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#1. Eid ma clack shaw
Zupoven del ba
Mertepy ven seinur
Cofally ragdah - Author: Bill Callahan
Itria Ven quotes by Bill Callahan
#2. [E]ven in gay, easygoing, and carefree minds there may exist a presentiment of dark powers within ourselves which are bent upon our own destruction. - Author: E.T.A. Hoffmann
Itria Ven quotes by E.T.A. Hoffmann
#3. Ven' is the Nain word for 'and.' It was my first word, and so was added to my name at the age of three, when I first spoke it. That is the Nain tradition; each child's first word becomes an official part of his or her name. As a result, three of my brothers are Petar Da-da Polypheme, Osgod No! Polypheme, and Linus Poo-poo Polypheme.

Personally, I think the Nain should rethink this tradition.

As for my name, I think perhaps there should be a question mark after it - 'and?' - as if life is always posing the question of what I am to do next. I was born with more than my share of curiosity, and it gets me into a frightful amount of trouble. I want to know what comes next from the time I wake up in the morning, wondering what the day will hold, till the moment I fall asleep, imagining where my dreams will take me at night. It's like an itch; my skin or scalp hums with excitement whenever my curiosity starts to take over. And? And? And? Scratching it does nothing to help; the itch doesn't go away, and I just look like I have dandruff or fleas. - Author: Elizabeth Haydon
Itria Ven quotes by Elizabeth Haydon
#4. [E]ven laws of Nature are not absolutely certain. There may be new circumstances never before examined – inside black holes, say, or within the electron, or close to the speed of light – where even our vaunted laws of Nature break down and, however valid they may be in ordinary circumstances, need correction. - Author: Carl Sagan
Itria Ven quotes by Carl Sagan
#5. [E]ven in getting the wonderful things we long for, we tend to live in want of something more[.] - Author: Steve Hagen
Itria Ven quotes by Steve Hagen
#6. ven with the reduced army numbers, Kaladin passed three patrols as his men marched toward the gates. That was three more than he'd ever seen in Sadeas's camp. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Itria Ven quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#7. Straight-faced, Hamon said, "I'm honored to be working alongside someone with such expert woodland knowledge, superior battle skills, and an impressive beard."
Ven stroked his beard. "Indeed you are. - Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Itria Ven quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
#8. [E]ven if the whole world should rise up to destroy us, nothing will happen except that God, in whom we have put our hope, will allow. - Author: Vincent De Paul
Itria Ven quotes by Vincent De Paul
#9. Ven mazel kumt, shtelt im a shtul. When mazel comes, pull up a chair for it. (p. 292) - Author: Rebecca Goldstein
Itria Ven quotes by Rebecca Goldstein
#10. So now you know that, as dark as the depths of the sea may be, as dark as the night gets without a moon, it is not really true darkness. It's just waiting for light to return. There are places that are truly dark in this world, Ven, but this place here, this open stretch of sea where you are floating, is not one of them. It's not really dark here - it's just night. If you hang on and stay awake, in a short while the edges of the sky will start to turn gray, then pink, and the sun will rise, and there will be blue above and all around you again. - Author: Elizabeth Haydon
Itria Ven quotes by Elizabeth Haydon
#11. My beloved is the sun
And I am the earth that thrives only in her warmth. My beloved is the rain
And I am the grass that thirsts for her quenching kiss. My beloved is the wind
And I am the wings that soar when she fills me with her gentle strength.
My beloved is the rock
Upon which rests the happiness of all my days.
- The Elements of Love, a poem by Aileron v'En Kavali of the Fey - Author: C.L. Wilson
Itria Ven quotes by C.L. Wilson
#12. Champion Ven knelt in the ruins of the village. Sifting through the rubble, he lifted out a broken doll, its pink dress streaked with dirt and its pottery face cracked.
There was always a broken doll.
Why did there always have to be a damn doll? - Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Itria Ven quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
#13. Be true to yourself"

- Ven Zallow - Author: Paul S. Kemp
Itria Ven quotes by Paul S. Kemp
#14. My friends are my power. And I'm theirs. - Author: Tomoko Kanemaki
Itria Ven quotes by Tomoko Kanemaki
#15. [E]ven today, when confident and self-affirmative lesbian identities have emerged and are available to women, images of `lesbianism' are still regularly appropriated by a male heterosexual pornographic imagination which cannot accept that this is one party to which men are not invited and at which their presence is not necessary. - Author: Nivedita Menon
Itria Ven quotes by Nivedita Menon
#16. Yeah," Ven added. "Crazy was too good a shade on Quentin.... - Author: Passhenette1
Itria Ven quotes by Passhenette1

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