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#1. ...a time when the plans and ideals that you've been dreaming of for years come up against reality. you graduate from college and have to find your way in the real world. you learn that there is no perfect job. there is no perfect relationship. - Author: Christine Hassler
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Christine Hassler
#2. In one's relationship with dogs and with a newsroom, a generous amount of praise and encouragement goes much better than criticism. - Author: Jill Abramson
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Jill Abramson
#3. I wanted to make a site where I wasn't mailing physical things to people, but I was still giving people things, and I would have this relationship with that person, and if that person was interested in the object, they would have to email me and I would send that object digitally to them. So, I wanted the relationship with that person, however brief, and I wanted to spread the digital record of the things I have. - Author: Mary Mattingly
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Mary Mattingly
#4. Blade Runner's just a noir at the end of the day. Rosemary's Baby is about the fear of having a child and how that gets in the way of a romantic relationship. Or whatever it is, and you add that extra element that blows your mind apart. - Author: James Ponsoldt
Imperfection Relationship quotes by James Ponsoldt
#5. So I devised a way for you to create anew, and Know, Who You Are in your experience. I did this by providing you with: 1. Relativity - a system wherein you could exist as a thing in relationship to something else. 2. Forgetfulness - a process by which you willingly submit to total amnesia, so that you can not know that relativity is merely a trick, and that you are All of It. 3. Consciousness - a state of Being in which you grow until you reach full awareness, then becoming a True and Living God, creating and experiencing your own reality, expanding and exploring that reality, changing and re-creating that reality as you stretch your consciousness to new limits - or shall we say, to no limit. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#6. In a strong relationship, you should love your companion more than you need them. - Author: Steve Maraboli
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Steve Maraboli
#7. If we are unhappy without a relationship, we'll probably be unhappy with one as well. A relationship doesn't begin our life; a relationship doesn't become our life. A relationship is a continuation of life. - Author: Melody Beattie
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Melody Beattie
#8. Soon it was time for us to leave; the clock had struck midnight, and we had miles to go before we slept. After throwing my bouquet and saying good-byes, Marlboro Man and I ran through the doors of the club and climbed into the back of a smoky black limousine--the vehicle that would take us to the big city miles away, where we'd stay before flying to Australia the next day. As we pulled away from the waving, birdseed-throwing crowd at the front door of the club, we immediately settled into each other's arms, melting into a puddle of white silk and black boots and sleepy, unbridled romance.
It was all so new. New dress…new love…a new country--Australia--that neither of us had ever seen. A new life together. A new life for me. New crystal, silver, china. A newly renovated, tiny cowboy house that would be our little house on the prairie when we returned from our honeymoon.
A new husband. My husband. I wanted to repeat it over and over again, wanted to shout it to the heavens. But I couldn't speak. I was busy. Passion had taken over--a beast had been unleashed. Sleep deprived and exhausted from the celebration of the previous week, once inside the sanctity of the limousine, we were utterly powerless to stop it…and we let it fly. It was this same passion that had gotten us through the early stages of our relationship, and, ultimately, through the choice to wave good-bye to any life I'd ever imagined for myself. To become a part of Marlboro Man's life instead. It was this - Author: Ree Drummond
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Ree Drummond
#9. Imperfection is in some sort essential to all that we know in life. - Author: John Ruskin
Imperfection Relationship quotes by John Ruskin
#10. Like most people who decide to get sober, I was brought to Alcoholics Anonymous. While AA certainly works for others, its core propositions felt irreconcilable with my own experiences. I couldn't, for example, rectify the assertion that "alcoholism is a disease" with the facts of my own life.
The idea that by simply attending an AA meeting, without any consultation, one is expected to take on a blanket diagnosis of "diseased addict" was to me, at best, patronizing. At worst, irresponsible. Irresponsible because it doesn't encourage people to turn toward and heal the actual underlying causes of their abuse of substances.
I drank for thirteen years for REALLY good reasons. Among them were unprocessed grief, parental abandonment, isolation, violent trauma, anxiety and panic, social oppression, a general lack of safety, deep existential discord, and a tremendous diet and lifestyle imbalance. None of which constitute a disease, and all of which manifest as profound internal, mental, emotional and physical discomfort, which I sought to escape by taking external substances.
It is only through one's own efforts to turn toward life on its own terms and to develop a wiser relationship to what's there through mindfulness and compassion that make freedom from addictive patterns possible. My sobriety has been sustained by facing life, processing grief, healing family relationships, accepting radically the fact of social oppression, working with my abandonment conditioning, - Author: Noah Levine
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Noah Levine
#11. No matter who you are, how much money you make, or what kind of clothes you are wearing, CrossFit will force you to come face-to-face with your imperfections - Author: Julie Foucher
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Julie Foucher
#12. When you are in relationship with people, in a thousand and one ways you are provoked, challenged, seduced. Again and again you come to know your pitfalls, your limitations, your anger, your lust, your possessiveness, your jealousy, your sadness, your happiness all moods come and go, you are constantly in a turmoil. But this is the only way to know who you are. - Author: Rajneesh
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Rajneesh
#13. My eyes lingered on her naked body for several minutes. Was our relationship what she wanted? Was it satisfying for her? Was it what she dreamed of when she started falling in love with me? Did reality ever fulfill our dreams? Or do dreams just continually set us up for failure and disappointment? - Author: T.B. Markinson
Imperfection Relationship quotes by T.B. Markinson
#14. Length of togetherness has no indelible tie to the strength of the relationship. - Author: Sarah Gerdes
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Sarah Gerdes
#15. To talk about a relationship trivializes something that's nobody's business. - Author: Jennifer Aniston
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#16. Rather than feeling vindicated, I felt guilty. It seemed cruel, and all my fault, somehow. My relationship with my mother had always brought into question any sense I had of myself as a good and decent person. [p. 128] - Author: Dani Shapiro
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Dani Shapiro
#17. My brother and I have too good a relationship to spoil it by working together. - Author: Trevor Phillips
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Trevor Phillips
#18. We all fantasize about a relationship we'd like to do over or something we'd like to change about our past. I think there are a lot more opportunities for second chances in our lives than we think. - Author: Jean Smart
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Jean Smart
#19. My own contentious relationship with gaming continued through high school and college: I still enjoyed playing games from time to time, but I always found myself pushed away by the sexism that permeated gaming culture. There were constant reminders that I didn't really belong. - Author: Anita Sarkeesian
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Anita Sarkeesian
#20. Because I had no awareness of who I was or what I needed, I found myself settling for a mediocre relationship rather than holding out for what was best. - Author: Debra Fileta
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Debra Fileta
#21. Heraclitus, Empedocles, and Parmenides all state or suggest that thinking the right kinds of thoughts positively transforms our relationship to our environment. If thoughts are the right kind, it is presumably because they build on the particular receptivity of human nature to true knowledge about the nature of things, knowledge that, in turn, brings the person into greater harmony with the world around him. Thought is thus a uniquely transformative encounter with reality. - Author: Brooke Holmes
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Brooke Holmes
#22. The biggest milestone in a relationship is when you can fart in front of each other freely and loudly. Without judgements - Author: Himmilicious
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Himmilicious
#23. She sighed. Loudly. "Physical appearance is not what is important."
Yeah right. Tell that to any girl who hasn't bothered to put on a presentable shirt or fix her hair because she's only running into the grocery store to get a quart of milk for her grandmother, and who does she see tending the 7-ITEMS-OR-LESS cash register but the guy of her dreams, except she can't even say hi - much less try to develop a meaningful relationship - since she looks like the poster child for the terminally geeky. - Author: Vivian Vande Velde
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Vivian Vande Velde
#24. Real man don't abuse women. Real man walks away when the women is ill-discipline and is not worth it. - Author: De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Imperfection Relationship quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#25. To ask for another relationship, or another job, is not particularly helpful if we're going to show up in the new situation exactly as we showed up in the last one. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Marianne Williamson
#26. Holmes," I said, reaching up to touch her hands, to fold them in mine.
"Do you forgive me?"
"You sound like you're making some kind of decision," I said, because she was scaring me a little.
"Do you?"
I paused, thinking. Not long ago, I'd wanted everything from her. For her to be my confidant, my general. My best and only friend. I wanted her to be the other half of me, like we together made a coin. She the king's head to my tails. I loved her like you would the person you'd always wanted to be, and in return I would have followed her anywhere, excused any action, fought to keep her hoisted high on her throne.
When that myth I'd made of her shattered, I didn't know what to do. This last year, any thought I had of her felt wrong. Skewed. How could I understand what had happened, when I had put up so many lenses between my experience of her and the girl herself?
Holmes wasn't a myth, or a king. She was a person. And to have a relationship with a person, you had to treat them like one.
"Can I forgive you a little now?" I asked. "And then a little more tomorrow, and the next day? If there is a next day?"
"Yes," she said, quickly, like it was more than she had asked for. Like I might take it back.
"Provided you don't blow anything up, of course."
"Or try to look in my ears again while I'm sleeping -"
"Yes," she said, laughing. That look on her face, always, like she was surprised to be laughing, like it was somethi - Author: Brittany Cavallaro
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#27. It was one of those nonsense things that people said, like "It's not you, it's me" and "You're too good for me." It meant, "I would like to very politely and very swiftly escape this relationship, like a Victorian gentleman in a rocket. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#28. As a young woman, I had been seeking experience, knowledge, truth, the stuff writers need in their work, but when the artist actually kicked in, I came to understand that in this romantic relationship I was not free to be myself, or to find myself, in order to begin the true work I needed to do. - Author: Taiye Selasi
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Taiye Selasi
#29. My relationship to the desecration of the earth was very theoretical and intellectual until I got sick. I could never watch anything about polar bears dying or the death of bees. There were certain things I knew I couldn't go near because they were too devastating. But I don't think until I got cancer did I get it in my body, what was happening to the earth. I finally went: "Oh! Earth! Organism!" - Author: Eve Ensler
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Eve Ensler
#30. Does your appearance accurately convey the message of who you are that you are trying to get across? When trying to make an excellent first impression in business but in doubt of what to wear, dress one level up from what is expected - if it's casual, dress in business casual, etc. - Author: Susan C. Young
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Susan C. Young
#31. The more you walk in relationship with the Lord, the more you learn to trust him. I'm learning not to focus so much on the issues I think are so big right now-our bus has broken down, or someone said something that frustrated me. I'm learning to slowly let things roll off my back, to say, 'Hey, God knew about this before it happened and He's got a way out or a plan better than mine.' I've learned to stop freaking out and just trust that God knows what he's doing. He's not going to leave me in a bad place because He never has before. - Author: Francesca Battistelli
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Francesca Battistelli
#32. Bargaining This stage is characterized by the non-BP making concessions in order to bring back the "normal" behavior of the person they love. The thinking goes, "If I do what this person wants, I will get what I need in this relationship." We all make compromises in relationships. But the sacrifices that people make to satisfy the borderlines they care about can be very costly. And the concessions may never be enough. Before long, more proof of love is needed and another bargain must be struck. depression Depression sets in when non-BPs realize the true cost of the bargains they've made: loss of friends, family, self-respect, and hobbies. The person with BPD hasn't changed. But the non-BP has. - Author: Paul Mason
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Paul Mason
#33. You can ache for where you come from, and it's homesickness. A relationship, and it's heartbreak. But is there a word for missing your friends like that? - Author: Emery Lord
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Emery Lord
#34. There is that awful moment when you realize that you're falling in love. That should be the most joyful moment, and actually it's not. It's always a moment that's full of fear because you know, as night follows day, the joy is going to rapidly be followed by some pain or other. All the angst of a relationship. - Author: Helen Mirren
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Helen Mirren
#35. My mom once told me that a good relationship isn't where the other person makes you feel better, but where they make *you* better. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Brian K. Vaughan
#36. People are fans of Dunkin' Donuts. They have a relationship with the company, they go there every day. Dunkin' Donuts is using Twitter to communicate with those people. There are people who are finding value in that. There's thousands of people, I don't know how many thousands now, following Dunkin' Donuts. - Author: Evan Williams
Imperfection Relationship quotes by Evan Williams

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