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A compassionate soul is inner beauty, ~ Keiko Fukuda
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Keiko Fukuda
I remember the Hunt from ten years ago. How for months afterward I didn't dare fall asleep because of the nightmares that would invade my mind: hideous images of an imagines Hunt, wet and violent and full of blood. Horrific cries of fear and panic, the sound of flesh ripped and bones crushed puncturing the night stillness. ~ Andrew Fukuda
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Andrew Fukuda
He was a polite, thoughtful boy, who could spend hours in one spot, staring at the purple mountains against the clear blue sky, lost in his own thoughts and emotions. It was said of him that he had a monk's vocation, and that in Japan he would have been a novice in a Zen monastery. Although the Oomoto faith discouraged proselytizing, Takao surreptitiously preached his religion to Heideko and his children, but Ichimei was the only one who practiced it with fervor, because it fit in with his character and with the concept of life that he had had since childhood. ~ Isabel Allende
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Isabel Allende
Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically. ~ Keiko Fukuda
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Keiko Fukuda
Be strong, Be gentle, Be beautiful. ~ Keiko Fukuda
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Keiko Fukuda
People are hungry in these communities. They don't know how they are going to get food. ~ Keiji Fukuda
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Keiji Fukuda
When health workers are infected at work, this puts other healthcare workers at risk, but also can be a risk to all other patients, understanding where the breach in these measures is occurring and taking the steps needed to fully implement infection prevention and control measures can put an end to these ... infections. ~ Keiji Fukuda
Ichimei Fukuda quotes by Keiji Fukuda
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