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#1. Similarly, payments for a dead soldier amount to only $500,000, which is far less than standard estimates of the lifetime economic cost of a death. This statistical value of a life in the US amounts to circa $6.5 million. - Author: Joseph Stiglitz
Honorarium Payments quotes by Joseph Stiglitz
#2. In love there are no penalties and no payments, and what is given is indistinguishable from what is received. - Author: Eleanor Farjeon
Honorarium Payments quotes by Eleanor Farjeon
#3. This debt crisis coming to our country. The wall and tidal wave of debt that is befalling our nation. Medicare and Social Security go bankrupt within ten years, we have a debt that is looming so high that in the last year of President Obama's budget just the interest payments on our debt is $916 billion dollars. - Author: Paul Ryan
Honorarium Payments quotes by Paul Ryan
#4. Consistently and uninterruptedly continued inflation must eventually lead to collapse. The purchasing power of money will fall lower and lower, until it eventually disappears altogether. It is true that an endless process of depredation can be imagined. We can imagine the purchasing power of money getting continually lower without ever disappearing altogether, and prices getting continually higher without it ever becoming impossible to obtain commodities in exchange for notes. Eventually this would lead to a situation in which even retail transactions were in terms of millions and billions and even higher figures; bu t the monetary system itself would remain. But such an imaginary state of affairs is hardly within the bounds of possibility. In the long run, a money which continually fell in value would have no commercial utility. It could not be used as a standard of deferred payments. For all transactions in which commodities or services were not exchanged for cash, another medium would have to be sought. In fact, a money that is continually depreciating becomes useless even for cash transactions. Everybody attempts to minimize his cash reserves, which are a source of continual loss. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Honorarium Payments quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#5. As we embrace a technology's gifts, we usually fail to consider what they ask from us in return - the subtle, hardly noticeable payments we make in exchange for their marvelous service. We don't notice, for example, that the gaps in our schedules have disappeared because we're too busy delighting in the amusements that fill them. We forget the games that childhood boredom forged because boredom itself has been outlawed. Why would we bother to register the end of solitude, of ignorance, of lack? Why would we care that an absence has disappeared? - Author: Michael Harris
Honorarium Payments quotes by Michael Harris
#6. Adults are locked into car payments and divorces and work. They haven't got time to think fresh. - Author: Gary Paulsen
Honorarium Payments quotes by Gary Paulsen
#7. There are millions receiving government payments who have come to consider them as an earned right, who of course find them inadequate, and who are outraged at the slightest suggestion of a critical re-examination of the subject. The political pressure for constant extension and increase of these benefits is almost irresistible. - Author: Henry Hazlitt
Honorarium Payments quotes by Henry Hazlitt
#8. House payments, kids, career, and the rinse and repeat of life moved in where love and promises had moved out. - Author: Kathryn Perez
Honorarium Payments quotes by Kathryn Perez
#9. Satan promises the best, but pays with the worst; he promises honor, and pays with disgrace; he promises pleasure, and pays with pain; he promises profit, and pays with loss, he promises life, and pays with death. But God pays as he promises; all his payments are made in pure gold. - Author: Thomas Brooks
Honorarium Payments quotes by Thomas Brooks
#10. Student loan debt is crushing young people. And so they're not doing the things we would expect them to do. They're not moving out of their parents' homes in as big a numbers, they're not saving up money for down payments, they're not buying homes or cars or starting small businesses or doing any of the things that help move this economy forward. - Author: Elizabeth Warren
Honorarium Payments quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#11. So if the euro, if Euroland is to become a reserve center, if the euro is to become a reserve currency, Euroland will have to have a deficit in its overall balance of payments. - Author: Robert C. Solomon
Honorarium Payments quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#12. Jed McCaleb, meanwhile, openly chastised fellow Bitcoiners for their emphasis on the "libertarian, going to replace all other currencies, take over the world stuff." "That just turns people off," he said. "The only important thing for people to know is that it is better than what people use now for online payments. - Author: Nathaniel Popper
Honorarium Payments quotes by Nathaniel Popper
#13. The law isn't that simple, and the practical damage will be great. State pensions are underfunded by $111 billion - a 500% increase from 1995 and up 75% in the past five years. About one in four state tax dollars already finances pensions, which is more than Illinois spends on education. Yet the court accuses politicians of shortchanging pensions. Politicians are to blame for the state's fiscal woes, but mainly because they colluded with unions to promise unsustainable benefits in return for political support. Less than 40% of the increase in the state's unfunded liability since 1995 is due to inadequate payments. The rest is due mainly to benefit growth and faulty actuarial assumptions such as investment rate of return. The 2013 reforms at issue capped salaries of - Author: Anonymous
Honorarium Payments quotes by Anonymous
#14. Because of lower life expectancy in Scotland - something that we are working hard to improve - the average woman will get £11,000 less in pension payments than counterparts in the rest of the U.K., even though she will pay exactly the same in contributions. - Author: Nicola Sturgeon
Honorarium Payments quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
#15. Credit card companies are jacking up interest rates, lowering credit limits, and closing accounts - and people who have made timely payments are not exempt. So even if you pay off your balance - and that's tough when interest rates are insanely high - there's a good chance your credit limit will be slashed, and that will hurt your FICO score. - Author: Suze Orman
Honorarium Payments quotes by Suze Orman
#16. McCain said the lower gas prices were sitting somewhere under the Gulf of Mexico. Obama said they were sitting in the bank accounts of companies like Exxon in the form of windfall profits to be taxed.

The formula was the same formula we see in every election: Republicans demonize government, sixties-style activism, and foreigners. Democrats demonize corporations, greed, and the right-wing rabble.

Both candidates were selling the public a storyline that had nothing to do with the truth. Gas prices were going up for reasons completely unconnected to the causes these candidates were talking about. What really happened was that Wall Street had opened a new table in its casino. The new gaming table was called commodity index investing. And when it became the hottest new game in town, America suddenly got a very painful lesson in the glorious possibilities of taxation without representation. Wall Street turned gas prices into a gaming table, and when they hit a hot streak we ended up making exorbitant involuntary payments for a commodity that one simply cannot live without. - Author: Matt Taibbi
Honorarium Payments quotes by Matt Taibbi
#17. In an old-fashioned medieval community, when my neighbour was in need, I helped build his hut and guard his sheep, without expecting any payment in return. When I was in need, my neighbour returned the favour. At the same time, the local potentate might have drafted all of us villagers to construct his castle without paying us a penny. In exchange, we counted on him to defend us against brigands and barbarians. Village life involved many transactions but few payments. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Honorarium Payments quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#18. Tentane Mutual's policy was not to consider any loan modification unless the borrower was delinquent in their payments. I told Mr. Marsh at the time that it may be easier for him to qualify for a loan modification than a refinance, because the qualification criteria was relaxed. But it was his decision." "But you didn't tell Mr. Marsh at that time that falling - Author: Kenneth Eade
Honorarium Payments quotes by Kenneth Eade
#19. These crises are really a form of domestic default that governments employ in countries where financial repression is a major form of taxation. Under financial repression, banks are vehicles that allow governments to squeeze more indirect tax revenue from citizens by monopolizing the entire savings and payments system, not simply currency. Governments force local residents to save in banks by giving them few, if any, other options. They then stuff debt into the banks via reserve requirements and other devices. This allows the government to finance a part of its debt at a very low interest rate; financial repression thus constitutes a form of taxation. Citizens put money into banks because there are few other safe places for their savings. Governments, in turn, pass regulations and restrictions to force the banks to relend the money to fund public debt. Of course, in cases in which the banks are run by the government, the central government simply directs the banks to make loans to it. - Author: Carmen M. Reinhart
Honorarium Payments quotes by Carmen M. Reinhart
#20. High mandated minimum wages will throw people out of work and onto the welfare rolls in cases where unemployment benefits exist. When it comes to welfare payments, they obey the laws of economics, too. Indeed, if something - like unemployment - is subsidized, more of it will be produced. - Author: Steve Hanke
Honorarium Payments quotes by Steve Hanke
#21. What is soft power? It is the ability to get what you want through attraction rather than coercion or payments. It arises from the attractiveness of a country's culture, political ideals, and policies. - Author: Joseph S. Nye Jr.
Honorarium Payments quotes by Joseph S. Nye Jr.
#22. As much as we wish God would transfer his focus to more external and circumstantial matters, such as restored health, mortgage payments, and career transitions, God is primarily interested in pulling off an inside job. God is certainly at work all around us, but his primary transforming work is aimed at our minds and hearts. - Author: Ramon L. Presson
Honorarium Payments quotes by Ramon L. Presson
#23. An intelligence officer from a Middle Eastern country neighboring Syria told me that ISIS members say they are always pleased when sophisticated weapons are sent to anti-Assad groups of any kind, because they can always get the arms off them by threats of force or cash payments. - Author: Patrick Cockburn
Honorarium Payments quotes by Patrick Cockburn
#24. We'd hoped vaguely to fall in love but hadn't worried much about it, because we'd thought we had all the time in the world. Love had seemed so final and so dull
love was what ruined our parents. Love had delivered them to a life of mortgage payments and household repairs; to unglamorous jobs and the flourescent aisles of a supermarket at two in the afternoon. We'd hoped for love of a different kind, love that knew and forgave our human frailty but did not miniaturize our grander ideas of ourselves. It sounded possible. If we didn't rush or grab, if we didn't panic, a love both challenging and nurturing might appear. If the person was imaginable, then the person could exist. - Author: Michael Cunningham
Honorarium Payments quotes by Michael Cunningham
#25. Dreams require down payments. Dreams are free, but the journey isn't. There is a price to pay. When you find your why you'll find your way. When you develop your will you will embark on your way. Many people start; few people finish. Many people have a dream; few people achieve their dreams. - Author: John C. Maxwell
Honorarium Payments quotes by John C. Maxwell
#26. Go to war, come home as a sickened veteran, and be denied your earned disability payments to live a life of extreme poverty and hardship. - Author: Steven Magee
Honorarium Payments quotes by Steven Magee
#27. With three kids, it was always very, very tight, and it was always a scramble for what was my next job. So I learned never to go into debt because I don't want those monthly payments to preoccupy my thoughts. - Author: William Shatner
Honorarium Payments quotes by William Shatner
#28. $16 billion in complex securities whose value ultimately turned on the ability of a Las Vegas stripper with five investment properties, or a Mexican strawberry picker with a single $750,000 home, to make rapidly rising interest payments. - Author: Michael Lewis
Honorarium Payments quotes by Michael Lewis
#29. According to the current view, the maintenance of sound monetary conditions is only possible with a 'credit balance of payments'.

The confutation of this and related objections is implicit in the Quantity Theory and in Gresham's Law. The Quantity Theory shows that money can never permanently flow abroad from a country in which only metallic money is used (the 'purely metallic currency' of the Currency Principle). The tightness in the domestic market called forth by the efflux of part of the stock of money reduces the prices of commodities, and so restricts importation and encourages exportation, until there is once more enough money at home. The precious metals which perform the function of money are distributed among individuals, and consequently among separate countries, according to the extent and intensity of the demand of each for money. State intervention to assure to the community the necessary quantity of money by regulating its international nlovements is supererogatory. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Honorarium Payments quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#30. When you're in your 20s, you're a little more carefree; you're single. You have a very different way of looking at the world and experiencing the world. But later in your 30s, when you have children, a career, career obstacles, mortgages, car payments and relationships, you have to negotiate; that's a very different life. - Author: Melissa De Sousa
Honorarium Payments quotes by Melissa De Sousa
#31. And I want to work with this Congress, to make sure Americans already burdened with student loans can reduce their monthly payments, so that student debt doesn't derail anyone's dreams. - Author: Barack Obama
Honorarium Payments quotes by Barack Obama
#32. The user of land should not be allowed to acquire rights of indefinite duration for single payments. For efficiency, for adequate revenue and for justice, every user of land should be required to make an annual payment to the local government equal to the current rental value of the land that he or she prevents others from using. - Author: Robert Solow
Honorarium Payments quotes by Robert Solow
#33. While the feds ... leave Social Security off their books, the government's obligation to make benefit payments to current and near-term Social Security recipients is certainly no less real than its obligation to pay interest on its Treasury bonds. - Author: Laurence Kotlikoff
Honorarium Payments quotes by Laurence Kotlikoff
#34. Triumphs against the natural order of living exact unforeseen payments. At the same time that man attempts to straighten a crooked nature, he is striving to annihilate space, which seems but another phase of the war against substance. We ignore the fact that space and matter are shock absorbers; the more we diminish them the more we reduce our privacy and security. - Author: Richard M. Weaver
Honorarium Payments quotes by Richard M. Weaver
#35. It turns out that American Express honors recurring payments even if the vendor is unable to supply an accurate card number and expiration date. An Amex phone representative said this is a feature, not a bug, which makes sure my bills are paid. - Author: Barton Gellman
Honorarium Payments quotes by Barton Gellman
#36. The Delores tank rolled on inexorably, "You get a mortgage to buy a house, a larger mortgage than the previous owner because the price of the house has been artificially increased by the market, which is controlled by the banks. Then you live in the house for a few years paying a lot more in mortgage payments than you would if you were renting a similar property. But hey, you 'own' it and can 'do things to it'… things that cost even more money, by the way… so you maintain its upkeep, improve it with say a new kitchen or bathroom; the more salubrious the neighbourhood the more expensive the kitchen would need to be – a Küche & Cucina, say; impressing your cleaner is very important after all and at the end you sell it to someone else for more than you paid for it so they'll need an even bigger mortgage. And all the while everyone is paying all this money to the banks and the banks give the money to their shareholders, the biggest of whom are the incredibly rich. This, when you boil it all down, means that you're taking a large sum out of your wages and passing it across to some rich person to live large, whilst you and others like you struggle to make their monthly payments. Basically you've been screwed, Doc, but somehow they've convinced you that you own a bit of England, when the truth is you don't really own anything, you're just renting it at a higher cost and they can take it back from you any time they want. It's all just a card trick, Doc. All just 'smoke and mirror - Author: Arun D. Ellis
Honorarium Payments quotes by Arun D. Ellis
#37. out of our insane duty to fear, fashion, and monthly payments on things we don't really need - we quarantine our travels to short, frenzied bursts. In this way, as we throw our wealth at an abstract notion called "lifestyle," travel becomes just another accessory - a smooth-edged, encapsulated experience that we purchase in the same way we buy clothing and furniture. Not - Author: Timothy Ferriss
Honorarium Payments quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#38. When I was in Philadelphia during the Depression in 1930 or '31, I got a very sad job as a night watchman in a garage. The cars in the garage had been abandoned by their owners, since they had lost their jobs and couldn't keep up the payments. - Author: Tom Glazer
Honorarium Payments quotes by Tom Glazer
#39. Payfirma has revolutionized the payment process, consolidating mobile, e-commerce and in-store payments under a single solution, much like HootSuite did for social media. - Author: Ryan Holmes
Honorarium Payments quotes by Ryan Holmes
#40. Even though some down payments are borrowed, it would take a large, and historically most unusual, fall in home prices to wipe out a significant part of home equity. Many of those who purchased their residence more than a year ago have equity buffers in their homes adequate to withstand any price decline other than a very deep one. - Author: Alan Greenspan
Honorarium Payments quotes by Alan Greenspan
#41. Divorced men are more likely to meet their car payments than their child support obligations. - Author: Susan Faludi
Honorarium Payments quotes by Susan Faludi
#42. Pay-Pal." People wrote down "payments." He said "Google." People wrote down "search." He said "eBay" and they wrote "auctions." After a few more companies, he said "Yahoo." He collected the thirty pieces of paper on Yahoo. Everybody had a different word. What was Yahoo trying to be? No one inside the company knew anymore. - Author: Nicholas Carlson
Honorarium Payments quotes by Nicholas Carlson
#43. There is no better way to quickly buoy hard-pressed homeowners than helping them take advantage of the currently record low fixed mortgage rates and significantly reduce their monthly mortgage payments. - Author: Mark Zandi
Honorarium Payments quotes by Mark Zandi
#44. Consider a 15- or 20-year fixed-rate mortgage instead of a 30-year, if you can afford the monthly payments - they may not be as high as you think. - Author: Suze Orman
Honorarium Payments quotes by Suze Orman
#45. I can no longer take war or promotion or big income or a large house seriously. I reject empire and Vietnam and placing a man on the moon. I deny time payments and looking like the girl next door and church weddings and a great deal more. If you want to blame such rejection on grass, you can do so. I charge it to awakening. - Author: James A. Michener
Honorarium Payments quotes by James A. Michener
#46. Recipients of transfers tend to become less self-reliant and more dependent on government payments. When people can get support without exercising their own abilities to discover and respond to opportunities for earning income, those abilities atrophy. People forget - or never learn in the first place - how to help themselves, and eventually some of them simply accept their helplessness. - Author: Robert Higgs
Honorarium Payments quotes by Robert Higgs

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