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#1. All prayer is responding to God. In all cases God is the initiator - "hearing" always precedes asking. God comes to us first or we would never reach out to him.92 Yet all prayers are not alike or equally effective in relating to God. The clearer our understanding of who God is, the better our prayers. Instinctive prayer is like an emergency flare in reaction to a general sense of God's reality. Prayer as a spiritual gift is a genuine, personal conversation in reply to God's specific, verbal revelation. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Initiator quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#2. The devil is the initiator of persecution - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Initiator quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#3. It's okay. Let your ego push you to be the initiator. But tell your ego that the best way to get something shipped is to let other people take the credit. The real win for you (and your ego) is seeing something get shipped, not in getting the credit when it does. - Author: Seth Godin
Initiator quotes by Seth Godin
#4. To speak of a communication failure implies a breakdown of some sort. Yet this does not accurately portray what occurs. In truth, communication difficulties arise not from breakdown but from the characteristics of the system itself. Despite promising beginnings in our intimate relationships, we tend over time to evolve a system of communication that suppresses rather than reveals information. Life is complicated, and confirming or disconfirming the well-being of a relationship takes effort. Once we are comfortably coupled, the intense, energy-consuming monitoring of courtship days is replaced by a simpler, more efficient method. Unable to witness our partners' every activity or verify every nuance of meaning, we evolve a communication system based on trust. We gradually cease our attentive probing, relying instead on familiar cues and signals to stand as testament to the strength of the bond: the words "I love you," holidays with the family, good sex, special times with shared friends, the routine exchange, "How was your day?" We take these signals as representative of the relationship and turn our monitoring energies elsewhere.
Not only do the initiator's negative signals tend to become incorporated into the existing routine, but, paradoxically, the initiator actively contributes to the impression that life goes on as usual. Even as they express their unhappiness, initiators work at emphasizing and maintaining the routine aspects of life with the other person, - Author: Diane Vaughan
Initiator quotes by Diane Vaughan
#5. The Kremlin said Yeltsin was committed to the deal, however. President Yeltsin states clearly and unequivocally that he is an initiator of the unification of the two fraternal states and their peoples, a consistent and firm supporter of it, ... It is a geopolitical necessity and an economic reality. - Author: Sergey Yastrzhembsky
Initiator quotes by Sergey Yastrzhembsky
#6. Boredom is useful to me when I notice it and think: Oh I'm bored; there must be something else I want to be doing ... boredom acts as an initiator of originality by pushing me into new activities or new thoughts. - Author: Hugh Prather
Initiator quotes by Hugh Prather
#7. All gods are one God, and all goddesses are one Goddess, and there is one Initiator. - Author: Dion Fortune
Initiator quotes by Dion Fortune
#8. Any supernatural results that arise from biblical practices come from God alone. If a mountain moves, God moved it. He simply invited us to join Him by allowing us to exhale a powerful breath of the Spirit. Having the faith to tell a mountain to move and asking God to move the mountain are not opposing concepts. Like many biblical practices, we don't replace one with the other. We seek to be led by the Holy Spirit and discern when to implement certain practices. God alone must be the one and only initiator in matters of faith. - Author: Beth Moore
Initiator quotes by Beth Moore
#9. Even if the creative brilliance sparks only once, it needs to be accelerated and developed so it has self-sustaining strategies to continue adding value to both the initiator and those it serves. - Author: Archibald Marwizi
Initiator quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#10. It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Initiator quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#11. An initiator leans on expanding creativity; a serendipitor desires to leave a legacy - Author: Glenn Llopis
Initiator quotes by Glenn Llopis
#12. [I]magine what would happen if, instead of centering our beliefs about heterosexual sex around the idea that the man "penetrates" the woman, we were to say that the woman's vagina "consumes" the man's penis. This would create a very different set of connotations, as the woman would become the active initiator and the man would be the passive and receptive party. One can easily see how this could lead to men and masculinity being seen as dependent on, and existing for the benefit of, femaleness and femininity. Similarly, if we thought about the feminine traits of being verbally effusive and emotive not as signs of insecurity or dependence, but as bold acts of self-expression, then the masculine ideal of the "strong and silent" type might suddenly seem timid and insecure by comparison. - Author: Julia Serano
Initiator quotes by Julia Serano
#13. The duty of the individual is to accept no rule, to be the initiator of his own acts, to be responsible. Only if he does so will the society live, and change, and adapt, and survive. We are not subjects of a State founded upon law, but members of a society formed upon revolution. Revolution is our obligation: our hope of evolution. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Initiator quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#14. God wants the church to become the initiator of the reformation and changes in the society - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Initiator quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#15. Don't initiate! Follow the initiator! Follow the follower. - Author: Viola Spolin
Initiator quotes by Viola Spolin
#16. The challenge with being an initiator of projects is that you are never, ever done. - Author: Seth Godin
Initiator quotes by Seth Godin
#17. Matthew Henry said, "When God intends great mercy for His people, He sets them apraying." Indeed, when God wants anything accomplished in His Kingdom, He moves men to pray. God is always the initiator. All effectual prayer was moving in the heart of God before ever it began to move in the heart of man. What Kepler said as he unlocked the secrets of the heavens, could well be said by the man who prays in the Spirit: "O God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee. - Author: Arthur Wallis
Initiator quotes by Arthur Wallis
#18. A real woman understands that man was created to be the initiator, and she operates on that premise. This is primarily a matter of attitude. I am convinced that the woman who understands and accepts with gladness the difference between masculine and feminine will be, without pretense or self-consciousness, womanly. - Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Initiator quotes by Elisabeth Elliot
#19. The connection economy rewards the leader, the initiator, and the rebel. - Author: Seth
Initiator quotes by Seth
#20. 'All the gods are one god and all the goddesses are one goddess, and there is one initiator.' The one initiator is one's own high self, with which the personality becomes more and more integrated as the path of spiritual evolution is followed. - Author: Doreen Valiente
Initiator quotes by Doreen Valiente
#21. The One Forbidden Thing. Remember Bluebeard, who says to his wife, "Don't open that closet"? And then one always disobeys. In the Old Testament story God points out the one forbidden thing. Now, God must have known very well that man was going to eat the forbidden fruit. But it was by doing that that man became the initiator of his own life. Life really began with that act of disobedience. - Author: Joseph Campbell
Initiator quotes by Joseph Campbell
#22. One has to be wounded in order to become a healer. This is the local image of a universal mythological motif, which is described in Eliade's book about the initiation of medicine men and shamans. Nobody becomes either one or the other without first having been wounded, either cut open by the initiator and having certain magical stones inserted into his body, or a spear thrown at his neck, or some such thing. Generally, the experiences are ecstatic – stars or ghost-like demons – hit them or cut them open, but always they have to be pierced or cut apart before they become healers, for that is how they acquire the capacity for healing others. - Author: Marie-Louise Von Franz
Initiator quotes by Marie-Louise Von Franz

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