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#1. You do not need to do many different exercises to get strong - you need to get strong on a very few important exercises, movements that train the whole body as a system, not as a collection of separate body parts. The problem with the programs advocated by all the national exercise organizations is that they fail to recognize this basic principle: the body best adapts as a whole organism to stress applied to the whole organism. The more stress that can be applied to as much of the body at one time as possible, the more effective and productive the adaptation will be. - Author: Mark Rippetoe
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Mark Rippetoe
#2. People want everything quick and now. We live in the age of social media and hyper digital. Tweets are published in less than a second, Safari pages load in less than three seconds. - Author: Aeriel Miranda
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Aeriel Miranda
#3. I've been hyper-conscious about staying away from rubbish. I don't eat white bread, white rice or cereal unless it's porridge. - Author: Fleur East
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Fleur East
#4. Dirk Gently has been a long passion (my career started with Douglas Adams and my stage adaptation of Dirk Gently) . - Author: Arvind Ethan David
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Arvind Ethan David
#5. Sometimes the changes in your life will be planned with strategy, optimism, and intention. Other changes, however, will catch you by surprise, sabotage your success, break your heart, cause you stress, or leave you feeling lost. Whether you are dealing with planned or unplanned change, there will always be a degree of adaptation and reorientation required in order for you to be resilient. - Author: Susan C. Young
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Susan C. Young
#6. One form of insecurity of attachment, called "disorganized/disoriented", has been associated with marked impairments in the emotional, social, and cognitive domains, and a predisposition toward a clinical condition known as dissociation in which the capacity to function in an organized, coherent manner is at times impaired.

Studies have also found that youths with a history of disorganized attachments are at great risk of expressing hostility with their peers and have the potential for interpersonal violence as they mature (Lyons-Ruth & Jacobwitz, 1999; Carlson, 1998). This disorganized form of attachment has been proposed to be associated with the caregiver's frightened, frightening, or disoriented behavior with the child. Such experiences create a state of alarm in the child. The parents of these children often have an autobiographical narrative finding, as revealed in the Adult Attachment Interview, of unresolved trauma or grief that appears as a disorientation in their narrative account of their childhoods. Such linguistic disorientation occurs during the discussion of loss or threat from childhood experiences. Lack of resolution appears to be associated with parental behaviors that are incompatible with an organized adaptation on the part of the child. Lack of resolution of trauma or grief in a parent can lead to parental behaviors that create "paradoxical", unsolvable, and problematic situations for the child. The attachment figure is intended to be the s - Author: Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
#7. In fact, I suspect that our only hope is disaster. Cruel tho' it is to say it, there has got to be a vast die-off in the human population
likely including us and our families
before the survivors find themselves in a world where a new and humble and 'religious' adaptation with nature is possible.
Disaster is not necessary; the better world could be achieved through reason and common sense and a sense of fellowship
but most of the present human world is dead set against us. Thus I was forced to the disagreeable resolutions (not solutions) which I attempted to sketch out in the novel 'Good News.' The title is of course deliberately ambiguous. - Author: Edward Abbey
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Edward Abbey
#8. I've always had this hyper kinetic energy, so I don't really need much sleep at night. - Author: Leander Paes
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Leander Paes
#9. The issue of doing an adaptation of a book is the theater of the mind, and so you always face that. - Author: Dana Brunetti
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Dana Brunetti
#10. I'm a very hyper person. - Author: Gisele Bundchen
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Gisele Bundchen
#11. Some evolutionists will protest that we are caricaturing their view of adaptation. After all, do they not admit genetic drift, allometry, and a variety of reasons for nonadaptive evolution? - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#12. People failed to realize that when you're living such a hyper, super reality of a life, where you're just doing shows and you're on TV and you're talking to this magazine, that doesn't bode well for trying to talk about everyday stuff that hopefully you'll connect with people on. - Author: Maxwell
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Maxwell
#13. The 'Police Academy' stuff was all hyper-slapsticky. - Author: Adam McKay
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Adam McKay
#14. And since a more convincing argument could not be found - aside from a fatal accident or suicide - this way was chosen: a process of galloping senescence. - Author: Mircea Eliade
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Mircea Eliade
#15. Life Is an Ambiguous Stimulus

In a very real sense, life is an ambiguous stimulus. Does survival of a heart attack indicate that death is imminent or that one has been given a new lease on life? Is falling in love an assurance of a lifelong partnership or the first sign of an inevitable heartbreak? Many human situations are complex and their meanings subtle. Thus, to make sense of and gain agency over our experiences, we engage in the process of self-reflection.
Through self-reflection, people come to realize that their lives are filled with uncertainty about their own identities, their relationships with others, and their environmental circumstances. Because living involves adaptation to irregular changes and perturbations from the environment, the process of self-reflection reveals the indefinite nature of life. The uncertainty stemming from threatening stimuli whose nature is unknown or unpredictable evokes stress and a sense of loss of control. In response to uncertainty, we are driven to make meaning of our experiences and in so doing to reduce uncertainty. Indeed, a series of cunning experiments demonstrated that the sense of lacking control promotes illusory pattern perception in ambiguous situations. Hence, people consciously or unconsciously attempt to regain a sense of control by projecting patterns onto the chaos of their lives. This meaning-making process hinged on the appraisal of stressors and their meaningful integration into our autobiographica - Author: Todd Kashdan
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Todd Kashdan
#16. Asperger's is not a disease. It's a way of being. There is no cure, nor is there a need for one. There is, however, a need for knowledge and adaptation on the part of Aspergian kids and their families and friends. - Author: John Elder Robison
Hyper Adaptation quotes by John Elder Robison
#17. The morning was already setting up to be hectic, and Jon thanked his lucky stars that Jessie was so good at his job and a constant spark-plug of activity.
Oh god, you did not just think Jessie was a spark-plug? You really are getting old. Next thing you know you'll being saying whipper-snappers and break a hip getting out of bed. He shook his head. I guess I had a good run.
Jessie quickly re-entered the office. "Alright. Elisabeth has her caffeine fix and said she'll be down to say goodbye in a few. So let's get this bad boy going for the week.
Travel plans are done for next month and meetings for the week are in you planner so I'm assuming they'll be no more complaining about flying coach class this time?" Jessie gave a sly wink and kept organizing his desk.
"Yes. And for that I thank you for that my color-coding, hyper computer organized planner. We have to make sure the next presentation for Chicago is ready in three weeks; the storyboards for the new campaign ideas have to be finished by Tuesday the 16th so we can get them shipped before I head out there."
"And let's not forget our important morning ritual."
Jon looked at Jessie with a question about to form before the realization hit him. His expression changed from confused to stern. "No cat videos Jessie. I swear. Enough of the cat videos."
"C'mon. You know you love them and they brighten your dour moods. Look at this one." Jessie turned his screen and Jon begrudgingly looked at th - Author: Matthew Alan
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Matthew Alan
#18. Once we accept violence as an adaptation, it makes sense that its expression is calibrated to the environment. The same individual will behave differently if he comes of age in Detroit, Mich., versus Windsor, Ontario; in New York in the 1980s versus New York now; in a culture of honor versus a culture of dignity. - Author: Paul Bloom
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Paul Bloom
#19. Cultural change works orders of magnitude faster then genetic change. Stephen Jay Gould - Author: Jonathan Haidt
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#20. When you work on your own life, you are less likely to hyper focus on the imperfections of your husband. - Author: Martha Quinn
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Martha Quinn
#21. I see only adaptations - not revolutions. - Author: Gordon Getty
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Gordon Getty
#22. Hyper-connectivity is the nature characteristic of Digital Organization. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Pearl Zhu
#23. To wade in marshes and sea margins is the destiny of certain bird, and they are so accurately made for this that they are imprisoned in those places. Each animal out of its habitat would starve. To the physician, each man, each woman, is an amplification of one organ. A soldier, a locksmith, a bank-clerk, and a dancer could not exchange functions. And thus we are victims of adaptation. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#24. But just like the art of acquiring wealth, the art of struggling for political power requires no special discipline. There is no danger, in our hyper-moralized, hyper-political culture, that our young people will somehow fail to be enchanted by the prospect of making a difference. The danger is quite otherwise: that as all human goods are either put to use or discarded in the struggle for social and political ends, we lose our humanity and the dignity it implies. We lose what makes life worth living, whether that is intellectual life or any of the other unutterably precious human activities that dwell in peace and holy uselessness. - Author: Zena Hitz
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Zena Hitz
#25. Maybe hope springs eternal in the whale's heart too. I don't know. If you look at the history of species there seems to be no selective advantage to intelligence. It's the microbes who have totally ignored selection for three and a half billion years that remain with us and probably will remain. They seem almost immortal. The process of evolution appears to be about specialization and adaptation and yet these are the very things that seem ultimately to mediate against survival itself. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#26. It's partly because our culture so hyper-sexualizes females that if you don't measure up to whatever we're forced to think is the standard, then you feel inadequate. - Author: Geena Davis
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Geena Davis
#27. When I wrote 'The West Wing,' the juice behind it was that in popular culture, our leaders in government are generally portrayed as Machiavellian, or as idiots. I thought, well, how about writing about a group of hyper-competent people? - Author: Aaron Sorkin
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#28. Just recognizing and naming that many of the things we treat as historical fact are stories can help erode their power over our sense of identity and thinking. If they are stories rather than "truth," we can write new stories that better represent the country we aspire to be. Our new stories can be about diverse people working together to overcome challenges and make life better for all, about figuring out how to live sustainably on this one planet we share, and on deep respect for cooperation, fairness, and equity instead of promoting hyper-competitive individualism. - Author: Annie Leonard
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Annie Leonard
#29. There's not a lot of people expressing anger in the culture. They're expressing a lot of hyper-exaggerated sexuality. - Author: Courtney Love
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Courtney Love
#30. We were friends with Jonathan Demme. We were all down on the West Side of New York, and I think I met Kurt [Vonnegut] through Edith [Demme]. And then I was lucky to do Who Am I This Time? [1982], which was an adaptation of his short story that Jonathan Demme directed with Chris Walken and I, and that really cemented the friendship. - Author: Susan Sarandon
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Susan Sarandon
#31. In a hyper-capitalist environment dominated by media giants, the means available to independent journalism have narrowed considerably. - Author: Nayef Al-Rodhan
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Nayef Al-Rodhan
#32. If we do not act to curb climate change immediately, we will leave our children and grandchildren an unrecognizable planetIt is the poor, those least responsible for climate change and least able to afford adaptation, who would suffer the most. - Author: Jim Yong Kim
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Jim Yong Kim
#33. Natural selection is just three factors - over-production, variation, and inheritance combined to produce adaptation to changing local environments. It's not a principle or progress; it's just a principle of local adaptation. You don't make better creatures in any cosmic sense; you make creatures that are better suited to the changing climates of their local habitats. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#34. For new media reactionaries ... the problem is technology, the endless distractions of the Internet, the breakdown of authority in an age of blogs and Twitter, the collapse of narrative in a hyper-linked, multi-networked world. - Author: David L. Ulin
Hyper Adaptation quotes by David L. Ulin
#35. Adaptation is a vital part of a response to the challenge of climate change - Author: Nicholas Stern
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Nicholas Stern
#36. The universe is a symphony of strings, and the mind of God that Einstein eloquently wrote about for thirty years would be cosmic music resonating through eleven-dimensional hyper space. - Author: Michio Kaku
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Michio Kaku
#37. Therefore, what has a (positive) existence serves for profitable adaptation, and what has not that for (actual) usefulness. - Author: Lao-Tzu
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Lao-Tzu
#38. By pumping up hyper-partisanship, our country (America) is playing with forces that can easily get out of control. We are giving purpose and cover - and sometimes a sense of purpose - to the crazy among us. We are encouraging a culture of extremism - Author: John Avlon
Hyper Adaptation quotes by John Avlon
#39. I once wrote you a letter and you never replied, which makes me wonder if you ever received it. This time it's a more personal delivery - and I need a reply, even if it's not the one I want.

I'm listening to you - I can hear every word, however softly you speak - and I'm half-agony, half-hope. You're saying that men are realists - that, when the woman they love is no longer available, they move on. Well, believe me, I tried - and I thought I had. But seeing you again, after so many years, just proved how little I knew...

You told me to trust myself. So here I am back in Bath, putting everything on the line for a second chance with you. Is that what you want, too? Whatever your answer, remember this: I may not deserve you - when I think of how I've behaved, I know I've shown little self-control and even less forgiveness - but I've never stopped loving you.

You're talking about heartless men... But I have a heart, and it's the same one you almost broke ten years ago, and it belongs to you, and only you, even more than it did then. And yes, I'm a realist: if you no longer love me, I will accept it. But don't say that only a woman can keep on loving someone who's no longer part of her life! Because I will keep on loving you until there are no stars in the sky.

Tell me tonight how you feel. If there's any chance of you loving me back, then I'll wait for you as I should have waited before. If not, say the word and I'll leave you in peace. - Author: Juliet Archer
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Juliet Archer
#40. So getting that balance between what is honoring scripture and the Word and also acknowledging the fact that by the virtue of putting it on film there's going to be a variation and adaptation, I mean, it's a fine dance and a balance. Our producers and directors have worked so hard to get that right and I'm really proud. I think it's a pretty good job. - Author: Joseph Fiennes
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Joseph Fiennes
#41. Grace easily turns to hyper-grace in a world that has lost its view of God's throne room and a biblical theology of sin. - Author: James MacDonald
Hyper Adaptation quotes by James MacDonald
#42. Imitation both unconscious and conscious is par excellence the educational method of the family. It is plain that a considerable part of the adaptation of living beings to their environment, i.e., of beings that are born plastic, is passed on from generation to generation through imitation. Were this not so, much if not all of the road traversed by one generation would have to be travelled by the next generation from the very beginning and without short-cuts. Consequently there would be little chance for the novel adaptation, the propitious individual variation, that constitutes progress. - Author: Elsie Clews Parsons
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Elsie Clews Parsons
#43. Take in every detail of your environment and adapt. - Author: Carlos Wallace
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Carlos Wallace
#44. The life we led was a proof of man's capacity for adaptation.I think that even the condemned souls in purgatory after time develop a sort of homely routine.That is ,by the way, why most prison memoirs are unreadable.The difficulty of conveying to the reader an idea of a nightmare world from which he has emerged makes the author depict the prisoner's state of mind as an uninterruped continuity of despair.He fears to appear frivolous or to spoil his effect by admitting that even in the depths of misery cheerfulness keeps breaking in. - Author: Arthur Koestler
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Arthur Koestler
#45. I'm mad emotional. But my emotions are - I don't really get just like sad, I get hyper, and I be like mad, and I get hungry - that's like my main emotion. - Author: Vince Staples
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Vince Staples
#46. I feel like we're looked at as either completely nonsexual characters or overly sexual characters, and I feel like that affects how we're treated in the public space by men. I believe that women of color experience street harassment in a very hyper way. So I wanted to draw these women in their very normal, regular states and put those images out there in the public for people to see, instead of these other, very sexualized, images of women. - Author: Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
#47. My generation was weaned on subliminal advertising, stupid television, slasher movies, insipid grocery-store literature, MTV, VCRs, fast food, infomercials, glossy ads, diet aids, plastic surgery, a pop culture wherein the hyper-cool, blank-eyed supermodel was a hero. This is the intellectual and emotional equivalent of eating nothing but candy bars – you get malnourished and tired. We grew up in a world in which the surface of the thing is infinitely more important than its substance – and where the surface of the thing had to be "perfect," urbane, sophisticated, blasé, adult. I would suggest that if you grow up trying constantly to be an adult, a successful adult, you will be sick of being grown up by the time you're old enough to drink. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
Hyper Adaptation quotes by Marya Hornbacher

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