales
#20. There are no accidents in this world, that no living being is seduced into an entanglement that he did not invite with his innermost desires. Would you agree with my estimation? - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#21. Among the more pleasing by-products of the coming end of advertising is a heretical realization among some industry thinkers: the idea that for advertising to survive, or rather to thrive, it must add value to people's lives. In a world in which lazy, superfluous, and stupid no longer cut it, advertising will have no choice but to compete as primary content, not secondary intrusion. It will become the thing, not the thing that sells the thing. - Author: Andrew Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Andrew Essex
#22. He drew in a breath and all the seasons were in it; spring greenness in the grass, and somewhere a dog-rose blooming; the secretive scent of fungus clinging to the oak, and underneath it all something sharper waiting in a promise of winter. - Author: Sarah Perry
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Sarah Perry
#23. It appears to me that our sex is only discussed publicly in a derogatory manner. The respectable woman is doomed to anonymity. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#24. Everyone has a secret life. Perhaps yours is merely a gossamer web of thoughts and fantasies woven in the hidden furrows of your mind. Or furtive deeds performed on the sly or betrayals large and small that, if revealed, would change how you are perceived.
-Dracula in Love by Karen Essex - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#25. I was a married woman! she said. Why does every generation believe it is the discoverer of pleasure? Your father was a spectacular lover. Even through the wall, I could hear the triumph in her voice. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#26. I'm afraid that the gift of visiting the past is all that we have. We can revisit it, but only as it happened. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#27. She knew that it was not smart to address her concerns about money directly, for men despised women who confronted them in this way. She knew that the smart wife, especially one no longer willing to parlay sexual favors, would find a way to bring up matters sweetly, pouring honey all over the problem before showing it to the husband. But she was out of patience. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#28. The fact that I'm on 'Essex Anthems' makes me happy, especially because half of my family's from Essex. - Author: Jess Glynne
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Jess Glynne
#29. I never thought I would work in mainstream superhero comics or Valiant or Marvel. I just set out to make the kinds of stories I wanted to make, which at the beginning was small personal stuff like 'Essex County.' - Author: Jeff Lemire
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Jeff Lemire
#30. And while we're on the subject, Frank, I know who you are. Essex County investigator Frank Tremont, who botched up that high-profile murder case a few years back. Washed-up has-been ridden out by his boss Loren Muse because of his lazy-ass incompetence, right? And here you are, on your last case, and what happens? Rather than redeem yourself and your pitiful career, you never bother to even look at a well-known pedophile who crossed paths with the victim in a fairly obvious way. How the hell did you miss that, Frank?" Now it was Frank Tremont who was losing color in his face. "And - Author: Harlan Coben
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Harlan Coben
#31. Richard Rogers was lecturing at Wethersfield, Essex, someone told him, "Mr. Rogers, I like you and your company very well, but you are so precise." To which Rogers replied, "O Sir, I serve a precise God. - Author: Leland Ryken
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Leland Ryken
#32. He did not smile. 'We are the keepers of the world's greatest treasures. Does that mean nothing to you?'
My children are my greatest treasures,' she said. 'Stone no matter how old, means nothing to me when compared to their welfare. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#33. I remembered a truism that I had always known: no woman need let a man know the contents of her mind. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#34. America is really the only country strong enough to cope with the Russians these days, and we depend upon her support for much of our policy in Europe and the Middle East. They have just bought a monopoly oil concession in Saudi Arabia, and now they actually have more oil holdings in the Middle East than ourselves. That makes our role in Iran doubly important, because the Americans will try to pick up Middle East influence where we drop it. However, it is in our mutual interests to see that Russia is checked in the Middle East. We can always depend on American support for our case.' Essex laughed softly. 'In fact the Americans are more vigorous about the Russians than we are, because they are between the devil and our deep blue sea. - Author: James Aldridge
Jacaruso Essex quotes by James Aldridge
#35. No rational person would intentionally commit an act of evil, for everyone knows that it would bring the wrath of the community upon him. (Socrates) - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex
#36. I was born and raised in Essex, just outside London, to a financially comfortable, well-educated Pakistani family. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Maajid Nawaz
#37. In the beginning, there was the voice.
That was how it began on that first evening, with a masculine voice calling out to me in my sleep; a disembodied voice slithering into my dream, a voice of deep timbre and tones, of sensuous growls, and of low hollow moans- a voice laden with promise and with love. It was as familiar to me as my own, and yet I knew not whether it came from inside my head, from outside me, or from somewhere not of this earth. Hushed like wind through a valley and smooth like velvet, it beckoned me, and I neither had, nor wanted, power against it. The voice was my master. - Author: Karen Essex
Jacaruso Essex quotes by Karen Essex

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