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#1. I do want to direct a movie from horseback one day. - Author: Cary Fukunaga
Informer Movie quotes by Cary Fukunaga
#2. I'm a huge movie buff, so I'm a fan of a lot of actors and actresses. - Author: Jared Gilman
Informer Movie quotes by Jared Gilman
#3. Britney's a very beautiful human being. After I worked with her, I realized that there was a reason why she was the most popular pop artist over so many other pop artists at that time who were more talented, had better voices. And it was because of her heart, her soulShe had the most amazing energy and was always positive and a very discreet person. We were young, too, and got to make a movie about three friends on a road trip. It was so much fun! - Author: Zoe Saldana
Informer Movie quotes by Zoe Saldana
#4. I wanna do a movie! Anything that I connect with, really. I read scripts, I've taken some acting lessons, and I feel like that's definitely my next goal. - Author: Avril Lavigne
Informer Movie quotes by Avril Lavigne
#5. I want to act in a Tarantino movie and be a vixen in one of his films. Maybe I'll secretly drop an episode of 'Flesh and Bone' in his mailbox and see what he thinks. - Author: Sarah Hay
Informer Movie quotes by Sarah Hay
#6. For me, the reason to make the movie is that if people like the comic, then people would like the movie if it was well made. There are good movies for them, but very few. And I mean that in a true sense. If they love your story for freaking 30 years, then they can do a movie about it. - Author: Gilbert Hernandez
Informer Movie quotes by Gilbert Hernandez
#7. I was not a kid who watched every movie. I watched a very small number of movies over and over again. - Author: Colin Trevorrow
Informer Movie quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#8. The pageant movie I'm obsessed with is 'Miss Congeniality', hands down! I could quote everything from that movie. I love so many scenes, but I always find myself quoting the scene when Sandra Bullock goes, 'I really do just want world peace!' - Author: Olivia Culpo
Informer Movie quotes by Olivia Culpo
#9. I loved all the other movies, and I loved all the other movie stars, but I was very aware of the fact that I didn't look like Marilyn Monroe - although I still wanted to be Marilyn Monroe. Then Josephine Baker popped up, and she wasn't the maid - she was the star of the show. To me, it was mind-blowing. - Author: Cush Jumbo
Informer Movie quotes by Cush Jumbo
#10. Four months after we finished shooting, I'd been in New Orleans shooting another movie and my agent and I were having a bite to eat - actually in London - and he's sitting there and goes, 'Wow, I just can't believe how ripped you are.' - Author: Ryan Reynolds
Informer Movie quotes by Ryan Reynolds
#11. Rarely do I do film press because I'm so low on the food chain of the movie, and for me it's just this thing I did for four weeks before the next tour started. - Author: Henry Rollins
Informer Movie quotes by Henry Rollins
#12. I think girls who looked like me or were from the poorer area where I'm from in Australia, like you don't think "Oh, I'm going to be a movie star." You just didn't think that would happen to girls like me where I'm from. - Author: Rebel Wilson
Informer Movie quotes by Rebel Wilson
#13. Because audiences all over the world can see an independent film almost anywhere and anytime, these new distribution outlets have opened a door that is revolutionizing the movie-going experience. - Author: Gren Wells
Informer Movie quotes by Gren Wells
#14. Taking chances is my job; some will connect and some won't, and certain films find their audiences in different ways. I think 'Spotlight' probably is a better movie because of 'The Cobbler.' You learn with every movie you make: you learn from your mistakes, and you learn from your achievements, and I really do have that approach to filmmaking. - Author: Tom McCarthy
Informer Movie quotes by Tom McCarthy
#15. Kyle, every boy pays for kisses. Do you know what I am saying? If you've got a girl, and she kisses you, sooner or later you're paying for it. You've gotta take her out to lunch, take her to a movie, and then spend time listenin' to all her stupid problems. Look, look at Stan right there. [Kyle turns to see Stan, who's listening to Wendy over at the merry-go-round] Why he's gotta sit there and listen to her stupid motherfuckin' problems 'cause she kisses him. If you ask me, that's a lot more than the five dollars my company charges. - Author: Trey Parker
Informer Movie quotes by Trey Parker
#16. If I had known his favorite game was mental twister, I would have suggested a movie over game night. - Author: Alfa Holden
Informer Movie quotes by Alfa Holden
#17. For everything bad, there's a million really exciting things, whether it's someone puts out a really great book, there's a new movie, there's a new detective, the sky is unbelievably golden, or you have the best cup of coffee you ever had in your life. - Author: Patti Smith
Informer Movie quotes by Patti Smith
#18. For me, it's painful to make a movie. It's not my normal rhythm. - Author: Alexander Siddig
Informer Movie quotes by Alexander Siddig
#19. 'Hairspray' was a movie turned Broadway musical turned Hollywood remake, and that is the 'Lion King' circle of life as we know it in Times Square, the creative loop that swings for the stars and sometimes crashes into the upper deck. - Author: James Wolcott
Informer Movie quotes by James Wolcott
#20. Leadership is not for the faint of heart - Author: Bill Hybels
Informer Movie quotes by Bill Hybels
#21. Now people want what the movie was about, which is violent comedy. And that's really what The Aristocrats is based on - what will a family do out of desperation. - Author: Bob Saget
Informer Movie quotes by Bob Saget
#22. It's kind of true that they just start making the same movie over and over again. It's also true that the times dictate what kind of movies get made and what kind are not. So I'm always looking for something that's a little fresh and something that I haven't seen before. - Author: Thomas Jane
Informer Movie quotes by Thomas Jane
#23. Films, truths!

Question 1

How you get sad in movie?

Mainly the music makes you sad if something happens and there isn't music... there isn't and sadness.

Question 2

How do you get in best level scared?

- It's need silence... footsteps... silence... silence and then from nowhere something to came out.

Question 3

How do you make people to love the characters?

- People like all kinds of characters, but to love them they should hear not what they want but what they won't expect, a character based on their problems and experience... - Author: Deyth Banger
Informer Movie quotes by Deyth Banger
#24. There's such good people out there where there filmmaking world is alive. - Author: Josh Lucas
Informer Movie quotes by Josh Lucas
#25. Generally, I don't like to walk out of a movie. It's like a relationship - you want to see it to the end; otherwise, you won't know if you left early or not. - Author: David Duchovny
Informer Movie quotes by David Duchovny
#26. Some trials look as much like the trial of an ordinary criminal case as a Hitchcock film looks like a home movie. - Author: Stephen Gillers
Informer Movie quotes by Stephen Gillers
#27. You ever watch a football game and get totally into it? Why? It's not a real battle. It's just a game somebody made up. So how can you take it seriously? Or, you ever see a movie that made your heart about jump out of your chest? Or one that made you cry? Why? It wasn't real. You ever look at a photo of food that made your mouth water? Why? You can't eat the picture.
Same thing with water towers and God. I don't have to be a believer to be serious about my religion. - Author: Pete Hautman
Informer Movie quotes by Pete Hautman
#28. It's the same the world over. A Hollywood production comes to town, and the locals all turn movie crazy. - Author: Roger Ebert
Informer Movie quotes by Roger Ebert
#29. You know, it's not the people in Hollywood who go to see movies that will make a movie successful; it's the people all around the country; it's word-of-mouth. - Author: Pia Zadora
Informer Movie quotes by Pia Zadora
#30. I've just been thinking it would be a lot of fun to live in a defunct shopping mall!
Totally abandoned,
Yet still frozen in time,
Bright white lights shining,
Artificial turquoise fountains spewing out clear water,
Eerie eighties elevator music drifting by…
Dancing erratically, shouting to the top,
Because it's sad to see these places die.
They're a testament to the hubris of modern America, which is dying in and of itself.
Let's face it. We know we can't compete with
Online shopping
Made-in-China products

Those of us who spent our
High school
And college days
Being wage slaves to these dying malls,
We'll be old and nostalgic someday,
Telling our grandkids about these wonderful buildings!
They housed sets of trendy clothes
Which nobody was rich enough to afford
Or thin enough to fit in.
We'll tell them about the first time
We were almost trampled in a
Black Friday stampede.
The first time we saw a kid
Vomit in the ugly rainbow ball pit
At the children's play area,
Dumped by babysitters to grow up there,
Spending their childhood draped in neon.
The first time eating greasy pad-thai
And hamburgers
At the food court.
The first time falling in love
In the dark movie theatre
That charges too much for stale popcorn.
Holdi - Author: Rebecca McNutt
Informer Movie quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#31. The fact is some people really love my work, some people not so much, but at the end of the day, I don't want anybody coming out of the movie thinking about me. - Author: Joss Whedon
Informer Movie quotes by Joss Whedon
#32. I just think we live in a world where people are so excited about the hot new thing, but you can't necessarily tell a story in one movie. With this platform, we can really dive deep and go for it. - Author: Joseph McGinty Nichol
Informer Movie quotes by Joseph McGinty Nichol

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