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#1. Because I'm in love with you. Because I love my life with you in it. Because a world where someone as special as you lives, can't be the horrible place I once thought it was. - Author: Kirsty Moseley
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Kirsty Moseley
#2. I like you because you are Kaitlyn - genuine, beautiful, brilliant, amazing Kaitlyn - not because you're Kaitlyn Parker. And I'm in love with you because I can't help myself. - Author: Penny Reid
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Penny Reid
#3. And I'm not ready to tell you I'm in love with you, because I'm not. Not yet. But whatever this I'm feeling - it's so much more than like ... And for the past few weeks I've been trying to figure it out. I've been trying to figure out why there isn't some word to describe it. I want to tell you exactly how I feel but there isn't a single goddamned word in the entire dictionary that can describe this point between liking you and loving you, but I need that word ... "
"Living,"she finally whispers.
"I live you, Sky ... I live you so much. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Colleen Hoover
#4. It's killing me, baby," he says, his voice much more calm and quiet. "It's killing me because I don't want you to go another day without knowing how I feel about you. And I'm not ready to tell you I'm in love with you, because I'm not. Not yet. But whatever this is I'm feeling - it's so much more than just like. It's so much more. And for the past few weeks I've been trying to figure it out. I've been trying to figure out why there isn't some other word to describe it. I want to tell you exactly how I feel but there isn't a single goddamned word in the entire dictionary that can describe this point between liking you and loving you, but I need that word. I need it because I need you to hear me say it. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Colleen Hoover
#5. Writing is not always a priority. . . .I only write those things that are necessary for me to write. I love to write, and when I'm not writing, I often feel as if I'm betraying my art, my gift, my calling, but that sensation is probably hubris or neurosis as much as anything else. The problem, and one of the joys of writing poetry, is that none of us can really count on entering the canon. The chances are that none of our work will survive long after we're gone. That's just the way it is. To feel otherwise is foolish. we write in competition with the dead for the attention of the unborn. We are writing poems that are trying to take the attention of people away from Sappho, Shakespeare, Whitman, and Baudelaire. Good luck to you! There's a built-in failure to writing poetry that I find comforting.
If you know you're doomed to failure, then you can work freely. People who think their work is going to last, or that it matters, well . . . I always try to disabuse my students of their desire to write for fame. I ask them, "Who here has read Shakespeare?" Everyone raises his or her hand. We agree that his work is immortal, then I remind them: "he's still dead. He's as dead as he'd have been if you hadn't read him; and you'll be dead too someday, no matter how well you write." To sacrifice your life for your art is an appalling notion. On the other hand, I have been called to be a poet, ad it's an unimaginably rich gift. Like every artist, I know that in order to be a moral, eff - Author: Tony Leuzzi
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Tony Leuzzi
#6. ―The thing about memory is that you can feel it eroding slowly, being stolen away from you by time. It starts with the way you stop hearing his voice in your head. Then it's the color of the shirt he wore last Christmas. Before you know it, your memories have become fragmented, as if the small details were grains of sand blown away by the wind. I should be grateful that I'm starting to remember you less. Instead, I felt lonely. Pieces of you that I once held dear are being ripped apart into tiny shreds of information my brain thinks I can afford to forget. I can feel my heart fighting. It loves the feel of you though for the most part, you hurt. I looked for you in places where I knew I would never find you, in faces I knew I would never recognize. I looked for you hoping that through the sheer force of my will I would find your eyes staring back. But that's the thing about memory - you can feel it eroding slowly, being stolen away from you by time. I want to remember you. But I'm no longer entirely sure I really remember you. It kills me. Have you started remembering me less too? - Author: Nessie Q.
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Nessie Q.
#7. < Dear Luke,
I'm sorry for coming by unannounced. You haven't been returning my texts, and a stronger man would have gotten the hint - >
Movement caught my eye. I looked at him. He was signing. Slowly. Imperfectly. Little inflections were wrong, and he got some of the ideas out of order, but he was, as best he could, reciting the letter to me.
- gotten the hint, but I'm not strong. I'm not proud. I'm in love with you, and I'm sorry for hurting you. Please let me say my piece, and then I'll leave if you want. But I'd never be able to look in a mirror if the last time we spoke was that night on the phone.
You are nothing but love and warmth and strength, and the world was a better place when you were a nurse in it. I don't know how serious things are, but if you can get back into nursing, that's what I want for you. If there's a way I can help - any way at all, big or small - please tell me. You deserve your dreams, and I was a complete ass for the things I said during our fight.
I'll never do that again. Never. If you let me in your life, I promise to listen. To always listen. To listen carefully and compassionately. I'll give you advice when you want it or help if you need it, but I will always listen.
And if you want me, a reclaimed ass who promises to do better, in your life, it would make me happy. I don't know what we'd look like in the real world, but I can't think of another person I'd rather figure things out with.
We've - Author: Peter Styles
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Peter Styles
#8. And by the way, I'm completely head-over-heels, please-don't-wake-me-from-this-motherfucking-dream in love with someone else. She's everything you're not and then some. So I guess I owe you thanks. - Author: Gail McHugh
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Gail McHugh
#9. America was sleeping when I crept into the hospital wing that night. She was cleaner, but her face still seemed worried, even at rest.
"Hey, Mer," I whispered, rounding her bed. She didn't stir. I didn't dare sit, not even with the excuse of checking on the girl I rescued. I stood in the freshly pressed uniform I would only wear for the few minutes it took to deliver this message.
I reached out to touch her, but then pulled back. I looked into her sleeping face and spoke.
"I - I came to tell you I'm sorry. About today, I mean," I sucked in a deep breath. "I should have run for you. I should have protected you. I didn't, and you could have died."
Her lips pursed and unpursed as she dreamed.
"Honestly, I'm sorry for a lot more than that," I admitted. "I'm sorry I got mad in the tree house. I'm sorry I ever said to send in that stupid form. It's just that I have this idea..." I swallowed. " I have this idea that maybe you were the only one I could made everything right for.
" I couldn't save my dad. I couldn't protect Jemmy. I can barely keep my family afloat, and I just thought that maybe I could give you a shot at a life that would be better than the one that I would have been able to give you. And I convinced myself that was the right way to love you."
I watched her, wishing I had the nerve to confess this while she could argue back with me and tell me how wrong I'd been.
" I don't know if I can undo it, Mer. I don't know if we'll ever - Author: Kiera Cass
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Kiera Cass
#10. For people who love Tribe, I'm the defector. They say, 'You should get back with Ali to do the beats.' But a lot of people don't realize I did all the music in Tribe. In the first three albums, I did all the beats! - Author: Q-Tip
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Q-Tip
#11. What are you saying?"
"I want to try."
He wanted clarification on that. "You want to try what?"
There it was, that deep flush. "You know."
Yes, he knew, but he wasn't going to let her off the hook so easily. She was going to be his. For a brief time, she would belong to him and he would have everything he wanted, and he wanted her to start talking dirty. Yes. He wanted to teach her, to train her to accept pleasure so she would expect it. "No, I don't know. You'll have to be plain."
Avery blushed a little. "I want to be intimate with you."
So sweet. So polite. So not happening. "That sounds like you want me to get into my pajamas and exchange secrets with you. I'm not your girlfriend, Avery. Tell me what you want. That's lesson number one. Communication and honesty are the keys to the relationship I want. I need to hear you say plainly what you want."
She hesitated, but only for a moment. He wasn't surprised. Deep in her heart, she was a brave girl. She'd faced so much and still was open with her heart. Damn, but he didn't understand that. "I would like for us to sleep together."
"I'm not very sleepy." He wasn't going to let her get away with anything.
She groaned a little in obvious frustration. "You know that's not what I'm talking about."
"Yes. I do. So say what you want."
"I want to have sex."
"So clinical. I'll have to think about that."
"I want to make love."
"Sweet, but not what I'm looking for."
Author: Lexi Blake
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Lexi Blake
#12. I made up my mind I was going to find someone who would love me unconditionally three hundred and sixty five days a year, I was still in elementary school at the time - fifth or sixth grade - but I made up my mind once and for all."

"Wow," I said. "Did the search pay off?"

"That's the hard part," said Midori. She watched the rising smoke for a while, thinking. "I guess I've been waiting so long I'm looking for perfection. That makes it tough."

"Waiting for the perfect love?"

"No, even I know better than that. I'm looking for selfishness. Perfect selfishness. Like, say I tell you I want to eat strawberry shortcake. And you stop everything you're doing and run out and buy it for me. And you come back out of breath and get down on your knees and hold this strawberry shortcake out to me. And I say I don't want it anymore and throw it out the window. That's what I'm looking for."

"I'm not sure that has anything to do with love," I said with some amazement.

"It does," she said. "You just don't know it. There are time in a girl's life when things like that are incredibly important."

"Things like throwing strawberry shortcake out the window?"

"Exactly. And when I do it, I want the man to apologize to me. "Now I see, Midori. What a fool I have been! I should have known that you would lose your desire for strawberry shortcake. I have all the intelligence and sensitivity of a piece of donkey shit. To - Author: Haruki Murakami
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Haruki Murakami
#13. By connecting with one's Divine Self, Carol Whitaker has captured the essence of transformation from within. Like a diet for the mind, Ridiculously Happy! guides you on a spiritual journey allowing you to harness the power of the mind, body and spirit to achieve a level of mental and physical wellness one may not have thought possible. I'm a big fan of energy therapy and love that Carol shares the EFT tapping technique which anyone can quickly and easily use to find peace and healing in their lives. This book is a must have! - Author: Laura M. Brotherson
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Laura M. Brotherson
#14. Come here." Without regard for modesty, she pulled off her T-shirt and wadded it up to stanch his wounds. He splayed his fingers on her bare stomach and grinned. "Honey, I'm afraid I can't help you with that right now. Maybe later?" How could he joke and flirt when she was so afraid? "Max. You're bleeding. Maybe dying. I don't want to lose you."
"Come. Here." He grabbed her and pulled her down into the grass beside him. He pressed a kiss to her temple and rubbed his grizzled cheek against hers. The sirens were getting closer. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"
"I'm fine. You're the one who got shot. Twice."
"I'm gonna live through both. I'm a tough guy, remember?"
"Damn it, Max - "
"Rosemary March. Did you just swear? You know I don't like hearing that from you," he teased. He pulled her in for a kiss that lasted until a groan of pain forced him to come up for air. "You get under my skin, Rosie."
"Like an itchy rash?" she teased.
"Like an alarm clock finally waking me up to the life I'm supposed to have. With you."
So when did the tough guy learn to speak such beautiful things? Tears stung her eyes again as she found a spot where she could hug him without causing any pain.
"I know I'm not the guy you expected to want you like this, and I know you weren't the woman I was looking for. Hell, I wasn't even looking."
"Neither was I."
"But we found each other."
"We're good for each other."
"I'm not an easy man - Author: Julie Miller
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Julie         Miller
#15. I don't care if Todd Rand is as kind as Jesus himself, my place was with you and I will never regret that. You and Damien and Spencer gave Dominique and me an amazing life that I love more than I can ever tell you. Things worked out the way they were supposed to. This family was always the best option for me, Dante, the only option I'd ever have chosen if I'd been given the choice. This changes nothing in my heart. We were all meant to be together, meant to make up a family that defied the odds. I hope that Todd and Flynn are wonderful and that I can have relationships with both, but if they don't want to know me, I'm not going to be upset. I already have the perfect family for me, and since you're the head of this family, that's on you. - Author: Ella Fox
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Ella Fox
#16. Don't remind me of that," Blackwood snapped. "I'm not in love with her, but I can see her value."
"Always about value with you, isn't it? Why don't you grow a personality? You're like a shambling ghost, curdling everyone's blood whenever you walk into a room."
"At least I don't spend my time seducing innocent young women."
"Someone's been reading novels again. What's the title of this one? The Poxy Lordling and the Aggressive Milkmaid?" Magnus sighed. "I tried to leave her alone, but I can't help myself. She teases me in just the right way - "
Blackwood made a disgusted noise. "I don't care. Unless you want an enemy, Magnus, leave her alone. - Author: Jessica Cluess
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Jessica Cluess
#17. His mouth comes down on mine, harder now, more demanding, a raw, hungry need in him rising to the surface. "You belong to me," he growls. "Say it."
"Yes. Yes, I belong to you." His mouth finds mine again, demanding, taking, drawing me under his spell.
"Say it again," he demands, nipping my lip, squeezing my breast and nipple, and sending a ripple of pleasure straight to my sex.
"I belong to you," I pant.
He lifts me off the ground with the possessive curve of his hand around my backside, angling my hips to thrust harder, deeper. "Again," he orders, driving into me, his cock hitting the farthest point of me and blasting against sensitive nerve endings.
"Oh … ah … I … I belong to you."
His mouth dips low, his hair tickling my neck, his teeth scraping my shoulders at the same moment he pounds into me and the world spins around me, leaving nothing but pleasure and need and more need.
I am suddenly hot only where he touches, and freezing where I yearn to be touched. Lifting my leg, I shackle his hip, ravenous beyond measure, climbing to the edge of bliss, reaching for it at the same time I'm trying desperately to hold back. Chris is merciless, wickedly wild, grinding and rocking, pumping.
"I love you, Sara," he confesses hoarsely, taking my mouth, swallowing the shallow, hot breath I release, and punishing me with a hard thrust that snaps the last of the lightly held control I possess. Possessing me. A fire explodes low in my belly and spira - Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Lisa Renee Jones
#18. You mean you really want to marry me?" she asked with the air of one getting a thing perfectly clear.
"More than anything in the world," I said - and I meant it.
"You mean, you're in love with me?"
"I'm in love with you."
Her eyes were steady and grave. She said:
"I think you're the nicest person in the world - but I'm not in love with you." "I'll make you love me."
"That wouldn't do. I don't want to be made. - Author: Agatha Christie
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Agatha Christie
#19. I'm euphoric with dopamine when I think of you. My infatuation with the memory of your face has flooded my neurons with Serotonin. My restless need to be with you has thrown in some norepinephrine. I'm a chemical basket case. But since I refuse to blame you, I've decided to blame my brain. Maybe if I believe I've reversed cause and effect I'll get better. - Author: E. L. Neve
Im In Love With You Because quotes by E. L. Neve
#20. This needs fixing, and I am the one who is going to fix it. I'm okay with that."
Arianna nodded. "But how? What are you going to do?"
"I have some ideas. But first I need something in my stomach before I fall over. So let's go eat and plot and then save the world."
David sighed, looking thoughtful.
"What's up, Dad?" Lend asked.
"I'm trying to figure out if there's any way I can lock you two in your rooms. I don't think a simple grounding will do it."
Raquel laughed. "Good luck trying to force Evie to do anything else once she has made up her mind. She is the definition of a stubborn, headstrong teenager."
"And you love me for it."
"I do." She hugged me, the spontaneity of the gesture surprising me. Even Lend's expression softened slightly toward her. - Author: Kiersten White
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Kiersten White
#21. A moth goes into a podiatrist's office, and the podiatrist's office says, "What seems to be the problem, moth?"

The moth says "What's the problem? Where do I begin, man? I go to work for Gregory Illinivich, and all day long I work. Honestly doc, I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I don't even know if Gregory Illinivich knows. He only knows that he has power over me, and that seems to bring him happiness. But I don't know, I wake up in a malaise, and I walk here and there… at night I…I sometimes wake up and I turn to some old lady in my bed that's on my arm. A lady that I once loved, doc. I don't know where to turn to. My youngest, Alexendria, she fell in the…in the cold of last year. The cold took her down, as it did many of us. And my other boy, and this is the hardest pill to swallow, doc. My other boy, Gregarro Ivinalititavitch… I no longer love him. As much as it pains me to say, when I look in his eyes, all I see is the same cowardice that I… that I catch when I take a glimpse of my own face in the mirror. If only I wasn't such a coward, then perhaps…perhaps I could bring myself to reach over to that cocked and loaded gun that lays on the bedside behind me and end this hellish facade once and for all…Doc, sometimes I feel like a spider, even though I'm a moth, just barely hanging on to my web with an everlasting fire underneath me. I'm not feeling good. And so the doctor says, "Moth, man, you're troubled. But you should be seeing a psychiatrist. Why on - Author: Norm Macdonald
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Norm Macdonald
#22. If you can see a thing whole," he said, "it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives. . . . But close up, a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you loose the pattern. You need distance, interval. The way to see how beautiful earth is, is to see it from the moon. The way to see how beautiful life is, is from the vantage point of death."
"That's all right for Urras. Let it stay off there and be the moon-I don't want it! But I am not going to stand up on a gravestone and look down on life and say, 'O lovely!' I want to see it whole right in the middle of it, here, now. I don't give a hoot for eternity."
"It's nothing to do with eternity," said Shevek, grinning, a thin shaggy man of silver and shadow. "All you have to do to see life as a whole is to see it as mortal. I'll die, you'll die; how could we love each other otherwise? The sun's going to burn out, what else keeps it shining?"
"Ah! your talk, your damned philosophy!"
"Talk? It's not talk. It's not reason. It's hand's touch. I touch the wholeness, I hold it. Which is moonlight, which is Takver? How shall I fear death? When I hold it, when I hold in my hands the light-"
"Don't be propertarian," Takver muttered.
"Dear heart, don't cry."
"I'm not crying. You are. Those are your tears."
"I'm cold. The moonlight's cold."
"Lie down."
A great shiver went through his body as she took him in her arms.
"I'm afraid, Tak - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#23. I look down at myself, but I don't need to. I can feel it. My hot blood is pounding through my body, flooding capillaries and lighting up cells like Fourth of July fireworks. I can feel the elation of every atom in my flesh, brimming with gratitude for the second chance they never expected to get. The chance to start over, to live right, to love right, to burn up in a fiery cloud and never again be buried in the mud. I kiss Julie to hide the fact that I'm blushing. My face is bright red and hot enough to melt steel.

Okay, corpse, a voice in my head says, and I feel a twitch in my belly, more like a gentle nudge than a kick. I'm going now. I'm sorry I couldn't be here for your battle; I was fighting my own. But we won, right? I can feel it. There's a shiver in our legs, a tremor like the Earth speeding up, spinning off into uncharted orbits. Scary, isn't it? But what wonderful thing didn't start out scary? I don't know what the next page is for you, but whatever it is for me I swear I'm not going to fuck it up. I'm not going to yawn off in the middle of a sentence and hide it in a drawer. Not this time. Peel off these dusty wool blankets of apathy and antipathy and cynical desiccation. I want life in all its stupid sticky rawness.


Okay, R.

Here it comes. - Author: Isaac Marion
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Isaac Marion
#24. I don't think you even know who you are anymore." I'm crying again, and I hate it, but I'm fighting for the love of my life, and he's lost in some oblivion I have no map for. He's the only one with the clues. "I miss you so much. - Author: Kate Stewart
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Kate  Stewart
#25. Some lines you just don't cross. Not in my business."
"Your business?" Georgia rolled her eyes. "You mean the private detective business? I wasn't aware you guys had such ironclad rules about making out with clients." She ignored the choking sound he made. "Seriously, have you even seen The Maltese Falcon?"
Darius' face heated. "This isn't some movie, Ms. Clare. You're not Mary Astor, and I'm sure as hell no Humphrey Bogart. Here in the real world, there are rules. - Author: Laura Oliva
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Laura Oliva
#26. This is how it should have been that first night down on the sand," he whispered. "This is our beginning Ivy. I want to make it official. I want there to be no doubt, 'cause I'm gonna do stupid shit all the time." I giggled, and his white teeth flashed. "I'm gonna leave the toilet seat up. I'm gonna be overprotective, probably bossy, and my temper is always gonna run hot." "I don't care," I told him, sliding my hands up to rest on his chest. "Tell me you'll be my girl, and I swear I'll love you with everything I got." "I'm always gonna be stubborn. I'm not gonna take your shit. My makeup will be all over the bathroom, and I still don't have a major. Oh, and I want to keep Prada. You have to like her, too." "I already told Rim to get your adoption paperwork ready for that rat." Then in lower tones, he said, "She's grown on me." I smiled. He totally loved Prada. "So what's my answer?" He tightened his arms around my waist. I pretended to think it over. A girl should never sound too eager-even if she was practically peeing herself with glee. "Blondie," Braeden growled. "I'm already yours, B. I have been for a long time. - Author: Cambria Hebert
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Cambria Hebert
#27. I'm in love with you, you stupid arse, and I'm not losing you. Got it?" she whispered against his lips before kissing him again. Her confession had stolen his breath, so all he could do was nod. "Now, once again, how do we fix you?" she asked, when they finally parted. To - Author: Morgan Rhodes
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#28. It means I'm in love with you, Luce," she said, shocking the shit out of me enough to completely shut up my swirling thoughts. "So of course I accept you. Sad, dark and twisted," she went on, shrugging. "Scars and all. I love it all, Luce. - Author: Jessica Gadziala
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Jessica Gadziala
#29. I don't know what's happening to me," she says, blinking through a veil of tears as she looks everywhere but at me. "I don't think I can do this anymore."
My heart plummets inside my chest, my lips still hovering over hers, my hands on her waist "do what anymore?" I don't want the answer, don't want to hear what follows my question, don't want to lose her.
"Fight it." Tears are still flowing from her eyes, but I think she stop crying. She sucks and several breaths when she looks at me, her eyes are clear that I anticipated. She's scared shitless - that's clear - but it's like she stop fighting the fear, giving into it instead.
Her lips apart and I'm a stop whatever she's about to say, silence her with my lips, but I don't, forcing myself to hear, needing to know what's got all worked up.
"I think I'm in love with you," she says, her chest heaving with every ravenous breath she takes, yet her voice is astonishingly even and she manages to maintain my gaze.
My voice however is the exact opposite of even, coming out all high-pitched like I'm a thirteen year old and going through puberty all over again. "What?"
She sucks and a breath, then releases is slowly, the fear in her eyes subsiding, as if she just won it. "I think I'm in love with you..." She bites on your lips and shakes her head. "No...I don't think. I know."
I gradually process her words and the full extent of what she's saying. I think I'd honestly believed that she might never say t - Author: Jessica Sorensen
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#30. Ask me to give up a limb and I swear, I'll find a way to do it. But don't ask me to live without you anymore. I can't. I'm so goddamn in love with you, it hurts. - Author: Leisa Rayven
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Leisa Rayven
#31. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you. You deserved a chance to live a full life. You were on your way, Joy. And I was rooting for you. I know that Lovey's love wasn't enough to make up for what you carried in your heart. That somebody didn't love you enough to keep you. Or care for you. I can't imagine what you do with that kind of pain. But we tried to show you we cared; even when we were mad, that was the reason. You are the only sister I've had and I just wish we could've gotten closer sooner. I wish I had been more comforting to you. - Author: Terry McMillan
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Terry McMillan
#32. You were going to take me bikini shopping?" "Not me, dear. Patsy. I'm not interested in looking at curvy young women in bikinis. I'm deeply in love with my wife and I'm only interested in money. - Author: Nick Hornby
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Nick Hornby
#33. I love you.'
'I'm a little stuck for words here,' she said. 'I'm just trying to get my head around it, trying to find the right way for ... Okay, yeah, I have it now. Caelan, cop on to yourself.'
'But I love you.'
'Here we go.'
'When will you admit that you are in love with me too?'
'I swear, talking to you is like talking to a really good looking and mildly stupid brick wall. Look, I like you okay? I think you're cute. You could probably ease up on the brooding self-loathing, though. That stopped being attractive a while ago. But, I mean, on the whole, I like you, and you like me-'
'I love you.'
'Yeah, well ... - Author: Derek Landy
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Derek Landy
#34. I don't want you going there without me, ever…do you understand what I am saying?" he asks me, searching my face, probably looking for any sign of dissention.
"Let me get this straight, what if I got a craving for…I don't know…Twinkies in the wee hours of the morning and all that was open was the Seven-Eleven. You're saying I should wake you up, even if you're crashed out, just so that you can go with me on a treat run?" I ask skeptically, trying to gauge his level of commitment to this course of action.
"Genevieve, Twinkies are really bad for you, but if you had to have one, then yes, that's what I'm saying," he smiles at my scenario. "Do you really like those things?"
"I'm not going to tell you if you're going to tease me, but I will say that it's suspiciously inhuman not to enjoy a Hostess snack from time to time," I reply coyly. "I'll buy you one. You'll love it, I promise."
And I'll be doing the world a favor at the same time, I think, remembering him without his shirt on. - Author: Amy A. Bartol
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#35. This thing about you that you think is your flaw - it's the reason I'm falling in love with you. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Colleen Hoover
#36. Believe me, I wanted to say. I've tried. Oh, and also, I'm wretchedly in love with you. Keep it light. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#37. I can't impose on my friends for too long. I'm not sure what to do." He tipped her face up and brushed a kiss across her lips. "You'll marry me, of course. As soon as it can be arranged." Her pulse skipped, and she pulled back. "Right away?" His eyes were smiling and full of love. "I'd marry you tomorrow if we could arrange it that quickly." The thought of being a family with him and Edward brought heat rushing to her cheeks. "I'd like that more than anything in the world," she said. "Tell me what to do and I'll arrange it." "There are so many things to do, I don't know where to start," she said, laughing. The smile left his face. "When, my love?" The possessiveness in his voice heated her cheeks even more. "I need at least two weeks. I have to make a dress." "I'll buy you one." "I want to make it. I'll only have one wedding day. - Author: Colleen Coble
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Colleen Coble
#38. Do you have any idea how maddening it's been envisioning you in the lingerie that matches those shoes?"...
"Corbin, I'm serious."
"I'm sure you are but that is my final offer. Take it or leave it and if you chose the latter, I will let this home sit empty and fall into disrepair until you finally come around."
I closed my eyes and sighed, "That's really not fair."
"Anything is fair when I'm trying my level best to get you to fall in love with me...."
I kissed him gently on the lips and walked away from him but just as I reached the hall, I turned back to see him watching me. "Oh, and if we're NOT playing fair, then maybe you should know I'm not wearing any underwear. - Author: Brynn Myers
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Brynn Myers
#39. He called her on the road
From a lonely cold hotel room
Just to hear her say I love you one more time
But when he heard the sound
Of the kids laughing in the background
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye
A little voice came on the phone
Said "Daddy when you coming home"
He said the first thing that came to his mind

I'm already there
Take a look around
I'm the sunshine in your hair
I'm the shadow on the ground
I'm the whisper in the wind
I'm your imaginary friend
And I know I'm in your prayers
Oh I'm already there

She got back on the phone
Said I really miss you darling
Don't worry about the kids they'll be alright
Wish I was in your arms
Lying right there beside you
But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight
And I'll gently kiss your lips
Touch you with my fingertips
So turn out the light and close your eyes

I'm already there
Don't make a sound
I'm the beat in your heart
I'm the moonlight shining down
I'm the whisper in the wind
And I'll be there until the end
Can you feel the love that we share
Oh I'm already there

We may be a thousand miles apart
But I'll be with you wherever you are

I'm already there
Take a look around
I'm the sunshine in your hair
I'm the shadow on the ground
I'm the whisper in the wind
And I'll be there until the - Author: Lonestar
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Lonestar
#40. I don't want to lose you. I'm in love with you Blaire. I've never wanted anything or anyone the way I want you. I can't imagine my world now without you in it. - Author: Abbi Glines
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Abbi Glines
#41. It wouldn't matter," he says. "If we were in the same world, the one where Kincaid was in love with you, I'd still be here. If you wanted me, I'd be here."

"Why?" I ask.

He hides a grin and runs his thumb over my lips. "I'm not sure the world and me are as complicated as you think, Natalie. I didn't mean to choose you or anything. I just know if I only get to build one porch in my life, I'd like it to be yours, and if there's one person I never have to hurt or disappoint, I'd want that to be you too. - Author: Emily Henry
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Emily Henry
#42. All I'm asking for is for us to spend the next few weeks figuring it out. If you fall in love with me, that's on you. The possibility is real." He grins. "My money says you'll want to keep me. - Author: Corinne Michaels
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Corinne Michaels
#43. One evening, we were sitting in his apartment, and he says, 'Little friend, by now you know what I'm like. I am basically not a very convenient person.' And then he went on to describe himself: not a talker, can be pretty harsh, can hurt your feelings, and so on. Not a good person to spend your life with. And he goes on. 'Over the course of three and a half years you've probably made up your mind.' I realized we were probably breaking up. So I said, 'Well, yes, I've made up my mind.' And he said, with doubt in his voice, 'Really?' That's when I knew we were definitely breaking up. 'In that case,' he said, "I love you and I propose we get married on such and such a day.' And that was completely unexpected. - Author: Masha Gessen
Im In Love With You Because quotes by Masha Gessen

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