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Fervent seeking after God with the whole heart, without which no one can know Him, has always been the mark of His true followers. ~ Dave Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Dave Hunt
If you are godly it has been because you have been made godly. ~ Johnny Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Johnny Hunt
I'm too much a man for hysterics.
Liu, Marjorie M. (2009-01-20). Hunter Kiss: A Companion Novella to The Iron Hunt and Darkness Calls (A Hunter Kiss Novella) (Kindle Locations 355-356). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. ~ Marjorie M. Liu
Hunt Club quotes by Marjorie M. Liu
When I was growing up, particularly during puberty in my teen years, I was so miserable because I elicited so much teasing and meanness from my teenage cohorts. ~ Linda Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Linda Hunt
You look like a butterfly that's just flown in from the garden, Hunt said softly. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Hunt Club quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I thought you were disgusted by the people that come to my club." "They're still people." He presses the button again. "If you go outside, you will be killed. If you make noise, you will be sent outside. Don't piss me off." Just like that, Chester's goes completely silent. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Hunt Club quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Self-doubt is a persuasive mistress; careful not to shag her or you'll never get your balls back. - Simon Hunt ~ Dannika Dark
Hunt Club quotes by Dannika Dark
I went back to Belfast and started a club, the Maritime. No one had thought about doing a blues club, so I was the first. ~ Van Morrison
Hunt Club quotes by Van Morrison
He threw one long, leather-clad leg over the couch arm and slithered over it to his feet. It was like watching a lap dance without a lap. To my knowledge, Jean-Claude had never stripped at Guilty Pleasures, the vampire strip club he owned, but he could have. He had a way of making even the smallest movement sexual and vaguely obscene. You always felt like he was thinking wicked thoughts, things you couldn't say in mixed company. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Hunt Club quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Publicly, we're saying we're better at fighting terrorism. Privately, we know that the bureaucracy has only gotten worse, since the high-level people are scared of being held responsible for 9/11. ~ David Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by David Hunt
My father was convinced the Taliban would hunt him down and kill him, but he again refused security from the police. 'If you go around with a lot of security the Taliban will use Kalashnikovs or suicide bombers and more people will be killed,' he said. 'At least I'll be killed alone.' ~ Malala Yousafzai
Hunt Club quotes by Malala Yousafzai
If I've learned one thing in life, it's: Stand for something or you'll fall for anything. ~ Bonnie Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Bonnie Hunt
I had my jazz club and I had enough money. So I didn't have to write for my living. ~ Haruki Murakami
Hunt Club quotes by Haruki Murakami
'Misty of Chincoteague', 'The Black Stallion', the 'Saddle Club' books, I read 'em all. I was horse-crazy. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Hunt Club quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Hunt game? With pearl-handled revolvers?" I asked, incredulous. "Isn't that a bit ... I dunno ... fancy? Do I just run out into the forest with my pearl-handled revolvers, or do I invite some deer to a cocktail party and then gun them down? ~ Jeff VanderMeer
Hunt Club quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
In a way it was like a bunch of guys in a game. They were falling behind every minute that passed, but they had lost interest in the score. It was as if they were just a ton behind and had given up on the win. And maybe deep inside they didn't want to peep the score, maybe they knew what was happening but just didn't want to think about it anymore. I could understand that. I had played enough ball in my life, and was deep enough into my game to know I had to be in the hunt for a win or I could lose who I was. And once I lost who I was, my inner me, then all the CDs and all the iPods and all the bling in the world wasn't going to make it right.
The strange thing was that everybody was feeling the same thing, that there was a huge game going on, and that the game was going to decide who was a winner and who lost. But so many of the brothers on the corner didn't have a play...I could feel for them because they were just like me in most ways, thinking that everybody should have a number, everybody should have the same playing time, and knowing it wasn't going to happen. ~ Walter Dean Myers
Hunt Club quotes by Walter Dean Myers
Everyone wants to connect with someone who people think is someone. ~ Johnny Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Johnny Hunt
When I buy, I buy players for the long term, not the short term because I do respect the club a lot and also the other clubs. ~ Louis Van Gaal
Hunt Club quotes by Louis Van Gaal
You ride astride the imaginary in order to hunt down the real. ~ Breyten Breytenbach
Hunt Club quotes by Breyten Breytenbach
Jenny kissed me when we met, Jumping from the chair she sat in; Time, you thief, who love to get Sweets into your list, put that in: Say I'm weary, say I'm sad, Say that health and wealth have missed me, Say I'm growing old, but add
Jenny kissed me! ~ Leigh Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Leigh Hunt
I'm saying let's go see if we can find some horses or zebras before we start a unicorn hunt. ~ James S.A. Corey
Hunt Club quotes by James S.A. Corey
Influence is not the same as authority. Authority can be abused by influence gives. ~ Johnny Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Johnny Hunt
GREAT THINGS sometimes come from rewriting under pressure. ~ Lynn Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Lynn Hunt
I don't pretend to understand him, but I can enjoy him as a poet and comedian. I liked the idea of the eternal return. Sometimes I think that being on tour year after year is an eternal return; you play a certain club in Copenhagen and then ten years later you are back again, traveling the same roads year after year. ~ Dean Wareham
Hunt Club quotes by Dean Wareham
There are few places more lonely than a crowded night club. ~ Dov Davidoff
Hunt Club quotes by Dov Davidoff
In 1972 through '74, right before we hit it big, we were hauling our own equipment into the club and setting up and playing for, I don't know, a hundred bucks a night. ~ Toni Tennille
Hunt Club quotes by Toni Tennille
Happy opinions are the wine of the heart. ~ Leigh Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Leigh Hunt
Jon relished the stories they were telling, tales of battle and bedding and the hunt. He ~ George R R Martin
Hunt Club quotes by George R R Martin
Every club has three types: fans, parasites and people who work their bollocks off, even ladies. ~ Ken Bates
Hunt Club quotes by Ken Bates
In our day we don't allow a hundred and thirty years to elapse between glimpses of a marvel. If somebody should discover a creek in the county next to the one that the North Pole is in, Europe and America would start fifteen costly expeditions thither; one to explore the creek, and the other fourteen to hunt for each other. ~ Mark Twain
Hunt Club quotes by Mark Twain
She tried to pray, but she had only ever prayed at night, and it seemed to her that the moons made poor protectors when angels chose to hunt by day. ~ Laini Taylor
Hunt Club quotes by Laini Taylor
In a bigger picture, all over the world is a boys' club. ~ Ilana Glazer
Hunt Club quotes by Ilana Glazer
My mouth dries up. I know I am not apologizing for the picture. I am sorry for being there in the first place. ~ Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
There is a social contract in "Fight Club" and in "Choke" where the protagonist has deceived a whole bunch of people. In "Choke" it's all of these people who think that they've saved his life, and really care about him because they've embraced him and they've been his saviors. In "Fight Club" it's all of these people who are dying of various diseases, and they thought that Edward Norton was also dying so they allowed him really strong pent-up emotions. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Hunt Club quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
To expect a personality to survive the disintegration of the brain is like expecting a cricket club to survive when all of its members are dead. ~ Bertrand Russell
Hunt Club quotes by Bertrand Russell
The wild mustard in Southern California is like that spoken of in the New Testament ... Its gold is as distinct a value to the eye as the nugget gold is in the pocket. ~ Helen Hunt Jackson
Hunt Club quotes by Helen Hunt Jackson
I had taken on the color of the climate around me and had driven back all the emotion that rose from the Brooklyn streets so that I could belong to the exclusive club of Congress. ~ Emanuel Celler
Hunt Club quotes by Emanuel Celler
Write me as one who loves his fellow men. ~ Leigh Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Leigh Hunt
The pleasure of this sort of life-bookish, she supposed it might be called, a reading life- had made her isolation into a rich and even subversive thing. ~ Louise Erdrich
Hunt Club quotes by Louise Erdrich
Nature, at all events, humanly speaking, is manifestly very fond of color; for she has made nothing without it. Her skies are blue; her fields, green; her waters vary with her skies; her animals, vegetables, minerals, are all colored. She paints a great any of them in apparently superfluous hues, as if to show the dullest eye how she loves color. ~ Leigh Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Leigh Hunt
Isn't there a time or two you can remember when somehow an animal you've hunted has done something to make you let him vanish in the woods? ... Isn't there a bird or covey that somehow always manages to catch you with your gun on safe - even when you know it's there? I think we all know times that for almost certain we gave the hunt to the quarry. ~ Gene Hill
Hunt Club quotes by Gene Hill
The sixth rule of Fight Club: No shirt, no shoes. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Hunt Club quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
Maybe one day music will just be music, and there won't be these categories; it'll just be different shades of music. ~ Sam Hunt
Hunt Club quotes by Sam Hunt
You guys could handle this on your own. Why risk getting kicked out of your He-Man-Monster-Haters Club?"
"Because we can't handle this on our own. At least I don't think we can."
"You said yourself you already have some Prodigium working with you. Why not go to them?"
"We have a handful," he said, frustration creeping into his voice. "And most of them suck. Look, just consider it a peace offering, okay? My way of saying I'm sorry for lying to you. And pulling a knife in your presence, even if it was just to open a damn window to get out before you vaporized me."
Most girls got flowers. I got a dirt put used for demon raising. Nice.
"Thanks," I replied. "But don't you want in on this?"
He looked at me, and not for the first time, I wished his eyes weren't so dark. It would have been nice to have some idea of what was going on in his head. "That's up to you," he said.
Mom always liked to say that we hardly ever know the decisions we make that change our lives,mostly because they're little ones. You take this bus instead of that one and end up meeting your soul mate, that kind of thing. But there was no doubt in my mind that this was one of those life-changing moments. Tell Archer no,and I'd never see him again. And Dad and Jenna wouldn't be mad at me, and Cal...Tell Archer yes, and everything suddenly got twistier and more complicated than Mrs. Casnoff's hairdo.
And even though I'm a twisty and complicated girl, I knew what my answer had ~ Rachel Hawkins
Hunt Club quotes by Rachel Hawkins
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