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When you have done the spiritual growing up you realize that every human being is of equal importance, has work to do in this world, and has equal potential. We are in many varied stages of growth; this is true because we have free will. You have free will as to whether you will finish the mental and emotional growing up. Many choose not to. ~ Peace Pilgrim
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Peace Pilgrim
Development means a capacity for self-sustaining growth. It means that an economy must register advances which in turn will promote further progress. The loss of industry and skill in Africa was extremely small, if we measure it from the viewpoint of modern scientific achievements or even by the standards of England in the late eighteenth century. However, it must be borne in mind that to be held back at one stage means that it is impossible to go on to a further stage. When a person is forced to leave school after only two years of primary school education, it is no reflection on him that he is academically and intellectually less developed than someone who had the opportunity to be schooled right through to university level. What Africa experienced in the early centuries of trade was precisely a loss of development opportunity, and this is of greatest importance. Pg. 105 ~ Walter Rodney
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Walter Rodney
In my paintings, the question on whether figures are similar or not is not of any importance, the slightest change of figure or color can create a new painting and it doesn't really matter if a subject is revisited by an artist repeatedly. With enough time in between paintings, an artist can always bring to it something new. ~ Guity Novin
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Guity Novin
It seemed like today's culture placed the value of life below so many other things that have little importance in the long run. ~ Nancy Carabio Belanger
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Nancy Carabio Belanger
Those who have tried meekness know the importance of being important. ~ George Ade
Importance Of Consultation quotes by George Ade
Games bring another level out in you. There is no way you can train to the same intensity when you are playing a game. It is just impossible. Your head won't allow you to do it. Because the adrenalin of a game and the importance of it steps it up to another level. ~ Brian O'Driscoll
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Brian O'Driscoll
Our time on this earth is sacred, and we should celebrate every moment.
The importance of this has been completely forgotten: even religious holidays have been transformed into opportunities to go to the beach or the park or skiing. There are no more rituals. Ordinary actions can no longer be transformed into manifestations of the sacred. We cook and complain that it's a waste of time, when we should be pouring our love into making that food. We work and believe it's a divine curse, when we should be using our skills to bring pleasure and to spread the energy of the Mother. ~ Paulo Coelho
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Paulo Coelho
The author charted the importance of human examples on his spiritual journey, confessing that when harsh and domineering people based their bullying on Christ's authority, he rebelled. But when his wife represented the gracefulness of Christ's character, he was drawn back to know Christ more fully. ~ Don Wilton
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Don Wilton
Recent data and research supports the importance of natural climate variability and calls into question the conclusion that humans are the dominant cause of recent climate change. ~ Judith Curry
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Judith Curry
As a leader, you have to balance the dichotomy, to be resolute where it matters but never inflexible and uncompromising on matters of little importance to the overall good of the team and the strategic mission. ~ Jocko Willink
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Jocko Willink
...parents everywhere desire a better life for their children. It's a near constant: They understand the importance of education and crave it for their children, even as they are well aware of the sacrifice they will have to make. ~ John Wood
Importance Of Consultation quotes by John Wood
But they bear the burden of being unpopular as proof of their importance - and these eminences turn the suspicion that less elevated customers are careful to disguise as courtesy into naked contempt and disdain. All the people one doesn't need right now are - for the person who will need them in a year's time - no more than air which he breathes but doesn't need to see. ~ Joseph Roth
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Joseph Roth
Good to see a youngster who appreciates the importance of being......Well Armed. But...That's not how we play TAG......Where I come from.
~Train Heartnet ~ Kentaro Yabuki
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Kentaro Yabuki
If we were honest about it, our lives are all fiascoes. There really isn't anything of importance except maybe who gets handed your heart and what they do with it. And just so you don't spend a lot of time fretting over it, even that may be pretty meager." A few seconds passed. "We're just small, Judy. All of us, even though we do stuff every day of the week to distract ourselves from the fact, it's still true. We're just little and small and maybe if we have some backbone we do a few things worth doing and then we're gone. ~ Tom McNeal
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Tom McNeal
Final Fantasy VII awoke American gaming to the possibilities of narrative dynamism and the importance of relatively developed characters - no small inspiration to take from a series whose beautifully androgynous male characters often appear to be some kind of heterosexual stress test. ~ Tom Bissell
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Tom Bissell
Nor, in truth, is it of little importance to prevent the suspicion of any difference having arisen between us from being handed down in any way to our posterity; for it is worse than absurd that parties should be found disagreeing on the very principles, after we have been compelled to make our departure from the world. ~ John Calvin
Importance Of Consultation quotes by John Calvin
The student of biology is often struck with the feeling that historians, when dealing with the rise and fall of nations, do not generally view the phenomena from a sufficiently high biological standpoint. To me, at least, they seem to attach too much importance to individual rulers and soldiers, and to particular wars, policies, religions, and customs; while at the same time they make little attempt to extract the fundamental causes of national success or failure. ~ Ronald Ross
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Ronald Ross
It is only natural that for any statesman at the helm of any government the question of his country's security should be a concern of the utmost importance. ~ Eisaku Sato
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Eisaku Sato
Lin Yutang also believed that reading is an art. One chapter of the Importance of Living is devoted to "the Art of Reading." Lin writes that, "the man who has not the habit of reading is imprisoned in his immediate world, in respect to time and space. His life falls into a set routine; he is limited to contact and conversation with a few friends and acquaintances, and he sees only what happens in his immediate neighborhood. ~ Will Schwalbe
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Will Schwalbe
I never strike out at any life form. The only things I attack are icons of conspicuous consumption. People put objects in front of their life, in front of anything that has real importance. They make this 'thing' their God. ~ Wendy O. Williams
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Wendy O. Williams
Though no law was written, there was a crude rule of law, adherence to a covenant that transcended their selfish interests. It was biblical in its depth, and its importance grew with each step into wilderness. When the need arose, a man extended a helping hand to his friends, to his partners, to strangers. In so doing, each knew that his own survival might one day depend upon the reaching grasp of another. ~ Michael Punke
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Michael Punke
The research I have been doing - studying how foodstuffs yield energy in living cells - does not lead to the kind of knowledge that can be expected to give immediate practical benefits to mankind. If I have chosen this field of study, it was because I believed in its importance in spite of its theoretical character. ~ Hans Adolf Krebs
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Hans Adolf Krebs
When we accomplish a goal, it instantly loses some of its importance and we tend to lose interest. When we write down too many goals, there is plenty to keep our subconscious mind at work. ~ Mark Victor Hansen
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Mark Victor Hansen
Family-centered parents do not have the emotional freedom, the power, to raise their children with their ultimate welfare truly in mind. If they derive their own security from the family, their need to be popular with their children may override the importance of a long-term investment in their children's growth and development. Or they may be focused on the proper and correct behavior of the moment. Any behavior that they consider improper threatens their security. They become upset, guided by the emotions of the moment, spontaneously reacting to the immediate concern rather than the long-term growth and development of the child. They may yell or scream. They may overreact and punish out of bad temper. They tend to love their children conditionally, making them emotionally dependent or counterdependent and rebellious. ~ Stephen R. Covey
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Stephen R. Covey
The fate of the universe didn't rest in the hands of the giants. It could be found in the littlest things. Anything done well was a worthy accomplishment, whether it be unwrapping arcane secrets or sweeping halls, raising kingdoms from the ocean or washing dishes. All tasks, great or small, were of equal importance in the end. Without peasants, there could be no kings. Without soldiers, there was no army. ~ A. Lee Martinez
Importance Of Consultation quotes by A. Lee Martinez
In the Talmud (a record of discussions of Jewish law and ethics by ancient rabbis) it is said that charity is equal in importance to all the other commandments combined, and that Jews should give at least 10 percent of their income as tzedakah. ~ Peter Singer
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Peter Singer
I believe in one thing: the human spirit is immortal and indestructible. In the beyond there could be anything, it is of no importance whatsoever. What we call death is not death. It's a rebirth. A caterpillar becomes a cocoon. I think there is a life after death and it is that that is unnerving. It would be so much simpler to conceive of oneself as a telephone cord that is unplugged. Then you could live any way that you wanted. God would have no importance of any kind. ~ Andrei Tarkovsky
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
It is not as if our homeopathic brothers are asleep: far from it, they are awake - many of them at any rate - to the importance of the scientific study of disease. ~ William Osler
Importance Of Consultation quotes by William Osler
What you envision in your mind, how you see yourself, and how you envision the world around you is of great importance because those things become your focus. ~ Eric Thomas
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Eric Thomas
A recurrent theme in Kissinger's early writing is the historical ignorance of the typical American decision-maker. Lawyers, he remarked in 1968, are the "single most important group in Government, but they do have this drawback - a deficiency in history." For Kissinger, history was doubly important: as a source of illuminating analogies and as the defining factor in national self-understanding. Americans might doubt history's importance, but, as Kissinger wrote, "Europeans, living on a continent covered with ruins testifying to the fallibility of human foresight, feel in their bones that history is more complicated than systems analysis."
-Foreign Affairs, The Meaning of Kissinger: A Realist Reconsidered, By Niall Ferguson ~ Niall Ferguson
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Niall Ferguson
Wars have a way of overriding the days just before them. In the looking back, there is such noise and gravity. But we are conditioned to forget. So thet the war may have importance, yes, but stil ... isn't the hidden machinery easier to see in the days leading up to the event. There are arrangements, things to be expedited ... and often the edges are apt to lift, briefly, and we see things we were not meant to ... ~ Thomas Pynchon
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Thomas Pynchon
Who is he, the ill-disposed gentleman in pink?" inquire the Comte, when they were out of earshot.
"A creature of no importance," shrugged Philip.
"So I see. Yet he contrives to arouse your anger.?"
"Yes," admitted Philip. "I do not like the color of his coat. ~ Georgette Heyer
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Georgette Heyer
Of front-line importance among the most contagious and enduring traits of the leaders of nations and of all callings is that of spotless character. ~ John Mott
Importance Of Consultation quotes by John Mott
It is of no importance to know who I am since some day I shall no longer be" - that is what each of us should answer those who bother about our identity and desire at any price to coop us up in a category or a definition. ~ Emil M. Cioran
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Emil M. Cioran
We lived only to dance. What was the true characteristic of a queen, I wondered later on; and you could argue that forever. "What do we all have in common in this group?" I once asked a friend seriously, when it occurred to me how slender, how immaterial, how ephemeral the bond was that joined us; and he responded, "We all have lips." Perhaps that is what we all had in common: no one was allowed to be serious, except about the importance of music, the glory of faces seen in the crowd. We had our songs, we had our faces! We had our web belts and painter's jeans, our dyed tank tops and haircuts, the plaid shirts, bomber jackets, jungle fatigues, the all-important shoes. ~ Andrew Holleran
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Andrew Holleran
I had fallen in love with a young man ... , and we were planning to get married. And then he died of subacute bacterial endocarditis ... Two years later with the advent of penicillin, he would have been saved. It reinforced in my mind the importance of scientific discovery ... ~ Gertrude B. Elion
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Gertrude B. Elion
Algebra reverses the relative importance of the factors in ordinary language. It is essentially a written language, and it endeavors to exemplify in its written structures the patterns which it is its purpose to convey. The pattern of the marks on paper is a particular instance of the pattern to be conveyed to thought. The algebraic method is our best approach to the expression of necessity, by reason of its reduction of accident to the ghostlike character of the real variable. ~ Alfred North Whitehead
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
Nobody doubts the importance of conscious experience; why then should we doubt the significance of unconscious happenings? They also are part of our life, and sometimes more truly a part of it for weal or woe than any happenings of the day. ~ Carl Jung
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Carl Jung
Besides a fascinating story, the John/Joan/David Reimer case highlights several issues of prime importance about sex and gender that can be applied to questions surrounding sexual orientation. First, the body of evidence collected over several decades from adults who underwent unnecessary and wrong gender assignment and sex reassignment surgeries teaches us that trying to match gender to genitals should not be a standard. Gender and genitals do not necessarily align. Gender is an innate trait established within the fetal brain. Furthermore, the attempt to change what is natural and inborn in a person has devastating effects on lives. ~ Kathy Baldock
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Kathy Baldock
Nobody is a good judge in his own cause! ~ Therese Of Lisieux
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Therese Of Lisieux
Never neglect the little things. Never skimp on that extra effort, that additional few minutes, that soft word of praise or thanks, that delivery of the very best that you can do. It does not matter what others think, it is of prime importance, however, what you think about you. You can never do your best, which should always be your trademark, if you are cutting corners and shirking responsibilities. You are special. Act it. Never neglect the little things. ~ Og Mandino
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Og Mandino
There are problems to whose solution I would attach an infinitely greater importance than to those of mathematics, for example touching ethics, or our relation to God, or concerning our destiny and our future; but their solution lies wholly beyond us and completely outside the province of science. ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Carl Friedrich Gauss
Nobody questions the importance of knowing what happens outside, but such knowledge should be preceded by knowing what happens inside. Generally, benchmarking will not help resolve incorrectly formulated questions or questions that are misdirected. Externalism can harm human capital management as much as self-centeredness can. An appropriate balance between looking outside and knowing the inside seems to be the obvious solution to this crisis. ~ Jac Fitz-Enz
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Jac Fitz-Enz
How grateful am I personally that our Savior taught we should conclude our most urgent, deeply felt prayers, when we ask for that which is of utmost importance to us, with Thy will be done. ~ Richard G. Scott
Importance Of Consultation quotes by Richard G. Scott
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