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The people of Ohio are not happy with what he's doing. I can tell you that. They're not happy with what [John Kasich] is doing. But the Republican Party more than any other thing has to have a victory, a presidential victory, for one thing, if nothing else: Supreme Court justices. ~ Donald Trump
Isfs Ohio quotes by Donald Trump
We were in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. It's a nice town, but it's aggressively quaint. They've got a popcorn shop above a waterfall and parades that come through town. It's all-American. ~ Nick Robinson
Isfs Ohio quotes by Nick Robinson
I feel blessed to be able to do these events. As I travel around, I'm fully cognizant that there are a lot of people out there who are sportscasters or who want to be sportscasters who would kill to do the Maui Invitational or the Ohio State-Michigan game. So if you have to endure some inconveniences along the way, that's fine by me. ~ Sean McDonough
Isfs Ohio quotes by Sean McDonough
Pete Dye introduced me to golf course design back in the 1960's. He came to my hometown Columbus, Ohio to work on The Golf Club. ~ Jack Nicklaus
Isfs Ohio quotes by Jack Nicklaus
The reason the Forest Service builds these roads, quite apart from the deep pleasure of doing noisy things in the woods with big yellow machines, is to allow private timber companies to get to previously inaccessible stands of trees. Of the Forest Service's 150 million acres of loggable land, about two-thirds is held in store for the future. The remaining one-third - 49 million acres, or an area roughly twice the size of Ohio - is available for logging. It allows huge swathes of land to be clear-cut, ~ Bill Bryson
Isfs Ohio quotes by Bill Bryson
I'm not representing any organization. I represent the people of Ohio, and a lot of people in Ohio feel very strongly about their Second Amendment rights. ~ Rob Portman
Isfs Ohio quotes by Rob Portman
Ohio State created me. They created what they suspended. ~ Maurice Clarett
Isfs Ohio quotes by Maurice Clarett
They were saying "Make peace, not war," and so, the Commander of the Ohio State National Guard testified in the course of the Kent State trials, he threw a rock at them. ~ Renata Adler
Isfs Ohio quotes by Renata Adler
My head kinda hurts," Miss New Mexico said. Several of the girls gasped. Half of an airline serving tray was lodged in her forehead, forming a small blue canopy over her eyes. "What is it?" Miss New Mexico checked to make sure her bra straps weren't showing. "N-nothing." Miss Ohio managed an awkward smile. ~ Libba Bray
Isfs Ohio quotes by Libba Bray
In Connecticut the crime of oral sex could be punishable by a thirty-year jail term. In Ohio it was one to twenty years. In Georgia such a "crime against nature" could lead a practitioner to life imprisonment at hard labor- a penalty far more severe than having sex with animals, which in Georgia was punishable by only five years. ~ Gay Talese
Isfs Ohio quotes by Gay Talese
I came to the plain fields of Ohio with pictures painted by Hollywood movies and the works of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. None of them had much to say, if at all, about Dayton, Ohio. ~ Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Isfs Ohio quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
A drone is often preferred for missions that are too "dull, dirty, or dangerous" for manned aircraft."


The graffiti was in Spanish, neon colors highlighting the varicose cracks in the wall. It smelled of urine and pot. The front door was metal with four bolt locks and the windows were frosted glass, embedded with chicken wire. They swung out and up like big fake eye-lashes held up with a notched adjustment bar.

This was a factory building on the near west side of Cleveland in an industrial area on the Cuyahoga River known in Ohio as The Flats.

First a sweatshop garment factory, then a warehouse for imported cheeses then a crack den for teenage potheads. It was now headquarters for Magic Slim, the only pimp in Cleveland with his own film studio and training facility.

Her name was Cosita, she was eighteen looking like fourteen. One of nine children from El Chorillo. a dangerous poverty stricken barrio on the outskirts of Panama City. Her brother, Javier, had been snatched from the streets six months ago, he was thirteen and beautiful.

Cosita had a high school education but earned here degree on the streets of Panama.

Interpol, the world's largest international police organization, had recruited Cosita at seventeen. She was smart, street savvy, motivated and very pretty. Just what Interpol was looking for.

Cosita would become a Drone! ~ Nick Hahn
Isfs Ohio quotes by Nick Hahn
The auto industry is standing today. The middle class is standing today. Ohio is standing today. America is standing strong today. ~ Ted Strickland
Isfs Ohio quotes by Ted Strickland
I'm street smart. You can't con me. But that's just from living in New York. Now if a guy came from Mississippi somewhere, Ohio somewhere, to New York City for the first time, he don't have the street smarts. You can take him. ~ J. B. Smoove
Isfs Ohio quotes by J. B. Smoove
She was too much - for Zenith, Ohio. She'd tried at times to make herself smaller, to fit neatly into the ordered lines of expectation. But somehow, she always managed to say or do something outrageous - she'd accept a dare to climb a flagpole, or make a slightly risqué joke, or go riding in cars with boys - and suddenly she was "that awful O'Neill girl" all over again. ~ Libba Bray
Isfs Ohio quotes by Libba Bray
Well, I would never admit to copying Karl Rove's play book, but there's no doubt that what the Bush people did in 2004 was impressive. They had neighbors talking to neighbors. They did a remarkable job increasing Republican turnout in states like Ohio and Florida. ~ David Plouffe
Isfs Ohio quotes by David Plouffe
I don't feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them. ~ Kathi Hutton
Isfs Ohio quotes by Kathi Hutton
Let me tell you what is interesting about the administration. We had Central American miners that were placed in Ohio, and we never knew a thing about it. We didn't know where they were. And, in fact, we know now that some of them, there is a case going on where some of them may have been human-trafficked. ~ John Kasich
Isfs Ohio quotes by John Kasich
When the scheme for the construction of a railroad from Baltimore to the waters of the Ohio River first began to take form, the United States had barely emerged from the Revolutionary period. ~ John Moody
Isfs Ohio quotes by John Moody
What would have become of Ohio State if I said everything? Half the team would have been suspended, and it would have been worse for everybody. I was like, 'Why don't I just take it?' ~ Maurice Clarett
Isfs Ohio quotes by Maurice Clarett
It's in every single county. It's in our cities but it's also in our wealthier suburbs. It's in our small towns. There is no place in Ohio where you can hide from drug epidemic . ~ Mike DeWine
Isfs Ohio quotes by Mike DeWine
In rallies like those in Johnson's Ohio tour, friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members who do not conform to the ideology are gradually dehumanized. They are tainted with the despised characteristics inherent in the godless. This attack is waged in highly abstract terms, to negate the reality of concrete, specific and unique human characteristics, to deny the possibility of goodness in those who do not conform. Some human beings, the message goes, are no longer human beings. They are types. This new, exclusive community fosters rigidity, conformity and intolerance. In this new binary world segments of the human race are disqualified from moral and ethical consideration. And because fundamentalist followers live in a binary universe, they are incapable of seeing others as anything more than inverted reflections of themselves. If they seek to destroy nonbelievers to create a Christian America, then nonbelievers must be seeking to destroy them. This belief system negates the possibility of the ethical life. It fails to grasp that goodness must be sought outside the self and that the best defense against evil is to seek it within. When people come to believe that they are immune from evil, that there is no resemblance between themselves and those they define as the enemy, they will inevitably grow to embody the evil they claim to fight. It is only by grasping our own capacity for evil, our own darkness, that we hold our own capacity for evil at bay. When evil is purely e ~ Chris Hedges
Isfs Ohio quotes by Chris Hedges
Todd and Tim [Tobias] write the music, and I come up with the melodies and lyrics. I call it the Ohio Rock Factory. Tim and Todd run the northern plant in Cleveland, and I've got the southern plant down here in Dayton. No tours permitted. ~ Robert Pollard
Isfs Ohio quotes by Robert Pollard
You can be in Ohio and shoot your own web series, if you want. If this had been around when I was in high school, I can guarantee you that my friends and I would have been shooting our own television shows and putting them online and trying to get as many hits as possible. ~ Busy Philipps
Isfs Ohio quotes by Busy Philipps
I was raised on a little farm about 12 miles out of Portsmouth, Ohio. ~ Roy Rogers
Isfs Ohio quotes by Roy Rogers
There were 14,000 people at the rally for the president in Ohio. There were another 8,000 people in Virginia. If all 22,000 of those people opened their wallets and gave $1,000 each, that would be less than one donation from a billionaire to the super PACs. And that's why he's in for the fight of his life. ~ Austan Goolsbee
Isfs Ohio quotes by Austan Goolsbee
In two weeks a man could completely refashion his history; he could walk all the way to Ohio or Iowa, change his name and his accent, disappear into another life. In the woods, footprints faded, the wind rose up to disperse of clothing, flesh became grass. ~ Alice Hoffman
Isfs Ohio quotes by Alice Hoffman
I started dancing when I was 3 in Toledo, Ohio, and started hip-hop dancing at the age of 7. ~ Alyson Stoner
Isfs Ohio quotes by Alyson Stoner
The future is bright at Ohio State. ~ Urban Meyer
Isfs Ohio quotes by Urban Meyer
All Americans come from Ohio originally, if only briefly. ~ Dawn Powell
Isfs Ohio quotes by Dawn Powell
I would like to mention that a couple days ago Senator Obama was out in Ohio and he had an encounter with a guy who's a plumber, his name is Joe Wurzelbacher. ~ John McCain
Isfs Ohio quotes by John McCain
One of the big issues in Ohio and elsewhere is people do not have the skills to take advantage of the openings that are out there. ~ Rob Portman
Isfs Ohio quotes by Rob Portman
The first military-trained gang member was Samuel Mason, leader of the Mason gang of river pirates operating along the Ohio River from the 1790s. ~ Carter F. Smith
Isfs Ohio quotes by Carter F. Smith
The most heavily utilized vortex is in the east-central part of Ohio, immediately west of Bergholz, not far from Leesville Lake. There ~ Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis
Isfs Ohio quotes by Jack
Taylor clapped three times for attention. "Ladies! Ladies! My stars! That's enough. Now. We all know Miss Arkansas's girls are fake, Miss Ohio's easier than making cereal, and Miss Montana's dress is something my blind meemaw would wear to bingo night."
- "Beauty Queens ~ Libba Bray
Isfs Ohio quotes by Libba Bray
McGovern is very sensitive about this sort of thing, and for excellent reason. In three of the last four big primaries (Ohio, Nebraska & California) he has spent an alarmingly big chunk of his campaign time denying that behind his calm and decent facade he is really a sort of Trojan Horse candidate - coming on in public as a bucolic Jeffersonian Democrat while secretly plotting to seize the reins of power and turn them over at midnight on Inauguration Day to a Red-bent hellbroth of radicals, Dopers, Traitors, Sex Fiends, Anarchists, Winos, and "extremists" of every description. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Isfs Ohio quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
My parents came to this country after World War II, Jews from Czechoslovakia who had survived Auschwitz and Dachau. They settled with my sister in rural Ohio in the 1950s, where my dad became the town doctor and I was born. ~ Julie Salamon
Isfs Ohio quotes by Julie Salamon
When I met Paul Ryan 22 years ago, he was a student at Miami of Ohio volunteering on my campaign. ~ John Boehner
Isfs Ohio quotes by John Boehner
Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals. ~ Submitted On 8 Septemer 2004 By Dave Gynn Coleman Professional Services Ohio US
Isfs Ohio quotes by Submitted On 8 Septemer 2004 By Dave Gynn Coleman Professional Services Ohio US
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