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A story is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle that would cover the whole floor of a room with its tiny pieces. Buts it's not that sort of puzzle that comes with a box. There is no lid with a picture on it so that you can see what the puzzle will look like when it's finished. And you have only some of the pieces. All you can do is keep looking and listening, sniffing about in all sorts of places, until you find the next piece. And then you'll be amazed where that next piece will take you. Suddenly your puzzle can have a whole new person in it, or it can go from being on a train to a hot air balloon, from city to country, from love to sadness to loneliness and back to love. Pieces can come to you at any time. When you're having a cup of tea or sitting on a bus or talking with a will be like a bell going off in your head. That's what comes next you'll think. And that's why it's serendipity. Serendipity is luck and chance and fate all tumbled into one. ~ Angelica Banks
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Angelica Banks
The Hot Air Balloon Charm

Life Can Be Filled with Adventure If You Let Yourself Soar ~ Viola Shipman
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Viola Shipman
J: You will not believe what Mom is doing.
M: Ballroom dancing lessons? Hot-air balloon classes? ~ Kelly Bingham
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Kelly Bingham
Can you fly?"

She couldn't keep the hushed wonder from her voice, and Nick smiled. "No. Too much weight. I can't focus the air pressure enough for that."

"What does air pressure have to do with anything?"

"Are you kidding? Air pressure is awesome."

She rolled her eyes. "You are such a nerd sometimes. You're lucky you're hot or you couldn't get away with saying things like air pressure is awesome."

"Seriously. Air pressure affects everything. Haven't you ever heard the expression nature abhors a vacuum?" He grinned.

"Actually, we were doing this experiment in class once where Dr. Cutter was trying to prove a point with a balloon, but I kept making it pop - "

"You are the only person alive who would use superpowers to be more dorky."

"They're not superpowers."

That sounded a lot like the difference between to-MAY-to and to-MAH-to to Quinn. ~ Brigid Kemmerer
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
I like that hot air balloon.' I pointed to the ceiling where an antique looking wooden hot air balloon hung.
'Yeah, I like it too. Partly because it's cool looking, but also partly because of the irony. It weighs a ton. In this office, anything can fly. No matter what is weighing it down. Even wooden balloons. Cool, huh? ~ Jennifer Brown
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Jennifer Brown
A hot air balloon requires a great deal of fuel to keep it aloft, so that you can't fly it even for one day. A gas balloon, which usually uses helium, has the problem that the helium cools at night when the sun is not on it, and you have to throw ballast overboard to keep it from going to the surface. ~ Steve Fossett
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Steve Fossett
To distract himself he started making a mental list of all the ways he could leave Chapel Bluff.
He could go by train. Plane. Motorcycle.
Last night Beverly had invited all three of them - him, Ryan, and Tyler - to stay for dinner. Matt had refused. Ryan had likewise refused because his wife had dinner waiting for him at home. Tyler had leapt at the chance.
Matt had been the one who'd decided to put distance between himself, Kate, and Beverley. Even so, it rankled that Tyler had slipped right into his empty spot at the dinner table. That Kate had found someone so much more charming than him to talk to. That Kate seemed so delighted to turn her back on him.
He could leave by four-wheeler. Mountain bike. Skateboard.
"You're a design genius, young lady." Tyler said to Kate. "That's a perfect place for that sideboard."
"Why thank you," Kate replied.
Matt ground his teeth and imagined leaving by Greyhound bus.
He'd even have settled for a horse.
Hot air balloon.
Donkey cart. ~ Becky Wade
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Becky Wade
I'll be out of my mind
and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.
So let's spend the afternoon
in a cold hot air balloon.
Leave your jacket behind.
Lean out and touch the tree tops over town.
I can't wait to kiss the ground wherever we touch back down. ~ Owl City
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Owl City
Three deaths - by snakebite, by explosion, by razor. What next? Death by hot air balloon? Cannon? Trident? ~ Christopher Fowler
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Christopher Fowler
She wondered if this were what hell was about. Not a place of punishment but of disparity. Those who had done nothing to earn their fate lived like this, while three miles away, others rode the Ferris wheel and children raised their hands joyfully to a hot-air balloon that rained down candy on their heads. ~ James Lee Burke
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by James Lee Burke
My grandmother flew only once in her life, and that was the day she and her new husband ascended into the skies of Victorian London in the wicker basket of a hot-air balloon. They were soon to emigrate to Canada, and the aerial ride was meant to be a last view of their beloved England. ~ Alan Bradley
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Alan Bradley
People's personalities took up space, he sometimes thought. When they were trapped in a house or a job or a school together, they rubbed up against each other, squeaked like balloons, and made sparks. Ryan's parents both had large, gleaming, hot-air-balloon personalities. Sometimes it was hard to fit them into the same house, and Ryan had learned the art of suddenly making himself take up less space, demand less, so that his parents were not chafing against each other as much. ~ Frances Hardinge
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Frances Hardinge
I'm building a hot air balloon out of my love for you. I'm starting with the hot air, and then I'm going to surround that with saran wrap, because after all, I'm only using leftovers. ~ Jarod Kintz
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Jarod Kintz
Many people would have to hang by their teeth from a frayed cord suspended by a paper clip from a leaking hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon in order to feel what I feel standing on the third step of a stepladder trying to put millet in the bird feeder. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
My dream date is a tall, dark, handsome, blue eyed man with a bubble butt who will whisk me away to Paris in a hot air balloon to wine me, dine me and. ~ Karen McDougal
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Karen McDougal
And then, when I was at my lowest ebb, you came. And you somehow coaxed me into talking to you as though you were a trusted confidant. And then you flirted with me. For a few moments you bore me off with you to the sunshine above the clouds in a hot air balloon, wrapped together in warm furs and bound for a place far, far away. And then you kissed me. ~ Mary Balogh
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Mary Balogh
It may merely be apocryphal that when the Wizard saw the glass bottle he gasped, and clutched his heart. The story is told in so many ways, depending on who is doing the telling, and what needs to be heard at the time. It is a matter of history, however, that shortly thereafter, the Wizard absconded from the Palace. He left in the way he had first arrived
a hot-air balloon
just a few hours before seditious ministers were to lead a Palace revolt and to hold an execution without trial. ~ Gregory Maguire
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Gregory Maguire
Gloria watched the swollen white orb of a hot-air balloon rising over Navy Pier and knew she had to break it off with Oliver, for he was the type who would never enjoy hot-air balloons, Van Morrison songs, or mess, whether from orgasm or otherwise. But who was she to be dreaming about mess today? ~ Andrea Kayne Kaufman
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Andrea Kayne Kaufman
There are things in life you hope to do some day - like ride in a hot air balloon or go to Paris- and there are things that you know you will never do because, in a nutshell, the desire isn't there. ~ Alice J. Wisler
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Alice J. Wisler
In the 1770s, when he was in Paris, Benjamin Franklin witnessed the flight of one of the first hot-air balloons. As the balloon soared into the air, someone asked Franklin: "What good is it?" Franklin responded: "What good is a new-born baby? ~ Benjamin Franklin
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Benjamin Franklin
You make my frown turn upside down and now my worries are gone. ~ Owl City
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Owl City
Michelle Valois

After Emily Dickinson

You won't lose your hair, I heard at the start of treatment, and though I didn't, I lost a litany of other lesser and greater luxuries - saliva, stamina, taste buds, my voice - but my hair, during that chilly sojourn in the land of extremity to which I had sailed on a strange and stormy sea, my hair was not taken from me.

Had it been, I would have perched one of those 18th century wigs on my head, such as those worn by the French aristocracy, measuring three, four, even five feet high and stuffed, as they were known to be, with all sorts of things: ribbons, pearls, jewels, flowers, tunes without words, reproductions of great sailing vessels, my soul inside a little bird cage - ornaments selected to satisfy a theme: the signs of the Zodiac (à la Zodiaque) or the discovery of a new vaccine (à l'inoculation) or, as was the case in June of 1782, the first successful hot air balloon flight by the brothers Michel and Etienne Montgolfier.

Regarde, I exclaim to my ladies in waiting, pointing to the sky on that bright afternoon as the balloon, made of linen and paper, rises some 6,000 feet. Later, a duck, then a sheep, and finally a human is carried away. I watch, inspired, hopeful, whispering, lest my doctors overhear: when the storm turns sore, and that little bird escapes her little bird cage and is abashed without reckoning, I will sail away in my balloon, prepared, ~ Michelle Valois
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Michelle Valois
The evening light was like honey in the trees
When you left me and walked to the end of the street
Where the sunset abruptly ended.
The wedding-cake drawbridge lowered itself
To the fragile forget-me-not flower.
You climbed aboard.
Burnt horizons suddenly paved with golden stones,
Dreams I had, including suicide,
Puff out the hot-air balloon now.
It is bursting, it is about to burst ~ John Ashbery
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by John Ashbery
Parents choosing a school for their children - an innocent, important, humdrum, private affair which a lethal blend of bitter division and too much money had transmuted into a monstrous clerical task, into box files of legal documents so numerous and heavy they were hauled to court on trolleys, into hours of educated wrangling, procedural hearings, deferred decisions, the whole circus rising, but so slowly, through the judicial hierarchy like a lopsided, ill-tethered hot-air balloon. If the parents could not agree, the law, reluctantly, must take the decisions. ~ Ian McEwan
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Ian McEwan
Can I get you anything?" I couldn't remember if the Amrita family drank human blood or animal blood.
"I'm just hiding out from my little sisters. They giggle." She tilted her head. "Where are all your famous brothers?"
She rolled her eyes. "Are they as insufferable as mine?"
I rolled my eyes back. "Worse."
She looked unconvinced. "I only have the one," she pointed out. "My family has daughters the way yours has sons. His rarity has made Haridas's head roughly the size of a hot-air balloon."
I had to grin. "I have seven of those."
"Seven what?" Quinn interrupted, leaning in the doorway. "Seven heroically patient big brothers of which I am the obvious favorite?"
"Something like that," I allowed. "You know, if you replace 'brother' with 'baboon'? ~ Alyxandra Harvey
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
Looking up, she watched the balloons dance at the tops of their strings. Hanging by a ribbon at the end was a little white card.
She wouldn't even open it, she told herself.She knew who they were from anyway. Who else? No,she wasn't going to open it.In fact,she was going to find a pin and pop every last balloon. What were they but a bunch of hot air? It was ridiculous.To prove a point, Shelby let the strings go so the balloons drifted up to the ceiling. If he thought he was going to win her over with silly presents and clever little notes...he was absolutely right, dammit.
Shelby jumped up, swearing when she missed the strings by inches.Hauling over a chair,she climbed into it and grabbed the card.

The yellow's for sunshine, the pink's for spring.Share them with me.

"You drive me crazy," she muttered, standing in the chair with the balloons in one hand and the card in the other. How did he know,how could he know just the sort of thing that would get to her? Strawberries and pigs and balloons-it was hopeless. Shelby stared up at them, wishing she didn't need to smile. ~ Nora Roberts
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Nora Roberts
I was in a round the world hot-air balloon race. Before I left, I wrote a long letter to my children, in case I didn't return. I started the letter by saying, 'Dear Holly and ~ Richard Branson
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Richard Branson
I learned to be a hot-air balloon pilot to take tourists over the Masai Mara Reserve in order to earn some money and finance the work I was doing with my wife, Anne. We were studying the life of a family of lions for more than two years. Taking pictures was a way to capture information we could not put in words. ~ Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
You know, there are things that can be done easily and simply and there are things that are very difficult. When it comes to the important stuff, I always seem to take the most difficult path, for some reason. You can buy the most amazing ring and get down on one knee or write a message in the sky or go up in a hot air balloon, but all of those options are for people who do everything on time, and that's not me. I made my choice a long time ago... But how can I tell this girl that I want to live a full and happy life and that that's only possible with her when she's not available? Somebody beat me to it, but it's so much more than that. How can I tell her that I'll never hurt her, never cause her pain? That I'll dedicate my life to protecting her from all the bad, from every possible harm and danger? That I want to have lots of babies, but only if she is their mother? That I can't imagine my life without her? How can I tell her all this if she has already given herself to someone else? ~ Victoria Sobolev
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Victoria Sobolev
IT WAS A HOT AND MUGGY DAY AS I looked up in the powder blue sky that covered the Port of San Pedro. The Bell helicopter circled above like a dragonfly in my Grandma Cholé's rose garden. I don't know if it was the unbearable humidity or the whoop- whoop- whoop of the chopper's rotor blades as they sliced through the air, but something was affecting me. ~ Jose N Harris
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Jose N Harris
My mother used to say there are two kinds of people in this world:

Those who want, and those who take.

Most of us are sheep who spend our lives in want. We follow the path worn smooth and velvety from the hooves before us. There's no need for leashes or fences - we call those things law and morality. Man is the only animal that can reason and all he does with reason is shackle himself. We eat what we're fed and we fuck what we can't outrun and it's never what we dream about but it dulls the screaming edge of desire just enough. Enough so we keep our heads down, our eyes on the ground. Our fetters are fashioned from conformity and fear.

But sometimes an animal can't be contained. Sometimes a head lifts from the herd and a wolfish intelligence kindles, the nostrils flaring, the eyes catching sickles of moonlight and a hot, earthy breath clotting the cold air, and someone realizes there's really nothing stopping us from taking whatever we want.

And everything is prey. ~ Leah Raeder
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Leah Raeder
What they had felt as fragile as a floating dandelion seed rising through the hot summer air. Matt had no idea where it would go. ~ Jan Irving
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Jan Irving
I grew up, really, in the days before air conditioning. So I can remember what it was like to be really hot, for instance, and I can remember what it was like when your barber shop and your local stores weren't air conditioned, so it was hot when you went in them and they propped the doors open. ~ Bill Bryson
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Bill Bryson
Winter was come indeed bringing with it those pleasures of which the summer dreamer knows nothing - the delight when the fine and glittering day shows in the window, though one knows how cold it is outside; the delight of getting as close as possible to the blazing range which in the shadowy kitchen throws reflections very different from the pale gleams of sunlight in the yard, the range we cannot take with us on our walk, busy with its own activity, growling and grumbling as it sets to work, for in three hours time luncheon must be ready; the delight of filling one's bowl with steaming café-au-lait - for it is only eight o'clock - and swallowing it in boiling gulps while servants at their tasks come in and out with a, 'Good morning: up early, aren't you?' and a kindly, 'It's snug enough in here, but cold outside,' accompanying the words with that smile which is to be seen only on the faces of those who for the moment are thinking of others and not of themselves, whose expressions, entirely freed from egotism, take on a quality of vacillating goodness, a smile which completes that earlier smile of the bright golden sky touching the window-panes, and crowns our every pleasure as we stand there with the lovely heat of the range at our backs, the hot and limpid flavour of the café-au-lait in our mouths; the delight of night-time when, having had to get up to go shiveringly to the icy lavatory in the tower, into which the air creeps through the ill-fitting window, we later return ~ Marcel Proust
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Marcel Proust
I heard 'naked' and 'full of hot air.' I try not to let that be my first impression of anyone. ~ Kathy Bryson, Fighting Mad
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Kathy Bryson, Fighting Mad
What a difference that extra 120 ppm has made for plants, and for animals and humans that depend on them. The more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the more it is absorbed by plants of every description - - and the faster and better they grow, even under adverse conditions like limited water, extremely hot air temperatures, or infestations of insects, weeds and other pests. As trees, grasses, algae and crops grow more rapidly and become healthier and more robust, animals and humans enjoy better nutrition on a planet that is greener and greener. ~ Paul Driessen
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Paul Driessen
I'll teach you not to look at me like that," Charles snarled through his hair before pushing it off his face. "Do you think I didn't notice? The way you look at me when you think I'm not watching?"
Oh, God!
He had to get out of there. Slip out of his grip as soon as possible, before he lost control of his body. He was already feeling it in his groin - the fire Rochester had lit was already making his balls throb.
His reply was desperate, a whisper, a tiny, brazen lie: "You're mistaken."
"Oh, that's how it is, then? You have the nerve to tell me it's not true?" The next moment he felt something firm pressing against his buttocks. Something hot and shameless. Charles's rock-hard erection.
Dorian's lips parted in a surprised moan. The air escaped his lungs and treacherous arousal rose all the way to his throat, breaking his voice and his willpower.
"No…" I don't know. "I didn't mean to. I wasn't spying on you on purpose."
"But you did. You always do. ~ Valentina C. Brin
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Valentina C. Brin
Remember my experiments with the RTG and having a hot bath? Same principle, but I came up with an improvement: submerge the RTG. No heat will be wasted that way. I started with a large rigid sample container (or "plastic box" to people who don't work at NASA). I ran a tube through the open top and down the inside wall. Then I coiled it in the bottom to make a spiral. I glued it in place like that and sealed the end. Using my smallest drill bit, I put dozens of little holes in the coil. The idea is for the freezing return air from the regulator to pass through the water as a bunch of little bubbles. The increased surface area will get the heat into the air better. Then I got a medium flexible sample container ("Ziploc bag") and tried to seal the RTG in it. But the RTG has an irregular shape, and I couldn't get all the air out of the bag. I can't allow any air in there. ~ Andy Weir
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Andy Weir
There is an uncommonly harsh beauty to the Tibetan landscape. Its nakedness makes it seem incapable of deception, but under its calm deportment it conceals winds so brutal that yaks are known to die while their jaws are in masticating bliss. On hot summer days the sun licks up the rain within minutes. No puddles are formed; no moisture lingers in the air. It is only the droplets on tiny leaves of the baby turnip plant that betray rain. ~ Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
ethanol may actually make some kinds of air pollution worse. It evaporates faster than pure gasoline, contributing to ozone problems in hot temperatures. A 2006 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that ethanol does reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent relative to gasoline, but it calculated that devoting the entire U.S. corn crop to make ethanol would replace only a small fraction of American gasoline consumption. Corn farming also contributes to environmental degradation due to runoff from fertilizer and pesticides.
But to dwell on the science is to miss the point. As the New York Times noted in the throes of the 2000 presidential race, ―Regardless of whether ethanol is a great fuel for cars, it certainly works wonders in Iowa campaigns. The ethanol tax subsidy increases the demand for corn, which puts money in farmers' pockets. Just before the Iowa caucuses, corn farmer Marvin Flier told the Times, ―Sometimes I think [the candidates] just come out and pander to us, he said. Then he added, ―Of course, that may not be the worst thing. The National Corn Growers Association figures that the ethanol program increases the demand for corn, which adds 30 cents to the price of every bushel sold.
Bill Bradley opposed the ethanol subsidy during his three terms as a senator from New Jersey (not a big corn-growing state). Indeed, some of his most important accomplishments as a senator involved purging the tax code of subsid ~ Charles Wheelan
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Charles Wheelan
...the mix of the cool desert air and Harrison's hot tongue pushed deep inside of me. My body is aching and convulsing with pleasure, as he works me over... ~ Adler
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Adler
My body slid from human to wolf in a crack! of black smoke. Wolf was panting and I watched frost dissipate on my hot tongue, sending tiny rivulets of steam into the air. The world was sharp and clear, and I never realized how many different colors of shadow there were. It made me savor the dark beauty of night even more. ~ Heather Heffner
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Heather Heffner
Those who flashin' don't blast, they still buffoons,
Just blowin out hot air, they should fill balloons.
I'm like them shorties that could kill for goons,
They started hustlin' in April to cop wheels in June. ~ Elzhi
Hot Air Balloon Motivational quotes by Elzhi
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