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If anything, the current state of the world is already a testament to our inability to either imagine a possible world different to ours or to abandon the raft of the medusa that is our present. The reality of this world seems to have bottomed out into a Hobbesian jungle in which we are stuck and which constantly grows and is cut back in vain. In the Hobbesian or game-theoretic jungle, no matter how drastically your social and political convictions differ from those of your supposed adversary, no matter how much your experience of the world seems truer or more authentic, auto-cannibalization is unavoidable. In the Hobbesian jungle, all groups not only gnaw at one another, but will also end up eating their own kin alive.

We as either Hobbesians or as Platonic Universalists ought to pay attention to the truth of particularity. Universalists think that the commensuration between human experiential or local particularities is an easy path. The true enemies of universalists - the neoreactionaries - think what is universalist is misguided but they nevertheless go on and build island-utopias. The problem of both factions is that the real issue is not the universal which both camps to different degrees endorse, but the specific and discrete particularities of the human experience. Not paying attention to the problems of the latter is a sure recipe for failure, not just for rationalist universalism but also for the neoreactionary craft of methodological individualism. Witho ~ Reza Negarestani
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Reza Negarestani
I don't believe it can be taught as if it were a recipe. There aren't ingredients and techniques that will guarantee success. Parameters exist that, if followed, will ensure a business can continue, but you cannot clearly define our business success and then bottle it as you would a perfume. It's not that simple: to be successful, you have to be out there, you have to hit the ground running; and, if you have a good team round you and more than your fair share of luck, you might make something happen. But you certainly can't guarantee it just by following someone else's formula. Business is a fluid, changing substance. ~ Richard Branson
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Richard Branson
I have no recipe for how to combine things. But you must be sincere. And if you are, strangely, it will succeed. ~ Andree Putman
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Andree Putman
It is no less difficult to write a sentence in a recipe than sentences in Moby Dick. So you might as well write Moby Dick. ~ Annie Dillard
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Annie Dillard
People want jobs, but nobody has a recipe for how to get them. And so they are trying different things. ~ Judy Woodruff
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Judy Woodruff
You should use any cheese on pizza as long as it's 100% Mozzarella. ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
They said her duck recipe and the Chinese music were so dramatic everything else sounded anemic. ~ Frank McCourt
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Frank McCourt
There is no recipe for good layout, what must be maintained is a feeling of change and contrast. A layout man should be simple with good photographs. He should perform acrobatics when the pictures are bad. ~ Alexey Brodovitch
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Alexey Brodovitch
If you want to know what cram is, I can only say that I don't know the recipe; but it is biscuitish, keeps good indefinitely, is supposed to be sustaining, and is certainly not entertaining, being in fact very uninteresting except as a chewing exercise. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
Kate makes good sausage," Jim said.

Six pairs of eyes stared at me. Thank you, Mr. Wonderful. Just what I needed.

"Oh yeah," Andrea snapped her fingers. "The links? The ones we had the beginning of the month? I didn't know you made those. I thought they were bought. They were so good." Her smile was positively cherubic. Of all the times not to be able to shoot laser beams out of my eyes...

"What do you put into your sausage, Kate?" Raphael wanted to know, giving me a perfectly innocent look.

Werejaguars with big mouths with a pinch of werehyena thrown in. "Venison and rabbit."

"That sounds like some fine sausage," Doolittle said. "Will you share the recipe?"


"I had no idea you were a sausage expert," Curran said with a completely straight face.

Die, die, die, die...

Even Derek cracked a smile. Raphael put his head down on the table and jerked a little.

"Is he choking?" Dali asked, wrinkling her forehead.

"No, he just needs a moment," Curran said. "Young bouda males. Easily excitable. ~ Ilona Andrews
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Ilona Andrews
I do a mean beef Wellington. Gordon Ramsay's is a phenomenal recipe. But that's a lot of prep. The secret to wrap it in Parma ham before wrapping in pastry. I'm so pro smuggling more meat in. ~ James Corden
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by James Corden
They toasted each other, then after she sipped hers, she ate some of the bisque - creamy, a little buttery, with lots of big chunks of lobster and a hint of garlic. It was so good that she asked him for the recipe. He gave it to her and added," But I'll fix it for you anytime. ~ Terry Spear
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Terry Spear
If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another. ~ John Steinbeck
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by John Steinbeck
Whether you're on a diet, or you're looking for a go-to one bowl dinner recipe, salads should be thought of as crowd-pleasers, not a dreaded component of a meal. ~ Marcus Samuelsson
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
I always see what's ... wrong. Would you want that? When I see a car or a rocket or spacecraft, I only see what's wrong. I never see what's right. It's not a recipe for happiness. ~ Elon Musk
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Elon Musk
There is no recipe for friendship. Just a bunch of ingredients that different people put together in different ways to create something magical between them. ~ Toni Sorenson
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Toni Sorenson
Kitchen-sink cookies," Trishiffany proclaimed. "Sounds disgusting, right? But I've always been so torn about chocolate chips versus butterscotch chips, but here you don't even have to choose. Walnuts and peanuts! Oatmeal and cornflakes! Raisins and dried cherries. Not to mention the shredded coconut. Sometimes we just need our little freedoms, you know? ~ Helen Phillips
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Helen Phillips
You're only seventeen, you're too young to have a meatloaf recipe ... go get something pierced. ~ Roseanne Barr
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Roseanne Barr
Just because they were homey didn't mean they were ordinary. Most versions of this recipe relied on butterscotch chips, waxy little chunks of hydrogenated oil and synthetic butterscotch flavor. Bev's used malted milk powder and a truckload of butter, relying on the interaction between the oven's heat and the milk powder to give that toasty, caramelized flavor that suggested rather than screamed butterscotch. Melody's version also subbed brown sugar for some of the white with a healthy shot of molasses to add a deep, earthy note. At the last moment, she added some chopped hazelnuts from a little glass jar in the cabinet for extra texture and flavor.
Thoughts of Justin faded as she mixed and spread the batter, then slid the shallow jelly roll pan into the oven where it would bake into a sheet of butterscotchy, nutty deliciousness. When it came out dozens of minutes later, fragrant and golden brown, she inhaled the aroma, basking in her sense of accomplishment at a perfect result. There was nothing like taking basic ingredients and transforming them into something both beautiful and tasty. ~ Carla Laureano
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Carla Laureano
[Homeschooling] ... recipe for genius: More of family and less of school, more of parents and less of peers, more creative freedom and less formal lessons. ~ Raymond S. Moore
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Raymond S. Moore
If history reveals any categorical truth, it is that an insufficient taste for evidence regularly brings out the worst in us. Add weapons of mass destruction to this diabolical clockwork, and you have ... a recipe for the fall of civilization. ~ Sam Harris
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Sam Harris
I'm so bedeviled by my own ambitions that it never occurred to me that a clouded mind is a recipe for disaster or, that outside my office, there is an entire world full of colors and possibilities. To me, there is only one thing that matters: I have to reach a point where I can finally boast to myself and the whole world that I made it. ~ Carol Vorvain
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Carol Vorvain
I think the most important recipe for a good date is just spending time with somebody and really connecting and feeling like the best version of yourself regardless of what you may be doing. ~ Sophia Bush
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Sophia Bush
A great power has to have the discipline not only to go when necessary but to know when not to go. Getting involved in ethnic, religious civil wars is a recipe for disaster. ~ John Kasich
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by John Kasich
We make films that we ourselves would want to see and then hope that other people would want to see it. If you try to analyze audiences or think there's some sophisticated recipe for success, then I think you are doomed. You're making it too complicated. ~ Brad Bird
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Brad Bird
What happens if fully rational politicians compete for the support of irrational voters - specifically, voters with irrational beliefs about the effects of various policies? It is a recipe for mendacity. ~ Bryan Caplan
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Bryan Caplan
NOTE-Always remove the brown hull from the peanuts even though the recipe does not say so. ~ George Washington Carver
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by George Washington Carver
I quite enjoy cooking but I'm not consistent. I can't follow the recipe book. If something goes well, I'll never make it again, which is completely stupid. It's a one-shot kind of deal. ~ Rebecca Hall
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Rebecca Hall
A mind always employed is always happy. This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Thomas Jefferson
Imagining the world without us is a recipe for despair and paralysis. I actually think it's more helpful to imagine the world before us, to look back at those unstable ecosystems of the Triassic and realize that were in another phase of unstable ecosystems. Knowing that, demystifying our situation as it were, makes it easier to think about solutions. We are not looking into the unknown. The only thing unknown about the situation is how we're going to fix it, and when. ~ Annalee Newitz
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Annalee Newitz
The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in the mind ~ Henry David Thoreau
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Henry David Thoreau
I think it's more accurate to think of aesthetics as a key ingredient in a recipe, as opposed to the icing on the cake. ~ Stephen P. Anderson
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Stephen P. Anderson
A Good Recipe Is As Good As The Chef That Cooks It ~ Kirk Castle
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Kirk Castle
For the first time I saw a medley of haphazard facts fall into line and order. All the jumbles and recipes and hotchpotch of the inorganic chemistry of my boyhood seemed to fit into the scheme before my eyes - as though one were standing beside a jungle and it suddenly transformed itself into a Dutch garden.
[Upon hearing the Periodic Table explained in a first-tern university lecture.] ~ C.P. Snow
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by C.P. Snow
A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. ~ Thomas Keller
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Thomas Keller
Just a month after the completion of the Declaration of Independence, at a time when he delegates might have been expected to occupy themselves with more pressing concerns -like how they were going to win the war and escape hanging- Congress quite extraordinarily found time to debate business for a motto for the new nation. (Their choice, E Pluribus Unum, "One from Many", was taken from, of all places, a recipe for salad in an early poem by Virgil.) ~ Bill Bryson
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Bill Bryson
For me it's a new experience every single time, because - The dance community has a great strength in synergizing immediately. So we recognize that opposed to being competition, which we are in the audition process, once we're on the job is about cohesion, it's about striving to highlight each individual in their own element, while also creating something that is visually tantalizing to the audience. While the ingredients of each movie has been different, the recipe for success is the same, which is to click immediately and make the best possible movie. ~ Alyson Stoner
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Alyson Stoner
You know, really - actually, it's funny because it's a sore spot with me because I have all these recipes that, you know, you have to measure things out and put them in. And then you bake it and it becomes this thing. And it's not a recipe. ~ Trisha Yearwood
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Trisha Yearwood
In a variation on James's recipe for interesting experience
the familiar leavened by the novel
Hobbs's "art of choosing difficulties" requires selecting projects that are "just manageable." If an activity is too easy, you lose focus and get bored. If it's too hard, you become anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to concentrate. Tellingly, one group is distinguished by its zeal for the kind of work that requires you to give it all you've got: high achievers particularly relish taking on risky projects that have only a 50/50 chance of success. ~ Winifred Gallagher
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Winifred Gallagher
I imagine that when I am creating a song or a project or an album or putting some clothing together or cooking a meal, whatever it is, I don't really have a recipe. The fun part is to throw that big piece of clay in the middle of the table as hard as I can, and whatever shape it takes, that's what shape it takes, and then I start to carve away. ~ Erykah Badu
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Erykah Badu
The combination of fear of disappointment, entitlement, and performance pressure is a recipe for hopelessness and self-doubt. ~ Brene Brown
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Brene Brown
Make sure you test your brand story's recipe with whomever you're cooking it for. ~ Laura Busche
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Laura Busche
Be sure to read a recipe all the way through before you cook. The time it saves you in the long run is invaluable. ~ Tom Douglas
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Tom Douglas
I walked down to the village with five Sceltie puppies. I came back to the Hall with four."
"And the fifth ?"
"By now, I'm sure Sylvia has convinced the little bitch to let go of Mikal's trousers. And Mrs Beale promised to send her recipe for puppy biscuits to Sylvia's cook."
"Mrs Beale agreed to share a recipe," Saetan said slowly.
"Mrs Beale agreed that I could pay for ... I'm not sure what it is except that it's something she wanted for the kitchen but couldn't justify as a normal household expense."
"And you agreed to fund this in exchange for a recipe ?"
Daemon stared at his father for a long moment before he muttered, "She sharpened the meat cleaver before coming to talk to me."
One beat of silence. Two. Then Saetan burst out laughing. ~ Anne Bishop
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Anne Bishop
The secret to good cooking is knowing how to follow the recipe till you feel comfortable, ~ Natalie Baszile
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Natalie Baszile
With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog who wins through sheer willpower. ~ Johnny Weissmuller
Hotchpotch Recipe quotes by Johnny Weissmuller
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