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#1. If your unicorn shifts disconcertingly between a goat, a horse, a rhinoceros, a marine mammal from the North Atlantic, assorted Tibetan ungulates and a six-eyed ass whose ears will terrify, the work of this book is almost done. - Author: Chris Lavers
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Chris Lavers
#2. So, we've gone from covered wagons to going to the moon in just under 100 years. For all the centuries and thousands of years before us, people walked or rode horses, cows, camels or whatever. This so-called modern era, from the late 19th century through now, has been the period of the most amazing development, discovery, innovation and acceleration of change that humans have ever experienced. And it hasn't slowed down yet. - Author: Edgar Mitchell
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Edgar Mitchell
#3. I was born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska. I lived right next to the sale barn and I raised pigs. My dad was a guidance counselor at Wymore High School. He was also a preacher and did farming as well. We leased out our crop land but had cattle and horses. - Author: Larry The Cable Guy
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#4. When you leave," Gwen said, "take Mouse. Give Ryn's horse to Myron."

"What does Myron need with a horse?" he asked. Gwen just smiled, and Royce knew better than to question further. "Okay, but I'm warning you now. He'll spoil it rotten - Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#5. It is much easier to ride a horse in the direction it is going. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#6. I paint the way I do because I can keep on putting more and more things in - like drama, pain, anger, love, a figure, a horse, my ideas of space. It doesn't matter if it differs from mine, as long as it comes from the painting, which has its own integrity and intensity. - Author: Willem De Kooning
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Willem De Kooning
#7. And yes, I came over here fully intending to seduce you." He lifted his head and whispered in my ear, "It's what I'm good at. Just like you're good at evading demons and kicking ass."
"Kicking ass?" I questioned as he dropped his head back to the arm of the couch. His hand was exploring again, and I didn't want to move.
"Yeah," he said, and I jumped as he found a ticklish spot. "I like a woman who takes care of herself."
"Not much of a white knight on a horse, huh?"
He raised one eyebrow. "Oh, I could," he said. "But I'm a lazy son of a bitch. - Author: Kim Harrison
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Kim Harrison
#8. All the feeling which my father could not put into words was in his hand-any dog, child or horse would recognize the kindness of it. - Author: Freya Stark
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Freya Stark
#9. So basically
be careful never to be too awesome
or you will be mysteriously executed
just like Martin Luther King
and Gandhi
and Abraham Lincoln
and JFK
and Malcolm X
and Sitting Bull
and Crazy Horse
and... wow
why are we so mean to our best people? - Author: Cory O'Brien
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Cory O'Brien
#10. The brutes do not admire each other. A horse does not admire his companion. Not that there is no rivalry between them in a race, but that is of no consequence; for, when in the stable, the heaviest and most ill-formed does not give up his oats to another as men would have others do to them. Their virtue is satisfied with itself. - Author: Blaise Pascal
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Blaise Pascal
#11. They've never known a time when people drank rain water because it was pure, or could eat snow, or swim in any river or brook. The last time I drove to Washington the traffic was so bad that I could have made better time with a horse. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#12. I just spend my life driving down the road, training horses and helping people. - Author: Buck Brannaman
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Buck Brannaman
#13. My grandpa was a cowboy. He roped cattle out in Texas and Arizona. Growing up, I'd see him maybe once a year and he'd always get me on a horse at some point. But each time I'd have to learn again. - Author: Austin Butler
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Austin Butler
#14. The willing horse carries the heaviest burden. Take a care not to overload the willing horse. - Author: Michael Scott
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Michael Scott
#15. He watched as Finnikin swung onto the horse, his sleeve stained with blood. Froi liked the way Finnikin reached behind him and took Evanjalin's hand, placing it around his waist. It made everything seem normal because Finnikin always wanted to touch her. - Author: Melina Marchetta
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Melina Marchetta
#16. [Vestiges begins] from principles which are at variance with all sober inductive truth. The sober facts of geology shuffled, so as to play a rogue's game; phrenology (that sinkhole of human folly and prating coxcombry); spontaneous generation; transmutation of species; and I know not what; all to be swallowed, without tasting and trying, like so much horse-physic!! Gross credulity and rank infidelity joined in unlawful marriage, and breeding a deformed progeny of unnatural conclusions! - Author: Adam Sedgwick
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Adam Sedgwick
#17. Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into the realm beyond words ... It is like that small mirror in the fairy tales - you glance in it and what you see is not yourself; for an instant you glimpse the Inaccessible, where no horse or magic carpet can take you. And the soul cries out for it. - Author: Vernon Sproxton
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Vernon Sproxton
#18. When the sun was fully up, the gunslinger moved on west. He would find another horse eventually, or a mule, but for now he was content to walk. All that day he was haunted by a ringing, singing sound in his ears, a sound like bells. Several times he stopped and looked around, sure he would see a dark following shape flowing over the ground, chasing after as the shadows of our best and worst memories chase after, but no shape was ever there. He was alone in the low hill country west of Eluria. Quite alone. - Author: Stephen King
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Stephen King
#19. I started looking into horse history books and came across the actual story of this half-breed endurance horseman and his painted mustang Hidalgo. I wasn't really sure if I was going to do the movie at that point. - Author: John Fusco
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by John Fusco
#20. It may seem easier to have someone sweep in and take control. Maybe you need to be rescued and here comes the prince on a horse to save the day. If someone starts out controlling this is a person with control issues. You have to take care of yourself. Never let someone control you. - Author: Tracy Malone
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Tracy Malone
#21. Especially when you live in the Southern US of A. Winter is a novelty season, a niche job. Winter wonderland? Forget about it! You were more likely to spend it in the wading pool. One horse open sleigh? Forget about it! Unless that sleigh was a trashcan lid and that horse was a 4-wheeler. - Author: J.V. Roberts
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by J.V. Roberts
#22. The Israelis have shown a degree of restraint in their use of violence that the Nazis never contemplated and that, more to the point, no Muslim society would contemplate today. Ask yourself, what are the chances that the Palestinians would show the same restraint in killing Jews if the Jews were a powerless minority living under their occupation and disposed to acts of suicidal terrorism? It would be no more likely than Muhammad's flying to heaven on a winged horse.35 - Author: Sam Harris
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Sam Harris
#23. In the 1890's horses, carrying people to work, dropped 4.5 million tons of manure on the streets of Manhattan, every year. That was the big environmental problem of the day. "NYC will be buried in horse manure by 1950!" screamed the headlines. It doesn't matter what your opinion about this was. None of the people living in NY solved the problem despite the 1000s of opinions. People with passion for mechanics in Detroit made something called a car. Problem solved. - Author: James Altucher
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by James Altucher
#24. If a prince on a white horse actually appeared in front of me...I think I'd like to see him fall off that horse. But..if he wasn't a prince on a white horse to begin with...what would I want then? - Author: QuinRose
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by QuinRose
#25. Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order. - Author: John Adams
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by John Adams
#26. When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, 'Nah, what's wrong with a horse?' That was a huge bet he made, and it worked. - Author: Elon Musk
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Elon Musk
#27. I grew up in New Mexico, and the older I get, I have less need for contemporary culture and big cities and all the stuff we are bombarded with. I am happier at my ranch in the middle of nowhere watching a bug carry leaves across the grass, listening to silence, riding my horse, and being in open space. - Author: Tom Ford
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Tom Ford
#28. Tom said to himself that it was not such a hollow world, after all. He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it
namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain. If he had been a great and wise philosopher, like the writer of this book, he would now have comprehended that Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and that Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. And this would help him to understand why constructing artificial flowers or performing on a tread-mill is work, while rolling ten-pins or climbing Mont Blanc is only amusement. There are wealthy gentlemen in England who drive four-horse passenger-coaches twenty or thirty miles on a daily line, in the summer, because the privilege costs them considerable money; but if they were offered wages for the service, that would turn it into work and then they would resign. - Author: Mark Twain
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Mark Twain
#29. After the service, a crowd gathered by the grave. It is not a pauper's grave. It is the sort of grave that ordinary people dream of: under the boughs of a horse chestnut, in the company of yews and flocks of rooks, in a Norman churchyard. Beyond the aged wall that borders this blissful cemetery the hills and copses rise like waves. - Author: Alexander Masters
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Alexander Masters
#30. Muslims shared many of the deep-seated characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon elite-an intuitive resentment of culture, an amicable contempt for women, a proclivity for riding about on horses, a pleasure in discipline, and a covert homophilia. - Author: James Cameron
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by James Cameron
#31. Whats the difference between a king and his horse?I dont mean some kiddy shit like one has 4 legs and the other has 2, or ones a person and ones an animal. If their form, ability, and power is exactly the same, then why is it one becomes the king and controls the battle and the other one becomes the horse and carries the king? There's only one answer ... INSTINCT!!! - Author: Tite Kubo
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Tite Kubo
#32. Zambo, who is a black Hercules, as willing as any horse, and about as intelligent. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#33. One of their last days in unbroken country, the wind was blowing in the high Indian grass, and her father said, "There's your gold, Dahlia, the real article." As usual, she threw him a speculative look, knowing by then roughly what an alchemist was, and that none of that shifty crew ever spoke straight - their words always meant something else, sometimes even because the "something else" really was beyond words, maybe in the way departed souls are beyond the world. She watched the invisible force at work among the million stalks tall as a horse and rider, flowing for miles under the autumn suns, greater than breath, than tidal lullabies, the necessary rhythms of a sea hidden far from any who would seek it. They - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#34. We've resorted to asking for volunteers - any woman with a horse and her own weapons. Men as well, if they're not yet fathers." It was very bad if the council had resorted to recruiting men. By tradition men were our last line of defense, their physical strength bent toward the single and most important task of protecting our homes and children. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#35. Good hips. Breed like cow, strong like bull, dumb like ox. Hitch to plow when horse dies. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#36. Sacrifice, so that you may be saved. You have to sacrifice, not a bleating sheep or a horse or a cow, but your animality, the bestial lust and greed, hate and malice. Sacrifice these and you earn the heaven of unflinching peace. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#37. slashed the horse's muzzle with its huge talons. The horse reared up and kicked at the eagle's wings. As - Author: Rick Riordan
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Rick Riordan
#38. Away with the cant of 'Measures not men!'-the idle supposition that it is the harness and not the horses that draw the chariot along. - Author: George Canning
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by George Canning
#39. So before everyone begins the big party for 'Brontosaurus' and celebrates this huge diversity of sauropod names, let's hold our horses. - Author: Donald R. Prothero
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Donald R. Prothero
#40. I think a bigger difference with social media is going to be things like the impact Instagram will have for historians. For the longest time, we had no images of the past. And then when we had the advent of the camera, we had a record of the things people chose to photograph, which, for a while, were portraits of your family, a new building we built, or a really big horse. Well now we have images of everything. That will be the biggest difference I think - that we will have a visual record of this reality in a way that will be completely covered. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#41. It was like watching magic take wing, Brian thought.The muscular black horse soared over the ground with the woman on his back.They streaked over another rise,moving west,into the dying sun. The sky was a riot of color, a painting slashed with reds and golds. It seemed to him she would ride straight into it, through it.
And he'd have no choice but to follow her.
When she pulled up,turned to wait for him, her face flushed with pleasure, her eyes gleaming with it,he knew he'd never seen the like.
And wanting her was apt to kill him. - Author: Nora Roberts
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Nora Roberts
#42. Offering democracy to an Arab is like bringing a horse to a steakhouse. - Author: Jeff Cooper
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by Jeff Cooper
#43. Forbes cost of living extremely well index (CLEWI) An amazing thing I came across while researching the question of just what it is that very very rich people do with their money. As Forbes says, the CLEWI is to the very rich what the CPI is to "ordinary people." There are forty items on it, and they are hilarious, though perhaps you shouldn't show them to your left-wing aunt if she's suffering from high blood pressure: Russian sable fur coats from Bloomingdale's, shirts from Turnbull and Asser, Gucci loafers, handmade John Lobb shoes, a year at Groton boarding school, a yacht, a horse, a pool, a Learjet, a Roller, a case of Dom Perignon, forty-five minutes at a psychiatrist's on the Upper East Side (!), an hour's estate planning with a lawyer, and, amusingly/annoyingly, a year at Harvard.36 In 2012, the CLEWI went up 2.6 percent but the CPI went up only 1.4 percent. - Author: John Lanchester
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by John Lanchester
#44. The Donald Fraser of The Story Girl was Donald Montgomery, and Neil Campbell was David Murray, of Bedeque. The only embroidery I permitted myself in the telling of the tale was to give Donald a horse and cutter. In reality, what he had was a half-broken steer, hitched to a rude, old wood-sled, and it was with this romantic equipage that he hied him over to Richmond Bay to propose to Nancy! - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Intercollegiate Horse quotes by L.M. Montgomery

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