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Encyclopedias are finished. All encyclopedias combined, including the redoubtable Britannica, have already been surpassed by the exercise in groupthink known as Wikipedia. ~ James Gleick
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by James Gleick
People of Granny's age describe Wikipedia as 'an encyclopaedia, but on the net!' Encyclopaedias are what Elsa describes as 'Wikipedia, but analogue. ~ Fredrik Backman
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Fredrik Backman
Wikipedia was the single most unreliable source of knowledge this side of The National Enquirer. ~ Paul Combs
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Paul Combs
The more successful I got, the more scared I got. My name was all over Google. I had a Wikipedia page I was terrified to look at. And so I just snapped. I thought, 'If I'm going to come out with this, I'm going to do it in a big way. And not just for myself. This can't just be my story.' ~ Jose Antonio Vargas
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
John Milton (December 9, 1608 – November 8, 1674) was an English poet, prose polemicist, and civil servant for the English Commonwealth. Most famed for his epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton is celebrated as well for his eloquent treatise condemning censorship, Areopagitica. Long considered the supreme English poet, Milton experienced a dip in popularity after attacks by T.S. Eliot and F.R. Leavis in the mid 20th century; but with multiple societies and scholarly journals devoted to his study, Milton's reputation remains as strong as ever in the 21st century. Very soon after his death – and continuing to the present day – Milton became the subject of partisan biographies, confirming T.S. Eliot's belief that "of no other poet is it so difficult to consider the poetry simply as poetry, without our theological and political dispositions…making unlawful entry." Milton's radical, republican politics and heretical religious views, coupled with the perceived artificiality of his complicated Latinate verse, alienated Eliot and other readers; yet by dint of the overriding influence of his poetry and personality on subsequent generations - particularly the Romantic movement - the man whom Samuel Johnson disparaged as "an acrimonious and surly republican" must be counted one of the most significant writers and thinkers of all time. Source: Wikipedia ~ John Milton
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by John Milton
Wikipedia is forcing people to accept the stone-cold bummer that knowledge is produced and constructed by argument rather than by divine inspiration. ~ Clay Shirky
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Clay Shirky
Victor-Marie Hugo (26 February 1802 - 22 May 1885) was a French poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, and perhaps the most influential exponent of the Romantic movement in France. In France, Hugo's literary reputation rests on his poetic and dramatic output. Among many volumes of poetry, Les Contemplations and La Légende des siècles stand particularly high in critical esteem, and Hugo is sometimes identified as the greatest French poet. In the English-speaking world his best-known works are often the novels Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris (sometimes translated into English as The Hunchback of Notre-Dame). Though extremely conservative in his youth, Hugo moved to the political left as the decades passed; he became a passionate supporter of republicanism, and his work touches upon most of the political and social issues and artistic trends of his time. Source: Wikipedia ~ Victor Hugo
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Victor Hugo
Many American TV actors employ agents, managers, business managers, publicists and stylists, and are now adding digital media manager to the list. Their job is to reach out to the fans, managing websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Wikipedia. ~ Gina Bellman
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Gina Bellman
I know Wikipedia is very cool. A lot of people do not think so, but of course they are wrong. ~ Larry Sanger
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Larry Sanger
TV ushered in the age of postliteracy. And we have gone so far beyond that. I mean, what with the Internet and Google and Wikipedia. We have entered the age of post-intelligence. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
It's fair to say that Wikipedia has spent far more time considering the philosophical ramifications of categorization than Aristotle and Kant ever did. ~ James Gleick
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by James Gleick
Wikipedia is a non-profit. It was either the dumbest thing I ever did or the smartest thing I ever did. Communities can build amazing things, but you have to be part of that community and you can't abuse them. You have to be very respectful of what their needs are. ~ Jimmy Wales
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia has experienced censorship at the hands of industry groups and governments, and we are - increasingly, I think - seeing important decisions made by unaccountable, non-transparent corporate players, a shift from the open web to mobile walled gardens, and a shift from the production-based Internet to one that's consumption-based. ~ Sue Gardner
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Sue Gardner
I go on Wikipedia and alter pages of animals with fake facts that I've made up about those animals. ~ Kurt Braunohler
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Kurt Braunohler
Free services like Wikipedia I don't think benefit anyone - they don't benefit the professional because they're not paid. ~ Andrew Keen
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Andrew Keen
Wikipedia is a victory of process over substance. ~ Ethan Zuckerman
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Ethan Zuckerman
When I used to go on the Wikipedia page, and I haven't gone on the page in a while, there used to be some guy who was doing my page and he would say that he was my cousin and I was going to be doing projects with him. I don't know who this person is and I don't have a cousin by this name and this person keeps saying that they're doing projects with me. It's so weird. ~ Demetri Martin
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Demetri Martin
Wikipedia is the #5 site on the Web and serves 450 million different people every month - with billions of page views. ~ Jimmy Wales
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
Don't believe Wikipedia, not everything written there is true. The Soviet Artists Union was not a communist party organization. It was a professional union, which did not protect you from the government if the government decided you were the enemy, but it did give you the possibility to work in your profession and survive. ~ Ilya Kabakov
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Ilya Kabakov
Times have changed in research and if you are not using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Google, and the like, you will be left in the dark. ~ Steven Magee
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Steven Magee
Think about it. If it's taking pictures, it's not a cellphone. If it has a McDonald's app to tell you where McDonald's is based on your GPS location, that's not a cellphone. If you can get Wikipedia or go to Google, that's not a cellphone. ~ Newt Gingrich
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Newt Gingrich
Now, what does a vampire do with a computer? Keep track of investments? Send e-mail to other vampires as you all plot to take over the world?" "I spend a lot of time on Wikipedia making corrections to the entries of historical figures I've known." I blinked at him. "Really?" "No, Kitty. That was a joke. ~ Carrie Vaughn
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Carrie Vaughn
Collective intelligence. Think of how Wikipedia works, how Amazon harnesses user annotation on its site, the way photo-sharing sites like Flickr are bleeding out into other applications ... We're entering an era in which software learns from its users and all of the users are connected. ~ Tim O'Reilly
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Tim O'Reilly
I go to look up the elevation of the Golden Gate bridge on Wikipedia, and an hour later I'm watching four guys in lucha libre masks fuck a dolphin. ~ Jon Konrath
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Jon Konrath
Wikipedia flourished partly because it was a shrine to altruism. ~ Nicholson Baker
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Nicholson Baker
My argument for the past couple of months was simple and valid - I can't be with a girl whose last name's Cockburn. It's embarrassing. For me, for her, for everyone involved. Tanaka said that Cockburn is a perfectly legitimate last name, and even pulled out some bullshit facts from the Internet, including a Wikipedia page for actress Olivia Wilde. Apparently, her original last name is Cockburn (can't argue with that. She's legit fuckable). ~ L.J. Shen
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by L.J. Shen
I made it into Wikipedia," sang Erszebet. "I'll bet none of my enemies ever made it into Wikipedia. ~ Neal Stephenson
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Neal Stephenson
Wikipedia is first and foremost an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language. Asking whether the community comes before or after this goal is really asking the wrong question: the entire purpose of the community is precisely this goal. ~ Jimmy Wales
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
Some of the best nights in your life will never make it onto your Wikipedia page. Stop worrying about your credits and consider enjoying the day.
You die at the end. ~ Doug Stanhope
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Doug Stanhope
Aren't you failing English?" I asked.
Angeline flushed. "It's not my fault."
"Even I know you can't write an article on Wikipedia and then use it as a source in your own essay." Sydney had been torn between horror and hysterics when she told me.
"I took 'primary source' to a whole new level!"
Honestly, it was a wonder we'd gotten by for so long without Angeline. Life must have been so boring before her. ~ Richelle Mead
J Drov Ovoce Wikipedia quotes by Richelle Mead
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