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Dying is easy, getting the dental floss off your finger and into the trash is hard. ~ Gregor Collins
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Gregor Collins
The back of the seat in front of Richards was a revelation in itself. There was a pocket with a safety handbook in it. In case of air turbulence, fasten your belt. If the cabin loses pressure, pull down the air mask directly over your head. In case of engine trouble, the stewardess will give you further instructions. In case of sudden explosive death, hope you have enough dental fillings to insure identification. ~ Stephen King
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Stephen King
The quantity of the mixture of butter oil and cod liver oil required is quite small, half a teaspoonful three times a day with meals is sufficient to control wide-spread tooth decay when used with a diet that is low in sugar and starches and high in foods providing the minerals, particularly phosphorus. A teaspoonful a day divided between two or three meals is usually adequate to prevent dental caries and maintain a high immunity; it will also maintain freedom from colds and a high level of health in general ~ Anonymous
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Anonymous
The number of managers with great track records in a given market depends far more on the number of people who started in the investment business (in place of going to dental school), rather than on their ability to produce profits. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
He though continually about the apartment building, a Pandora's Box whose thousand lids were one by one, inwardly opening. The dominant tenants of the high-rise, those who had adapted most successfully to life there, were not the unruly airline pilots and film technicians of the lower floors, nor the bad-tempered and aggressive wives of the tax specialists on the upper levels. Although at first sight these people appeared to provoke all the tension and hostility, the people really responsible were the quiet and self-contained residents, like the dental surgeons Steele and his wife. ~ J.G. Ballard
Hunsaker Dental quotes by J.G. Ballard
I'd always assumed Beth and I would be friends forever. But then in middle of the eighth grade, the Goldbergs went through the World's Nastiest Divorce.
Beth went a little nuts.
I don't blame her. When her dad got involved with this twenty-one year old dental hygienist, Beth got involved with the junk food aisle at the grocery store. She carried processed snack cakes the way toddlers carry teddy bears. She gained, like, twenty pounds, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I figured she'd get back to her usual weight once the shock wore off.
Unfortunately, I wasn't the only person who noticed.
May 14 was 'Fun and Fit Day at Surry Middle School, so the gym was full of booths set up by local health clubs and doctors and dentists and sports leagues, all trying to entice us to not end up as couch potatoes. That part was fine. What wasn't fine was when the whole school sat down to watch the eighth-grade cheerleaders' program on physical fitness. ~ Katie Alender
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Katie Alender
Why did you leave? (Aiden)
I took care of the person harassing him. Threat gone. Job eliminated. Anything else you want to know? Dental records, fingerprints? Retinal scan? (Leta)
Urine sample would work. (Aiden)
What cup you want me to use? (Leta)
Does anything faze you? (Aiden)
I fight people for a living. Do you honestly think peeing in a cup is going to frighten me? (Leta) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I had very good dentures once. Some magnificent gold work. It's the only form of jewelry a man can wear that women fully appreciate. ~ Graham Greene
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Graham Greene
I hate the rich snots here with a fervent passion I usually reserve only for dental work and my father. ~ John Green
Hunsaker Dental quotes by John Green
Anything else you want to know? Dental records, fingerprints? Retinal scan?"
"Urine sample would work."
She rolled her eyes. "What cup you want me to use?"
He was intrigued by her comebacks and the fact that she didn't appear angry over his questioning and word choice. "Does anything faze you?"
"I fight people for a living. Do you honestly think peeing in a cup is going to frighten me?"
She had a point… providing she wasn't lying about her occupation.
Without a word, Aidan pulled a glass out of his cabinet and handed it to her.
Her jaw dropped. "You've got to be kidding me? You really want a urine sample?"
He actually smiled at her question. "Not hardly, but I thought you might be thirsty. The drinks are in the fridge."

For once he saw relief in her gaze before she went and poured herself a glass of milk. "Thanks for showing some mercy."
"Yeah," he said bitterly. "Just remember to return the favor."
"Is that supposed to mean something?"
He shrugged. "Just in my experience, all people do is take. None of them give a damn about helping someone else."
"And sometimes people can surprise you."
"Yeah. You're right. I'm constantly amazed by the unprovoked treachery they're capable of."
She shook her head. "Wow, you arejaded.(Leta & Aidan) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
When we hear a Mozart piano concerto today, we're most likely to hear the piano part played on a modern concert grand. In the hands of a professional pianist, such a piano can bury the strings and the winds and hold its own against the brass. But Mozart wasn't composing for a nine-foot-long, thousand-pound piano; he was composing for a five-and-a-half-foot-long, hundred-and-fifty-pound piano built from balsa wood and dental floss. ~ Robert Greenberg
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Robert Greenberg
The list of scars my students have sustained at the hand of your daughter grows longer each week. Poor Logan Hochspring's arm will forever carry an imprint of her dental records!"
"You bit him?" Lex's father said.
"He called me a wannabe vampire. What was I supposed to do?"
"Oh, I don't know
maybe not bite him? ~ Gina Damico
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Gina Damico
My angel, oh my angel, perhaps our whole earthly existence is now but a pun to you, or a grotesque rhyme, something like "dental" and "transcendental" (remember?), and the true meaning of reality, of that piercing term, purged of all our strange, dreamy, masquerade interpretations, now sounds so pure and sweet that you, angel, find it amusing that we could have taken the dream so seriously (although you and I did have an inkling of why everything disintegrated at one furtive touch
words, conventions of everyday life, systems, persons
so, you know, I think laughter is some chance little ape of truth astray in our world. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Quiz 1. Leeuwenhoek saw microorganisms in (a) polio sufferers (b) belly button fuzz (c) malaria victims (d) dental plaque ~ Anonymous
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Anonymous
Dentists encourage us to use dental floss daily to promote the health of our teeth; we need to use mental floss to get rid of old thinking and promote the health of our leadership. ~ John C. Maxwell
Hunsaker Dental quotes by John C. Maxwell
Think of a typical full-time worker, who's in the office from nine to five daily, but takes thirty minutes for lunch, leaves an hour early on Friday, and comes in an hour late on Tuesday due to a dental appointment. That puts her at 35.5 hours for the week. One errand tacked on to the end of lunch one day or a longish midmorning break will pull her under that thirty-five-hour threshold that defines "full time. ~ Laura Vanderkam
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Laura Vanderkam
You can't make people happy by law. If you said to a bunch of average people two hundred years ago "Would you be happy in a world where medical care is widely available, houses are clean, the world's music and sights and foods can be brought into your home at small cost, travelling even 100 miles is easy, childbirth is generally not fatal to mother or child, you don't have to die of dental abcesses and you don't have to do what the squire tells you" they'd think you were talking about the New Jerusalem and say 'yes'. ~ Terry Pratchett
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Terry Pratchett
You see what I'm saying?" Mooner said. "Something else always comes along. You go to jail, you don't have to worry about anything. No rent to pay. No food bill to sweat. Free dental plan. And that's worth something, dude.You don't wnat to stick your nose up at free dental. ~ Janet Evanovich
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Janet Evanovich
Ladies, [motherhood] is a full-time job. Do not kid yourself that you can be a dental receptionist and a mother; that you can be a typist and a mom; that you can be a Vice President and a mom. One of the two things will win. Now look at your Bible and ask what you have to do. ~ Alistair Begg
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Alistair Begg
If in fact the rates go up because the president refuses to budge then he will have to answer for that next year when our economy is not growing. When, unfortunately, people lose their jobs who work at a dental clinic as a medical billing specialist, or the paralegal at a law firm loses their job, or the courier at the law firm loses a job, these are not millionaires and billionaires. ~ Marco Rubio
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Marco Rubio
My brother was on his way
to a dental appointment
when the second plane hit
four stories below the office
where he worked. He's never
said anything about the guy
who took football bets, how
he liked to watch his secretary
walk, the friends he ate lunch with,
all the funerals. Maybe, shamed
by his luck, he keeps quiet,
afraid someone might guess
how good he feels, breathing. ~ Tony Gloeggler
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Tony Gloeggler
A man loses his illusions first, his teeth second, and his follies last. ~ Helen Rowland
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Helen Rowland
Marlboro Man opened the passenger door of the semi and allowed me to climb out in front of him, while Tim exited the driver-side door to see us off. That wasn't so bad, I thought as I made my way down the steps. Aside from the manicure remark and my sweating problem, meeting Marlboro Man's brother had gone remarkably well. I looked okay that evening, had managed a couple of witty remarks, and had worn just the right clothing to conceal my nervousness. Life was good.
Then, because the Gods of Embarrassment seemed hell-bent on making me look bad, I lost my balance on the last step, hooking the heel of my stupid black boots on the grate of the step and awkwardly grabbing the handlebar to save myself from falling to my death onto the gravel driveway below. But though I stopped myself from wiping out, my purse flew off my arm and landed, facedown, on Tim's driveway, violently spilling its contents all over the gravel.
Only a woman can know the dreaded feeling of spilling her purse in the company of men. Suddenly my soul was everywhere, laid bare for Marlboro Man and his brother to see: year-old lip gloss, a leaky pen, wadded gum wrappers, and a hairbrush loaded up with hundreds, if not thousands, of my stringy auburn hairs. And men don't understand wads of long hair--for all they knew, I had some kind of follicular disorder and was going bald. There were no feminine products, but there was a package of dental floss, with a messy, eight-inch piece dangling from the openin ~ Ree Drummond
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Ree Drummond
If suffering brought wisdom, the dentist's office would be full of luminous ideas. ~ Mason Cooley
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Mason Cooley
I've been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill
I smooth my hair, sit back in the chair
But somehow I still get the chills ~ Owl City
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Owl City
Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon. ~ Frank Zappa
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Frank Zappa
I asked a nurse for dental floss and was told that I am not allowed dental floss. Apparently dental floss can be used for several functions besides the maintenance of healthy gums. These apparently include self-harm. When instructed that I was not permitted dental floss because of "risks it raises associated with suicide" I envisioned a noose made entirely of floss. Realizing such a noose would require a dramatic amount of floss to effectively uphold any human person, I brought it to the attention of a nurse.

"I don't believe that even the most practiced engineers could fashion any functioning noose out of a single container of floss," I say.

"People use it to cut themselves," she explained.

"Oh," I replied.

I had just about come to terms with the no-floss rule until the hospital, in a flagrant display of disrespect for its patients, chose to serve us corn on the cob for lunch.

"Are you aware that we are not allowed dental floss?" I yelled at the nurse bringing me the corn. I then threw the corn violently from my plate into the nearest wall. ~ Emily R. Austin
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Emily R. Austin
It seemed far more reasonable to belong to a species that had evolved natural tooth replacement than to belong to one that had developed the dental profession. ~ Elisabeth Tova Bailey
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Elisabeth Tova Bailey
From the perspective of the world's national security apparatuses you exist in several locations. You appear on property and income-tax registries, on passport and ID card databases. You show up on passenger manifests and telephone logs . . . You are fingertip swirls, facial ratios, dental records, voice patterns, spending trails, e-mail threads. ~ Mohsin Hamid
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Mohsin Hamid
Real anatomy exists in three dimensions, so any time you can view anatomical data in 3D, you'll have a much more accurate picture of the subject, ... Even multiple two-dimensional CT slices can never allow you to understand a subject's dental condition as quickly or as accurately as a quality 3D visualization. ~ Paul Brown
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Paul Brown
Around 1998, I went through lots of pressures and struggles. My children got married within eight months of each other, my son was diagnosed with cancer and went through major surgery and radiation, my mother had five life-threatening hospitalizations where I stayed with her, my husband's dental office burned to the ground. ~ Anne Graham Lotz
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Anne Graham Lotz
teeth. As a child I used to tie strings of red dental floss around a wiggly tooth and leave the floss dangling there for days and days until the tooth fell out on its own. Marjorie would call me a tease and chase me around the house trying to pull the wax string, and I would scream and cry because it was fun and because I was afraid if I let her pull out one tooth she wouldn't ~ Paul Tremblay
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Paul Tremblay
There's a reason they call childbirth labor. Making a healthy baby takes effort: It requires foresight and self-denial and courage. It's expensive and demanding and tiring. You have to learn new things, change many habits, possibly deal with complicated medical situations, make difficult decisions, and undergo stressful ordeals. I had a wisdom tooth pulled without Novocaine while I was pregnant - it hurt a lot and seemed to go on forever. The kindness of the very young dental assistant, holding back my hair as I spat blood into a bowl, will stay with me for the rest of my life. Pregnant women do such things, and much harder things, all the time. For example, they give birth, which is somewhere on the scale between painful and excruciating. Or they have a cesarean, as I did, which is major surgery. None of this is without risk of death or damage or trauma, including psychological trauma. To force girls and women to undergo all this against their will is to annihilate their humanity. When they undertake it by choice, we should all be grateful. ~ Katha Pollitt
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Katha Pollitt
You tell me another gang that's got a dental plan. ~ Michael Keaton
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Michael Keaton
Among the inhabitants of the Torres Strait Islands, almost all individuals who had been born before the foods of modern civilization had become available were found to have dental arches normal in form. In many families, however, living on islands where a store had been established for some time, and on Thursday Island where imported foods had been available for several decades, many individuals were found who had been born since the use of imported foods. They had gross deformities of the dental arches ~ Anonymous
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Anonymous
Even when I was doing well in acting, my dad would say, 'You can still go back to dental school.' But since I've been on '90210,' I haven't heard that. ~ Michael Steger
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Michael Steger
No wonder he has such nice teeth. They probably pay him in dental floss. ~ Janette Rallison
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Janette Rallison
How does Sting know she doesn't have to turn on the red light? I bet under different circumstances she'd love not to put on the red light, but she's got bills to pay. If he's telling her she doesn't have to turn on the red light, he needs to offer an alternative. I'd appreciate Sting's suggestion more if he followed, "You don't have to sell your body to the night," with "because I found you a stable nine-to-five that comes with benefits, a dental plan, and a matching 401K. ~ Steven Barker
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Steven  Barker
Does this dental fantasy of yours take place in, like, 1973? ~ Rainbow Rowell
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Would I rather be dental floss or a toothbrush? is that a question? Um, I would actually rather be floss, I think, if I was using me. Because I don't really floss enough. ~ Rachel McAdams
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Rachel McAdams
Critics do not have the satisfaction of working on things that actually exist, like sick dogs or dental cavities. So they are tempted to pluck a virtue out of necessity and claim that they toil in an altogether superior realm, that of the imagination. This implies, rather oddly, that things which do not exist are inevitably more precious than those that do, which is a fairly devastating comment on the latter. What kind of a world is it in which possibility is unquestionably preferable to actuality? ~ Terry Eagleton
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Terry Eagleton
You don't think the dead guy is Miguel Flores."
"I think the dead guy's name was Lino."
"But ... that means maybe he wasn't even a priest, and he was up there doing the Mass thing, and marrying people, burying people."
"Maybe God struck him down for it. Case closed. We'll arrest God before end of shift. I want those dental records, and the dental records from New York."
"I'm pretty sure that arrest God stuff is blasphemy. ~ J.D. Robb
Hunsaker Dental quotes by J.D. Robb
A well-made turtleneck sweater will keep you warm, cozy, and protected from the cold. Your gums do the same thing for your teeth. ~ Nadine Artemis
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Nadine Artemis
I am terribly British. Especially in the eyes of Americans. I drink several gallons of tea a day, I'm often excessively polite and it's only through many years of expensive and painful dental work that I don't have bad teeth. ~ Rhianna Pratchett
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Rhianna Pratchett
I could have been a dental hygienist with nothing bad ever appearing in print about me, but that's not how I've chosen to lead my life. I knew that you put yourself under a microscope the more famous you become. ~ Julia Roberts
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Julia Roberts
I wanted so badly to kick in his perfectly white, good dental plan teeth. ~ Bobby Adair
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Bobby Adair
Catherine Lutz, an anthropologist who has been carrying out a project studying the archipelago of US overseas military bases. She made the fascinating observation that almost all of these bases organize outreach programs, in which soldiers venture out to repair schoolrooms or to perform free dental checkups in nearby towns and villages. The ostensible reason for the programs was to improve relations with local communities, but they rarely have much impact in that regard; still, even after the military discovered this, they kept the programs up because they had such an enormous psychological impact on the soldiers, many of whom would wax euphoric when describing them: for example, "This is why I joined the army," "This is what military service is really all about - not just defending your country, it's about helping people!" Soldiers allowed to perform public service duties, they found, were two or three times more likely to reenlist. I remember thinking, "Wait, so most of these people really want to be in the Peace Corps?" And I duly looked it up and discovered: sure enough, to be accepted into the Peace Corps, you need to already have a college degree. The US military is a haven for frustrated altruists. ~ David Graeber
Hunsaker Dental quotes by David Graeber
Were you good at hide-and-seek? I sucked at it. Jude would talk stupid gibberish while looking for me. Stuff that would make me giggle and give away my hiding spot.

He'd say things like, 'I ran out of dental floss so I cut the strings off your tampons. Is that going to be a problem?' or, 'I masturbate in the shower. Don't you think it's odd that you never run out of conditioner? ~ Jewel E. Ann
Hunsaker Dental quotes by Jewel E. Ann
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