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#1. Did you know that Judaism is based on paradigm shifts, Henry? First came Abraham, then came Moses. Then came the prophets, then came the rabbis. Pretty amazing stuff. Each iteration, reaching for the godhead. What comes next, Henry? What comes next? - Author: Michael Davidow
Iteration quotes by Michael Davidow
#2. Iterative development, when accompanied with reasonable end-of-iteration reviews - product, technical, process, team - is also self-correcting. - Author: Jim Highsmith
Iteration quotes by Jim Highsmith
#3. I'm an investor in MakerBot, which is a good example of the 'thingiverse'. The idea of applying collaboration and rapid iteration to things that we interact with and hold in our hands every day is super revolutionary. - Author: Matt Mullenweg
Iteration quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#4. Medicine is a science which hath been (as we have said) more professed than laboured, and yet more laboured than advanced: the labour having been, in my judgment, rather in circle than in progression. For I find much iteration, but small addition. It considereth causes of diseases, with the occasions or impulsions; the diseases themselves, with the accidents; and the cures, with the preservation. - Author: Francis Bacon
Iteration quotes by Francis Bacon
#5. I maybe need a break, because I feel like I've done every iteration of it, and that's what's been great, you know - 'Mr. Brooks' is so different from 'Friday the 13th,' which is so different from 'The Crazies,' which is different from 'Piranha.' So, I feel like I've kind of covered it across the board. - Author: Danielle Panabaker
Iteration quotes by Danielle Panabaker
#6. Artists reproduce themselves or each other, with wearisome iteration. But criticism is always moving on, and the critic is always developing. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Iteration quotes by Oscar Wilde
#7. One important idea is that science is a means whereby learning is achieved, not by mere theoretical speculation on the one hand, nor by the undirected accumulation of practical facts on the other, but rather by a motivated iteration between theory and practice. - Author: George E.P. Box
Iteration quotes by George E.P. Box
#8. When we start a relationship, professional, romantic or otherwise, even when we're born, we establish these threads of energy that connect us to another person...Even by just being here, you're creating one with me. Many times, as people grow or change, or hurt us, the energy that was flowing gets confused and trapped. Especially in the case of loss, where the energy doesn't have anywhere tangible to move forward. We can become very sick by storing up outdated energy. Cord cutting isn't always about severing completely from someone, but it is about separating ourselves off from the iteration of the relationship that no longer enriches our life. It's a ceremony, really. And a difficult one. But it's tremendously important. - Author: Courtney Maum
Iteration quotes by Courtney Maum
#9. I tend to write out the first iteration of a lyric here and then go over here and make variations on it, on the page opposite. - Author: James Taylor
Iteration quotes by James Taylor
#10. One little thing led to another. One success, one particular challenge, could spur thoughts about another product, or a different iteration of an existing product, or a whole new channel of revenue. As Steve liked to say, "You can only connect the dots of how things really happened in hindsight. - Author: Brent Schlender
Iteration quotes by Brent Schlender
#11. How very lovable her face was to him. Yet there was nothing ethereal about it; all was real vitality, real warmth, real incarnation. And it was in her mouth that this culminated. Eyes almost as deep and speaking he had seen before, and cheeks perhaps as fair; brows as arched, a chin and throat almost as shapely; her mouth he had seen nothing to equal on the face of the earth. To a young man with the least fire in him that little upward lift in the middle of her red top lip was distracting, infatuating, maddening. He had never before seen a woman's lips and teeth which forced upon his mind with such persistent iteration the old Elizabethan simile of roses filled with snow.
Perfect, he, as a lover, might have called them off-hand. But no - they were not perfect. And it was the touch of the imperfect upon the would-be perfect that gave the sweetness, because it was that which gave the humanity. - Author: Thomas Hardy
Iteration quotes by Thomas Hardy
#12. Executives, project leaders, and development teams must embrace a different view of the new product development world, one that not only recognizes change in the business world, but also understands the power of driving down iteration costs to enable experimentation and emergent processes. Understanding these differences and how they affect product development is key to understanding APM. - Author: Jim Highsmith
Iteration quotes by Jim Highsmith
#13. The beauty of agile comes in with its incremental nature and use of empiricism to focus on three "I"s - Interaction, Iteration, and Improvement. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Iteration quotes by Pearl Zhu
#14. Visionaries are especially afraid of a false negative: that customers will reject a flawed MVP that is too small or too limited.
The solution to this dilemma is a commitment to iteration. You have to commit to a locked-in agreement - ahead of time - that no matter what comes of testing the MVP, you will not give up hope. Successful entrepreneurs do not give up at the first sign of trouble, nor do they persevere the plan right into the ground. Instead, they process a unique combination of perseverance and flexibility. - Author: Eric Ries
Iteration quotes by Eric Ries
#15. Few things are more dangerous to an egalitarian ideal than the concept of a chosen people, and the divide drawn by the early iteration of God's Church helped to exacerbate the many ideological faults that already underlay the landscape. When they chips were down, Tear's people were ready to turn on each other, and the fall of the Town was very quick, so quick that this historian wonders whether all such communities are not destined to fail. Our species is capable of altruism, certainly, but it is not a game we play willingly, let alone well - Author: Erika Johansen
Iteration quotes by Erika Johansen
#16. Few ideas work on the first try. Iteration is key to innovation. - Author: Sebastian Thrun
Iteration quotes by Sebastian Thrun
#17. I hope you do not think me prone to any iteration of nuptials. - Author: William Congreve
Iteration quotes by William Congreve
#18. Alone with my wine and my misery, I was convinced that life was composed of a string of "if only's" leading from one self-inflicted bungle to the next until at some point, one's final iteration of the excuse became one's final utterance, and one expired. - Author: Andrew Levkoff
Iteration quotes by Andrew Levkoff
#19. There is more in the education of children than the everlasting iteration of the word "don't!" - Author: Austin O'Malley
Iteration quotes by Austin O'Malley
#20. Ah, deserve," sighed Kindwind. "The notion of deserved and undeserved is a fancy. Knowing both life and death, we endeavor to impose worth and meaning upon our deeds, and thereby to comfort our fear of impermanence. We choose to imagine that our lives merit continuance. Mayhap all sentience shares a similar fancy. Mayhap the Earth itself, being sentient in its fashion, shares it. Nonetheless it is a fancy. A wider gaze does not regard us in that wise. The stars do not. Perhaps the Creator does not. The larger truth is merely that all things end. By that measure, our fancies cannot be distinguished from dust. "For this reason, Giants love tales. Our iteration of past deeds and desires and discoveries provides the only form of permanence to which mortal life can aspire. That such permanence is a chimera does not lessen its power to console. Joy is in the ears that hear. - Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
Iteration quotes by Stephen R. Donaldson
#21. The American conception of advertising is to arouse desires and stimulate wants, to make people dissatisfied with the old and out-of-date and by constant iteration to send them out to work harder to get the latest model-whether that model be an icebox or a rug or a new home. - Author: Bruce Barton
Iteration quotes by Bruce Barton
#22. Being able to take musical ideas through every iteration is attractive to me. Granted, not everyone's going to want to listen to that, but it should exist. - Author: Beck
Iteration quotes by Beck
#23. Still, the logical part of her realized that the hazel-eyed, dark-scruff iteration of This Guy who sat
across from her right then hadn't actually done anything wrong to her. Because of that, she smiled in
an effort to be polite. "That's nice of you to ask. But, unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no."
"Great." He nodded, as if expecting this very answer. Then his brow furrowed, and he cocked his
head. "Wait - what?"
Sidney bit her lip to hold back a laugh. Ah ... when she told this story later to Trish, the perplexed
look on this guy's face would be the highlight. - Author: Julie James
Iteration quotes by Julie James
#24. When I contacted her about my research, Dr. Dalmau's colleague Dr. Rita Balice-Gorodn brought up the old Indian proverb, often used by neuroscientists studying the brain, about six blind men trying to identify an elephant, offering it as a way of understanding how much more we have to learn about the disease.
Each man grabs hold of a different part of the animal and tries to identify the unnamed object. One man touches the tail and says, "rope"; one touches a leg and says, "pillar"; one feels a trunk and says, "tree"; one feels an ear and says, "fan"; one feels the belly and says, "wall"; the last one feels the tusk and is certain it's a "pipe." (The tale has been told so many times that the outcomes differ widely. In a Buddhist iteration, the mean are told they are all correct and rejoice; in another, the men break out in violence when they can't agree.)
Dr. Balice-Gordon has a hopeful interpretation of the analogy: "We're sort of approaching the elephant from the front end and from the back end in the hopes of touching in the middle. We're hoping to paint a detailed enough landscape of the elephant. - Author: Susannah Cahalan
Iteration quotes by Susannah Cahalan
#25. I just think TV is becoming more and more interesting in a way. Films are more and more derivative, you know, whether it's 'Transformers 2' or 'Shrek 5', or it's yet another iteration of another kind of clone of something else. It's a bit depressing in a way. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
Iteration quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#26. I think, in a way, I've returned to who I used to be as a global correspondent whose life was devoted to really making a difference, illuminating what's happening in the world, always drawn toward the suffering of peoples and cultures and exposing exploitation and injustice; but now I'm the same person in a much, much softer iteration. - Author: Brad Willis
Iteration quotes by Brad Willis
#27. The Hacker Way is an approach to building that involves continuous improvement and iteration. Hackers believe that something can always be better, and that nothing is ever complete. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
Iteration quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#28. Joshie had always told Post-Human Services staff to keep a diary, to remember who we were, because every moment our brains and synapses are being rebuilt and rewired with maddening disregard for our personalities, so that each year, each month, each day we transform into a different person, an utterly unfaithful iteration of our original selves, of the drooling kid in the sandbox. - Author: Gary Shteyngart
Iteration quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#29. An iteration isn't a copy, Mother. It's just the latest version. I'm your upgrade. That's why I did what I did. Because I'm just better than you. - Author: Madeline Ashby
Iteration quotes by Madeline Ashby
#30. Be in beta. Do things badly. Abandon perfectionism. Following this advice can seem nearly impossible when pitted against our identity. But when we allow ourselves to go into the rapid iteration of trial and error, like a child learning to walk, the feel-good neurological response just may charm away the snake of a strangling ego. - Author: Whitney Johnson
Iteration quotes by Whitney Johnson
#31. Embrace iteration as the road to improvement, but don't let that lull you into rolling out poorly-thought-out crap. - Author: Kate O'Neill
Iteration quotes by Kate O'Neill
#32. Every town, every book, is a way to say, look, there's a new way, a different way. Every book in a bookstore is a fresh beginning. Every book is the next iteration of a very old story. Every bookstore, therefore, is like a safe‑ deposit box for civilization. - Author: Liam Callanan
Iteration quotes by Liam Callanan
#33. I see a lot of women around me who seem to stop developing as individuals after marriage and children. I don't know what kinds of pressure they're under, but I think it robs the world of 'the older version of Judy or Wendy,' or whomever. It robs the world of the next iteration of them, and I don't think that's right. - Author: Justine Bateman
Iteration quotes by Justine Bateman
#34. Mannerism, especially when it takes the form of recurrent word or phrase, is by no means easy to represent; there is but a hair's breadth between the point at which the reader delightfully recognizes is as a revealing habit of speech, and the point at which its iteration begin to weary him. - Author: Mary Lascelles
Iteration quotes by Mary Lascelles
#35. Diatonic, he heard the word in his head. Chromatic, pentatonic, hexatonic, heptatonic, octatonic, each iteration of the scale opening innumerable possibilities for harmony. He thought about the Pythagorean major third, the Didymus comma, the way the intervals sound out of tune rather than as though they were different notes. This, he thought, was where his brilliance at mathematics bled into his love of music; music was the realm in which his mathematical brain danced. - Author: Ru Freeman
Iteration quotes by Ru Freeman
#36. It was so crucial to the Civil Rights Movement that on June 23, 1963, Martin Luther King came to town, walked down Woodward Avenue with more than 100,000 people and delivered the first major public iteration of his "I Have A Dream" speech, two months before he did it in Washington. - Author: David Maraniss
Iteration quotes by David Maraniss
#37. Amidst all this organic plasticity and compromise, though, the infrastructure fields could still stake out territory for a few standardized subsystems, identical from citizen to citizen. Two of these were channels for incoming data - one for gestalt, and one for linear, the two primary modalities of all Konishi citizens, distant descendants of vision and hearing. By the orphan's two-hundredth iteration, the channels themselves were fully formed, but the inner structures to which they fed their data, the networks for classifying and making sense of it, were still undeveloped, still unrehearsed.
Konishi polis itself was buried two hundred meters beneath the Siberian tundra, but via fiber and satellite links the input channels could bring in data from any forum in the Coalition of Polises, from probes orbiting every planet and moon in the solar system, from drones wandering the forests and oceans of Earth, from ten million kinds of scape or abstract sensorium. The first problem of perception was learning how to choose from this superabundance. - Author: Greg Egan
Iteration quotes by Greg Egan
#38. A sound idea is a form of energy.
It can not be destroyed.
It evolves from inspiration, to a function of preparation, then determination - till the ideator's dream becomes actualized in real life
At the very least, success is a second iteration of the original, unscripted Idea
So your idea refinement process needs to be test-driven
Determine on time if investment in terms of effort and time is worth it
Work Smart
Fail early, fail often,
Success lies on the paths yet to be treaded,
Open your mind,
Think Disruption,
Be Flexible

I think this is an idea worth sharing - Author: Eniitan Akinola
Iteration quotes by Eniitan Akinola
#39. Joshie has always told Post Human Services Staff to keep a diary, to remember who we were because every moment, our brains and synapses are being rebuilt and rewired with maddening disregard for our personalities, so that each year, each month, each day, we transfer into a different person, an utterly unfaithful iteration of our original selves, of the drooling kid in the sandbox. But not me. I am still a facsimile of my early childhood. I am still looking for a loving dad to lift me up and brush the sand off my ass and to hear English, calm and hurtless, fall off his lips. - Author: Gary Shteyngart
Iteration quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#40. We are surrounded by the absurd excess of the universe. By meaningless bulk, vastness without size, power without consequence. The stubborn iteration that is present without being felt. Nothing the spirit can marry. Merely phenomenon and its physics. An endless, endless of going on. No habitat where the brain can recognize itself. No pertinence for the heart. Helpless duplication. - Author: Jack Gilbert
Iteration quotes by Jack Gilbert
#41. O, Thou hast damnable iteration; and art, indeed, able to corrupt a saint. - Author: William Shakespeare
Iteration quotes by William Shakespeare
#42. What's the use of fast iteration if all it does is get us to a suboptimal solution more quickly, - Author: Rian Van Der Merwe
Iteration quotes by Rian Van Der Merwe
#43. For the theory-practice iteration to work, the scientist must be, as it were, mentally ambidextrous; fascinated equally on the one hand by possible meanings, theories, and tentative models to be induced from data and the practical reality of the real world, and on the other with the factual implications deducible from tentative theories, models and hypotheses. - Author: George E.P. Box
Iteration quotes by George E.P. Box
#44. Nothing is ever so good that it can't stand a little revision, and nothing is ever so impossible and broken down that a try at fixing it is out of the question. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Iteration quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#45. One of the Scrum rules is that work cannot be pushed onto a team; the Product Owner offers items for the iteration, and the team pulls as many as they decide they can do at a sustainable pace with good quality. - Author: Craig Larman
Iteration quotes by Craig Larman
#46. The goal of a startup is to figure out the right thing to build-the thing customers want and will pay for-as quickly as possible. In other words, the Lean Startup is a new way of looking at the development of innovative new products that emphasizes fast iteration and customer insight, a huge vision, and great ambition, all at the same time. - Author: Eric Ries
Iteration quotes by Eric Ries
#47. Minds do not leap. Observation, evaluation, and iteration, not sudden shifts of perception, solve problems and lead us to creation. - Author: Kevin Ashton
Iteration quotes by Kevin Ashton
#48. Technological innovation is not what is hammering down working peoples' share of what the country earns; technological innovation is the excuse for this development. Inno is a fable that persuades us to accept economic arrangements we would otherwise regard as unpleasant or intolerable - that convinces us that the very particular configuration of economic power we inhabit is in fact a neutral matter of science, of nature, of the way God wants things to be. Every time we describe the economy as an "ecosystem" we accept this point of view. Every time we write off the situation of workers as a matter of unalterable "reality" we resign ourselves to it.

In truth, we have been hearing some version of all this inno-talk since the 1970s - a snarling Republican iteration, which demands our submission before the almighty entrepreneur; and a friendly and caring Democratic one, which promises to patch us up with job training and student loans. What each version brushes under the rug is that it doesn't have to be this way. Economies aren't ecosystems. They aren't naturally occurring phenomena to which we must learn to acclimate. Their rules are made by humans. They are, in a word, political. In a democracy we can set the economic table however we choose.

"Amazon is not happening to bookselling," Jeff Bezos of Amazon likes to say. "The future is happening to bookselling." And what the future wants just happens to be exactly what Amazon wants. What an amazing coinciden - Author: Thomas Frank
Iteration quotes by Thomas Frank
#49. This oath, which resides at the core of every iteration of Batman that has ever or will ever exist, from pulp antihero to TV buffoon, is much more practical and matter-of-fact. It is a declaration of war. The - Author: Glen Weldon
Iteration quotes by Glen Weldon

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