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I support such a review, ... But the reality is that we don't need the results of a strategic study to know that there are some pressing problems in our military that demand our attention and our assistance now. ~ Joe Lieberman
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Joe Lieberman
I am often tempted to think of success in terms that are defined by others: records sold, popularity gained, album reviews, etc. These are impossible demands, however, and they can never be satisfied. Letting finite others define our worth is a horrible way to live. Only the Infinite Other [God] has the authority to do this. ~ Jon Foreman
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Jon Foreman
I grew up in a working-class Catholic family in south Louisiana. I went to a state university. I taught literature, wrote a novel that was the novel I wanted to write, and got a couple of good reviews but no real traction. I had no idea how to get a job in TV. ~ Nic Pizzolatto
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Nic Pizzolatto
Books are just dead words on paper and it is the readers who bring the stories alive. Previously, writers wrote a book and sent it out into the world. A couple of months after publication letters from readers might arrive. And, leaving aside the professional reviews, it is really the reader's opinions that the writer needs. They vote for a book - and a writer - with their hard earned cash every time they go into a bookstore (or online - that's my age showing!) and buy a book. ~ Michael Scott
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Michael Scott
I've experienced huge kindness here, a great welcome and some very generous reviews without the snide social edge I often suffer from at home. I'm not patronized here either, which I much appreciate! ~ Joanna Trollope
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Joanna Trollope
The authors of book reviews would consider themselves dishonored were they to mention, as they should, the subject of the book. ~ Louis Aragon
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Louis Aragon
PLS Reviews from Five Star Reviewers!
Make Weight Loss Easier: With A Simple Diet To Follow Which One Will Help You Lose Weight Faster? ~ Keith Burns
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Keith Burns
I don't read reviews until after I'm done with a production, but when I do finally get to them, I'm always sort of floored by what the bad ones say. ~ Will Chase
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Will Chase
Sometimes it can be useful to read your bad reviews. ~ Heidi Julavits
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Heidi Julavits
You know, since the reviews have come out and people have reacted to it, I've realized that is in a sense what has happened. But as I was writing them, I didn't feel a part of any tradition. I think that would have been too overwhelming, in a sense. ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
There seems a general wish of decrying the capacity and undervaluing the labor of the novelist, and of slighting performances which have only genius, wit and taste to recommend them. ~ Jane Austen
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Jane Austen
I'm not much a TV reporter, as in someone who covers the daily machinations of the television industry, though I certainly follow it and weave it into my reviews and essays about the medium. ~ Hank Stuever
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Hank Stuever
There are two kinds of reviews: Good ones and bad ones. Within that sliding scale there are two other categories: Favorable and Unfavorable.

Of course, I hope for all Good Reviews that are also Favorable - but how likely is that? If a review isn't favorable, I just hope is well-written. ~ R.S. Mellette
Homegoing Reviews quotes by R.S. Mellette
I think if you're going to read reviews, you have to just concede that they are all right. And I think I read two very diametrically opposed reviews about my movie and I had to go, yeah, I agree with both of them. ~ Don Cheadle
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Don Cheadle
Sometimes when someone says something so devastatingly perfect, there isn't a need for a response. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The truth is that I'm never sure how any of my books will be received, and because I can be thin-skinned, I try not to read too many reviews when a book first comes out. ~ Charles Baxter
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Charles Baxter
The Concord public library committee deserve well of the public by their action in banishing Mark Twain's new book, Huckleberry Finn, on the ground that it is trashy and vicious. It is time that this influential pseudonym should cease to carry into homes and libraries unworthy productions… The advertising samples of this book, which have disfigured the Century magazine, are enough to tell any reader how offensive the whole thing must be. They are no better in tone than the dime novels which flood the blood-and-thunder reading population… his literary skill is, of course, superior, but their moral level is low, and their perusal cannot be anything less than harmful ~ The New York Times
Homegoing Reviews quotes by The New York Times
To me [Edgar Allen Poe's] prose is unreadable - like Jane Austin's [sic]. No there is a difference. I could read his prose on salary, but not Jane's. Jane is entirely impossible. It seems a great pity that they allowed her to die a natural death. ~ Mark Twain
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Mark Twain
The No. 1 most credible source of [online] recommendations is YouTube," Rand says. "But a friend liking a brand page and sharing that is now considered the second-most prominent form of recommendation, and third is online brand reviews. ~ Paul M. Rand
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Paul M. Rand
The main challenges for a reviewer in peer reviewing:
- Knowing the field to which a certain manuscript belongs very well.
- Having experience in reviewing manuscripts.
- Having abilities to make reviewer's remarks clear.
- Having enough time to evaluate the manuscript in depth.
- Obeying the editorial deadline for doing a review.
- Having a strong interest in scholarly journals.
- Being fluent in English. ~ Eraldo Banovac
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Eraldo Banovac
I don't read reviews. I refuse to have my ego inflated or deflated by someone I don't know. ~ Suzan-Lori Parks
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Suzan-Lori Parks
Backpack Blower Reviews presents you unbiased reviews of the best backpack blowers on the market from all the big brands as Husqvarna, Tanaka, Makita and many more.husqvarna backpack blower ~ Husqvarna Backpack Blower
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Husqvarna Backpack Blower
Reviewing books is all about coziness. It is all of it a kind of caucus race. Women review women, Jewish writers review and praise Jewish writers, blacks review blacks, etc. ~ Alexander Theroux
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Alexander Theroux
To Jacob the act of critiquing art was essentially imprecise. That's why he didn't read reviews on anything he liked, be it a book, a movie, or a record. He believed that any work an artist puts forth which contains the truth as he or she sees it is worthy of consideration, and any commentary of the work beyond that is nothing more than pure individual opinion and should not be considered relevant to the work itself. ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
Some days are better than other days
A good day is getting 10 royalties and 10 great reviews ~ Ray Mathews
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Ray Mathews
A writer without reviews is like racing car without an engine - shows lots of potential but it's never going anywhere.

Lillian White ~ Lillian White
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Lillian White
But I honestly don't read critics. My dad reads absolutely everything ever written about me. He calls me up to read ecstatic reviews, but I always insist that I can't hear them. If you give value to the good reviews, you have to give value to the criticism. ~ Fiona Apple
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Fiona Apple
The one thing I do find about serious reviews is that usually they tend to have a point, and that's what I find hurt so much about discerning critics. If the reviews hurt they're probably right on some level. ~ Sean Lennon
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Sean Lennon
In our performance reviews with women, we need to be saying, "Are you reaching enough? Are you applying for jobs when you meet some of the criteria like men, or are you waiting to meet all the criteria like women do?" There's so much we can do to encourage women to take on more and believe in themselves. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
Because while we all Facebook stalk, protocol is to not admit it. I might know, from status update, that a potential best friend swims laps every mornings, but it'd be creep to say "Don't worry about eating that doughnut, you deserve it after all those calories you burn!" Instead, I check out her profile and she reviews mine, but then we meet and pretend to know nothing. ~ Rachel Bertsche
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Rachel Bertsche
A president views, interviews, and reviews everything he presides over, if he's doing his job in the correct manner. ~ David Foster Wallace
Homegoing Reviews quotes by David Foster Wallace
The artists who want to be writers, read the reviews; the artists who want to write, don't. ~ William Faulkner
Homegoing Reviews quotes by William Faulkner
Reviews are written by people who don't understand the process of sitcom. I don't read reviews of anything. I go by word of mouth. ~ Miranda Hart
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Miranda Hart
Poetry reveals to us the loveliness of nature, brings back the freshness of youthful feelings, reviews the relish of simple pleasures, keeps unquenched the enthusiasm which warmed the springtime of our being, refines youthful love, strengthens our interest in human nature, by vivid delineations of its tenderest and softest feelings, and through the brightness of its prophetic visions, helps faith to lay hold on the future life. ~ William Ellery Channing
Homegoing Reviews quotes by William Ellery Channing
The last publicized center of American writing was Manhattan. Its writers became known as the New York Intellectuals. With important connections to publishing, and universities, with access to the major book reviews, they were able to pose as the vanguard of American culture when they were so obsessed with the two Joes
McCarthy and Stalin
that they were to produce only two artists, Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, who left town. ~ Ishmael Reed
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Ishmael Reed
I don't read reviews, There's no value for me in reading them. Whether they're good or bad, they'll just make me self-conscious. ~ Mary Stuart Masterson
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Mary Stuart Masterson
Under true peer-review ... a panel of reviewers must accept a study before it can be published in a scientific journal. If the reviewers have objections the author must answer them or change the article to take reviewers' objections into account. Under the IPCC review process, the authors are at liberty to ignore criticisms. ~ Richard Lindzen
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Richard Lindzen
It will be proper to take a review of the several sources from which governments have arisen, and on which they have been founded. ~ Thomas Paine
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Thomas Paine
It is only in the morning that one should marry, read unfavourable reviews, make one's will, beat one's servants, and so forth. ~ E.T.A. Hoffmann
Homegoing Reviews quotes by E.T.A. Hoffmann
If you want to write a negative review, don't tickle me gently with your aesthetic displeasure about my work. Unleash the goddamn Kraken.
[on Twitter, July 17, 2012] ~ Scott Lynch
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Scott Lynch
Poshlust," or in a better transliteration poshlost, has many nuances, and evidently I have not described them clearly enough in my little book on Gogol, if you think one can ask anybody if he is tempted by poshlost. Corny trash, vulgar clichés, Philistinism in all its phases, imitations of imitations, bogus profundities, crude, moronic, and dishonest pseudo-literature - these are obvious examples. Now, if we want to pin down poshlost in contemporary writing, we must look for it in Freudian symbolism, moth-eaten mythologies, social comment, humanistic messages, political allegories, overconcern with class or race, and the journalistic generalities we all know. Poshlost speaks in such concepts as "America is no better than Russia" or "We all share in Germany's guilt." The flowers of poshlost bloom in such phrases and terms as "the moment of truth," "charisma," "existential" (used seriously), "dialogue" (as applied to political talks between nations), and "vocabulary" (as applied to a dauber). Listing in one breath Auschwitz, Hiroshima, and Vietnam is seditious poshlost. Belonging to a very select club (which sports one Jewish name - that of the treasurer) is genteel poshlost. Hack reviews are frequently poshlost, but it also lurks in certain highbrow essays. Poshlost calls Mr. Blank a great poet and Mr. Bluff a great novelist. One of poshlost's favorite breeding places has always been the Art Exhibition; there it is produced by so-called sculptors working with the tools of wrec ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
I don't read reviews or interviews or anything, just because I'm afraid; If I believed the good, then I'd believe the bad, and there will be bad. ~ Sia Furler
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Sia Furler
Children read books, not reviews," he wrote. "They don't give a hoot about the critics." And: "When a book is boring, they yawn openly, without any shame or fear of authority." Best of all - and to the relief of authors everywhere - children "don't expect their beloved writer to redeem humanity. ~ Steven D. Levitt
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Steven D. Levitt
The endorsements on books aren't entirely impartial. Unbeknownst to the average reader, blurbs are more often than not from the writer's best friends, colleagues or teachers, or from authors who share the same editor, publisher or agent. They represent a tangled mass of friendships, rivalries, favors traded and debts repaid, not always in good faith. ~ Rachel Donadio
Homegoing Reviews quotes by Rachel Donadio
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