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Living and dying, sorrow and joy, the blisters on my feet and the jasmine behind the house, the persecution, the unspeakable horrors: it is all as one in me, and I accept it all as one mighty whole and begin to grasp it better if only for myself, without being able to explain to anyone else how it all hangs together. I wish I could live for a long time so that one day I may know how to explain it, and if I am not granted that wish, well, then somebody else will perhaps do it, carry on from where my life has been cut short. And that is why I must try to live a good and faithful life to my last breath: so that those who come after me do not have to start all over again, need not face the same difficulties. Isn't that doing something for future generations? ~ Etty Hillesum
I Am Not Granted quotes by Etty Hillesum
And then I had ridden from the east in the glory of a warrior, which is what I am and always have been. All my life I have followed the path of the sword. Given a choice, and I have been given many choices, I would rather draw a blade than settle an argument with words, for that is what a warrior does, but most men and women are not fighters. ~ Bernard Cornwell
I Am Not Granted quotes by Bernard Cornwell
I want my mother to know that I may not be what she expected, but I am someone who tries to be good. I cannot give my mother the kids we might have liked with Mammy's eyes or Aunt Bess's crazy, gentle ways. I cannot bring her the child who sings with my father's voice. But I can wait with her through these strange days for whatever is going to happen. I can sit on a chair by her bed when she is too flustered to lay her head down on her pillow and stay with her until she can close her eyes. . ~ George Hodgman
I Am Not Granted quotes by George Hodgman
When I write from the point of view of a child or a young person, I am trying to tell the truth as an adult voice sometimes cannot. We are so often wrapped in the garment of trying to reassure ourselves that we are not afraid. ~ Michael Cadnum
I Am Not Granted quotes by Michael Cadnum
Typically therapists are several steps ahead of our patients - not because we're smarter or wiser but because we have the vantage point of being outside their lives. I'll say to a patient who has bought the ring but can't seem to find the right time to propose to his girlfriend, "I don't think you're sure you want to marry her," and he'll say, "What? Of course I am! I'm doing it this weekend!" And then he goes home and doesn't propose, because the weather was bad and he wanted to do it at the beach. We'll have the same dialogue for weeks, until one day he'll come back and say, "Maybe I don't want to marry her." Many people who say, "No, that's not me," find themselves a week or a month or a year later saying, "Yeah, actually, that's me. ~ Lori Gottlieb
I Am Not Granted quotes by Lori Gottlieb
The reason I am a Christian is not that it is nice, but that it is true. ~ John Stott
I Am Not Granted quotes by John Stott
Dear 2600: ... So, in the interest of information gathering and because I am a subscriber, are you going to be checking me out?
This would be unnecessary since we checked you out before you subscribed. That's why we made sure you heard about us and followed the plan by subscribing. Writing this letter, however, was not part of the plan and we will be taking corrective action. ~ Emmanuel Goldstein
I Am Not Granted quotes by Emmanuel Goldstein
But what about me? I suffer, but still, I don't live. I am x in an indeterminate equation. I am a sort of phantom in life who has lost all beginning and end, and who has even forgotten his own name. You are laughing- no, you are not laughing, you are angry again. You are forever angry, all you care about is intelligence, but I repeat again that I would give away all this superstellar life, all the ranks and honours, simply to be transformed into the soul of a merchant's wife weighing eighteen stone and set candles at God's shrine ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
I Am Not Granted quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
He saw her as the passionate spirit of innocent youth, now beleaguered by the trick which is played on youth - the trick of treachery in the body, which turns flesh into green bones. Her stupid finery was not vulgar to him, but touching. The girl was still there, still appealing from behind the breaking barricade of rouge. She had made the brave protest: I will not be vanquished. Under the clumsy coquetry, the undignified clothes, there was the human cry for help. The young eyes were puzzled, saying: It is I, inside here - what have they done to me? I will not submit. Some part of her spirit knew that the powder was making a guy of her, and hated it, and tried to hold her lover with the eyes alone. They said: Don't look at all this. Look at me. I am still here, in the eyes. Look at me, here in the prison, and help me out. Another part said: I am not old, it is illusion. I am beautifully made-up. See, I will perform the movements of youth. I will defy the enormous army of age. ~ T.H. White
I Am Not Granted quotes by T.H. White
You wished for me, Athenians; I am here. Do not question me, do not hurt me; I am the wish sprung from your heart, and if you wound me your heart will bleed for it. Your love made me. Do not take it away; for without love I am a temple forsaken by its god, where dark Alastor will enter. It was you, Athenians, who conjured me, a daimon whose food is love. Feed me, then, and I will clothe you with glory, and show you to yourselves in the image of your desire. I am hungry: feed me. It is too late to repent. ~ Mary Renault
I Am Not Granted quotes by Mary Renault
I love you Beautiful. I won't let you go"

"If you want to push then push, baby. Push me, test me, fight me. But I am not going, Aria. I. Love. You. Without condition, without reason, without judgement. Unconditionally, baby ~ Amanda Kaitlyn
I Am Not Granted quotes by Amanda Kaitlyn
Ivan Lankowski," said Petra. "The name I'd like to hear is the name of the one who sent you." "One's superior officer is never named. It is a basic rule of security." Petra sighed. "I suppose this proves I'm not in Kansas anymore." "I don't believe," said Lankowski, "that you have ever been in Kansas, Mrs. Delphiki." "It was a reference to - " "I have seen The Wizard of Oz," said Lankowski. "I am, after all, an educated man. And ... I have been in Kansas. ~ Orson Scott Card
I Am Not Granted quotes by Orson Scott Card
I am not a positivist. Positivism states that what cannot be observed does not exist. This conception is scientifically indefensible, for it is impossible to make valid affirmations of what people 'can' or 'cannot' observe. One would have to say 'only what we observe exists,' which is obviously false. ~ Albert Einstein
I Am Not Granted quotes by Albert Einstein
I am not much of a mind to touch ~ Stacey Jay
I Am Not Granted quotes by Stacey Jay
If anything is true in this world it is that destiny is something you have to help. If I had not done my own part, I would have never come to where I am now. At no point did I sit down and wait for destiny to show up on my doorstep. I went out and looked for it and knocked on its door instead. ~ Ricky Martin
I Am Not Granted quotes by Ricky Martin
I believe in God because only an idiot can look at the complex balance of nature and believe that has not been designed. Believe it or not, but some people still believe that a watch can make itself out of sand if you just give it enough time. That's what they call evolution. And you wonder why I am cynical. From my point of view you have to be a fool not to be cynical. ~ Ted Dekker
I Am Not Granted quotes by Ted Dekker
Still putting out the O'Reilly fires of me being a traitor and using Casey's name dishonorably, my in-laws sent out a press statement disagreeing with me in strong terms; which is totally okay with me, because they barely knew Casey. We have always been on separate sides of the fence politically and I have not spoken to them since the election when they supported the man who is responsible for Casey's death. The thing that matters to me is that our family - Casey's dad and my other 3 kids are on the same side of the fence that I am. ~ Cindy Sheehan
I Am Not Granted quotes by Cindy Sheehan
If you are a strong man, very good! But do not curse others who are not strong enough for you ... Everyone says, "Woe unto you people!!" Who says, "Woe unto me that I cannot help you?" The people are doing all right to the best of their ability and means and knowledge. Woe unto me that I cannot lift them to where I am! ~ Swami Vivekananda
I Am Not Granted quotes by Swami Vivekananda
There is a face beneath this mask, but it isn't me. I'm no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it, or the bones beneath that. ~ Steve Moore
I Am Not Granted quotes by Steve Moore
I am not interested in the past. I am interested in the future, for that is where I expect to spend the rest of my life. ~ Charles Kettering
I Am Not Granted quotes by Charles Kettering
Am I not allowed to speak in hyperbole?"
"Only," he said, a bit too smoothly, "if you are talking about me."
Ellie's face slid into a smirk. "Oh, Charles," she exclaimed, "I feel as if we have known each other for a million years." Her tone grew more ironic. "I am that weary of your company. ~ Julia Quinn
I Am Not Granted quotes by Julia Quinn
In my view of the present aspect of affairs, there is no need of bloodshed and war. There is no necessity for it. I am not in favor of such a course, and I may say in advance, there will be no blood shed unless it be forced upon the government. The government will not use force unless force is used against it. ~ Abraham Lincoln
I Am Not Granted quotes by Abraham Lincoln
Within this work are places where you will see I have done some unforgivably stupid things; here I can say only that I am not perfect. Throw stones if you must, but have a care for your own house! I also offer a part-excuse, part-explanation: I am subject to influences from my most recent meals. I have not edited those parts to make myself seem better than I am; they stand as they were written. ~ Garon Whited
I Am Not Granted quotes by Garon Whited
I am ready for love but I'm not desperately seeking it. ~ Sharon Stone
I Am Not Granted quotes by Sharon Stone
India is an incredibly vibrant market, which Virgin already, through Virgin Atlantic, has the pleasure of working in. I am delighted that Virgin Comics will not only help to launch the Indian comic market and spin it into the West, but will develop new and exciting talent. ~ Richard Branson
I Am Not Granted quotes by Richard Branson
The website increases my excitement when I read, "Hark, the pies are calling!" My excitement is short-lived, however. I read the page again and realize that it is "pipes" that are calling, not "pies" as I had hoped. I am disappointed. I personally react better to the call of pies. ~ Aefa Mulholland
I Am Not Granted quotes by Aefa Mulholland
You cannot pass," he said. The orcs stood still, and a dead silence fell. "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
I Am Not Granted quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
I am the poet with scaring words and blurred letters. I do not know if my poetry is a blessing or a curse. ~ Doutor Luis Alexandre Ribeiro Branco
I Am Not Granted quotes by Doutor Luis Alexandre Ribeiro Branco
I am not surprised that there are gambling houses, like so many snares laid for human avarice; like abysses where many a man's money is engulfed and swallowed up without any hope of return; like frightful rocks against which the gamblers are thrown and perish. ~ Jean De La Bruyere
I Am Not Granted quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
Fuck," he uttered through his teeth. "This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for this freak." A powerful kick shook Zak's seat, but he didn't even try to reason with the unreasonable.
"It's not his fault that I don't like pussy." Stitch briefly turned around and smacked Captain's leg. "I am done doing what others try to push me to do. Aren't we supposed to be fucking outlaws? Living life without rules? Who says I can't fuck a guy if I want to? Fuck that. ~ K.A. Merikan
I Am Not Granted quotes by K.A. Merikan
I rarely believe anything, because at the time of believing I am not really there to believe. ~ Gertrude Stein
I Am Not Granted quotes by Gertrude Stein
I am a deWinter. We do not froth. ~ Cassandra Clare
I Am Not Granted quotes by Cassandra Clare
I do not feel that artists have to spend hours a day to keep their technic efficient. If that were the case one would not be in a position to participate in the other joys of life. Nor could he enrich his art. Of course, mind you I am not saying that one should not work. But definitely I say that if one has developed a firm technic, it is not necessary to slave over the instrument for the rest of his life in order to keep in good form. ~ Gregor Piatagorsky
I Am Not Granted quotes by Gregor Piatagorsky
I fold back the sheet, get carefully up, on silent bare feet, in my nightgown, go to the window, like a child, I want to see. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow. The sky is clear but hard to make out, because of the searchlight; but yes, in the obscured sky a moon does float, newly, a wishing moon, a sliver of ancient rock, a goddess, a wink. The moon is a stone and the sky is full of deadly hardware, but oh God, how beautiful anyway. I want Luke here so badly. I want to be held and told my name. I want to be valued, in ways that I am not; I want to be more than valuable. I repeat my former name, remind myself of what I once could do, how others saw me. I ~ Margaret Atwood
I Am Not Granted quotes by Margaret Atwood
Parish, get back into position!' Max warned. 'Do not go in there. I repeat, do not go in there.' 'We lose him now, we lose him for good,' Caitlin declared. 'And I am not going to let that happen.' 'You have insufficient backup. I repeat: insufficient backup. ~ Lindsay J. Pryor
I Am Not Granted quotes by Lindsay J. Pryor
The thing is, all memory is fiction. You have to remember that. Of course, there are things that actually, certifiably happened, things you can pinpoint the day, the hour, the minute. When you think about it, though, those things, mostly seem to happen to other people.
This story actually happened, and it happened pretty much the way I am going to tell it to you. It's a true story as much as six decades or telling and remembering can allow it to be true. Time changes things, and you don't always get everything right. You remember a little thing clear as a bell, the weather, say, or the splash of light on the river's ripples as the sun was going down into the black pines. things not even connected to anything in particular, while other things, big things even, come completely disconnected and no longer have any shape or sound. The little things seem more real than the big things. ~ Robert Goolrick
I Am Not Granted quotes by Robert Goolrick
I am only interested in painting the actual person, in doing a painting of them, not in using them to some ulterior end of art. For me, to use someone doing something not native to them would be wrong. ~ Lucian Freud
I Am Not Granted quotes by Lucian Freud
I am a Christian person, and I do love the Lord, and I feel no matter who you are, what you believe, how you live your life, it's not my place to judge. I don't have that power. I don't want that power. It's my place to love and to show God's love to other people, even if they don't live a life like I live. ~ Carrie Underwood
I Am Not Granted quotes by Carrie Underwood
I am filthy. I am riddled with lice. Hogs, when they look at me, vomit. My skin is encrusted with the scabs and scales of leprosy, and covered with yellow pus.[ ... ] A family of toads has taken up residence in my left armpit and, when one of them moves, it tickles. Mind one of them does not escape and come and scratch the inside of your ear with its mouth; for it would then be able to enter your brain. In my right armpit there is a chameleon which is perpetually chasing them, to avoid starving to death: everyone must live.[ ... ] My anus has been penetrated by a crab; encouraged by my sluggishness, he guards the entrance with his pincers, and causes me a lot of pain. ~ Comte De Lautreamont
I Am Not Granted quotes by Comte De Lautreamont
I am raising my children with the Christian faith and life lessons I was taught. I am equipping them with all of the information and guidance as a parent and hope they will make sound decisions. The most important thing is to teach kids to stand firm in what they believe and not be swayed by detractors no matter what the subject matter. ~ Gretchen Carlson
I Am Not Granted quotes by Gretchen Carlson
I am not going to believe in militant nationalism, which cultivates a culture of intolerance, Can't we think of a solution without violence. ~ Tarif Naaz
I Am Not Granted quotes by Tarif Naaz
I think I am a religious person just by nature. I think I sort of view everything through the lens of some inner undying thing in people that drives them to act as they do or to feel ashamed of not acting in some other way. ~ John Darnielle
I Am Not Granted quotes by John Darnielle
[Responding to trick query about whether she believed herself in a state of grace:] If I am not, may it please God to bring me into it; if I am, may He preserve me in it. ~ Joan Of Arc
I Am Not Granted quotes by Joan Of Arc
Howard thought, Is it not true: A move of the head, a step to the left or right, and we change from wise, decent, loyal people to conceited fools? Light changes, our eyes blink and see the world from the slightest difference of perspective and our place in it has changed infinitely: Sun catches cheap plate flaking
I am a tinker; the moon is an egg glowing in its nest of leafless trees
I am a poet; a brochure for an asylum is on the dresser
I am an epileptic, insane; the house is behind me
I am a fugitive. His despair had not come from the fact that he was a fool; he knew he was a fool. The despair came from the fact that his wife saw him as a fool, as a useless tinker, a copier of bad verses from two-penny religious magazines, an epileptic, and could find no reason to turn her head and see him as something better. ~ Paul Harding
I Am Not Granted quotes by Paul Harding
By planting rye I am creating carbon sinks in my backyard, expanding my role in the carbon cycle, launching my own backyard campaign to offset global warming. My emissions, after all, reflect a rural but very comfortable life in which I enjoy goods that travel great distances - clementines from Spain, wine from California - and on the occasional holiday I fly south, seeking warmer places. Will planting rye in the shoulder seasons be enough to make a difference? Certainly not, but it is a gesture, a way to frame the question and provide a benchmark to judge the extent of my complicity. ~ Amy Seidl
I Am Not Granted quotes by Amy Seidl
I do not answer to a scarless Pixie whelp. I am a Peerless Scarred. ArchPrimus of the 542nd class of the Institute of Mars. I answer to the ArchGovernor alone. ~ Pierce Brown
I Am Not Granted quotes by Pierce Brown
I reach across my bed, half expecting to be greeted by Blake's green eyes and warm smile, but grab only folds of comforter. I am alone. The realization is met with the same ache I've felt since leaving Blake. It isn't disappointment exactly. It's more visceral than that. I don't want to be one of those girls who think they're in love with a boy just because they hooked up. So there. I am not in love with Blake Willliams.
I just miss him is all. ~ Talia Vance
I Am Not Granted quotes by Talia Vance
Everyone here says in a surprised manner that I have grown ... they are so stupid and do not notice that I am standing up straighter! ~ Anna Freud
I Am Not Granted quotes by Anna Freud
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